And once he gets away from Night, /far/ enough away for now, he is going to consider a plan for what to do next.
6:20 PM
First, very briefly, home, to put the bag away. But he isn't going to stay there, or for very long at all.
6:21 PM Jaito
Cam Bradley is sitting outside of his door. Not wearing his mask.
6:21 PM Michael_Lin

6:21 PM Jaito
It's funny…even with the black marks left over from that nasty fight, he's still almost sweetly handsome.
6:22 PM Michael_Lin
What is he doing here?
6:22 PM Jaito
"…They tried to kill me."
6:23 PM Michael_Lin

6:23 PM
He remembers that conversation from earlier.
6:24 PM Jaito
"…my own men. They…they didn't even know who they WERE before I put them into shape. Ungrateful bastards….but…"
6:24 PM
He can't help but grin. "They're strong now. Loyalty? Honor? Duty? Those are the lies we tell ourselves so that we can accept weakness."
6:25 PM Michael_Lin
Michael glances up at him, almost a firefly glance. Why is he here /now/?
6:26 PM Night_Misaki has joined the channel.
6:27 PM Michael_Lin
6:27 PM Jaito
He's…proud…and yet, it looks like he's here out of some kind of concern. But that makes no sense…does it?
6:28 PM Michael_Lin
"…w-why a-are y-you h-here?"
6:29 PM Jaito
He pulls himself up. There's blood under his coat, but he's standing tall. "Do you want me to kill you, Michael? If you can't bear it anymore….well…" His eyes flicker a brighter blue than ever before. "…I could use your power."
6:29 PM
…but that's not what he wants.
6:29 PM
It's written all over his face.
6:29 PM
"If not? Call me sometime…and I promise you. I will help you /hurt/ them."
6:30 PM Michael_Lin
"I-I d-don't w-want y-you to kill me."
6:31 PM
He won't do it /right/. He wants to crack his shell to free Nikaia, not kill /both/ of them.
6:31 PM Jaito
"Good. That would make you weak. And…if I lost it all because of a weakling…what does that mean? Who am I, then? What's the /point/? ….I won't let her tell me that I'm USELESS!"
6:31 PM
He punches Michael's door…and it dents deeply. When his hand pulls back, splinters are dug into his skin. Whoa…
6:32 PM Michael_Lin
6:32 PM
6:33 PM Jaito
"…but if that's all? I have some things to do…I'm gonna go wipe out the Yamazaki family. Have a good one, Michael Lin. You're better than your blood. Better than that witch…better than that, that MONSTER…"
6:33 PM
He's so agitated, he isn't really hearing Michael anymore. He marches on, licking the blood from his hand. "Happy New Year in advance! It's gonna be one for the books!"
6:33 PM Michael_Lin
6:35 PM
He almost pities him. Almost.
6:37 PM
He is going to go inside, put his bag down. Look for his phone, to send his two brothers a brief text warning them about his deranged classmate who apparently has it out for them.
6:42 PM
And once that's done with…there's a lot of tall buildings in Singapore, and there has to be one somewhere that's in a mostly deserted place especially at this hour.
6:43 PM Jaito
That, at least, shouldn't be too hard to find. A quiet roof with a cold wind.
6:46 PM Michael_Lin
Good. It takes him a little while to make his way up there.
6:48 PM
It's precarious, balancing up there, but this won't take long. Rather, he just walks off the roof without looking back.
6:49 PM Jaito
…and he finds himself on his back, lying on air…as a man in a silvery-glossy suit, silver hair, and entirely metallic eyes looks down at him. "Be this your will, Misha Nikaia?"
6:49 PM
…there's no noise. Not even the wind. Everything has stopped.
6:51 PM Michael_Lin
…part of him is confused about what just happened. He can't find the words to put it together, about how he is trying to crack his useless shell to let the useful one locked inside his heart out.
6:55 PM Jaito
"So I see…" It's as if this man can read his heart. "If this is what you believe, Misha Nikaia, then I shall not prevent this…all that is needed of you is service. Your form is irrelevant. However…are you satisfied with just being a shell to another's creation?"
6:58 PM Michael_Lin
Michael himself might have said yes, what is he: but there's the flutter of wings in his heart, behind glass: (no. you deserve a place to. you deserve more than to be their puppet.)
7:00 PM Jaito
"Your only relevant attribute is your soul. Your soul yearns for safety. From cruelty, from madness…from the lies of those who love you with conditions. Both the scared child…and the bitter warrior. These are both constructs. They are irrelevant. Only your purpose matters."
7:00 PM
"So…I will ask of you once more - are you satisfied to fall now, as you are? As Michael the weak? As Misha the weapon? The answer is not relevant, but it may…affect your performance."
7:05 PM Michael_Lin
His mind drifts for a moment. To a single question, spoken with two voices both his own. Who am I? (people are riddles, they live their lives waiting for someone to solve them. but people tried to define us without understanding who we were, to their own goals.) who am I? (no. we are not satisfied with those answers.)
7:09 PM Jaito
"Then take heart. For when you awaken, you shall awaken as nothing this world has yet seen. But know this - thou art damned, he who casts aside the gifts of God. You shall /never/ know peace, but which you make on this Earth. And when thine span hath passed…? You shall take your mortal comforts unto the conflagration."
7:10 PM
This…it considers a mercy. "Flee, mortal. Flee, that mortal weakness might die with you."
7:10 PM
…and then the wind starts to move…and whip…and cast Michael, down, down, dow-

7:10 PM
Then there's nothing.