When last we left our intrepid…when last we left the story, Michael was being led through his neighborhood by one Jacques, a demon on a mission. The nature of that mission? So far, it has not been explained. And it seems like this walk is going in circles through various alleys and hallways of nearby apartments. "Soooo-hee-hoo…do you remember what the world was like before?"
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6:27 PM Misha_Nikaia
"…Not like this."
6:28 PM Jaito
Jacques hops along, nodding. "The older ones, they tell me that they remember. It was like looking through frosty windows-ho, like we-hee weren't even here…but then the stars fell. And the ghosts came up, and we came down. And here things are! Isn't it great? We can all be friends!"
6:30 PM Misha_Nikaia
"…all things change, and how we change them."
6:33 PM Jaito
"…r-right. Weeeeeeell, I hope you'll be able to help. A few of my friends are very, very angry…." Hop, hop, hop. "They say we ought to fight the humans like everyone else! But my clan usually likes humans, at least for dinner!" The child-like laugh and a weak grasp of sarcasm merge together for effect.
6:34 PM Misha_Nikaia
"I…I'll see if I can help." Michael breathes, tries to draw the skin of his character more closely over himself. What does he /want/ out of this?
6:36 PM Jaito
A few twists, turns, and hops later, they come across a ladder leading up to a roof of a large, white building…at least from this wall. "Up we go, and when we get there…well…hopefully, they aren't fighting!"
6:37 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Hopefully," Michael says, soft and serene - and he's even a little surprised at himself - and follows Jacques up the ladder.
6:41 PM Jaito
On the rooftop (Michael can roll to see if he recognizes where he is), a floating pumpkin with a manic skull carved on it is currently arguing with a leather-clad little pixie. The former's lantern is flashing bright, as if it were about to explode. The pixie? IS currently arcing and sparking in all directions.
6:41 PM
Jacques…takes a broad step aside. "hee-hoo! G-guys, company!"
6:46 PM
The roaring flame and sparks turn in Michael's direction. Neither look particularly happy.
6:50 PM Misha_Nikaia
"…hello." Michael says, very politely. He's good at that.
6:52 PM Jaito
(gimme a Rapport check?)
6:54 PM
The sparks subside. "A human?!" "A mortal! Get it!" Jacques flaps his hands. "Nooo-hoo! SH, er, HE is here to help!"
6:55 PM
"You're crazy, Jacques!" says the floating Jack-o-Lantern. "There's no way we can trust him! He could be one of THEM, right, Tink?" The pixie pouts. "We don't KNOW that, Jackie!"
6:56 PM Misha_Nikaia
"I would not have come all the way here if I had intended you harm." still quiet. "I like my skin intact."
6:59 PM Jaito
They glare at each other, then part. Jacques pipes up. "Sorry! Jackie thinks we should blow the whole place up by messing with the reactor room and it's every fairy for themselves! Tink…thinks we can make a FIGHT of it and save our friends! What do YOU think we should do?
7:00 PM Misha_Nikaia
takes a moment to consider.
7:00 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Is there a way to sneak in?"
7:04 PM Jaito
All three of them stare at Misha.
7:04 PM
Finally, Tink pipes in. "I know how we can get to where they're holding them - the research lab! But it'll be defended."
7:04 PM
Jackie offers, "Not if the place explodes!"
7:05 PM Misha_Nikaia
"…maybe as a last option." he says, and inclines his head to Tink in acknowledgement.
7:05 PM
Michael would quail, and stammer, and be nervous.
7:05 PM
But he doesn't have to be Michael here, does he?
7:09 PM Jaito
Tink grins! A little window flashes, notifiying Misha that LAW looks well upon his choice….and warning that he won't always be told who's watching. "Great! I'm sure a big, strong human like you can fix things WITHOUT blowing us all to smithereens!"
7:10 PM
Jacques nods and raises his fists in victory. Jackie…floats off, looking irritated.
7:10 PM
Tink flits up, nearly bumping into Misha's forehead. "Well, shall we?"
7:10 PM Misha_Nikaia
7:12 PM
Wasn't there a saying about that, or a rhyme? Ready or not…
7:14 PM Jaito
Tink flits over to the roof access door and…the red-glowing security light turns green and Michael hears a click. That's…normal, right? Jacques hops along, overjoyed.
7:14 PM
7:16 PM Misha_Nikaia
…part of him is a little apprehensive, but he can't really turn back now and all.
7:18 PM
And following the little pixie.
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7:26 PM Jaito
(Stealth, please!)
7:33 PM
As Misha navigates the hallways, things are…odd. In the little windows, she sees catwalks and glowing tubes full of strange specimens…but the halls themselves are just the same. White on white, with little paper drawings and cute images. There's even the occasional Jack Frost or Pyro Jack, colored poorly.
7:33 PM Misha_Nikaia
7:35 PM
He keeps going, trying to figure ou where to go.
7:37 PM Jaito
Jacques sniffs the air, then pulls lightly on Misha's coat. "Up ahead…trouble…."
7:38 PM Misha_Nikaia
He immediately stops in his tracks, and glances around silently, trying to see if he can get any particular hint of what's to come.
7:39 PM Jaito
7:44 PM
A shadowy figure turns the corner, trying very poorly to look stealthy. Over one shoulder is a demon - a bondage-clad woman with ash-gray wings on a LEASH of all things. There's a palpable aura of menace coming from the demon as well.
7:44 PM Misha_Nikaia
…oh dear.
7:45 PM
He doesn't particularly want a fight right at the moment, especially not with someone who has a demon, and going to try to duck into an alcove or something. Wait for them to pass.
7:45 PM Jaito
Jacques glances at Misha and makes the universal gesture for "hitting something in the head with a giant plush fist", in the form of a question? But ducks if told to duck.
7:48 PM Misha_Nikaia
Misha shakes his head, makes the 'hide' gesture.
7:50 PM Jaito
At that moment, the angel nods. "All right…here's the plan. We find whoever happens to be in our way, devastate them, and then report back. I figure 'Why be subtle?' when we're both so powerful?"
7:51 PM Misha_Nikaia
7:54 PM
Michael isn't sure he wants to know what they're going to do, but he doesn't particularly want to be drop-kicked into next week.
7:55 PM Jaito
Jacques is trembling a little. Tink, however, looks angry. Very, very angry.
7:56 PM Misha_Nikaia
He isn't sure that he blames her, given the angel's attitude.
7:57 PM Jaito
The human looks up, regarding the angel with a cool expression. "An interesting way of putting it, but I have no desire to make this take any longer than it has to."
7:59 PM
"In the meantime, we'll default to devestation." He smirks.
7:59 PM Misha_Nikaia
glances around. Is there a way past them that they can go that would avoid detection?
7:59 PM Jaito
(Give me another Stealth check?)

8:02 PM
You can keep going without detection.
8:02 PM
"Excellent!" The angel smashes a window and shouts. "FOOLISH MORTALS! HOW DARE YOU CONSUME THE FLESH OF YOUR BETTERS!"
8:04 PM Misha_Nikaia
…and while the angel's drawing a distraction, now is the time to get to that research lab. or into the lab.