When last we left our intrepid heroes, an ANGEL just smashed a window, revealing a pair of RESEARCHERS. They don't look particularly pleased at the intrusion. Luckily, Murakami can dispatch them all with ease, right? Meanwhile, MISHA works to avoid the situation entirely and (in theory) free the trapped faeries from their bondage with the help of TINK the Pixie and JACQUES Frost.
7:33 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Shousei certainly /hopes/ he can do this with ease. Veils. Get into character. …Maybe get into character after having to fight, those guys look scarily realistic in some ways.
7:33 PM Misha_Nikaia
Avoiding the situation, freeing the fairies, and getting out again hopefully still avoiding the rest of the situation would be good if he can manage it.
7:40 PM Jaito
As the silhoetted researches, glasses gleaming with numbers and code, draw their weapons, things start to look more than a little dangerous. Aside from a faint glow, they could almost be real! NAUGHTY ANGEL speaks up, "I hope you're ready to destroy! You have a number of options! Use your weapons, call on your inner talents, or let me show you a thing or two."
7:42 PM
(Michael's up first, but is still stealthed.)
7:42 PM
Tink whispers (as in, text appears across Michael's field of vision.) "Should we let these guys duke it out? Maybe we can just…sneak around them?"
7:43 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I was planning to see if this thing was any help…" The third thing sounds potentially interesting, though, depending on what she means. Hm. That thing she did in the alley… if this goes badly, Shousei has a couple of ideas.
7:44 PM Misha_Nikaia
It's a little startling to see the text crawl across his field of vision, but Michael nods in response to her second question. He's going to try to sneak around them and get closer to some kind of control device.
7:45 PM Jaito
Text appears: Nothing is immediately apparent. Perhaps SNEAKING into the lab area might reveal something you can use…
7:46 PM Misha_Nikaia
Then going to sneak into the lab area.
7:46 PM
He really isn't very good at these games…
7:48 PM Jaito
(OOC: Getting to the lab area through Skulking will require a new Stealth roll. You can move from the hallway to the lab area without making any rolls for crossing zones, but the open area will set a difficulty of 2
7:49 PM Misha_Nikaia
7:50 PM
7:53 PM Jaito
Shousei: Alertness!
7:58 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
8:09 PM Jaito
CRUNCH! One of the lab tech and Shousei both get a flickering !!! over their heads to Misha's display…and a corresponding blip shows up in Shousei's vision. Another silhouettted stranger!
8:09 PM Misha_Nikaia
…oh no
8:11 PM
Not going to just stand there, keeping moving, trying to get to that lab area.
8:11 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Shit. Shousei glances in that direction. Trying to flank me? Hrr.
8:14 PM Jaito
Michael makes it to the lab, and a pixie buzzes afterwards. "Who do you want me to mess up? We've been had!" comes in a larger whisper.
8:15 PM Misha_Nikaia
"…the technician."
8:16 PM
"….oh dear?"
8:17 PM
of course /nothing/ goes smoothly. And just looking for whatever thing he can use to open up the tubes.
8:19 PM
"The technician,"
8:20 PM Jaito
Tink nods, cracking with electricity as she fires a bolt at the still-unaware lab tech.
8:22 PM Misha_Nikaia
And while she's busy trying to, er, electrocute the lab technician, going to try to do what he came here to do.
8:22 PM Jaito
…and would have missed, if the lab tech weren't wearing a metal vest. ATTACK 0 vs. DEFENSE 0, STRENGTH: 3 - ARMOR: 1 = 2 STRESS
8:22 PM
(With the stealth move, that constituted your action. But we'll be back to you soon as you search!)
8:23 PM
8:23 PM
One of the tech, poor thing, seizes up with arcing electricity and goes down
8:27 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Hmmph. Perhaps I should be worried about that- but right /now/- well. Shousei has heard a lot of quotes about fighting being a little like dancing. Somehow he doubts it's that simple, but it's still just dash in, pirouette, and dodge, right? Maybe he can even count this as a workout.
8:28 PM
He grits his teeth and the poor bastard in front of him has a shining black shard of pain heading towards his throat.
8:30 PM Jaito
(Shousei, roll Weapons)
8:31 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
8:32 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 0 vs DEFENSE: 1. The lab tech hops back, inches shy of a morbid shave!
8:34 PM
The lab tech throws a BUFU STONE at Shousei….!!! displays, with advice to EVADE
8:34 PM
8:36 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…A what? Shousei blinks at the display, but his body's still in motion, instinctively dodging to the side so that the other one is between him and the stone's trajectory.
8:36 PM Jaito
(Roll Athletics!)
8:37 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
8:38 PM Jaito
SPIN!!!! displays on screen as Shousei easil evades the sudden icicle burst where he used to be.
8:38 PM
JACQUES pops out of cover, waiting for Misha's recommendation!
8:39 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Bufu stones make ice balls. Got it.
8:41 PM Misha_Nikaia
Michael gestures to the still-standing lab tech. "Him."
8:43 PM Jaito
"Hee-HOOOO!" With a happy jump, JACQUES gestures.
8:45 PM
ATTACK: 2 vs. Defense: -1, STRENGTH: 3 vs. ARMOR: 1 ….and what's this?!!!
8:46 PM
The guard is FROZEN before he is TAKEN OUT and falls to the ground.
8:46 PM
The NAUGHTY ANGEL looks at the remaining figures. "Something is amiss…instruct me as you will and the judgment of HEAVEN shall fall upon our wretched enemy!"
8:54 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Hmmph. They stole my kills." Shousei frowns. "Do you think they're players? I'm going in- you can float through that window and take the other side. Don't harm them unless they start it."
8:55 PM
Shousei's kind of hoping they start it.
9:03 PM Jaito
"I kind of hope they start it…" The NAUGHTY ANGEL floats over and stops a little closer to Misha for comfort. "Tell me, mortal…are you looking for trouble?"
9:03 PM
(And back to Michael!)
9:06 PM
(Investigation, if you're trying to figure out the deal with these tubes and containers, as well as other details about the Lab Room
9:06 PM Misha_Nikaia
9:08 PM Jaito
The canisters…contain demons in them. The larger tubes contain glowing material that come out in an extruder and trays. The canisters feed the tubes…there's currently another JACK FROST and a PYRO JACK in the Canisters 1 and 2. Canister 3 is empty, but there's crushed wings and a ZIO STONE on the third tray.
9:08 PM
The controls are up an out-of-the-way ladder to the Catwalks.
9:09 PM Misha_Nikaia
Misha…swallows a bit, seeing the canister 3, and going to run up the ladder towards the controls.
9:11 PM Jaito
Tink covers Misha's path, but stops at the sight of the third canister. "Bella! …we were too late…!" She turns on the ANGEL and Murakami. "You're WITH THEM, aren't you?! Just give me the word, and I'll destroy them!"
9:11 PM
Shousei's action.
9:14 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
What were we doing here? Freeing the demons. And this person is… about to hit a switch that could do quite a number of things. And they took out a few guards already. He looks to the Angel. /She/ tried to take out the quest-granters.
9:15 PM
…Hell with it, I have more patience than that. "Hey- what side are you on?" he calls to the ??? with the two demons.
9:19 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Not theirs." Misha calls down softly, gesturing at a fallen lab technician.
9:20 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I gathered that. Are you trying to get the demons out?"
9:20 PM
"Or what?"
9:22 PM Misha_Nikaia
9:22 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Oh. Well hello then." Shousei just shrugs and looks at the Angel. "Do I still get experience?"
9:24 PM Jaito
The NAUGHTY ANGEL groans in exasperation. "DAMN IT! I'm soooo boooored now!"
9:25 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Oh c'mon. Isn't there more to this place? It's in a school."
9:25 PM
"There's probably a whole… secret… canister room thing." Or whatever.
9:26 PM Jaito
"Well…there IS the reactor rooom…" She sidles over to Shousei and smiles. "I bet there's more down below…"
9:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Maybe in the teachers' lounge.
9:26 PM Jaito
JACQUES and TINK both look at the angel a bit uneasily.
9:26 PM
TINK pipes up. "Let's just free these guys for now?"
9:27 PM
"And while you're at it, introductions might help!" A note displays! FORMAL INTRODUCTIONS include your name, and fully reveal your character to other players.
9:27 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He just sighs and looks at the other floating demons. "Yes. If you'd like to head down with us after you're done up there, I wouldn't mind the help."
9:27 PM
…Oh. There's that.
9:28 PM Misha_Nikaia
"I'm not certain how much help I can be, but I would be willing to try."
9:33 PM Jaito
JACQUES pipes in. "Well, does anyone know how to open the canisters. The controls should be nearby. And you should check the humans to see if they have anything useful!"
9:33 PM Misha_Nikaia
"I'll see if I can open the canisters,"
9:34 PM
and going to go look for the controls.
9:35 PM Jaito
At the top of the ladder, there are indeed controls. Since it's not secured, Misha's SCHOLARSHIP is more than enough to reveal two options: Converting the remaining demons into useful items: A BUFU STONE and an AGI STONE…or releasing them.
9:35 PM
But it looks like opening the canisters might trigger an alarm.
9:37 PM Misha_Nikaia
Misha calls down quietly to the…other person. "Releasing them might trigger an alarm, so take care!"
9:38 PM Jaito
"…Finally! I haven't even gotten any action yet!" The NAUGHTY ANGEL mutters. JACQUES and TINK both get a …. over their heads.
9:43 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"All right. Thank you." Shousei does the INTRODUCTION thing.
9:44 PM Misha_Nikaia
also does the INTRODUCTION thing, right before he opens the canisters.
9:45 PM Jaito
(NOW let's have a Scholarship check.)
9:46 PM Misha_Nikaia
9:47 PM Jaito
Beep. Beep. WHOOSH! The canisters open and JACK FROST and PYRO JACK hop out. "Whew. Thanks, guys!" "Take this for helping up!" You receive 1000 Macca (500 each) and 1 Medicine each.
9:48 PM
The NAUGHTY ANGEL pouts. "…Are you kidding me? What is this, a game for toddlers?"
9:49 PM Misha_Nikaia
Misha tucks the medicine away, and heads back down the ladder, quickly.
9:49 PM Night
Night, for her part, isn't bothering being subtle as she comes up the stairs, more on the lookout for more encounters. These are probably players, so.."If you're looking for a challenge, I can help you out with that."
9:49 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Oh! Another one.
9:50 PM
"Hello there…"
9:51 PM Jaito
"Is that a threat, pretty boy?" The NAUGHTY ANGEL glowers at the silhouette.
9:52 PM Night
"Could be, if you give me that look again, dollface." Night laughs, spreading 'his' arms out in a 'what can you do' gesture. "But I was referring to the Cerberus down in the reactor."
9:52 PM Misha_Nikaia
hops down the ladder the rest of the way.
9:53 PM Jaito
All three demons get a !!!!
9:53 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Ah. So you know what's downstairs?"
9:53 PM Night
"I came in from downstairs."
9:53 PM
"So yes."
9:54 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Good. So what does a Cerberus do, outside of, I presume, being a large three-headed dog monster?"
9:54 PM Jaito
JACQUES gulps. "Wait, the THREE-HEADED one is here? Geez, the little ones are bad enough, and they've only got one."
9:55 PM Misha_Nikaia
…oh dear.
9:55 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
9:56 PM
"I meant the mythological one. For all I know it's a cat on a circus ball here."
The demons all blankly stare at Murakami
9:57 PM Night
"It's contracted to the commander of this place. It's not the Super-Elite boss type, or I wouldn't even be suggesting that. They're physical-based fighters, who also breathe fire."
9:58 PM
"Between us, we stand a decent chance of winning, at least, if you know what you're doing."
9:58 PM Jaito
JACQUES gets an ! "We….w-we should get the other two out of here….Right, TINK?" TINK looks confused, then gets an ! "Right!"
9:58 PM Night
"I believe that Cerberus /is/ the protocol for blowing the reactor, if their operations here are interrupted: which they have been."
9:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"So if we don't go ahead and kill the thing, this place goes up?"
10:00 PM Jaito
!!! all around.
10:00 PM Night
"Yep. They're hiding evidence, apparently."
10:01 PM Misha_Nikaia
…oh /dear/
10:03 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Fun. Shall we?" He looks at Misha.
10:03 PM Misha_Nikaia
10:03 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
An actual plot… he doesn't know what /about/, but it's a plot.
10:03 PM
Shousei does the INTRODUCTION thing to Night.
10:03 PM Night
Ah, right. She follows suit after a second.
10:04 PM Misha_Nikaia
also does the same.
10:04 PM Jaito
JACQUES and TINK are trying to quietly slink off. They gesture for Night's PYRO JACK to be quiet. Is anyone going to stop them?
10:05 PM Night
"Annnnd where do you think you're going?"
10:05 PM Jaito
10:05 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"We might need you… or do you want them to get away with this?" Shousei smirks.
10:06 PM Jaito
10:06 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Please stay," Misha asks politely, with a tilt of his head.
10:07 PM Jaito
(Social blitz. Roll 'em if you got 'em!)
10:08 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
10:09 PM Night
10:10 PM Jaito
JACQUES and TINK look at each other. "….we should help. Together, we can do it!" "…y-yeah! Let's give 'em holy hell!"
10:10 PM
The NAUGHTY ANGEL frowns. "…y'know what…I think not."
10:10 PM
And then she shoots the panel.
10:10 PM
10:10 PM Night
…Wait, what.
10:10 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
10:10 PM Jaito
"Suicide is a sin!"
10:11 PM Night
"..The fuck?"
10:11 PM Jaito
Two guards spill out from the catwalks…and then something REALLY odd happens.
10:11 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Idiot. Now we're on a timer."
10:12 PM Jaito
"Eeeeeeexcellent. Then I'd better make myself COMFORTABLE…" Her wings molt and break away, revealing leathery skin underneath. Her skin blackens, and her outfit becomes LESS revealing.
10:12 PM Misha_Nikaia
"…your friend has an, er, interesting way to see the world-"
10:12 PM Night
10:12 PM Misha_Nikaia
10:12 PM Jaito

"I've realized something today…I don't think I'm CUT OUT for the law!"
10:13 PM Night
"…" Night facepalms.
10:13 PM
"Jack, are all of them this crazy?"
10:13 PM
"Or is she just special?"
10:13 PM Jaito
Jack is too busy staring to comment.
10:13 PM Night
10:14 PM
10:14 PM Jaito
"I AM!"

10:14 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…I'm really hoping she's special."
10:14 PM
Though it does explain a lot. Shousei shakes his head. "Do we have to kill her, too?"
"Shouldn't do, unless she's going to be trouble."
Thank god she's technically clothed now. "She's been trouble since I started the game, but I suppose it doesn't matter. Guards?"
10:15 PM Jaito
"Guards! Guards! They're letting the demons escape. How NAUGHTY ~"
10:16 PM
"Or we can just kill them all."

10:16 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I'm beginning to like that idea."
Night cracks her knuckles, and grins. "Jack, let's get you those explosions you wanted."
10:17 PM Jaito
"Uweeeee-heee-heeee-heeee-hoooo!" JACK is fired up!
10:17 PM
…JACQUES and TINK less so.
….oh dear.
10:22 PM Misha_Nikaia
And going to try to kick a guard, or maybe trip one into the other. He really isn't good for much else
10:23 PM Jaito
The guards are currently up on the catwalk. They can shoot down to the lower zone, but can't reach the hallway. Moving up the ladder under fire is an Athletics check (2), attacking AND moving will be the lesser of the two rolls -1.
10:24 PM Misha_Nikaia
Okay, going to kick the Lilim, then.
10:24 PM Jaito
(Fists! And creative fate point use is always welcome.)
10:25 PM Misha_Nikaia
10:26 PM Jaito
Attack: 0 vs. DEFENSE: 1 - MISS!
10:26 PM
The guards open fire on…
10:28 PM
ATTACK: 0. ATTACK: 0 vs….
10:28 PM Night
10:29 PM Misha_Nikaia
10:29 PM Jaito
MISS! MISS - SPIN on Guard2
10:31 PM
CHASTE LILIM is targeting Pyro Jack!
10:33 PM
NOTE: Social powers cause social stress. Certain powers, like Marin Karin, create special conditions if they win by a certain threshold.
10:33 PM
10:34 PM Jaito has set topic: Location: The Elementary Research Lab. Current Zones: Hallway, Lab Area, Research Tubes, Catwalks(Ath 2). Current Aspects: BROKEN WINDOW, ?????, ?????. Initiative: Michael, Guard 1, Guard 2, CHASTE LILIM, Tink, Night, Pyro Jack, Shousei, JACQUES
10:34 PM Jaito
TINK gets aggravated. "oooooh, you fussy Biblical types think you're sooooo special!"
10:35 PM
ATTACK: 4 vs. DEFENSE: 4 - STRENGTH: 3 vs. ARMOR: 2. - 1 STRESS. [X] [ ] [ ]
10:35 PM
"Yeeowch! Don't you know that envy is a SIN~"
10:36 PM
10:38 PM Night
Night growls low under her breath, and darts forward, reaching for Lilim's wing. "That was a mistake. Cry out for me, dear, you'll pay for that."
10:40 PM
10:41 PM Jaito
10:42 PM
ATTACK: 4 vs. DEFENSE: 1 - SPIN! WEAPON: 2 vs. ARMOR: 2 = 3 STRESS [X] [ ] [X]
10:42 PM
PYRO JACK has been charmed. "My smokin' succcubus, Nooooooo!"
10:42 PM Night
10:43 PM Jaito
ATTACK: -2 vs. Night

10:43 PM Night
10:43 PM Jaito
10:44 PM
"…eh…hehehe….oh, HI, boss…didn't….didn't see you there!" *sweatdrop of love*
10:44 PM
10:49 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei frowns- really? All the way up there? He wants to get to the boss before the place blows, and preferably before dinner. And, well… now that he's in character, he kind of wants to show off.
10:50 PM Jaito
NOTE: Action in different zones can make battles more difficult. Make sure you have diverse tactics…or make creative use of the scenery's obvious or hidden ASPECTS.
10:57 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He dashes forward and leaps towards the catwalk, catching the rim with enough forward to swing forward, back, and launch up between the guards- er- now the hard part- he thrusts the blade at the guards with a "Hah!"
10:57 PM
C'mon, one of you impale yourself already.
10:59 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 5 vs. Defense: 2 - SPIN, Weapon rating: 2 vs. Armor: 2 - 3 Stress! [X] [ ], BLOODY ARMS
10:59 PM
(Both guards are now spun, making them more vulnerable to attacks!)
10:59 PM
JACQUES, not one to pass up an opportunity…
11:00 PM
ATTACK: 5 +1 vs. DEFENSE: 2 - SPIN! STRENGTH: 3 vs. ARMOR: 2 =5 stress! TAKEN OUT
11:01 PM
And back to Michael
11:01 PM
"Magic is useful!"
11:01 PM
NOTE: Using Arts drain stress. Luckily, stress clears after each battle!
11:04 PM Misha_Nikaia
remembers being small and his mother teaching him how to dance. Fighting had a rhythm to it, too, and he tries to settle into that rhythm, that song, and works trying to kick the Lilim through a wall into it as well, fluid and graceful.
11:06 PM Night is now known as Kaji
11:06 PM Shousei_Yamazaki is now known as Greenling
11:06 PM Misha_Nikaia is now known as Plushiemancer
11:08 PM Plushiemancer
11:09 PM Jaito
11:10 PM
The remaining guard pulls back from Shousei, opening fire!
11:11 PM
NOTE: This enemy has a CONSEQUENCE upon it. The person who caused that consequence can use it for a bonus once for free! But to defend or attack…
11:11 PM Greenling
Shousei tosses the guard that did nicely impale himself forward and ducks, hopefully giving him clearance from the bullet…
11:12 PM
11:12 PM Jaito
11:13 PM
CHASTE LILIM pouts rolling off of Misha's back. "Your friend must have all the luck! That…needs to change." She gestures and a ball of wind appears in her hand, quickly blossoming out in a gust!
11:13 PM
ATTACK: 5 vs….
11:14 PM
(vs. Shousei, sorry.)
11:16 PM
DEFENSE: 6!!!! - Miss!
11:16 PM Greenling
…There is something about a gust of wind that makes Shousei incredibly nervous.
11:17 PM Jaito
The shreds across the railing might have something to do about it.
11:18 PM
Tink glowers. "Who wants it next? What do you say, MISCHA?"
11:19 PM Plushiemancer
Something about Seven Veils just…feels wrong. One of those people that is always so lucky, and Michael - no, Misha - sighs to himself. Michael would be envious but not act on it. Misha isn't Michael.
11:20 PM
"Both of them. He brought her, didn't he?"
11:21 PM Jaito
"You heard him, JACQUES! I've got the ugly one!" With that, she sends another jolt at the LILIM, who is offended by the sentiment!
11:21 PM
JACQUES hops up. "Hee-hoo, defeat the traitors!"
11:22 PM
ATTACK: 3 vs. DEFENSE: 2, STRENGTH: 3 vs. ARMOR: 2 - 2 STRESS [X] [X] [ ]
11:22 PM
"I do NOT like you, bitch!"
11:23 PM
11:23 PM Greenling
"H-" What?
11:25 PM Kaji
"…" Night, for a moment, considers asking Jack if he has popcorn, before shaking her head and grabbing lilith by the hair. "Jack, burn the rest of them if they turn on me, they're not worth my time."
11:25 PM
11:25 PM
11:26 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 4 vs. DEFENSE: 1 - WEAPON RATING: 2 vs. ARMOR: 2 - 3 stress - TAKEN OUT!
11:26 PM
Wait, nope
11:26 PM
11:26 PM
…apparently parental controls have NOT been turned on
11:26 PM Kaji
"…Oh, you've got to be kidding me."
11:26 PM Jaito
[X] [X] [X]
11:26 PM Plushiemancer
wonders if he can turn on his parental controls.
11:26 PM Kaji
"Really? Really? That is such a cheap tactic."
11:26 PM Jaito
"…You are gonna DIE, boy!"
11:27 PM Kaji
"You don't have what it takes to kill me, grandma."
11:27 PM Jaito
"…d-d-don't say that about MAI WIFE! AGIIII!"
11:28 PM
ATTACK: 3 vs. …
11:29 PM Kaji
(5 + 2 is 7! MATH.)
11:29 PM Jaito
11:29 PM Kaji
"…Jaaaaack." Night just smiles, that same eerie, crescent moon grin she had to contract him. "Have you forgotten your side of our contract?"
11:30 PM Jaito
"…ummmmmmm….It was that guy." He points to Shousei. "He made me…uhhh…
11:30 PM
"BETRAY YOU. Yes. Evil, evil man."
11:30 PM Kaji
"He's not the one with charm skills."
11:30 PM Jaito
"Have you smelled him?"
11:31 PM Greenling
What the hell is going on.
11:32 PM Kaji
(4 deceit, 3 lore)
11:32 PM Jaito
Jack is lying. ….wait, what the hell? How is game making contextual humorous lies?
11:32 PM
Shousei's action!
11:32 PM Kaji
…Interesting. Interesting! "…Ahahah."
11:33 PM
"We can talk later, I think you can make it up to me."
11:33 PM Jaito
Pyro Jack looks at one of the canisters, as if weighing its options.
11:35 PM Kaji
"I'm not going to hurt you."
11:35 PM
"Unless you try to set me on fire again."
11:35 PM
"Then all bets are pretty much off." :|
11:36 PM Jaito
Jack considers. "Well… that'll be an interesting day…."
11:37 PM Kaji
"I just want to ask about the game structure."
11:37 PM
"Don't worry so much."
11:40 PM Greenling
Shousei glares at the guard in annoyance- but that Lilim is even more annoying, and he's afraid that guy down there's about to double-cross him. Shousei slips forward and slams the hilt of his sword into the guard's shoulder in an attempt to knock him off the catwalk and, preferably, onto one of those stupid floating demons.
11:40 PM Plushiemancer
About to?
11:41 PM Greenling
Haven't hit me yet.
11:53 PM
"….I'm okay!" the guard cries, reloading.
11:54 PM Kaji
"…Hey, Jack."
11:54 PM
"Y'got any popcorn?"
11:54 PM Jaito
JACQUES yelps. "He's raining humans on us!" He launches a bolt of ice at Shousei
11:54 PM
"Demons don't eat popcorn, boss! Bring corn next time."
11:54 PM Greenling
11:54 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 4 vs. ….
11:54 PM Kaji
"I'll make a note of that."
11:54 PM Greenling
Not on- Fuck getting out of the way-
11:55 PM Jaito
11:55 PM
11:59 PM Plushiemancer
Misha's annoyed, he's envious, and where Michael would have just simply kept his head down and just let himself be angry and envious and just done nothing.
11:59 PM
Misha doesn't have to.
12:00 AM
Which is to say, trying to kick that guard back up the ladder and into the other boy.
12:03 AM Jaito
The guard goes smashing into the back panel, a few inches shy of Shousei. Hell of a kick…
12:05 AM
….of course, the panel just has to explode in a mess of flame and sparks. Even animated, they're real enough to startles Shousei off of the catwalk…to land on a lump next to the fallen lilim's rear end.
12:05 AM Kaji
…Oh yeah, she's definitely finding a chair to pull up.
12:05 AM Jaito
PARTY VICTORY!!! displays, with a happy rock theme to follow.
12:05 AM Greenling
Sheesh. That was clo- "Shit!" Flompsmash.
12:06 AM Jaito
12:07 AM Kaji
"Now now, kiddies. Let's play nice."
12:07 AM Greenling
Shousei feels deeply embarrassed, but when he gets up, he just gives Misha /such/ a look.
12:07 AM Plushiemancer
just stares calmly back at him with an unreadable, serene expression.
12:07 AM Jaito
"…I left my popcorn in the COMP." JACK disappears in a wash of blue light that flies into Night's cOMP.
12:08 AM Greenling
"Hmmph. That was unnecessary."
12:08 AM Plushiemancer
"A lot of things were unnecessary, beginning with your demon."
12:08 AM Kaji
"…" Well, she'll discuss things with Jack later. "He's not a demon summoner." No COMP, therefore…
12:09 AM Kaji is now known as Aruna
12:09 AM Greenling
"If I'd known she would have done that I would've sent her away when she showed up and started asking me stupid personal questions," he snaps, standing up and brushing himself off.
12:09 AM Greenling is now known as Weaver
12:10 AM Plushiemancer
"The more you know." with that same serene expression.
12:10 AM Aruna
"She was a tutorial guide. She shouldn't even have been able to do that…unless certain archetypes have different starting scenarios." Something about this game is strange. So very strange.
12:10 AM
"And you, lay off the passive-aggressive serenity, it's dull. If you're angry, be angry."
12:10 AM Plushiemancer
"I'm not here to be your entertainment, either."
12:11 AM Weaver
"Yes…" to nothing in particular.
12:11 AM Plushiemancer
Not smiling, but still with that deep-water expression. Smooth, flowing water.
12:11 AM Weaver
"Do you want me to apologize? Or do you prefer distrust?"
12:12 AM Aruna
Night laughs before standing up, walking towards Mischa in measured steps, still smiling that bladed, chesire-cat grin.
12:12 AM Plushiemancer
"Whichever you prefer."
12:13 AM
Michael would run. But Misha isn't just a timid little sparrow, and just stares down the summoner approaching him.
12:14 AM Aruna
Night tips her chin up, leaning down to murmur against her ear. "Going to throw away all that beautiful rage? You're doing a very poor job of it, little sparrow."
12:15 AM Plushiemancer
"As I said, I am not your, or anyone else's entertainment." pushing the other player back.
12:15 AM Weaver
Shousei pauses, closing his eyes. "Then I apologize that my ignorance has led to that thing attacking us, possibly jeapordizing this mission, and whatever else has gotten you annoyed. Good enough?"
12:15 AM Plushiemancer
"That is." inclining his head to Veils.
12:16 AM Aruna
Night laughs, crackling. "Wrong~"
12:16 AM
"This whole world is mine."
12:16 AM Weaver
…Egh. We have a dog to kill. "And now we're down at least one demon…" Good. I didn't totally sacrifice my chance at maybe making a friend in-game.
12:16 AM Plushiemancer
"Boundless and endless? You do not have claim on everything in it."
12:17 AM Aruna
"Of course I do."
12:17 AM
"All of this is just in my own head."
12:18 AM
"That includes you."
12:18 AM Weaver
"…Not all of us are in-game objects."
12:18 AM Aruna
"I'm not talking about the game, idiot." Night laughs again, suddenly draping over Murakami's shoulders.
12:19 AM Weaver
12:24 AM Plushiemancer
…oh dear.
12:25 AM Aruna
"Now, let's all get along. We're all of use to each other…"
12:29 AM Weaver
Shousel looks distinctly unsure of how to respond to this.
12:30 AM Aruna
Just as planned.
12:30 AM Weaver
"Ah… yes." He pauses. "We should go. You should… lead."
12:30 AM Aruna
12:31 AM Plushiemancer
Where they can keep an eye on him.

12:31 AM Aruna
Won't help.