AR lights flicker and the broken glass all across the floor reverts into place, as if it were never broken. Then again, it never really had been. TINK and JACQUES wait by the stairway back down to the basement level. "There may be guards down there, so be careful!" There's a sniggering noise from Night's COMP.
6:23 PM Night
"I really hope they're less pathetic this time." Night shrugs, heading down the stairs and whistling faintly. Well, it was a way to keep in practice, if nothing else.
6:23 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei wants to glance over his glasses and make sure they didn't break anything in the real world…
6:24 PM Misha_Nikaia
follows after Night, glidingly silent.
6:27 PM JaitoWorkzOwte
Downstairs, they run across a random storage room and a room that looks to have security lockers - both with unconscious guards. And ahead of them, the double-doors of the reactor room - hmm, that's funny. There are red lights flashing inside.
6:27 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
6:28 PM Night
"…Ah." Red lights. They've been discovered. Night eyes the door, checking for locks or an ala-wait, what is she doing, the alarm's already going off? It's easier to just break this door down if it's locked.
6:29 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"There isn't any less obvious way in, or one that doesn't leave us vulnerable to the first shot, is there?"
6:30 PM Night
6:30 PM Misha_Nikaia
Not as far as he can see, either.
6:31 PM JaitoWorkzOwte
(Investigation is possible. Night can use Lore to refer to map data she acquired.)
6:31 PM Night
6:32 PM Misha_Nikaia
checks anyway, looking for secret passages or anything like that.
6:32 PM Misha_Nikaia
6:34 PM JaitoWorkzOwte
Misha remembers seeing a small step ladder in the (guarded) lab control room back up by the lab i.e. where the extra shooter came from. Night…er…has maps. And reads them. Cleverly.
6:35 PM Night
"…You know, there's a map."
6:35 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
6:36 PM Night
Night holds up 'his' COMP, and smirks. "Yes. Looks like there's a stepladder in the control room back upstairs. It's probably best we come from both directions."
6:38 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Understood." calm as flowing water beneath ice.
6:41 PM Misha_Nikaia
is going to start walking back in the direction of the lab.
6:41 PM Night
"Pick a direction. I'm taking this head on. You—Jacques, wasn't it?" Night singles out the poor Jack Frost. "Ice will be our best bet, so take the back route, so he doesn't go for you first."
6:42 PM JaitoWorkzOwte
nods, following after Misha. "I don't think I like you anyway, hee-ho. You're a little kur-ayyyy-zeee." Hop-hop-hop. "Misha's my friend."
6:43 PM JaitoWorkzOwte is now known as Jaito
6:46 PM Jaito
Tink looks over at Shousei. "So I guess I'm with handsome here. The other handsome. Are we storming with…him? Or are we backing up the other demons?"
6:47 PM Misha_Nikaia
The boy inside the shell of Misha Nikaia would be very surprised by that declaration, and is, even though it's by a game A.I.
6:51 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei looks slightly ruffled.
6:52 PM
"I…" He's just going to let the other people make plans for the moment.
6:52 PM Night
Night looks over at him and smiles….much too cheerfully. "It's fine if you go around with Nikaia. I can handle the sharp pointy end, kiddo."
6:52 PM
"Hey, Jack, you ready for this?"
6:53 PM Jaito
Pyro Jack releases itself from the COMP, grinning as wide as a pumpkin can - which is considerably. "Yeaaaah, we got this! Those two have better odds winning a fashion show than a fight! Let us handle it."
6:54 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei's eyes narrow a little further, but he's not going to object too much.
6:55 PM Night
"Run along now, Murakami. And when shit starts exploding, that's the signal to get to work." Night cracks 'his' knuckles, laughing like a child without a care in the goddamn world, instead of a seven-foot-tall blond man about to punch a demon repeatedly in the face.
6:55 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He glances at Misha, then Night. "…I think I'd do better with you. One person has an easier time sneaking than two."

6:55 PM
"I promise not to get in your way." He smirks.
6:56 PM Night
"So I've noticed, twinkletoes. Let's get this party started."
Tink cackles, an arc of lightning buzzing between her wings. "With the two of you and the rest of us, this Dog's Going To Heaven!"
6:58 PM
…Misha! Stealth, please.
6:58 PM Misha_Nikaia
7:00 PM Jaito
Huh. There's still a lab tech tapping away in the upper room, a screen open revealed a silhouetted face across from him. "If the demons or their aides fail, you know what to do." The tech nods, "Cerberus is powerful, but expendable. We've gathered valuable data on the outliers."
7:01 PM
The silhouette nods. "They're ultimately just code…but the language was once sacrosanct. We are hacking into a language that we do not speak. Is it not…exhilarating?" The tech nods. "You're tellin' me."
7:02 PM
…Misha! Empathy? *snerk*
7:02 PM Misha_Nikaia
….Nikaia is definitely listening to this and remembering what he can.
7:02 PM
7:03 PM Jaito
Weird. What an invovled plot for an intro story.
7:03 PM Misha_Nikaia
That is strange.
7:04 PM
And. Hm.
7:04 PM Jaito
The tech frowns. "No answer from the system. I think our guests are actually winning." The silhouette sighs. "Excellent. Activate the experiment." With that, the screen blinks out…and the tech's own shadowed features look decidedly uneasy.
7:05 PM Misha_Nikaia
…experiment? This decidedly does not sound good.
7:05 PM Jaito
Downstairs, the alarm lights by the door turn off.
7:05 PM Night
"…" That's…disconcerting.
7:06 PM
"On your guard, right now."
7:06 PM Misha_Nikaia
is going to send a message to the other players downstairs. That is the polite thing to do in an alliance, isn't it, send a warning?
7:06 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is definitely tensing, taking out his weapon again.
7:09 PM Misha_Nikaia
Well, the next thing to do is to try to sneak past the technician. No use in staying here.
7:09 PM Jaito
One more Stealth vs. Tech's notice
7:09 PM Misha_Nikaia
7:09 PM Jaito
7:10 PM
The tech pauses…frowning. He fumbles around with hands for a moment, before pulling a sidearm. "Is…is someone there?" He starts to look around…
7:14 PM
"…must be my imagination. I…I don't have time for this." There's a faint flicker of static, and then the tech is back at his seat, typing away at keys that are mostly random - a repeating sequence of nonsense taps.
7:15 PM Misha_Nikaia
walks lighter - /step so light, leave no trace/, the boy inside Nikaia's shell pretending to be someone else entirely remembers and uses it, and keeps moving. No use getting caught.
7:16 PM Jaito
The ladder is padded, at least, so it's easy to sneak down quietly. And inside? A great, white mix between some sort of giant canid, feline, an by the tail - a freaking DRAGON - is lying across what looks like the basement boiler. Four glowing tubes - in red, green, light and dark blue - surround it, with stones glowing in each like bubbles.
7:17 PM
…the tubes hook into the boiler…which hooks into the beast via a series of IVs and metal cables. It looks…rather fitfully asleep and even more unhappy.
7:18 PM Misha_Nikaia
…and this could change at any moment.
7:18 PM
Especially with their…experiment.
7:22 PM Jaito
Outside, the door flashes green. Safe to enter.
7:22 PM
Inside, the reactor starts to warm up and the Cerberus lets out a cry of pain.
7:25 PM Night
What was that sound? Night almost winces, smile setting in a fanged, unhappy edge, before pushing open the door. "Now or never. Come on, Twinkletoes."
7:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei follows Night.
7:29 PM Misha_Nikaia
looks around quickly for any useful things to possibly use in this fight - the stones are one, but he doesn't want to try to mess things up prematurely by taking them before it starts.
7:29 PM Misha_Nikaia
7:34 PM Jaito has set topic: The Reactor Room - Aspects: CRAMPED AND CONFINED, ??? (tagged by Misha), ???, ???? - Initiative: Shousei/CERBERUS, TINK, Night/Misha, JACQUES/PYRO JACK
7:39 PM AsheInvicta is now known as Will
7:40 PM Jaito has set topic: The Reactor Room - Aspects: CRAMPED AND CONFINED, FRAGILE EQUIPMENT (tagged by Misha), ???, ???? - Initiative: Shousei/CERBERUS, TINK, Night/Misha, JACQUES/PYRO JACK
7:43 PM Jaito
As the door opens, CERBERUS turns its attention immediately on the invaders. "THIS IS A SECURE FACILITY~ LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OR-" It coughs, as blue ichor drips from its mouth. "YOU WILL BE DERESOLVED~"
7:45 PM
(Shousei's action.)
7:53 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei blanches briefly. That is… a big, horrible-looking creature. The fear isn't entirely working against him, though- if that thing moves, it's going to /hit/ him. And he has a big pointy sword.
7:54 PM
So… he's going to hit it before it hits him, he hopes.
7:57 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 0 vs. DEF: 3 - MISS, SPIN!!!
7:58 PM
CERBERUS looks down at Shousei and a breath of hot steam blows against his skin. Then comes fire.
7:58 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
7:58 PM Annabell has joined the channel.
7:59 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 3 vs…..
7:59 PM
As flame covers the entire entrance.
8:02 PM Night
8:03 PM Jaito
SHOUSEI - MISS! SPIN! NIGHT - MISS! PYRO JACK - vs. 2 - STRENGTH: 3 vs. RESIST: 2 - [ ] [X]!!!!!
8:03 PM
vs. DEF: -2 = 5! SPIN! POWER: 3 vs. RESIST: 0 = TAKEN OUT
8:04 PM
Tink fries like a moth on a torch. Graphically.
8:04 PM Misha_Nikaia
8:04 PM Jaito
Night and Misha!
8:06 PM Misha_Nikaia
It would be best to try to…hurry this fight along. The equipment is fragile: as easy as it would have been to wake Cerberus by tampering with it, /now/ it could be put to use by toppling it all onto him. He kicks at the glass tubes, yanks at the IV and metal tangles, trying to get them to /break/ and /fall/ onto the great beast.
8:07 PM Night
Night almost twitches at the graphic death of the pixie. Ah…that was a little higher than the ratings suggested, wasn't it? But at that, 'he' rushes forward, aiming to hit the Cerberus' eyes as he goes for the connecting lines to it. "I think commands have changed, pup." What was this set-up for? It constrained the Cerberus' own fighting abilities, effectively rendering their guard…less powerful. Why? What was the purpose?
8:09 PM Jaito
Misha - Fists and your choice of +2 effectiveness or…potentially something really weird happening instead.
8:09 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
weird? :3
8:09 PM Jaito
Night - Fists (I'll give you a Lore result at -1 based on the roll)
8:11 PM Night
(5 + 2 for weapons is 7?)
8:11 PM
8:11 PM Misha_Nikaia
(4, and yes weird)
8:11 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 5 vs….
8:12 PM Night
8:12 PM
8:12 PM
(and 3 lore)
8:13 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 4 vs. DEF: 5 - MISS!
8:13 PM
8:14 PM
As CERBERUS blocks Night's fist with a scaly, metallic tail…well, Misha does a fair amount of damage to the apparatus.
8:16 PM
THRESHOLD: 2 + POWER: 3 - RESIST: 0 = 5 stress [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [X] [ ]!!!!
8:17 PM
When Misha kicks the tube, a great arc of electricity travels through the IV and into CERBERUS' frame, shocking it from the inside and causing a horrible roar of pain.
8:18 PM
Pyro Jack frowns at the fire that is actually singeing its cloak. "Booooooss, what do I DOOOOO?"
8:18 PM Night
"Go for what it's hooked up to!"
8:19 PM Jaito
JACQUES throws out a BUFU icicle, which Cerberus nimbly evades by climbing onto the reactor.
8:19 PM
"Got it!"
8:19 PM
8:20 PM
The red tube flashes…and several of the stones inside spark with a chain reaction….
8:21 PM Night
…That'll work.
8:21 PM Jaito
THRESHOLD: 2 + POWER: 3 - RESIST: 2 = 3 stress [ ] [ ] [X] [ ] [X] [ ]!!!
8:21 PM
(Alertness for everyone!)
8:21 PM Misha_Nikaia
8:22 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
8:22 PM Night
8:23 PM Jaito
Misha: …is it warm in here? Adrenaline, probably….
8:23 PM
8:23 PM
8:23 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Oh. Hit the tubes." I feel stupid.
8:23 PM Misha_Nikaia
"It's rather warmer in here than it was…"
8:24 PM Night
"…It's breathing fire, no shit."
8:25 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Uhm. Light blue. Shousei likes light blue?
8:25 PM Jaito
Roll it!
8:25 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He dashes forward and tries to crack the thing open.
8:26 PM Jaito
At the same time, the light blue tube starts to gloooooow…
8:26 PM
8:29 PM Night
Changing it's internal chemistry…what is the poi-Oh, shit. "Get away from it unless you can deal with electricity!"
8:29 PM Jaito
THRESHOLD: -2, POWER: 3 vs. RESIST: 2 = NO EFFECT. A great jacob's ladder of electricity courses over Shousei, only making him looking handsomer.
8:29 PM Night
"…Like that."
8:29 PM Jaito
At this point, CERBERUS tries to bite off Night's head.
8:29 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" Blink.
8:29 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 5 vs. ….
8:30 PM Night
8:30 PM Jaito
8:30 PM
Night and Misha!
8:31 PM
Shousei feels a sudden pounding in his head and a sudden thrill. A blue card image appears in his field of vision…that could come in handy on his turn…
8:32 PM Night
Night grins as CERBERUS lunges, snapping forward to grab it's tongue to try and rip it right out. "There was a price for attacking me, dog. JACK! Go for the force tube now—Ah, the green one!"
8:34 PM
8:34 PM Misha_Nikaia
The green one? Misha tries to kick it.

8:34 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 3 vs. DEF: 6 - COUNTER - THRESHOLD 1. WEAPON: 3 vs. ARMOR: 2 - 2 stress! [ ] [X]
8:35 PM
The jaws clamp down on Night's wrist.
8:35 PM
…and she FEELS it, in sudden, howling actual pain.
8:36 PM
(Roll your attack, Misha. You'd have to use the aspect again for points if you want the +2)
8:37 PM Misha_Nikaia
8:38 PM Jaito
THRESHOLD: 0. POWER: 3 vs. WEAKNESS: 2 = 5 stress!
8:38 PM
[ ] [ ] [X] [ ] [X] [X]!!!!!!
A great gust of wind sends th CERBERUS rolling off of Night and to the floor. Rather angrily.
8:39 PM Night
Wait, what? That shouldn't be…Night gets about half a second to be bewildered before she chokes back a scream. Even the pain doesn't feel real…of course. Of course. This is just an illusion inside an illusion. None of this is real. So Night's choked pain noises turn into laughter, cackling and mad.
8:42 PM Jaito
JACQUES stares at Night, before doing a little dance and light dances over her….
8:42 PM
DIA - [ ] [ ] and her pain is replaced by a pleasant warmth.
8:43 PM Night
See? Nothing more than a memory.
8:43 PM Jaito
PYRO JACK blinks. "Umm…boss…are…are you okay?"
8:43 PM Night
"…ehehehe…fine, I'm fine, see…? Get the green tube, take it out. Finish this!"
8:47 PM Jaito
PYRO JACK grins, cackling, and calls more fire…
8:47 PM
8:48 PM
8:48 PM
[ ] [X] [X] [ ] [X] [X]
8:48 PM
(Night controls these consequence tags in Jack's stead.) Shousei!
8:50 PM
CERBERUS howls in rage!
8:50 PM
(Oh, Alertness again. Misha has +1)
8:51 PM Misha_Nikaia
8:53 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Heh. It looks wounded. Good… let me break something. Shousei's hands are on his sword, but that card is still floating at the edge of his vision. Wonder what it does? I haven't had any damned luck with this thing against the dog.
8:53 PM
Let's reach out and see.
8:54 PM Misha_Nikaia
reaches up to touch his forehead with a slender hand - there's /real/ sweat there. And more than simply exertion. "…there's /actual/ heat in this room. Beyond simple exertion."
8:54 PM Night
8:54 PM Misha_Nikaia
That. really shouldn't be happening, right?
8:55 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Is it?" (2) "Are we in a real boiler room? People have been here… maybe the building is active?"
8:55 PM Night
"…hehehe…kill it, we need to leave, there's no time for this right now."
8:55 PM Jaito
The room goes suddenly dark…and a pale blue glow surrounds Shousei. Shousei himself feels…a sudden flush. A thrill. Power and command and CONTROL. Confidence beyond words… "Born from the sea of thine soul….Call me, mortal, and we shall punish the iniquitous…speak and make it known…." Across Shousei's visor flash a word. PER….SO….NA.
8:56 PM
Shousei: Distracted
8:56 PM
Night: It's not real
8:56 PM Night
None of it's real, of course it's not.
9:00 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Could we be breaking so- oh, that is nice… that is- Shousei's face flashes in a strange grin. Yes. This is what I was looking for. This… I'm going to relish. The word passes his words in a whisper: "Persona-"
9:04 PM Jaito
The word echoes through the ears of each player, causing a degree of feedback…and from the blue glow above him, a form manifests. Text appears across the screen. OBERON, LORD OF THE FEY, CONSORT TO TITANIA….
9:05 PM
And the form, broad-winged and imposing, gestures with an upraised sword towards the device.
9:07 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…So much better than hitting something with a sword. So much better than anything in a video game has a right to be. Is he laughing? He hasn't stopped.
9:07 PM Jaito
Misha: You see it. And from your higher vantage, have the least you can do about it. Oh, irony. The graphical lightning strike hits the reactor and tubes, sure enough…and so does a tense whip of electricity from every socket in the basement. His AR goggles short out, giving him a great view as the reactor dials start to ramp up to red….
9:08 PM
9:08 PM
9:09 PM
CERBERUS starts to roar in pain and fade in a great, sparkling mist….
9:09 PM
(Alertness for all, Misha gets +2)
9:09 PM Misha_Nikaia
….wait. The AR just shorted out and he can still see the dials going up to red.
9:09 PM Night
9:09 PM Misha_Nikaia
9:10 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
9:10 PM Jaito

9:10 PM
Only Misha sees it coming. The hissing steam. The shaking metal. And NONE of it a game effect. Time is quickly running out.
9:11 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Get out of here, now!"
9:11 PM Jaito
"I AM THOU…AND THOU ART I. TOGETHER, WE ARE INDOMITABLE…" Oberon shimmers and fades back into Shousei.
9:12 PM Misha_Nikaia
"This place is about to come apart and it's NOT a game effect, it's real!"
9:13 PM Night
"Out of…" Night blings, startled out her dazed reverie-ah, right, if the bite hurt, the explosion will. "…No, not quite…" But she still stands—and with his AR off, Michael can clearly see who she is-and bolts for the door, hoping to snag Shousei on her way out. "Jack! We're going."
9:14 PM Misha_Nikaia
…of /course/. But no time to ponder that - if she has his brother, then there's nothing he needs to do for them, and going to bolt up the ladder as fast as he can move.
9:14 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is shivering a bit, probably the heat's fault… he snaps out of it at about the moment Night grabs him, half-dragged and half-running.
9:15 PM Jaito
It's about this point that the boiler explodes.

9:16 PM
Everyone remembers a sudden, ragdoll pressure sending them into darkness…
9:16 PM
Shousei sees a creepy old man's face, hands clasps in front of his lips. ECSTATIC.
9:16 PM
Night sees an outline of a man, nodding…documenting. Pleased.
9:17 PM
Misha….well, Misha doesn't see anything. Just a sensation of falling and falling and falling, until he is caught in cold, rigid arms.
"…Papa…?" …When is she going to wake up from this dream, anyway?
9:20 PM Misha_Nikaia
Michael would lie still, escaping notice and passivity being his survival instinct: Misha isn't a sparrow to lie there with wings broken, and he's trying to slip free, struggling, if he can manage it.
9:21 PM Jaito
Shousei hears. "Soon…soon, you will be ready to accept the destiny before you…only you can save the others, after all."
9:22 PM
Night hears, "The difference between mortal creatures and divine beings is one of language and perspective. One must see with the eyes of a god…and one must SPEAK with the TONGUE of a god…"
9:22 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Shousei's head swims, unable to quite correlate its contents.

9:23 PM Night
"…the ancient common tongue…" What was it? What was it…she has to remember.
9:23 PM
Why can't she remember? There's no time for this fog now.
Michael feels himself lying on the ground, jointless and discarded like a doll. Above him, Misha is held in the arms of…something beautiful beyond description, yet utterly cold. "Soon, child. Soon…every great happening requires a harbinger. One to speak…one to know the word…one to PROPHESY."
9:25 PM
Gently, like a shroud, Misha is laid over Michael…
9:25 PM
And all three of their eyes open at once. In an ER ward of the local hospital.
9:25 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Father is going to kill me.
9:26 PM Night
…Shit. Not this again. Misaki pushes herself upright immediately, looking down for damage. And her glasses. How long has she been out?
9:26 PM Jaito
Their beds are each separated by cloth screens, and each bed has its own touchpad. There are some minor bandages here and there (CONSEQUENCE - MILD: BEATEN UP) …and a lovely steel bracelet of cuffs against one bedrail each.
9:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Father is going to kill me. I blew up a school.
9:27 PM Misha_Nikaia is now known as Michael_Lin
9:27 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
One day. /One day/. I do something unusual for /one day/. …Maybe he'll stop asking me to be social if these are the consequences?
9:27 PM Night is now known as Naito_Misaki
9:28 PM Naito_Misaki
Misaki clicks her tongue, and looks for…a pen. A bobby pin. A paperclip. Something long and thin.
9:28 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is too numb to be angry or cry.
9:28 PM Michael_Lin
Michael doesn't even try to move.
9:28 PM Naito_Misaki
Like hell she's just going to sit here.
9:29 PM
Experimentally, she eyes the touchpad. Nurse call? Hm.
9:29 PM
…Oh god has someone come to feed her cat?
9:29 PM Jaito
Nothing useful in reach - ERs have to be careful with that, Misaki…
9:30 PM
Judging by the time on the pad, only an hour or so has passed.
9:30 PM Naito_Misaki
…Oh. Well then. Nurse call button it is.
9:31 PM Michael_Lin
Too bad just simply wishing to be invisible or to disappear had never worked before.
9:31 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
It was a stupid idea, really. I knew something was wrong when I had to break into a building. Really, the programmers should double-check where they're sending people. God, they should be glad no one died. …No one died, right?
9:31 PM Jaito
A few moments later, the other two will overhear this from their corners of the room. "Ahh. Do you need anything? A painkiller? An attourney?"
9:31 PM
Nurse Ada Tan is having a long, annoying night.
9:32 PM Naito_Misaki
"Attourney? I'll get to that later. Where are my things? What happened? I don't remember anything…"
9:32 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
I'm not the only one in here? Of course I'm not. There were two others with me. Are they- i- …
9:32 PM Jaito
"There was an explosion at an abandoned elementary school. Very suspicious….aren't you mature enough not to cause this kind of trouble?"
9:32 PM
Oh, the scolding in her tone.
9:33 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
/That girl/.
9:33 PM Jaito
Footsteps approach.
9:33 PM
A very masculine throat-clearing follows.
9:33 PM Naito_Misaki
"An explosion? I don't-" Misaki stops to look up, the picture of confused disconcernation.
9:34 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei makes a sad little noise.
9:34 PM Naito_Misaki
9:34 PM
Then the other one is…
9:34 PM
9:34 PM Michael_Lin
There haven't been any noises from that direction.
9:34 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Not that that doesn't tell you everything.
9:35 PM Jaito
The nurse peeks back out. "Until I say she's fine, you can go wait outside, in your car, or off a pier for all I care."
9:35 PM
A police officer clears his throat again, "We have several questions-"
9:35 PM
"None of which anyone shall need to answer." A feminine voice, full of silk and razors, cuts him off. A voice Shousei recognizes.
9:35 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
9:35 PM Jaito
Behind every great man is a great woman. Sometimes, that woman is his lawyer.
9:36 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He was all getting ready to try to figure out whether he should be happy it's not his father, but it's a police officer, but it /is/ kind of his father, isn't it. Just. Less horrifying and more damage control.
9:37 PM Naito_Misaki
"Questions…I don't…an explosion? That shouldn't even be possible…" And she's right. But this dream is…strange now. The lines are blurring together. She needs to find the programmers for this game. Or just the code itself. Something.
9:37 PM
Maybe Jack knows something-okay he probably doesn't.
9:37 PM
But it's worth asking.
9:38 PM Jaito
"Ma'am, you shouldn't be in here-" "Neither should YOU. Don't you have some rogue coders to question, for leading innocent MINORS into a dangerous building with unsafe conditions." "Ma'am, who-" "Mr. Yamazaki's attorney. None of these children are ANY of your concern. Shall I consult the chief of police?"
9:38 PM
"…erm…no, ma'am." "And get these ridiculous cuffs off of them IMMEDIATELY." "Y-yes, ma'am." "And if you could be so kind? I could really use a coffee~" "…y-yes, ma'am."
9:38 PM Naito_Misaki
"…" Oh good, she was being lumped in with them. She was just never going to hear the end of this at all.
9:38 PM Jaito
A rather harried looking young cop comes by to uncuffs each of them, then scurries off in search of cofee.
9:39 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei crosses his arms defensively, sitting up.
9:39 PM Naito_Misaki
Misaki rubs at her wrist, before trying to swing out of the bed to standing. She's in one of those stupid gowns, isn't she…where are her /actual/ clothes?
9:40 PM Michael_Lin
just opens his eyes. Stares up at the ceiling.
9:40 PM Jaito
There's a BEEP and the curtains slowly draw back. A slightly older, slightly plain, and rather haggard looking nurse is staring down a breathtaking, tall, voluptuous, and utterly merciless-looking woman in a burgundy skirt suit, stiletto heels, and staring down a pair of glasses like her eyes were loaded weapons.
9:41 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
They might as well be.
9:41 PM Michael_Lin
…ahhh. Nurse Tan. Michael feels very bad for her. Especially since she just had to deal with the trouble he's had a large hand in.
9:41 PM Naito_Misaki
Night looks at her with her best impression on mildly terrified confusion, instead of the intense measuring up she's actually doing. Stilleto heels, so feeble balance, leg sweep then break the glasses…eh. She's not the main target. "…Um, where are my things?"
9:42 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…And /him/?
9:43 PM
How did I end up with two people i- not going to worry about that. Sooo many more things to worry about.
9:43 PM
Shousei tries his best to look apologetic.
9:43 PM Jaito
They both seem to be ignoring her. After a long moment, Nurse Tan finally sighs. "In the drawer by your bed. If this vampire causes you any trouble, you just hit the nurse call." The lawyer's eyes narrow just a shade. Nurse Tan exuses herself.
9:43 PM
And then those eyes level on Shousei, as if nothing else in the world could ever stop her if she wanted him.
9:43 PM
…for what purpose? One shudders to think.
9:44 PM
(Discipline check, Shousei?)
9:44 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Curling up into a ball now.
9:44 PM Naito_Misaki
Night…doesn't manage not to snerk, but goes for the drawer. Glasses first—ah, she forgot her contacts again. Now let's keep quite while we get dressed. …No, not even bothering pulling the curtains back.
9:44 PM
Michael's not interested and Shousei better not be, if he knows what's good for him.
9:45 PM
Besides, they weren't even real.
9:45 PM Jaito
…for some reason, something seems off. When the lawyer gives her best CHESHIRE GRIN, there it goes. She's HAPPY. "It's so good to see you finally coming out of your shell, Master Shousei!"
9:45 PM
9:45 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
(6) "…I am /phenomenally/ sorry for this obvious, grave lack of judgement." Out-of-game Shousei is verbose at the mome- what
9:46 PM Naito_Misaki
Of course Master. It's the Yamazaki family.
9:47 PM Jaito
She clambers onto the bed and gives him a rather muffling hug to her bosom. "So rambunctious! I'll just keep this little episod between us, right? You're my client now! You're a MAN now…" She glances over her shoulder at Night. "…apparently."
9:48 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei blinks, his face heading back towards 'neutral' the more she talks, which for him, would be 'bored kuu'- err- that is, he's not being very expressive. "I see?"
9:48 PM Naito_Misaki
"Not his, not even close."
9:49 PM Michael_Lin
…that figured, of course. Michael closes his eyes again and just listens.
9:49 PM
Maybe he can fade into the background. Or the sheets.
9:49 PM Naito_Misaki
"I like them older." Which she'll let this lady draw her own conclusions, as she buttons her vest back up. Ugh, this was ruined, she'd have to get a new one. Now, were the glasses still working.
9:50 PM Jaito
That sharp look returns. "Well…youthful indiscretions are one thing, but a real man covers his tracks." She pulls away, dusting herself off. She spares a…glance at Michael. A hmm. Then back to Shousei. "Do you think the Master would like this girl, then?"
9:50 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Oof-" Why am I getting a hug? Ow.
9:50 PM
"…What tracks did I leave uncovered? For reference." What the hell are you on, woman?
9:51 PM Naito_Misaki
"Which Master? Because the head is a little too old." There's a middle ground. Night shrugs, before wandering over to Michael's bed…she's checking to see if he's even alive, mostly.
9:51 PM Jaito
"If you're going to blow up a building, please try not to be inside of it."
9:51 PM Michael_Lin
He's still breathing.
9:51 PM
So he's still alive.
9:53 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Well that was the…" Okay fuck it I'm not going to lie. "What actually /happened/? What did we blow up? /How/ did it blow up?"
9:54 PM Naito_Misaki
Night looks down at him for a long while, almost…curious. "The game's overlapping with the real world." She answers him without even thinking about it.
9:54 PM
"Or, what you think of as the real world, anyway."
9:54 PM
"It shouldn't give pain feedback, either."
9:54 PM Jaito
She shrugs. "The matter was being investigated, but has since been determined to be an accident. I doubt that any further information will come into public record. Should it?" She glances at Night. "…how charming."
9:54 PM
(Anyone want to roll Empathy?
9:54 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"But…" He looks over at Night. Night, of all people. Oh thank goodness, she got dre- I am not clothed. Oh for fuck's sake. "
9:54 PM Michael_Lin
Was that the experiment that the technician and the other person had been discussing?
9:55 PM Naito_Misaki
9:55 PM Michael_Lin
9:56 PM Shousei_Yamazaki

9:56 PM Jaito
By charming, she means "what a crazy little bitch", by the way.
Shousei sighs, with a bit of a rattle. Igh, steam. …Steam. Well. Whatever. "Should probably be heading home. There's studying to do."
9:58 PM Naito_Misaki
Night—smiles, crescent moon and sharp. "No need for flattery." Yeah, she caught that, Lady. Lucky for you, it just amuses her. "I'll bring your homework if you two are out tomorrow. I'd recommend it, in fact." She'll discuss this after school, is the impression she wants to convey.
10:00 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…We can figure something out. I suppose you might need to give us your email, however. Or something like that." I'm not skipping school, but we do need to talk.
10:00 PM Michael_Lin
sighs quietly.
10:00 PM Jaito
"Will any of you require a ride? The car is ready for Master Shousei, but I can call a cab?"
10:01 PM Naito_Misaki
"You know where to find me, don't you?" Library, same as always. "I'll be fine." She isn't planning on going straight home, anyway.
10:01 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Or that," he mutters.
10:01 PM Naito_Misaki
"If something comes up, I'll call you." How will she get your number? …Best not to question it.
10:01 PM Michael_Lin
10:03 PM Michael_Lin
supposes he should probably start moving now. Less trouble for everyone that way.

10:04 PM Jaito
A card snaps into the lawyer's fingers, as fast as a magic trick. She sets one on Michael's bed. "I don't think I'll have the need or any trouble contacting the other one."
glances at it.
10:05 PM Naito_Misaki
Out the door, Night taps the glasses. Do they work? Even if only on reflective surfaces…'Jack, are you there?'
10:05 PM Jaito
They flicker to life. "Yeah, boss?"
10:06 PM
The card reads: Kogazumi Inoue. There's just her name, a number, and an email adddress.
10:06 PM
10:06 PM
"Come, Master Shousei. I'll get you home."
10:07 PM Naito_Misaki
"I need you to look into something for me…if you can find any of the programmers for Paradise in the city."
10:07 PM
"…And good work, tonight."
10:08 PM Michael_Lin
picks up the card. Has no intention of keeping it. Gets dressed again, quickly.
10:09 PM Jaito
"Thanks, boss!" It doesn't seem to register the other request.
10:09 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei sighs. He slips out of the bed, grabbing his things nervously. Need to find someplace to change and then go home… He pauses at the door a moment to wave at them. He may not like Night, or know much about the quiet boy- Lin, his name is Lin, I know him- but they /are/ classmates.
10:10 PM
Michael Lin, I think…
10:10 PM Michael_Lin
He really shouldn't bother his cousin, she's busy, but he has questions for her.
10:10 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
10:10 PM Naito_Misaki
"…" Of course not. That'd be too easy. "Hey, keep an eye out for clans. There was one behind that place." Night pauses, blinking at Shousei for a moment, but she tips her hat in response. Guess she'll have to check the manual.
10:10 PM
It should list credits for the lead programmers in the back.
10:11 PM Jaito
"I'll keep an eye open for other tribes in the area, boss!"
10:11 PM
Simple. Programmed. Response.
10:11 PM Michael_Lin
will also leave. Quietly disposing of the card once he's away from the others.