The door to the nurse's office is currently being propped up by some plywood, but is still partially serviceable. Pleasant, soft music is playing from within, along with a sweet-candy smell.
12:42 AM Michael_Lin
has never actually visited the nurse in all the time he's attended school, not even when he's felt sick in the past. But this is different…he's had near-constant headaches, low-grade, since that incident, and stress makes them worse.
12:43 AM Michael_Lin
He was only barely functional in the hallway this morning, and it's only gotten slightly better since, and he tries not to stumble /into/ the plywood propping open the door.
12:44 AM Jaito
Inside, sits a nun. Young, gentle-faced, but focused as soon as Michael walks into the room - a living, breathing, habit-wearing nun. "Mr. Lin…would you like to lay down?"
12:46 AM Michael_Lin
He hadn't known a nun worked here. "P-please. I-I'm s-sorry."
12:47 AM Jaito
She stands, giving him room. "Please, take a bed. Would you like some water? Are you feeling sick or just troubled, child?"
12:48 AM Michael_Lin
"M-migraine." and troubled, but that's…normal really. He manages to stumble to a bed.
12:49 AM Jaito
She nods, moving to draw the window shades down and lowers the music. "I've got some painkillers, if you'd like? It sounds pretty bad…" Her eyes almost look just by seeing him in such a state.
12:52 AM Michael_Lin
"P-please." Michael murmurs, trying to throw a slender arm over his eyes. He can't even focus enough to read anything.
12:54 AM Jaito
A few moments later, a cup and two pills are set down on the small table next to the bed. She turns the lights off and lets just a little ambient glow in through the windows. "This is very serious, if it's hurting you this much. You should have normal medications for it. Have you seen a doctor?"
12:56 AM Michael_Lin
shakes his head. "N-no." though he's been at the hospital. A lot. "I-I've o-only been having them for a c-couple o-of days."
12:57 AM Jaito
"Mm. Then that's doubly serious. You were in a major incident. You could have internal injuries." …she knows?
12:59 AM Michael_Lin
blinks. O-oh dear. "T-the h-hospital d-didn't f-find a-anything."
1:00 AM Michael_Lin
Word has spread this far…?
1:01 AM Jaito
"That…isn't conclusive. Please get checked out when you can." She steps away for a moment. "But I won't prod you - you're an excellent student. I try to keep an eye open for the quiet ones." She comes back with a cool cloth. "Try to relax."
1:01 AM
…for just a moment, Michael hears a skip in the music - just long enough for a snicker- but then it's back to normal.
1:02 AM Michael_Lin
is pretty sure his aching head is playing tricks on him.

1:03 AM Jaito
"For what it's worth, Mr. Lin, I hope you can make friends this way. The W-…Miss Night may not be the best influence on you, but maybe you could be a calming influence on her?"
1:05 AM Michael_Lin
shakes his head, quietly, and tries to pick up the pills and cup. Ends up dropping the medicine and instinctively tries to scrabble for it, though that makes his head hurt even more.
She kneels down beside him. "Shhh, let me." She sets those pills aside, getting clean ones as she holds up the water cup for him to drink. "You don't always have to take care of yourself."
1:13 AM Michael_Lin
barely even remembers not having to fend for himself in one way or another, just…entirely used to it, to taking care of himself, to looking after himself, and sips, awkwardly. "I-I'm s-sorry. F-for being t-trouble."
1:16 AM Jaito
"That's just it. You aren't trouble. It's not every day I get to heal the valiant prince." She offers the pills for him to swallow, with another sip of water and an honest smile.
1:17 AM Michael_Lin
"Y-you h-have t-the w-wrong p-person, ma'am."

1:20 AM Jaito
She smiles. "No. I don't. The prince never starts out valiant. He needs something to fight for…and, if you don't mind me saying so, a little faith." She offers the pills again. "It's easy to be strong if you're already powerful. It's brave when you're not."
1:22 AM Michael_Lin
takes the pills. Carefully. Part of him remembers being brave, or something approaching it, but that part is sealed away behind broken glass.
1:22 AM Michael_Lin
Faith and something to fight for…he doesn't have those. He's never had those. It was sometimes even just hard enough to fight to be allowed to exist, to go on living, much less anything else.
1:23 AM Jaito
"Just…don't give up. You aren't alone, if you look hard enough." She closes her eyes. "…you're never alone." Something in her voice sounds a touch sad.
1:25 AM Michael_Lin
"For whatever reason, two very troubled young people seem interested in you…well, three, if you count Mr. Wen. I wish I could say the same. People choose who they let in."
1:32 AM Michael_Lin
isn't sure that Night won't eat him.
1:32 AM Michael_Lin
but he doesn't really say anything, just closes his eyes, or tries to, assuming he can ignore the light behind his eyelids.
When his eyes close, he feels the discomfort recede. "Sleep, Nikaia…" a voice neither male nor female whispers. "It is not yet time."
…not yet time…? part of his mind fights against that, but the rest of him obeys that whisper.
Michael wakes up to the sensation of eyes upon him. Somehow, he just KNOWS. Those eyes are those of a predator.
1:48 AM Michael_Lin
comes awake immediately, with a start
1:49 AM Jaito
The nurse appears to have fallen asleep, kneeling next to Michael. Her hands are pressed together tightly over Michael's knees and her cheeks are wet with tears.
1:51 AM Michael_Lin
…oh, poor woman. He feels bad. :(
1:54 AM
I-is thee someone else here, though? Hopefully not.
1:54 AM Jaito
Slowly, the feeling fades. As if she can sense it, the woman opens her eyes and moves back to sit on her feet. "…I'm…sorry. That was inappropriate. I shouldn't make such an overt display of faith on someone who isn't…you know."
1:55 AM Michael_Lin
"I-it's o-okay." Michael murmurs, more bothered by how close she'd been instead of the faith.
1:56 AM Jaito
She smiles. "You're kind. Good. Please try to see a doctor when you can. You're welcome to rest here as needed. I've e-mailed your teachers."
1:57 AM Michael_Lin
"I-I w-will. T-thank y-you." his head doesn't hurt any more. …what time is it, anyway?
1:57 AM Jaito
Only about an hour's passed.
1:59 AM Michael_Lin
He should probably go to class, then.