Emily is sitting up in bed, looking…well, good. Better than she has in weeks. Her hair has been carefully combed and she appears well rested. "Close the window, would you, dear?" She smiles, and it's more like Iris' smile than anything Michael had seen in recent years.
5:29 PM Michael_Lin
It's…unsettling, but he doesn't really question it. "Y-yes, m-mother." and going to go walk over and close the window.
5:29 PM Jaito
(Lore, please?)
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5:31 PM Michael_Lin
5:32 PM Jaito
Just for a moment, Micheal catches a glimpse of violet eyes, a mere inch from his own. Suddenly, burning pain sears across his body. Then, like a flash, it's gone. And he's leaning out of the window much farther than he'd planned.
5:35 PM Michael_Lin
…o-oh dear. He pulls himself back in and closes the window, a bit shakingly. What….
5:37 PM Jaito
"How have you been? Are you making friends?"
5:41 PM Michael_Lin
can't really say that he's making /friends/, but that isn't what his mother wants to hear, and just nods, timidly. "I-I f-followed y-your a-advice." softer than a breath.
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5:42 PM Jaito
"Of course. You have everything inside you that you need to make a difference. You just…need…to grasp it." She leans back a little, thoroughly pleased. Practically flushed.
5:43 PM
"Have you seen your aunt?"
5:45 PM Michael_Lin
shakes his head. "N-not r-recently." not since she had given him the game, though he'd found her beret the other day. Also really confused at his mother's mood and…(years too late) from behind glass. (years too late.)
5:55 PM Jaito
"Good. She may try to kill you." She stretches out her arms, splaying her legs under the sheets. "…things are going to change soon. For the better, so much better. When that happens, you'll come to me." Not a question.
5:58 PM Michael_Lin
just freezes stock-still, staring at his mother blankly for a moment, just so utterly /thrown/ by everything she just said, especially since why would his aunt… "W-why w-would s-she…"
6:01 PM Jaito
And then…Emily Lin smiles, like she hadn't smiled in more years than Michael can remember. Dark lips, perfect teeth, and more viciousness than one world could bear to witness. "Why, because it's her fault you've been in so much trouble. Didn't you know, my beloved? She's hurting you."
6:04 PM Michael_Lin
(Everyone's been hurting you) is that glass whisper, that part of him -Νίκαια - with all the bitterness caged inside the heart of a very lonely boy who had spent more /years/ being hurt by the world and wanting to disappear than words could count. (This doesn't change anything.)
6:06 PM
And somehow he just…can't bring himself to care. Whatever happened would happen, wouldn't it? "…I-I d-didn't." (everyone wants something. everyone.)
6:07 PM Jaito
She looks at him, impressed. "So gracious. Don't you want to hurt her? To hurt me?"
6:10 PM Michael_Lin
"…w-why w-would I-I?" and in that same glass undertone, (Why wouldn't I?)
6:12 PM Jaito
"Oh, come now…" That sensual smile again. She slowly, very slowly leans forward and turns to slip onto her knees on the bed. "Can't you imagine it…? Your fingers around my throat. Tell me you've never dreamed it. Freedom. Joy. You like her better than me, so why don't you follow in her footsteps. Betray me…Do it." She turns her gaze to the side. "My real son wouldn't hesitate."
6:15 PM
(4 vs. Discipline.)
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6:15 PM Michael_Lin
6:16 PM Jaito
There's a certain tempting aspect to it…but why is she prodding him like this?
6:18 PM Michael_Lin
He's dreamed of freedom, somewhere behind glass, but Νίκαια's vision of freedom is different than his own, in which there's nothing and nowhere but blankness and he doesn't understand why she's prodding him like this and - (glasses case in his hand and glass breaking and just be someone else who can handle this without wanting to disappear, pull that other half over like a shroud to be what he can't be.)
6:18 PM Michael_Lin is now known as Misha_Nikaia
6:19 PM Misha_Nikaia
leans over the bed, hands resting on the edge, serene smile. "You would be wrong, Mother." halves and halves and it's really /her/ fault that one boy feels he can't /be/ a whole person.
6:19 PM Jaito
The smile widens to what should be a painful stretch. "…my son."
6:20 PM
Her eyes return to his, snapping as sharply as a whip. "I…am never…wrong!"
6:20 PM Misha_Nikaia
"You want that too much for me to /ever/ betray you like that."
6:20 PM
and his voice drops. "/I/ would leave you to die alone."
6:21 PM Jaito
"You exist to give me what I want, never forget that. Not even ONCE."

6:22 PM
"You only exist thanks to me."
6:25 PM Misha_Nikaia
"So I do." Nikaia acknowledges with that serene voice. "Because /you/ broke your child. Your fault neither of us are a whole person." and he leans forward. "Be careful what you wish for, Mother."

6:28 PM Jaito
She reaches up to stroke Nikaia's cheek. "And you will be whole. As soon as the cancer in you is eaten up and spat out. You…would never have even been born without me." She then rakes his face and shoves him away. "No one else /cares/."

6:32 PM Jaito
And like so much glass, Nikaia shatters and Michael is no longer welcome. She flops back, giggling and immodest. The sheet, the gown, none of it matters to her, because /he/ doesn't matter to her. "Get out of my sight. It isn't time yet."