[21:20] <Jaito> It's good to be home. Well, mostly. Masaru's disappeared somewhere with That Look in his eye. Naito Misaki passed out soon after getting back home. Cam has apparently stolen the jeep you used - luckily, there's two more.
[21:20] <Jaito> Xiao is still imprisoned, for who knows how long…and the world is going to start to end on Sunday.
[21:20] <Jaito> All THAT aside, it's good to be home
[21:21] * Greenling is now known as Shousei_Yamazaki
[21:21] * Plushiemancer is now known as Michael_Lin
[21:23] <Shousei_Yamazaki> So, not wonderful, but there are still cookies and music and mostly no one who we personally knew has died.
[21:26] <Jaito> For a given value of dead, the protective presence lingering in the back of Shousei's mind can't help but remind
[21:26] * Michael_Lin is currently resisting his urge to curl up into a ball. Trying to not let his hands shake. He's succeeding at the former but not so much at the latter.
[21:27] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …He really doesn't want to consider what the hell that means.
[21:29] <Jaito> Shousei's mother greets them at the door, wearing an apron, latex gloves, and bearing an emergency kit. "Does anyone need sutures? I was terrible at sutures…"
[21:29] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Either the "not exactly dead" bit or whether or not something in his head just started talking to him other than his imagination. Or whether there's a difference. Or how any of this works.
[21:30] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He smiles slightly.
[21:30] * Michael_Lin freezes.
[21:31] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "I don't think anyone's got more than bruises and exhaustion…" He glances back at Michael.
[21:31] <Jaito> At that moment, there's a flash of blue electric lines and…a red-skinned Wennish figure in Chinese armor appears, takes Night from the "borrowed" car, and glances. "Oi, old lady? Got a bed for her? She's pretty tuckered."
[21:32] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He doesn't /look/ okay, but neither does he look injured. Which is kind of strange given there were some walls busted up…
[21:32] <Jaito> She only stares for a second. "Use Masaru's. It's hardly used."
[21:32] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…Don't call her 'old lady'." Shousei raises an eyebrow at him.
[21:34] <Shousei_Yamazaki> That's still weird, however his mother is reacting to it.
[21:34] <Jaito> "What? She's somebody's mother, right?"
[21:35] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "She's /my/ mother."
[21:36] <Jaito> "No way. She's too cute to be related to you."
[21:36] <Jaito> Another long blink ."Um…go. Please? Upstairs, to the left."
[21:36] <Michael_Lin> …
[21:36] <Jaito> Zouchouten grins wide. "Yes, ma'am."
[21:36] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei sighs and waves the three of them in.
[21:36] <Jaito> Off he goes, carrying Night, who looks rather troubled in sleep. Troubled, if much less dangerous
[21:37] <Jaito> Kazue's attention falls down to Michael.
[21:37] <Jaito> "…you're glowing."
[21:37] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …Poor Night.
[21:38] <Michael_Lin> "Y-yes, m-ma'am."
[21:38] <Michael_Lin> …even Nikaia feels pity for her, behind glass.
[21:39] <Jaito> "…how is your aunt?"
[21:39] <Jaito> Her tone softens slightly, but there's a hard undertone. Aware.
[21:40] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …Mmh. Shousei feels awkward. It's probably time to head inside.
[21:40] <Michael_Lin> "I-I l-left h-her a-asleep a-at h-home, m-ma'am?"
[21:40] <Jaito> No one will stop him, if he slips by.
[21:41] <Jaito> "And your…hm. Mother?"
[21:41] <Shousei_Yamazaki> This doesn't seem to be his business.
[21:42] <Jaito> Now, THAT tone, Shousei's never heard from Kazue. It sounded more like his father - a tone of professionally handling the unpleasant.
[21:42] <Michael_Lin> Slim shoulders shrug timidly beneath the white dress. "I-I d-don't k-know n-now."
[21:43] <Michael_Lin> (she's made her choice,) is the quiet whisper behind glass. (now we make ours.)
[21:43] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …He's really not certain whether to say anything. He really doesn't want this to be stranger than it already is.
[21:43] <Jaito> "…is it too much to hope that she's dead? I can't think of anyone who might deserve it more."
[21:45] <Michael_Lin> "S-she w-wasn't t-the l-last t-time w-we s-saw h-her?" staring even /more/ at the floor.
[21:46] <Jaito> She lets out a long sigh ."…I don't suppose you like lasagna? I'm teaching myself Western cooking. It looks terrible, but it smells all right."
[21:48] <Michael_Lin> "M-ma'am?" Michael asks timidly, his voice soft and uncertain. 'Being invited to dinner by his father's wife' was the very last thing he had expected.
[21:51] <Jaito> "A man is not responsible for his father's sins, even should he choose to bear them on his shoulders…" She sighs. "I'd…I thought I'd mean it when I planned to say it, years ago, if…if this ever happened. But you're glowing, and…and I'm still not happy. But damn it, you're not responsible. So…go eat. Sleep. Be safe."
[21:54] <Michael_Lin> "Y-yes, m-ma'am." even Nikaia, behind glass, is surprised by her words, but taking a timid step. "I-I p-promise t-to t-try n-not t-to cause y-you m-more t-trouble."
[21:56] <Jaito> "Don't make a promise that's out of your control. Nothing you do can change who you are…so don't worry about me." She steps aside to give him full clearance to the door. "Shousei, stay here a moment?"
[21:57] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei pauses.
[21:59] * Michael_Lin stops at the door and starts undoing his boots to try to get them off before going inside. "Y-yes, m=ma'am." he is starting to think that he was right in his original idea.
[22:00] <Jaito> Watching him for a moment, she kneels and starts unthreading the other foot. "These are…not what I expected. You've got a unique style. If only Shousei dressed a bit more like a kid."
[22:01] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …Hackles still not going down here.
[22:02] <Michael_Lin> "H-he's m-more p-practical, ma'am." pause. "T-thank y-you."
[22:03] <Jaito> "Yes, well…so's his father." There's about a foot-long barb in that, perhaps not intentionally aimed at anyone. "Go on." She helps him out of the shoes and forces a smile. "There's tea and soda, too. Help yourself; Izumi seems to have taken hers down to the…the bunker."
[22:06] * Michael_Lin winces a little at that and quiets himself. Carefully sets his shoes aside where the other shoes are set. And trying not to limp because this is the first time he's worn heels and running, as well as fighting, in them was not the best idea. But timidly going to take the hint.
[22:13] <Michael_Lin> Very careful to not touch anything when he goes inside.
[22:15] <Jaito> She steps outside and closes the door lightly. Inside? Michael sees a full meal, complete with a little cake that says "Congratulations!" in orange frosting. THe kitchen's a mess, and it looks like after a while? SHe was scrounging for things to cook.
[22:16] <Jaito> She turns to Shousei once they're alone. "…I have a favor to ask. Don't tell me about what happened, but I need something from you."
[22:16] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei nods slowly.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei nods slowly.
[22:17] <Jaito> "Be kind to him…because I…I can't. So I need you to do that for me. I know it's hypocritical, but that…boy, can you tell just how /damaged/ he looks? I…god, I want to like it, but I can't."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> He tries not to wince too obviously, but she can probably tell. "I didn't really know anything until tonight, so… I was just going to treat him like a friend. Still." So, that should be easy.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "Thank you for dinner and everything, Mom," he says quietly.
<Jaito> She nods…then suddenly hugs Shousei tight. "It's…right, right? To forgive people?"

  • Michael_Lin is ultimately hesitant: he knows he doesn't belong in this house, but if he's here, he might as well help her. And his nerves are still all kinds of rattled, even more than usual, and he has his own way of calming down.

<Michael_Lin> It involves cleaning. Or in this case, scrubbing a pot.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei hugs her, not really sure how to respond to that. "It's… the opposite of what Father would do, and that seems like a good benchmark?" That probably isn't as funny as he thinks. He is really hoping that isn't terrible. Please don't cry.
<Jaito> He does feel a wetness against his cheek, but she laughs. "You're god-fucking-damned right." That…is more profanity from her than he's /ever/ heard. "Now go eat. I'm going to make sure the…the bunker's clean."
[22:32] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei has no idea how to feel about any of this. He just looks vaguely awkward, and vaguely happy that she's all right, and really very tired.
[22:33] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He's going to slink towards the kitchen to see what's going on in there, may or may not actually eat anything else…
[22:34] <Michael_Lin> There's the sound of cleaning.
[22:36] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei blinks.
[22:36] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …He looks at Michael. He glances back where his mother has gone down into the bunker. He looks at the kitchen.
[22:36] <Shousei_Yamazaki> That cake actually looks delicious. "Mind if I help?"
[22:36] <Michael_Lin> Michael has removed the detachable sleeves entirely and is cleaning dishes.
[22:37] <Michael_Lin> "I-if y-you w-want."
[22:38] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Everyone else is going to quite a bit of trouble. I /ought/ to." He takes out a towel, rolls up his sleeves a bit, and starts drying.
[22:38] <Jaito> Kazue…stares at both of them before heading down. Then, without a word (but with a faint smile) she lets them do what they want.
[22:39] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "I'm, ah… should I apologize for the-" he gestures to his eye. "That thing."
[22:40] * Michael_Lin shakes his head. "W-why w-would y-you…?"
[22:41] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Well it looked like it hurt."
[22:42] <Michael_Lin> Michael doesn't look at him. "A-a l-lot o-of t-things d-do. A-and t-that w-wasn't t-the f-first t-time a-anyway."
[22:42] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "So long as it was worth it."
[22:43] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…What /are/ those? If you don't mind- and if you know."
[22:48] <Michael_Lin> "I-it's called a Magatama." very quietly, reaching for another dish. "A-apparently, i-it's the core control for the…entire system." scrubbing. "O-or rather, t-there w-were two originally."
[22:50] <Michael_Lin> "T-they p-planned for the two with them t-to d-decide t-the shape of the next world. Or s-so A-aunt Iris said."
[22:51] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei absorbs this information quietly for a bit.
[22:52] <Jaito> (Alertness?)
[22:52] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He sighs. "It's good, I guess, that someone more like you got /one/ of them, if that's what they do."
[22:53] <Michael_Lin> (0)
[22:54] <Shousei_Yamazaki> (-1)
[22:56] <Jaito> (Continue.)
[22:57] * Michael_Lin keeps scrubbing another plate. "I-it's b-by e-either agreement o-or override."
[23:00] <Shousei_Yamazaki> And Shousei keeps drying. "Is it… all at once, or something more esoteric?"
[23:00] <Michael_Lin> "I-I d-don't k-know. S-something e-esoteric, I-I t-think."
[23:03] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He just nods again.
[23:04] <Jaito> (again?)
[23:04] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "This is all very strange…"
[23:04] <Michael_Lin> (6)
[23:04] <Shousei_Yamazaki> (1)
[23:04] <Jaito> Shousei: Scrubscrubscrub
[23:05] <Jaito> Michael: There is a boy, no more cake, and a young girl with a tennis racket who is about to attack said boy. Who is a very familiar boy from the hospital with a demon inside him.
[23:05] <Jaito> This may be a /bad thing/.
[23:06] * Michael_Lin turns, the dishrag still in his hands, making a soft, startled sound
[23:07] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "I wish I knew what else to talk about-" Startled?
[23:08] <Michael_Lin> "W-what-"
[23:08] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei is looking in the direction Michael is looking.
[23:15] <Jaito> Izumi has the racket upraised for a chopping blow. The boy is guiltily looking at the turkey platter.
[23:16] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…Izumi!" He frowns. "Eh- who is this? Wh- where's the cake?"
[23:16] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei was /looking forward/ to that cake.
[23:18] <Michael_Lin> "Y-you're h-here?" to the boy, soft and questioning. And he guesses that the girl was the half-sister Masaru had mentioned.
[23:19] <Jaito> Half of the cake materializes in blue light. Izumi gasps and falls back onto her butt - which drives the boy to turn, growl, and halfway pounce at her before stopping. Streaks of color crackle across his skin like broken glass…then fade.
[23:19] <Jaito> "…sneaking around is bad," he says, as if that explains everything.
[23:21] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei looks shocked, then annoyed… but this is someone Michael knows? …Well, it can't be weirder than anything else.
[23:21] * Michael_Lin is keeping a cautious eye on those lines, or their lack of presence.
[23:21] <Michael_Lin> "D-did y-you f-find y-your f-friends?" Nikaia is watchful beneath his skin, behind glass.
[23:22] <Shousei_Yamazaki> He shakes his head and takes a step over to help her up. "Izumi. If you see someone sneak into the house, either ask them to introduce themselves or call your dog, don't hit them with a tennis racket."
[23:25] <Jaito> The boy very carefully nods, then offers Izumi a hand. "I found them. Fed them. Most of them have mouths now…just takes a lot."
[23:25] <Jaito> She, very carefully, takes the hand…but doesn't let go of the racket.
[23:25] <Jaito> "Shou-chan…who is this very creepy boy…and where's the other half of our cake?"
[23:26] <Jaito> The boy winces. "…I was under a car. Got hungry."
[23:26] <Jaito> She stares at him.
[23:26] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…Are you an Asura?"
[23:27] <Jaito> Very, very slowly, the boy nods.
[23:28] <Jaito> Izumi drops the racket and screams, running downstairs.
[23:28] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei gets tense again at the screaming.
[23:28] <Michael_Lin> (Humanity fears what it does not understand) is the whisper behind glass.
[23:30] <Shousei_Yamazaki> The boy didn't hurt her, though. And it /is/ just a boy. "If you can go without hurting anyone, you can have some of whatever you want. There's more food here than we can eat, anyway."
[23:30] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei does decide to go ahead and get himself a slice of cake, though.
[23:31] <Shousei_Yamazaki> …Two slices. "Michael, do you mind dealing with him while I talk to Izumi?"
[23:31] <Michael_Lin> "N-no, I-I d-don't m-mind." very timidly.
[23:32] <Michael_Lin> He puts down the dishcloth.
[23:32] <Jaito> The boy sits down again, staring at one of the empty plates. To anyone but Michael, he'd look very calm.
[23:34] <Michael_Lin> Very quietly crossing over to stand near him. Will put a plate in front of him.
[23:35] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Thank you." Shousei smiles slightly at Michael, then heads off to find Izumi.
[23:36] <Jaito> "I wasn't going to eat her," he says. "The cake was good."
[23:36] <Jaito> Meanwhile, downstairs Izumi is currently perched on top of a giant Cerberus. Peering up from the mane.
[23:37] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei offers up the other slice of cake. Though he may not be able to reach up there, depending on how giant.
[23:38] <Michael_Lin> "S-she…d-doesn't u-understand, I-I t-think."pause. "W-would y-you l-like m-more o-of i-it?"
[23:44] <Jaito> It's pretty giant. "Is it gone?!" she calls.
[23:44] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "I don't think he's dangerous, Izumi."
[23:44] <Jaito> The boy shakes his head. "…it didn't work. I'm still hungry. I think…I think I'm gonna have to find something else later."
[23:44] <Jaito> "I read the game files. He's dangerous! He /eats/ people!"
[23:44] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Relatively speaking," he amends.
[23:45] <Jaito> "Shousei! Eating people is /bad/!"
[23:45] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Did you find anything about what Michael is in the game files?"
[23:46] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Or anything about devil summoners, for that matter."
[23:46] <Jaito> "Just some initial stuff from the butler's files. They're called…Demi-forms…or something. There's only supposed to be two NPCs! But….it sounds like D…like Makoto was trying to make more."
[23:47] <Michael_Lin> "….g-good luck."
[23:48] <Jaito> The boy frowns. "Do you know where I can find demons? You fixed the hospital."
[23:49] <Michael_Lin> "I-I'm n-not c-certain. B-but I-I t-think I c-can f-find out."
[23:52] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Well. That's not quite what he meant, but still. He shakes his head. "Regardless… I'm sorry he scared you, but I don't think he's going to hurt anyone."
[23:52] <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…And even if he /did/, you'd still be safe enough." Small smile. "Do you want this cake? My arm is getting tired."
[23:56] <Jaito> "…Your cake buys your life. This time." She slides down and lands careful. She's got some grace when she tries. "That'll be all, First Officer. Dismisse.d" She takes the cake.
[23:57] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei looks at her funny. "I've been recruited? Well now. Do I get a salary?"
[23:58] <Michael_Lin> "H-how m-much l-later d-do y-you mean?"
[23:59] <Jaito> "Room and board. Maybe a bonus if you follow orders."
Session Time: Mon Nov 19 00:00:00 2012
[00:00] <Jaito> The boy shakes his head. "Dunno. Think I can hold out…I'm stronger than the other kids. But…I don't know where to put them. If…if it gets too bad. Well." His goes very quiet again. "I won't be hungry and they won't be bad kids."
[00:03] * Michael_Lin just lets his hair fall over his eyes. He knows what the boy means. "I-I'll…" pause. "I-I'll try to h-help a-all o-of y-you. N-not l-let i-it g-get that far."
[00:04] <Shousei_Yamazaki> Pfft. "Then I guess I should endeavor to follow the role." He gives her a graceful, not-entirely-mocking bow. "We'll be upstairs if you need anything, Commander."
[00:04] <Michael_Lin> He remembers what the boy had said about Mother: what Wen had said about her reading to the entire ward. Her voice. There had to be a way…(we are our mother's child,) Nikaia whispers behind glass.
[00:06] <Jaito> Michael feels a pulse. An ache behind his eyes. A burning in his heart…and yes, a sweet and gentle heat…is that what love feels like? Or is it hunger? Lust? Whatever it is…it feels like being held…and it sounds like music.
[00:10] <Michael_Lin> W-what? He doesn't understand that heat (doesn't think about it, very carefully doesn't think about it), neither love nor lust, but that music: that song. Humming behind glass, trying to catch the form of that melody.
[00:12] <Jaito> Heartbeat starts to race to rhythm. Something…something in the light in that boy resonates. Michael's glowing lines thrum softly, and then he /feels/ the tone.
[00:15] <Michael_Lin> Is this the right melody? But trying not to lose it, humming it hesitantly at first, and for a moment, an /echo/ hangs in the air.
[00:19] <Jaito> The boy's eyes flutter…and slowly, the lines start to rise in a warm color.
[00:19] <Jaito> (Performance?)
[00:26] <Michael_Lin> (2)
[00:33] <Jaito> The boy looks up…and then stands up, hugging Michael tight. "You're just like Mama Lin…"
[00:35] <Michael_Lin> That is quite possibly the most…uncomfortable comparison. (I am my mother's child but I am not like her.)
<Michael_Lin> "O-oh?"
<Jaito> "You're warm, like she's warm. But a different warm, too. I think…maybe you're nicer."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> Shousei is standing in the doorway, finishing his cake.
<Shousei_Yamazaki> He looks mildly surprised.

  • Michael_Lin is completely floored by this.

<Jaito> "…she wasn't very nice. Kind, but not nice. She wanted us to eat. Whenever we wanted."
<Michael_Lin> "T-that s-sounds l-like h-her." resigned. "I-I t-think s-she w-wanted y-you t-to b-be strong. I-in h-her w-way."
<Jaito> "See? You are nicer. She never thinks how other people feel - just that they feel wrong." He smiles, squeezes again, and then looks at Shousei. "Can I apologize to that other kid?"
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "I think so. You might want to wait until she comes up here herself, but I think she's all right."
<Shousei_Yamazaki> "…Do you have anywhere to go?"
<Michael_Lin> "…y-your f-friends. W-where a-are t-they?"
<Jaito> He shrugs. "Outside. Hiding."
<Jaito> Izumi's head peeks out. "You have /got/ to be kidding me. Fine! FINE! Can we give the cannibal kids some of the treated meat downstairs? I will not /sleep/ thinking they're out there. Watching."
<Jaito> "WAITING."
<Michael_Lin> "I-I'll b-be b-back i-in a-a m-moment."