And Things Got Worse 1

Things…have taken a turn for the strange.
3:06 PM
The game, Paradise, is spilling out like hungry weeds over the hospital itself. And…while the children's ward is no longer accessible, another basement area has become somewhat more profilic.
3:06 PM
"Oh, god, this is insane!"
3:06 PM
"Lock the doors! Lock the doors!"
3:06 PM
"…don't let them bite you! Shit, shit, shit…what do they do in the movies?!"
3:10 PM
People are panicking. A dried ice fog is rising up from the lower levels. And Annabell Nolan is the only person with even the faintest hint as to /why/ there are toe-tied people shambling up the stairs.
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3:14 PM Annabell
cradled Danu, wanting to check the fairy for injuries after how violently she had been seized by that _woman_ but also torn by the need to do something for the children or the more pressing need to do something about the zombies which were starting to wander.
3:14 PM Annabell
"Danu? How are you doing?" She asked quietly, trying to access what commands her game interface would allow her to check the health of the fairy, "I have no idea what is going on but… some sort of 'zone event gone wrong'?"
3:16 PM Jaito
Danu, after her initial surge (literally) of activity, is currently looking pretty terrible. Mechanically, a display reads BROKEN WING, BRUISED. To Annabell's sight, however? Nasty yellow-black blotches mar her pale skin. One of her eyes remains shut. Her left wing has shattered like so much glass. "I…I'm okay. Hard to think. So much…noise."
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3:21 PM Annabell
"Oh…" Annabell trailed off, gritting her teeth and pushing aside her personal feelings about injuries even if they were to someone she _knew_, "Do you think you could hold onto my sling and cast? I might need a hand free just now."
3:22 PM Jaito
Danu nods, and the items just…disappear, with a little flash of an inventory icon. That's…handy. At the same time, Annabell feels a tingle brush her ears - her labcoat's gained a much taller collar…and is closer to gray than white. With…it feels like pockets and a hard lining…
3:24 PM
At which point, Annabell hears a scream coming from down the hall.
3:26 PM Annabell
winced as the cast vanished, her arm still not properly healed, but the feel of the coat changing seemed to… fit somehow. Inhaling sharply, even as the sound of the new problem came to mind, she muttered, "I'd meant as somewhere for you to hold onto, but nevermind. More trouble. Again."
3:27 PM Jaito
Danu clambers up to sit on Annabell's shoulder, wrapping part of the collar around herself like a blanket. "Let's go."
3:29 PM
As they arrive, they see a middle-aged nurse hoisting a portable IV bar like a spear, shoving back against one of the clambering…well, the dead. As she pushes, it makes no real hurry. It just presses…presses…presses.
3:30 PM
As Annabell watches, the eyes melt out under a red glow - similar cracks appear across the veins. Like a great heat is trying to break out of the skin.
3:31 PM
Nurse Ada Tan is the only thing between it and a crash victim, still tucked into bed with leg casts.
3:32 PM Annabell
had headed towards the source of the screen, not running but not really dawdling either, and seeing that there was a problem but no immediate danger stared for the moment before muttering, "At least they're not smart?" and moving forwards.
3:32 PM Annabell
Ducking around the Nurse Annabell did her best to knock the zombie's legs out from under it.
3:33 PM Jaito
3:34 PM Annabell
( 1. )
3:35 PM Jaito
It's painfully hot to the touch, but she managed knock it down, where it struggles to rise. The nurse takes one look at the situation and runs for an available wheelchair. "Doctor Nolan! Give me a hand!"
3:39 PM Annabell
"I'll need to keep this one down for now!" Annabell called back, trying to take Ada's place in pinning the thing with an IV stand now that it was in a more disadvantageous position, "I'm not sure what is going on though…"
3:43 PM Jaito
(One more roll?)
3:43 PM
"It's the Walking Dead, that's what's going on! I just don't know why!"
3:44 PM Annabell
( 2. Or 3 if this is Fists still. )
3:44 PM Jaito
(I built in a bonus. No worries.)
3:45 PM
It writhes and wriggles, drooling onto the ground…which scorches at the drops. Then darkens and stains, as if years of disuse were spreading under her feet.
3:47 PM
The nurse gets the patient into a chair with long years of practice, despite her panic. "We need to get the PA system going. Warn people! Get them somewhere safe…but where?!"
3:50 PM Annabell
"Somewhere with one door and is sturdy… Where's the nearest room where drugs are stored?" Annabell said then, bracing herself, tried to keep hold of the stand on the thing despite only having full use of one arm, "It'll be small, but secure."
3:52 PM Jaito
"The nurse's station. We can call out from there, there's a dispensary fridge there at the moment…and yeah, everything shuts and locks - why is there a plague mask on your coat?" She blinks, a bit amazed. "Were you playing that video game with the kids?"
3:52 PM
She wheels on, waiting behind her. "Just….kill it or something. Break its skull!"
3:54 PM Annabell
winces, not liking this, but rather than simply pressing onto the 'zombie' she shoved her entire weight onto the IV stand and tried to push it into the thing as a makeshift lightning rod.
3:55 PM Jaito
(Roll me a die. This would count as a Maneuver, creating a temp aspect that Danu can take advantage of.)
3:56 PM Annabell
( Base of 0 on the Fudge die? )
3:56 PM
( Sorry, 1 with Fists. )
3:57 PM Jaito
The zombie finds itself in a HIGHLY CONDUCTIVE position as it wrenches forward, but manages to crash headlong into some errant wiring in the room.
4:00 PM Annabell
"Danu, Zoi it!" Annabell said as she moved back, trying to get clear before she became an easier route to ground than through the thing's body.
4:00 PM Jaito
With a shouted, "Gotcha!"and hops forward. She gestures and calls, "Sit, boy!"
4:01 PM
There is a bright flash. Then the entire floor goes dark. When the lights come back up, there's nothing but black dust and a red stone, still glowing on the ground. Slowly, it cools down to a dull blood red - like a coal come out of the fire.
4:02 PM
"That's…that's an Agi stone…" Danu mutters, frowning. She flits and hops over to it, then tosses it Annabell. It flashes into blue light on contact, causing a ping in her inventory. "AGI - single use."
4:03 PM Annabell
"Agi stone?" Annabell asked even as she tried to catch her breath, not used to actually fighting for her life and recall how to send a message to players in the area or one in general.
4:05 PM Jaito
(With Lore 3, you know it's a common consumable item. With an act of will, you get a one-time use of a demonic spell. They come in four varieties. Agi - fire, Zio - electricity, Garu/Zan (regional translations there) - force, and Bufu - cold.)
4:06 PM
(And a general LFG ping can go out , as well as setting your COMP to scan regionally - a sort of mix between radio, video chat, and a group chat channel.)
4:08 PM Annabell
"Good going then." Annabell said as the reference suddenly came to her and she finally managed to find the right setting on her COMP, opening up an invitation for anyone who wanted to to join her. Anyone at all and so who knew who might receive it and would turn up?
4:14 PM Jaito
There are a few answering pings - mostly casual users outside of game. As she, the nurse, and their patient make their way to the nurse station, the channel starts to come live. It's the nurses, mostly.
4:14 PM
"My Hua Po is furious! What's going on? And…and I think I just saw Miss Gable. She died yesterday!"
4:14 PM
"My Pixie's saying that we did something bad. Oh…oh, god. Help!"
4:15 PM
"Got it! *sounds of flames* Jack, help Mister Linwei and….where should we go?!"
4:15 PM
Nurse Tan calls out, "To the Nursing Station on 1. Everyone, keep calm. If you've made a game character for the peds-ward, USE THEM. Don't ask questions!"
4:17 PM Annabell
"Danu, after this we're going to go somewhere and _grind_." Annabell murmured to her fairy then smiled as Nurse Tan took charge. Brushing down the front of her coat she added her own two cents, "We can figure out the why later, but the Station should be a choke point for whatever is trying to get in."
4:18 PM Jaito
"…geez, buy me dinner first…" Danu mutters, still worse for wear. "…so noisy. Bella, tell 'em to shut up…"
4:19 PM
The nurses bring as many patients as they can, but for a full hospital, only a couple dozen people file into the moderate cafeteria of the nurse's break room. Five nurses, including Tan, report. As well as one very quiet director in a cast.
4:25 PM Annabell
looked at those who came in, at how few were there compared to how many there should be, and it was as though something broke inside of her.
4:25 PM Jaito
…Will just came up as available for the group ping.
4:26 PM Annabell
With savage stabs of her fingers into the AR display she forwarded what scans she'd made previously into the children's ward to Director Chang, jabbed a request in Will's direction, then walked to the front and announcing, "If this is everyone who can get here of their own accord then we are going to have to go find others."
4:29 PM Jaito
Chang looks over the report through his glasses…and slumps to the floor. "This…this…this…this is too much. Has anyone called the police? Has anyone called THE POLICE?!!!"
4:32 PM
Nurse Tan looks disgusted. "Your son wouldn't even lose his composure like this. He's probably out fist-fighting these….these THINGS as we speak."
4:33 PM Annabell
"I'll be heading out soon for that reason, but until any help does get here we need to keep this room safe and bring those we can back." Annabell continued, speaking as though she were alone rather than in a small crowd, "Anyone have anything to offer to help with the… weirdness?"
4:33 PM Jaito
…just then, there's a bang on the door. "Let us in! Someone said this was a safe room!"
4:36 PM Annabell
typed a quick reply to Will even as she moved to the door, "Someone get ready in case there's something following them!
4:38 PM Jaito
The door bursts open and a few young people scramble in, carrying an older man. "He needs something - his heart, it's not good!"
4:38 PM
Behind them, two more of the creatures shamble on. One of them looks like face has collapsed inward. Icicles are starting to form in the hole like loose hairs.
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4:44 PM Annabell
spoke firmly, her tone purely Doctor Nolan now, as she gave orders with a firm undertone of 'or else' to them, "I'll see to the patient. Jacks, Fairies, Pixies, or others should be directed to barrage those things. Assist as appropriate or be prepared to _explain_ yourselves."
4:50 PM Jaito
(Roll it!)
4:51 PM Annabell
( 4. )
4:52 PM Jaito
One thing can be said for Director Chang's long tenure - people have been /trained/ to respond to negative reinforcement. A triage is set up quickly, while those with game experience take door duty and quickly deal with these zombies. At least they're not too powerful, in game terms.
4:52 PM
The patient himself is crying out, twisting and writhing. (Scholarship?)
4:53 PM Annabell
( 6 if it is his heart, 5 otherwise for medical stuff. )
4:55 PM Jaito
…uh oh. This is…familiar. "I…it's just a game! I…I don't….I don't want!" Across his left eye, a bruise just BURSTS into life, darkening into a shape - a toothed crescent moon. "…I…I…I don't wanna…" His eyes turn very bright, the irises becoming more prominent.
4:59 PM Annabell
ignored the message arriving from Will for now. The situation the _last_ time this had happened had been niggling at her since it happened and her thoughts hadn't let go of a few options since then.
5:00 PM Annabell
"Restraints!" Nolon called sharply as she ran through what she could do here, "Patient is about to have a fit and will be suffering cardiac trauma. We need to keep him restrained and alive, people!"
5:02 PM Jaito
Without an emergency gurney, they make do with belts and one of the fainting chairs. He writhes there (With basic examination and what she knows? At this stage, she has two options - he's changing. She can either try to help him survive that transition…or make sure that he doesn't with a minimal discomfort.)
5:04 PM Annabell
hadn't been able to let go of this since the first time she had encountered it and while he might be dangerous, he was a patient. Her plan is to keep him restrained and his blood going in the hope that the 'stuff in there' will settle into a viable state and resume functioning. It might be a forlorn hope, but…
5:05 PM Annabell
At the very least if he became violent then there was an option to shove him out to where zombies were available to vent his rage upon. But, just in case, she moved Danu further away to ensure that she wouldn't be grabbed.
5:05 PM Jaito
(One more Scholarship roll, then.)
5:06 PM Annabell
( Um, 10 for medical stuff. 11 if it's still about his heart. )
5:07 PM Jaito
5:08 PM
The man…reaches out, but stops before grabbing Annabell's throat - a bit of deja vu there - . The brightness of his eyes remain and the symbol hardens to solid black…but he's otherwise…alive. Medicated. Calm. "Doctor…I'm…hungry. I just…just wanted to play a game with my kids. The rooster guy, he said it might be fun…oh, god, he's still out there. I think he went downstairs."
5:09 PM
Chang looks up…then just stares at the ground. "…never thought it would happen like this."
5:11 PM Annabell
itched to continue treatment, her arm throbbing from its previous injury again, but gave him a smile, "If your feeling up to it, or just feeling violent urges, then there are plenty of things out there which could do with an old fashioned smackdown. We can find your friend."
5:11 PM Jaito
"…but…but the game. The game says those people are monsters. They…they have to /eat/ things…" he looks down.
5:14 PM Annabell
"Do you want to be a monster? Do you want to be alone and one of them?" She asked bluntly, glancing briefly down at Will's previous message then back up at him intently, "I think that you can be more. That you can help, that today you can be a hero despite everything. Because they are the real monsters."
5:15 PM Jaito
His fingers clench. "…were….were you downstairs? Are my kids okay down there?"
5:17 PM Annabell
straightened then stated firmly, "That is what I think we need to go find out." She glanced towards the door, towards the nurses protecting the patients in the room, then back towards the man, "Nobody should be putting kids in danger."
5:19 PM Jaito
He slowly nods. "…Doc. Do me a favor? I'll…help out where I can, but…with the thoughts in my head, I…I can't look at them right now. so…how's about I help a few people get back here and you worry about them for me?" With a wince, he snaps the restraints and stands. Just like that.
5:21 PM Annabell
"…just so long as, after all this is done, you pay for the belts you just broke." Annabell replied, having a flashback to the moment that similarly unnatural strength had been used on her, "I'm a doctor, keeping people alive and well is what I'm supposed to do."
5:22 PM Jaito
He nods, grinning just a little wider than a human should be able to. The green of his eyes extends in spiderweb cracks across his temples. "Later, doc. You know…I'm not married," he offers, as he walks past the line of nurses.
5:23 PM
Who all stare at Annabell in confusion.
5:26 PM Annabell
"If a patient refuses treatment and just easily snapped what restraints we have…?" She told the nurses looking at her then shrugged before assuming a tone with more authority, "Now, how are we doing here with what patients are on hand? I need reports on what needs attention now and what will need attention shortly."
5:30 PM Jaito
Danu mutters. "…she's…she's talking to that woman. She's…she's trying to change the rules." She leans right next to Annabell's ear. "She's gonna make herself the first new human. And the last old one."
5:30 PM
The doctors and nurses they have fall under Doctor Nolan's leadership well enough - there really isn't much leadering needed, once they fall into line. Trained professionals.
5:31 PM
"She's…down…and up. Over us…under us…Bella, I'm scared."

5:34 PM Annabell
"I'm here, Danu." Annabell said softly to the fairy so as not to be overheard, looking at the people huddled in this room as monsters prowled outside, "I'm here for you."
5:36 PM Jaito
"Yeah…but now what?" she sighs. (And scene…)