1. Meeting Young Alice
    • Setup and registration go slightly wrong.
  2. Insufficient Caffeine
    • A very long day at work makes Annabell a tired girl.
  3. Meeting Annabell (Shared with Will)
  4. Day Off
    • A new room mate can be problematic when they just want to 'help'.
  5. Questions 1
    • Annabell arrived expecting a different sort of meeting with Hershey.
  6. Communication
    • Annabell and Danu talk then Annabell talks to Hershey.
  7. Meeting Strangers-in Corridors (Shared with Micheal_Lin)
    • Annabell is at work and happens to bump into someone.
  8. Code!!
    • This log concerned Annabell answering a call to handle an emergence, but the log is currently missing. has been found but is uncleaned.
  9. The Door Was Open
    • Returning to her office Annabell found a matter for security, talked to Chang about it, then things got worse.
  10. A Comfortable Bed (Shared with Will)
    • Annabell wakes in a very comfortable bed then gets a visitor.

Uncleaned Logs
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A Strange Meeting 2
And Things Got Worse 1