Annabell May Nolan

Summary Page

Name Annabell May Nolan Player Merior
Primary Impression Good Girl Making The Wrong Sort of Friends Risk Factor Tries (Too) Hard To Be Likable
Flags Academic Bulldog Pop Ignorant
Alone In The Crowds It Isn't Supposed To Do That?
Aspect Random Never Is
Stress Refresh Rate 3+3 (Current Rate) / 8+3 (Max Rate)
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate Broken Arm
Other? [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap 35+5 of 35+9
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 1 Scholarship
Great (+4) 2 Discipline, Resources
Good (+3) 4 Conviction, Investigation, Lore, Rapport
Fair (+2) 5 Alertness, Athletics, Contacts, Endurance, Presence
Average (+1) 5 Deceit, Driving, Empathy, Fists, Intimidation

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-2 Contractor
-1 Demonic Parley
-1 Marked By Power
-1 Stunt : Doctor [Cardiology]
List the power you possess, and a name for any relevant points (Persona, Demon name, etc.)

Resources by Line Item

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Significant Relationships

CLAN Name Status Rating Consequences
Fairy Danu Inquisitive Pixie Partner Fair (+2) Anything For You (Moderate)

Available Demons


Current Refresh 7 Available Skill Points 0/15
  • Resist: Elec, Weak: Force
  • Skills: Conviction 5, Discipline 4, Presence 3, Athletics 2, Rapport 2, Fists 1, Empathy 1
  • Specialties: Elec Power +2, Elec Control +2, Support Power +1, Recover Power +1
  • Stress: Phys [ ] [ ], Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ], Social [ ] [ ] [ ] - , BRUISED, BROKEN WING

Demonic Arts

Art Name Roll Type Action Final Cost Strength Effect
Zio 6 Elec Magic Attack 1 3 You launch a strike of lightning. SHOCKED on spin.
Dia - Curative Magic Maneuver 1 - Heal a target's rightmost Physical stress box.
Patra - Curative Magic Maneuver 1 - One temporary aspect can no longer be tagged or compelled in the scene.
????? - - - - - -


  • Longnoses Squire Coat - Armor:2, Style Aspect: Doctors Without Borders
  • Medicine x2 - Heal a human or demon's rightmost stress box.

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Annabell grew up working hard because, as her parents always said, hard work was the only way to do well. An only child to parents who were busy a lot, she didn’t really connect to her peers. She didn’t understand how they were wasting time on ‘weird stuff’ like the latest pop star or that series on TV, but she also didn’t understand how she was searching for approval from parents who didn’t really seem interested in ‘childish things’.

This isolation continued as she grew up, the drive to do well in school then college staying with her, and had settled in so firmly that she hardly noticed when she ‘lost contact’ with her parents without ever really noticing. There were always reasons not to talk to them, not to interact with people, not to join clubs or get hobbies. There was studying and tests and projects to do after all.

At least until the day she woke up morning, on a rare day off after the end of her residency, and realise that she had nothing to do. No hobbies, nobody to call, no friends, nothing at all. That if she disappeared tomorrow then nobody would care and that she had no idea how to fix this.

Related Flags Academic Bulldog, Pop Ignorant

Psychological Profile

There are three main forces at work in Annabell’s psyche at this time: her need to succeed to feel actual accomplishment, her confidence in what she does know, and her admission that there are things she doesn’t know.

For Annabell, merely doing ‘good enough’ isn’t enough. She will get through. She will succeed. She will put in the effort until things happen be it passing a test, seeking a way to treat a patient, or defending her ideas. When she is right she will stick to her guns through hell, high water, or even second guessing herself.

This doesn’t always work to her advantage though as while Annabella knows what she wants, has realised and acknowledge the lack inside herself, but she is lacking the proper tools to fulfill her desires. She is frustrated by the lack of those social skills and find herself shying away from situations where her meager attempts falter.

Related Flags Alone in Crowds, Tries (Too) Hard To Be Likable

First Contact

After recently deciding to become involved in the game, as the first step on the path to become social, to having people who knew who she was, Annabell researched her options and came to a decision about what sort of character she wanted to be in the game. There were always guilds and such, but the path of a bargainer would be the one which she should take. The harder path for her, but one which ensured that she would have to approach people or visa versa.

That was her theory anyway but things haven’t exactly gone as she planned, as she’d thought it would go, after reading page upon page of comments and discussion about the game. During events she seems to be at the edges and missing opportunities, when people are looking for groups she gets there a little too late, and when people are socialising she finds herself hesitating at the edges for just a little longer.

Annabell is still, relatively speaking, a newcomer to the game. Her efforts into finding out as much as she can about things in preparation for starting play can give people a false view on her actual level experience. This is worsened by the fact that she comes across as a little too eager to be believed when saying that she is new to the game. Combined with the paranoia of many other players, it is understandable how often she finds herself being looked at as though she were a player killer in disguise.

But she will keep going and try a little harder…

Related Flags It Isn't Supposed To Do That?, Random Never Is

Significant Experience

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Related Flags Good Girl Making The Wrong Sort of Friends, Insert relevant Aspects