Butter Boudreaux

Summary Page

Name Alphonse "Butter" Boudreaux Player Hawk, Jaito, that one guy
High Concept Crooner of Soul Trouble Slick Spade
Aspects Glad Hand Every Day's The First Day Sober
Angels, Cruel and Kind Honest Gospel Roots
Those Bedeviling Ivories ---
Stress Refresh Rate 1 // / 11
Physical [ ] [ ] [X] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild SINGED
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate
Other?// --- Severe


Skills Used/Cap 37 of 37
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 1 Performance
Great (+4) 2 Conviction, Weapons
Good (+3) 3 Athletics, Discipline, Presence, Rapport
Fair (+2) 4 Alertness, Empathy, Endurance, Lore
Average (+1) 5 Contacts, Driving, Fists, Intimidation, Resources

Stunts and Powers

Cost Ability
-4 Sponsored Magic: Divine Gospel
-3 Sword of the Cross: Amoracchius - +1 to Weapons attacks, FP to ignore supernatural defenses, Divine purpose, holy, unbreakable
-1 Guide My Hand - He ends up where he needs to be, when he takes his head out of his ass.
-1 Sex Appeal - +2 to Rapport against those who want a taste of Butter.
-1 Let Me Tell You A Story - Use Rapport instead of Deceit for distractions.

Sponsor Source: Divine

Butter's upbringing only venerates the four Gospels, while honoring the poetry, history, and ideas of the rest of the Good Book. A bit of natural cynicism mixed in with some voudon, Santeria, and other practices has mellowed their faith considerably into something more akin to the Christian cults of old.

Unlike Soulfire, "normal" (if you can even call it that) divine sponsoring only confers its additional effectiveness against beings weak against holy power - demons, Black Court Vampires, and others weak to displays of faith - a common enough occurance to be dangerous. Certain "miraculous" activities may be possible at evocation speeds when normally reserved to thaumaturgy at GM discretion.

Magical Items

- Old wrought-iron cross bound up in lily symbols. (Spirit Focus, Control)
- Bulletproof Vest (Always-on +1 to Athletics for evasion)
- Random spirits (1 Potion slot)


Born with the best of mixed blood, Butter is tall, warm caramel brown, and beautiful in his way - not as handsome as he was with a grin, but there's something even warmer in his eyes sometimes. Rarely. Nowadays, he's traded in his hip rags for something a little more threadbare (and warmer, honestly) - a cabbie hat and a heavy coat. His old wingtips are the only sign of the man he used to be - the star of one night.

Some nights, he doesn't even miss it…

Relationship Chart

Name Status Positives Negatives
Mona The (Former) Boss Lady …. Bank's Burned Down
Talia Crazy (Former) Kid Cute, Spunky, Dangerous Still At That Certain Age
Egbert (Formerly) Shady Slant Kung Fu Wisdom, Went Off To Learn Ancient Mysteries Still Might Kill Me
Margot (Formerly) Little Sister Sister (Formerly) Little, Crazy

Character Information

History: Soul Up To Your Fingers, Soul Down To Your Soles

Raised by his grand-mère and his two petites-soueres (that's little sisters, y'all) in Chicago, he was given solid roots and a heart full of song. His twin sisters Marguerite and Angeline danced and sang with the best of them, and he was the little scamp that kept the beat on the washboard with them, beat on the spoons, and gave a baritone to the old Gospel songs their mentor taught them. Of course, they learned a little extra, but while the sisters were hep to the mojo, it was never little Alphonse's passion…the songs were all that stuck in his fool head.

The first time he touched a piano, he fell in love. He also got beaten within an inch of his life by the less-than-pleased owners, but he didn't care one bit.

Related Flags Honest Gospel Roots; Them Bedeveling Ivories

Early Influences: Never Met A Belt He Didn't Like

Alphonse was a consummate performer, and as soon as he could catch an eye, he was tapping, singing, and later playing for pennies on the street. If he saw somebody move, he wanted to move like they moved. If someone sang an old sailor shanty, he'd know five verses by sundown and get a hiding for repeating it at the supper table. Something was alive inside him, and he couldn't put it down…and then he started noticing the unique music of the feminine flair, and not a thing changed.

Alphonse never did find a tune he didn't try to carry…

Related Flags Takes Cash or Check

First Contact: Bottle Necking

Alphonse thought he was hot to trot, and once the hooch game game into play, he thought he could make a little bread on the side moving hooch along with the band or two he'd palled around with…well, let's just say one of those pals may have been part of the Red Court. When he found out the hooch was tainted, there was this terrible accident, y'see, but it's cool, baby. It cost him his savings towards a baby grand and almost cost his life, but somehow or other, the whole operation got raided a little bit later.

A week later, Angeline disappeared. If his grand-mere knows something, she isn't saying, as she refused to speak on the subject. Marguerite started running with a fast crowd and getting into trouble. And somehow, Alphonse knew he'd played a hand in whatever had happened - for better or worse. Don't ask him how he knows, but he believes it to the bone.

Related Flags Glad Hand

Significant Experiences

There was a girl. Then there wasn't. But there's always a girl, ain't there?

Related Flags Angels, Cruel and Kind; Every Day's The First Day Sober

Gained a major milestone!

[X] [X] [X] [ ], WEARY

[ ] [ ] [X], SCRATCHED (Mild), GASHES