<Jaito> East Coast Park - always tranquil, even despite the still-cordoned off woodline…and one rather-smashed tree in one area. One would hardly notice if they didn't know what to look for.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> …Going to ignore that for the moment.
PM <Jaito> Which brings him to the business at hand. He came there for a reason, after all. And certainly not to talk in the shadow of things he'd rather not consider.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> He slips into a nice little empty place behind a hedge, stretching, then gets his AR setup out of his bag. He normally comes places like this to dance. Lately he's wanted to play this game a lot more… well, he can do both, technically.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> And that is his plan. He does need to send an email to Hersheys, but first, he needs to relax.
PM <Jaito> That, he certainly can. As soon as his AR turns on, he can overhear the sounds of distant battles - kids playing and ranging through the play areas and trees for trouble. The forest deepens and darkens, a few broken lightposts and trashcan fires illuminating the gloom. East Coast Park - after the end of the world. Still charming, in a sad sort of way.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> Cute. Well, might as well look around.
PM <Jaito> "…help us, hee hoo! Some bad men took out fr-" "Reject mission!" "…okay." He sees a pair of boys in black ops gear with rather large rifles (comically large for their size) grinning at each other. "Wanna play lead tag?"
PM <Jaito> The other boy grins like he had just been offered a chocolate sauce massage by a supermodel. "Hell YEAH! First one to tag three people wins-"
PM <Jaito> BANG. BANG.
PM <Jaito> "…maybe you should try the tutorial," comes a familiar woman's voice from up a tree. "Shoo." The boys scatter.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…" He raises an eyebrow.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> Now who is that?
PM <Jaito> Ex-Captain Lereaux hops down from the trees. "And make friends!" She grumbles, checking over her Peacemaker. "…jerks." She sits down against the tree and looks very much like she's about to throw a sulk.
PM <Jaito> …which is why she doesn't seem to see the little blue cat in giant red boots and a jaunty hat about to stab her.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> Ohhh.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> …Shousei isn't certain whether that's normal or not, but he's /extremely/ curious, so he's simply going to slip up closer, letting both her and the cat know he's seen them.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> …For that matter, he's a bit curious why the hell she just shot two kids who seemed to be playing something different, but whatever.
PM <Jaito> She looks up. "Y-" "YOUUUUUUUU!" The cat hops over her shoulder to LUNGE at him, blade-first. (Alertness check real quick?)
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> …Wat
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> (0 :v)
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PM <Jaito> As a blade whizzes right past his face in the moment's confusion. "You defeated our liege, but our honor will be RESTORED by your bloo-"
PM <Jaito> …or apparently not.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> "…Good /going/." He grins at the ex-captain, clearly impressed.
PM <Jaito> "I'm trying to think…if you want to go questing, please keep going. And watch out the taggers. They're vicious little bastards. Headhunters for the CHAOS faction."
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Is that why you shot them?"
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything," he says, smirking… he's not sure whether he means it or not.
PM <Jaito> "Nope. I shot them because I find children generally intolerable. Why do you ask?"
PM <Jaito> Entirely serious expression.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> He shrugs, crossing his arms. "Because I can be a nosy little bastard sometimes, that's all."
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> "Though if you /really/ want your space… I can't fault you for that." He takes a step back, smiling slightly. He'll leave her alone if she wants, but some part of him suspects she doesn't.
PM <Jaito> "Just so." She adjusts the glint in her glasses to the point her eyes can actually be seen. "I don't control your actions. I'm not even in a position to threaten you anymore. Do…well, whatever you want. I guess I'll do the same." She frowns to herself in a failed attempt to smile politely.
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> "You were never in a position to truly threaten me." He smiles, a little more genuinely, then… for some reason, just heads over to sit beside her. "You /are/ admirable in your own way, though, and I find myself all of a sudden interested in how you've been. Sitting out here in a little sniper's nest, sulking over something- your little friend wants to recruit me. Did you hear that? Bruno…
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> …or… Brutus is his name?"
PM <Jaito> "Boris."
PM <Jaito> There's just a hint of hurt in her voice at saying the name. "He's…good. Strong."
PM <Shousei_Yamazaki> "He seems to be," Shousei says quietly. Is he trying to draw her out?
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PM <Jaito> "He'll make a better Captain than I would. He's got…passion. Conviction. Me? I was too caught up in details and regulations. People want leaders, not judges. Don't you think so?"
PM <Greenling> "…I think that's a generalization." Shousei tilts his head. "Like most things, really. He's charismatic. Cute. Has an easier way of handling things. But don't you care? Why would you become the leader of an organization like that in the first place if you'd just leave?" She didn't say she /did/ leave, but she's acting like it.
PM <Jaito> She raises an eyebrow. "Cute? Boris? Are we talking about the same man?"
PM <Greenling> "…Probably?"
PM <Jaito> She actually laughs. "He's a meat-headed jock with a hero complex. Who would find that cute?" She shakes her head. "And…it's not that I don't care. I do. That's why I left."
PM <Greenling> "Athletes aren't your type?" He shrugs, still smiling. "Fair enough…" So very, very many people would find that cute. "'Unresolvable disagreements with the direction of this current administration', then?"
PM <Greenling> And yet, you praise him.
PM <Jaito> She shakes her head. "With the former administration. It…shows maturity to realize when you're a bad fit for a post. Don't you agree?"
PM <Greenling> "Depends on whether you're correct or not. And what you do in response to that realization."
PM <Greenling> "…I admit, you're making it /sound/ like you realized you had been doing something wrong and then fled. Perhaps I'm wrong?"
PM <Jaito> She shrugs. "Let's go ask Michael if I'm fit to inspire people to be kind, hmm? It's not flight. It's just…resignation. I'll find something better suited to my talents."
PM <Jaito> "Maybe…a player-killer-killer for hire?"
PM <Greenling> "Oh, now that's /definitely/ guilt." He looks a little disappointed at her. "It would certainly be better if you'd apologize to him, but I think everyone was a little crazy that day. It's just typical, isn't it, to presume when something weird and scary happens, that the people most affected by it are responsible?"
PM <Greenling> "Or perhaps, rather than giving in to the whole 'a monster I am lest a monster I become' thing, you should take a little time off before making a decision. Reconnect with your friends as something other than their superior. What /are/ your talents? Other than marksmanship."
PM <Jaito> She shakes her head. "If all I can be is typical, I'd rather not play the game at all. Mediocrity is the refuge of the hopeless." She says matter-of-fatly.
PM <Jaito> She then blinks. "T-talents?"
PM <Greenling> "Mediocrity is the refuge of the vast majority of the human species that you claim to protect." He gives her a cool look.
PM <Greenling> "Don't be so damned hard on yourself that you end up insulting others, hmm?
PM <Jaito> She…actually pouts. "The vast majority of the human species is a mess. ANd you're one to judge."
PM <Jaito> It's a rather childish pout at that, completely unlike her usual persona (no pun intended)
PM <Greenling> He sticks his tongue out. "Am I?"
PM <Jaito> Her mouth goes agape. "I…you….OOOOOH, you are insufferable!" She stands up, dusting herself off. "ANd just what brings YOU out here in those ridiculous goggles?"
PM <Greenling> He laughs. "Wouldn't you like to know? Oh, come on. At least I've jogged you out of self-pity, didn't I?"
PM <Greenling> "I think that means I win."
PM <Jaito> "WIN?!"
PM <Greenling> …He nearly falls over laughing at that.
PM <Jaito> She actually manages to glare her hair slightly out of place.
PM <Jaito> …until she can't help smirking.
PM <Greenling> Good.
PM <Greenling> He totally wins.
PM <Greenling> Shousei grins up at her.
PM <Jaito> "It's good to see you like's quite the relief to realize you're also an idiot."
PM <Greenling> "Tsk tsk." He stands up himself. "Glad to see you're irritable even when someone manages to cheer you up."
PM <Greenling> "If I weren't in such a good mood, I might even get irritated at you calling me a fool… whether it's true or not."
PM <Greenling> "So… thank /you/ for cheering me up as well?" Smile.
PM <Jaito> She glowers at him. It is an adorable glower. "Fine. You're welcome. Maybe I should become a comedian then?" She shrugs. "I'll find my place, my role…where I excel. I need to excel. Otherwise, what am I bothering with?"
PM <Greenling> "That's a better question than you're giving it credit for. So while we're discussing philosophy, want to get some ice cream?"
PM <Jaito> She blinks…and her cheeks redden. "You're overestimating your charm."
PM <Jaito> "I'll buy YOU ice cream as an apology, but nothing more."
PM <Greenling> He grins. "That wasn't necessarily what you're implying, but I'd be happy to accept."
PM <Jaito> "Wasn't nec-" She glares with every bit of the old Captain. "You are being intentionally infuriating…and there's nothing I can do about it. Fine."
PM <Jaito> She starts walking towards ice cream. "After that, though? I'm going to teach you how to behave in the game properly. Call it a penance."
PM <Greenling> "I'll stop when it stops being effective. Or entertaining." He smiles and starts walking with her. "Why thank you. I'd appreciate that as well."
PM <Jaito> "Simply. Infurating…"
PM <Jaito> THen why can't she stop smiling…
PM <Jaito>
PM <Jaito> There's a faint flash of color and a card rises up in his inventory…
PM <Jaito> VIII. Justice