Creepy Children And Tea

FAITO: Night wakes up well-rested, comfortable, and surrounded by soft and warm blankets. That's the first thing that's wrong.
[12:23pm] FAITO: Second? The draft around the leg area.
[12:23pm] FAITO: Third? The IV.
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[12:25pm] Night_Misaki: She almost panics for a moment; the last two times she'd woken up like this nothing good had come of it, after all. But after a moment she manages not to rip the IV out and run for cover. Pants were required for that. Where were her pants. …Why was she in a hospital, she'd just been working…
[12:26pm] Night_Misaki: …Step one: Sit up.
[12:29pm] FAITO: "Don't strain yourself…" A hand lays on her shoulder. "You were a mess when your friend brought ya in…" …Wen. Is in the room. Also wearing a gown.
[12:30pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Why is this happening? "Why are you up and walking? ANd where the fuck are your pants?"
[12:31pm] FAITO: He scoffs, reddening a little. "You get used to it! And how long have you been hiding those…those? Uniforms and vests? I mean…" He starts to stammer, looking everywhere but at her.
[12:34pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night takes a very deep breath and reminds herself that breaking Wen's fingers will only encourage him. "I haven't exactly been hiding them, I just prefer vests, Wen, and that is the end of any and all conversation about my breasts, clear? Answer my first question."
[12:36pm] FAITO: He snorts. "Trust me, I just needed to remind myself that men are trouble." …because that makes everything better. Or saner. Or…actually, what? Nevermind. "I'm fine…well, in level." He points to a monitor strapped around his arm. "If I'm going to die, it's not in bed. I promised myself. So deal. Why are you here?"
[12:38pm] Night_Misaki: "Tch, nothing. I'm fine." Wasn't she…? She could remember passing out but…hadn't that just been it?
[12:38pm] Night_Misaki: …Maybe she should have listened herself when she warned Will about Odin.
[12:40pm] FAITO: "Well, you are…" Is that her chart? "Borderline anemic, despite physical fitness in other areas. And showing a weird REM cycle. Tox screen was negative, so that's good…"
[12:42pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Anemic. Anemic? Oh, that was a price she should have expected. But then how did they manage the entire code? Ahh…"…I've just been busy."
[12:45pm] FAITO: "…Shiro says to let the admins handle it. And Kisses agrees. You know…you don't have to do any of this. I mean…" He grins. "It's also scary seeing you here."
[12:48pm] Night_Misaki: "I'm not listening to anything 'Kisses' says." Night's tone grows sharp, and she looks for the nurse call button…eh. They'll be around soon. "This is something I have to do, and I'm tired of her being unable to decide whether she's underestimating me or I'm her enemy."
[1:02pm] FAITO: "…ppssssh. Like she even knows. She has issues with younger women." He rolls his eyes. "Look…I care about you. And yer pretty much crazy. But…are you sure this is about you?"
[1:05pm] Night_Misaki: "She seems to think she knows the first thing about me…or my father." She snorts, looking for her glasses…wait, had she brought them to Will's? Where was her bag, anyway? "…There's no way I'm leaving this alone, and you already knew that."
[1:05pm] FAITO: "Yeah. I know. I just…gah, forget it." He stands up, faster than is discreet considering his garments. "I'll let you do your thing. Just…don't be so smart you get stupid."
[1:09pm] Night_Misaki: Well that confirmed things she never needed confirmed. She'll just…carefully erase that from her memory. "This is kind of funny, coming from someone willing to die to force someone to own up to their own strength." Night smirks, and shakes her head. "There's no way I'm going to die."
[1:11pm] FAITO: "Yeah, well…maybe I'm not as brave as I pretend. Maybe I'm not in love with you. And maybe I can smell approval issues a mile away. And…everybody dies. It's just a question of how well." He cracks his neck, heading for the door. He bumps into a rather unamused nurse.
[1:16pm] Night_Misaki: "Maybe I was never who you thought I was, Wen."
[1:17pm] FAITO: "Funny. I thought you were like me. Tough. But…that comes with iss-" "If you are DONE sexually assaulting our overnights, Anthony?"
[1:18pm] FAITO: The nurse is so unamused. There will be no touching moments. No touching at all.
[1:18pm] Night_Misaki: Night waves her hand in a sort of "conversation later" gesture. She doesn't really feel any need to explain herself, but he's not going to leave it alone otherwise, is he?
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[1:25pm] FAITO: The nurse comes in. "We SHOULD be holding you for 24 hours, but we've got a lot of people waiting and only so many beds. I still don't see how you managed a private room."
[1:26pm] FAITO: She's direct, isn't she?
[1:26pm] Night_Misaki: "I don't really have an answer for that, ma'am."
[1:27pm] Night_Misaki: Night does her best impression of harmless and confused.
[1:28pm] FAITO: "Hmm," she answers, clearly not believing her or impressed. "Well, I can't make you go, but your things are in the armoire. Your vitals are good. You've been prescribed a multivitamin and are advised to monitor your diet. Anything you need from me, young lady?"
[1:28pm] FAITO: Young. Attractive. Nice hospital room….er, is there some sort of communication issue?
[1:29pm] Night_Misaki: …God, let's hope not. "No ma'am. T…thank you." Harmless. Intimidated. Act like Michael. She'll just..wait for the nurse to take the IV out before getting up, the less trouble she causes the faster she can get out of here.
[1:35pm] FAITO: She has a quick, cordial, if not somewhat chilly discharge. And then she's in the hallway, dressed for success (if more ruffled than she usually appears)…and…huh, familiar floor. Wen's room isn't far. Or the OTHER room…
[1:36pm] FAITO: Where there's small girl of about 8 years old, European by the complexion and blond hair…staring at the door.
[1:36pm] Night_Misaki: …Uhhh. "…Um, miss?"
[1:36pm] Night_Misaki: Small children alone in the hospital.
[1:36pm] Night_Misaki: This doesn't seem good.
[1:37pm] FAITO: The child doesn't so much as budge.
[1:38pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Well, she might as well go over to check and…make sure she's real. (None of this is real; the voice in her head needs to shut up).
[1:38pm] FAITO: (How are you checking, to clarify?)
[1:39pm] Night_Misaki: (getting up close to look! No poking. Yet.)
[1:40pm] FAITO: The girl is pale and perfect, eyes closed, humming something under her breath….and….(Alertness?)
[1:43pm] Night_Misaki: (2!)
[1:44pm] FAITO: …there's humming on the other side of the door. A woman, singing to herself.
[1:46pm] Night_Misaki: …Thiiiis just slid into 'bad horror movie' territory.
[1:52pm] Night_Misaki: Night stares for a moment longer, before clearing her throat quietly. This is…going to be unpleasant.
[1:53pm] FAITO: The girl starts to sing along, rasping and awkward…there's gauze around her throat.
[1:53pm] FAITO: (Lore?)
[1:53pm] Night_Misaki: (6)
[1:54pm] FAITO: …every inch of Night's skin hums like there's electricity in the air. She is /not/ safe right now.
[1:56pm] Night_Misaki: Yes let's not be anywhere near this part of the hospital. She'll…talk to Wen later. Without the creepy children. Night turns, swiftly and casually turning right for the exit.
[1:56pm] Night_Misaki: She has to…has to…what time is it?
[2:01pm] FAITO: Almost like it just had to go that way, as she turns away, the child turns towards her and says nothing.
[2:01pm] FAITO: Early afternoon.
[2:01pm] Night_Misaki: Shit. "…Yes?" She does not want to have to fight a small child today.
[2:02pm] FAITO: "Do you want to be special?"
[2:04pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night has to wonder for a moment if anyone's actually stupid enough to say 'yes' to that. "…I can't pay for your special, so I'll have to decline."
[2:05pm] FAITO: She smiles. "All you have to do is be my sister. Don't you want a mommy?"
[2:05pm] Night_Misaki: "Nope." She's never had one, why would she want one?
[2:06pm] FAITO: She frowns. "Then you better go."
[2:08pm] Night_Misaki: Night sighs. "Of course, Mephistopheles," she mutters under her breath, turning once more to try and leave.
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[2:17pm] FAITO: (She's free to go. Where next?!)
[2:18pm] Night_Misaki: She needs to find names. But right now she might not be able to pay for him…Sure, Epimetheus had called themselves the knower of names but that's not a bargain she wants to make right now either. She pulls out her phone and…Shiro. Yes, sure. If he's so interested in what she shouldn't be doing, she might as well.
[2:19pm] Night_Misaki: It's as simple as sending him a game message asking if he's got time to meet somewhere.
[2:22pm] FAITO: ….I was actually starting to go insane. Where? - EmperorAkihito
[2:22pm] FAITO: If she were a fangirl, she'd be freaking out right now.
[2:23pm] Night_Misaki: That may not be a detriment in this game. There's a cafe near the park we can talk, unless you're trying to dodge fans?
[2:23pm] Night_Misaki: Night's not prone to being a fangirl of anything not books.
[2:23pm] FAITO: …I'll wear the extra-large sunglasses. Ping me the address.
[2:24pm] Night_Misaki: Address sent, and off she heads. Ahh, it must be so tough to be popular.
[2:38pm] Night_Misaki: (/pokes?)
[2:43pm] FAITO: …no answer. But soon enough, she arrives at Babel's Brew.
[2:43pm] Night_Misaki: Now then, to wait. And hope Kisses isn't here, she needs her eardrums.
[2:44pm] FAITO: One of the masked serving girls walks over as soon as she comes in. "The top table is reserved for you, handsome." A digital wink follows.
[2:45pm] Night_Misaki: Oh my. Night sort of…blinks and wonders if Shiro was responsible for the private hospital room. Well, she can ask. But up she goes.
[2:47pm] FAITO: It's a familiar table. Over everything, but out of sight. Shiro stands as she approaches, pulling out a seat. "You're just in time. I had to bump a regular, but she only shows up half the time. I don't /think/ it's any inconvenience."
[2:50pm] Night_Misaki: "Oh, I'm pretty sure she'd do anything you ask for an autograph." Night smirks, and takes a seat. At least this time she won't have to crack the table. Probably.
[2:54pm] FAITO: He moves to his own seat. "I'll be honest? I despise people who give me anything I want." She shakes his head. "It denies me my humanity. I'm only a god in the game…and hardly even then."
[3:00pm] Night_Misaki: "I don't believe in gods, Shiro, in any kind of world." Tea would be nice, let's order some. "But you might want to worry about telling people that, some of us are contrary creatures."
[3:01pm] FAITO: Tea arrives just as she thinks it. He IS on his game, isn't he….
[3:01pm] Night_Misaki: Almost like he wants to impress her. …Is there something in the water here?
[3:02pm] FAITO: "Some of us," he echoes, smiling to himself. "I honestly didn't think you'd contact me. You seem….independent. You've certainly caught Wen's eye, and a certain amount of….independence appealsto him."
[3:04pm] Night_Misaki: "I like to know what people are saying about me. It's not as though it informs my behavior, but that's information that's rather…useful, wouldn't you say? Although in this case it's more habit than anything else." She won't remark on claims of her independence. It's not like she needs anything more than tools, right? That's all anyone needs.
[3:11pm] FAITO: "Mm. Habit, I understand. A certain gait, a certain tone. Sometimes, you can't help but wonder what's more real. The core or the presentation…but that's not what interests me. What interest me if what you're after in all this."
[3:16pm] Night_Misaki: "What I'm after? You'd have to clarify the 'this'." The way he talks…what is it he thinks he sees, anyway? "The larger picture is…something I don't particularly feel the need to tell anyone. But if you're more concerned about what's going to happen to Wen…"
[3:18pm] FAITO: "I'm not, actually. Wen's fate is sealed." Not a pause, not a hint of emotion. "I told him to leave the coming problems to the admins, but…I need more information. I've never seen him so excited, which has me /concerned/. We've run into a lot of hoaxes, but…there's more to this game than meets the eye -spare me the eyeroll."
[3:20pm] Night_Misaki: "I wasn't going to. But to be blunt about it, the admins won't be able to stop this if I'm right. …if I'm right, it's already too late to stop anything." She sighs, staring down into her teacup. "I can't say I agree with the method of keeping what's happening quiet, either. Knowledge may be heavy but people get to decide if they want to pay that price themselves. That's all I really want." Not the whole truth, but she's not lying, not about that.
[3:23pm] FAITO: "…well, if it's an audience you want, I can command some few millions. But I need to know it's worth the commitment. I want /everything/."
[3:25pm] Night_Misaki: "I don't need an audience to change the world, Shiro. It takes more than that…" Night laughs softly, although it's not a terribly amused sound. "How am I supposed to define what it's worth for you? I'll tell you the short answer: this is older than the game. They made a way to warp the world, and if you want to commit to anything, commit to finding a way to make it through to the other side. None of us are going to get any answers until then."
[3:30pm] FAITO: He glances at her. "You may have already given up on the world, but I owe my fans the truth. And not just the short version - I need evidence. You might not need an audience, but have you considered that the world might just need you?"
[3:36pm] Night_Misaki: "That'd be a first." She lets out a low breath. "If it's that's what you want, I don't have…enough for an audience, not yet. Soon, I'm hoping, but right now I'm missing a couple pieces."
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[3:39pm] FAITO: "Let me know where I can help. It's ridiculous, I know…but in this game, so many people rely on me. And in a way…I'd be nothing without them. People like Zouchouten. People with their own brilliant light."
[3:39pm] FAITO: He sighs. "Besides, if the game is the source? You won't find many stronger allies…human ones, anyway."
[3:42pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night sighs, and rubs her eyes. "It'll be dangerous, but find Epimethius, if you can. I have no idea who they really are, but I know they want gnOsis codes…and they're on the trail of Naito Hiroyuki." She won't explain that, not yet. "More than that is an explanation I can't pay for right now, I'm sorry."
[3:45pm] FAITO: He narrows his eyes very significantly. "…Naito Hiroyuki."
[3:45pm] FAITO: (Did they go into names last time?)
[3:45pm] Night_Misaki: (Um, like introducing themselves? Yyyyes I think so.)
[3:45pm] FAITO: (…yes, they did.)
[3:46pm] FAITO: "Any relation?"
[3:47pm] Night_Misaki: "He would be my father." Night's tone has suddenly gone very even. "I haven't seen him in five years, and no, I don't really care what the admins or the Khakam think he's done….because no one but him knows what he's really doing, but I know he's at the center of this."
[3:50pm] FAITO: "He almost ruined dozens of lives. I know that for a fact." He shakes his head. "I'll see what I can find out about this Epimetheus." He stands. "I…refuse to judge you based on my personal feelings about someone else. You've done nothing but offer to help."
[3:54pm] Night_Misaki: "…That puts you a step about Hershey's." She sighs, quietly. "…I'm not asking you to set aside your feelings. I don't have the right. But I think…that 'why' anything happens is also important. Knowing is important. Not just with this."
[3:56pm] FAITO: "Some things aren't forgivable. Regardless of the reason. If there's one thing you can do to surpass your father, that would be it. From the brief interaction, he's certainly brilliant." He passes, laying a hand on Night's shoulder. "I'll be in touch."
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[3:58pm] Night_Misaki: "I'm not talking about forgiveness, either." But she does smile, more genuinely this time. Would she wake up soon? …did she want to. "Stay in good health."