Jaito Ah, the weekend. Noon. It's hot, remarkably so…muggy.
Someone's furtively eating the forbidden fruit on a park bench. (The
smell of his breath is awful, which he medicates with a useless
spritzer and more careful glances.)
Jaito Well, it's not exactly noon. Closer to 12:15…you see,
Shousei's date appears to be running late.
Shousei_Yamazaki Sitting in the shade really doesn't help much, but
he's trying it. He checks his phone… he's giving her five more
minutes before he leaves, in part because walking back in this
miserable humidity is going to be obnoxious. His hair is sticking,
which reminds him he needs to actually make the decision to either cut
it or start putting it up.
CRASH! As someone goes waist-first into the back of the bench,
crumples in mid-roll, and tumbles end over end to land face-in-ground
and butt-in-air a few feet and to the left of Shousei.
Jaito "…made it~" Is the pained, but proud answer that can be seen
through pink panties with sardine print and a long, thin lavendar
skirt hunched up her back.
Jaito The fruit rebel is clearly impressed.
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei's palm hits his face hard enough to actually sting.
Shousei_Yamazaki He is… going to pretend that didn't happen. None of it.
Jaito "Stop right there!" A police officer runs up and glares at the
both of them.
Shousei_Yamazaki (Why a /sardine/? Why does that even exist as a
thing that people se-) What? Wait, no. Shousei looks up. "…Excuse
Jaito "Miss! Jaywalking is a crime! Jayrunning is downright dangerous!"
Jaito She pushes her face enough to glare over her shoulder. "I was
LATE!" This, to her, explains everything.
Jaito The officer gives Shousei a 'oh, ANOTHER criminal' look.
Shousei_Yamazaki "…Were you running across /traffic/?"
Shousei_Yamazaki Oh do /not/ think this is /my/ fault.
Jaito "…I didn't see any signals?" she offers.
Jaito The officer is not amused by this response.
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei looks mildly disappointed.
Jaito "What?! It's true."
Shousei_Yamazaki "I appreciate the gesture, but please don't do that
again. You could have just called me to say you would be late." He
stands up, brushing a stray lock of hair off of his forehead before it
Jaito Her eyes go wide, as if this suggestion threw her heroic effort
into naught.
Jaito "…look. Being an idiot is not a ticketable offense, and I
hate giving fines for the wrong crime. Just…keep an eye on your
Jaito She bolts up to a kneel, mouth agape!
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei looks a bit sour. "…She's not…" He
sighs. The officer doesn't care. "I'll make certain she doesn't run
out in front of any cars."
Jaito Her face goes absolutely red. The officer nods. "See to it that
she d-excuse me, sir, could you show me that fruit?"
Jaito Then, just like that, the chase is on anew, leaving Shousei
with his catatonic date.
Shousei_Yamazaki "…"
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei attempts a half-hearted smile. "Well, hello."
Jaito "He….he…what the HELL Was that?!" She bounds up to stand
and stops an inch from his face. "Why didn't you tell him you're not
my boyfriend?!"
Shousei_Yamazaki …For a second, he /grins/ at that, almost in
relief. "Do you think he cares? For that matter, given the way you're
acting, don't you think protestation so strong would give someone a
different impression?"
Jaito "I know!" She glares at him, then turns away. "It doesn't
matter. I think I'm going to tack a movie onto your penalty for a
clear lack of gentlemanliness and charm. That's only fair." Mei Mei is
remarkably forceful for a tiny, tiny girl.
Shousei_Yamazaki "If you're looking for a gentleman, I'm afraid
you're out of luck. No amount of movies will change /that/."
Shousei_Yamazaki He takes his bag and walks up beside her. "I've
taken the liberty of compiling a few suggestions for a meal in case
you'd like, but you have first pick."
Jaito "That's why it's a fine and not a miracle." She sighs. "All
that running killed my appetite. There's a movie I want to watch, so
it's on me. You just…sit there!"
Shousei_Yamazaki He raises an eyebrow.
Shousei_Yamazaki "Why? Is that… your hobby, watching movies while
people sit there?"
Jaito "So…er…shall we?" She offers a hand, ignoring his question.
"If we don't hurry, we'll be late."
Jaito Pay no mind to WHY it's approaching 12:20.
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei sighs. "Lead on. What movie?"
Jaito "You'll see. I think you'll really like it…"
Jaito (How'd you like to earn another fate point?)
Shousei_Yamazaki (I have nothing better to do. :3)
Jaito (I'll be taking advantage of The Fool, Reversed. Cue a 3-hour
psychological torture porn flick that is just wickedly intelligent
enough to keep SURPRISING you with not just what they do, but what
people do in response. Like Saw and Apocalypse Now went into a loving
Jaito Discipline, please?
Shousei_Yamazaki (…)
Shousei_Yamazaki (you are a horrible human being. <3)
Shousei_Yamazaki (…8.)
Jaito Three hours later, Shousei's arm is wet. Also nearly a hundred
pounds heavier due to a tiny Chinese girl latched to it.
Shousei_Yamazaki Somehow, Shousei's mind has retreated into a little
space where he can view this movie entirely on its thematic and
technical merits. He doesn't know where that came from and it kind of
scares him.
Shousei_Yamazaki When the credits roll, he looks down at the tiny
Chinese girl latched to his arm, looks up at the screen, looks back
down at her.
Shousei_Yamazaki "There is something deeply and fundamentally wrong
with you," he says calmly, standing up and attempting to leverage her
into a position where she'll walk so they can leave.
Jaito "I…I…I….I…did she WIN? Or…or….or did HE win? Did
killing him make her safe…or did it make HER HIM?!"
Jaito She'll walk, but that arm is hers now.
Shousei_Yamazaki "I'm pretty sure the director won." He sighs. …
The tiny little evil part of Shousei speaks up: "…Do you still want
to get something to eat?"
Jaito "Yes." Her eyes light up and her grip tightens. "Together, we
will eat away the nightmare."
Shousei_Yamazaki One eye twitches.
Jaito She nods and starts to lead him away. "Come! Eating makes
everything better!"
Shousei_Yamazaki She's one of /those/, isn't she.
Jaito A few minutes later, he finds himself at an "All Asias Mastery"
restaurant by the name of Tender Hands.
Jaito In a private booth. With sake and a rather impressive menu in
front of them
Jaito Then Shousei looks to the prices on the side…well, then. So
it's like THAT.
Shousei_Yamazaki He raises an eyebrow. Does he even /have/ this much
saved allowance?
Jaito Barely.
Shousei_Yamazaki Hmmph. He'll have to find a way to get her back for this…
Shousei_Yamazaki He's not entirely sure he wants to speak to her
again, but still.
Shousei_Yamazaki "So…"
Jaito "…I wanna say thank you. I've never been on a date before, so
I undestand if I'm terrible at it, but thank you for accepting my
fumbling technique without complaint." She bows her head.
Shousei_Yamazaki "Why did you want to-" He blinks.
Shousei_Yamazaki …Nope, more blinking.
Jaito "It was…dumb of me to force you. I mean, normally don't
people go on dates because they like each other? I just…I couldn't
stand it. I hated that girl with the doll the same way I hated the
bullies. You see…a boy confessed to her, a very popular boy."
Jaito "So…this way. I don't have to hate her. So…maybe next time,
I'll be the hero.
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei's thoughts swim around in his head a bit
before he actually responds. "…While I don't appreciate being used
as a security blanket, I can appreciate why you did it."
Shousei_Yamazaki "You're a very strong-willed girl. You don't think
ahead very much. I suppose people don't like that much, do they?"
Jaito She keeps her head down. "I wouldn't know. They don't say much
to me, and I don't say anything to them. They're…customers, not
friends. Even at school, people only come to me if they want food for
a party or a club meeting or…stuff, I guess." She smiles, but it's
not much of a smile at all. "Then again, you're one of them, right?
Maybe I'm wrong."
Shousei_Yamazaki …Oh. She did the sushi thing, and… ah. "Wouldn't
know. I don't speak much with other people." He smiles slightly.
"That's the whole reason I started playing the game… it's easier
that way."
Shousei_Yamazaki "People seem to take a person… in the context of
their character, instead of presuming things about their character. So
to speak."
Jaito She looks up and her eyes sparkle a little. "You're a loser,
too? But you were so COOL~!"
Shousei_Yamazaki He looks slightly miffed. "I wouldn't call myself
/that/… I suppose the rest is a compliment, though."
Jaito "Then it's decided! A duel!"
Shousei_Yamazaki "…Is it?" Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad
idea at all. "All right. After dinner, though. If you've dragged me in
here I might as well enjoy it."
Jaito Her face goes absolutely beet red. "I-I-_I-I-I AM NOT READY FOR
Jaito "I mm-m-m-m-m-meant popularity!"
Shousei_Yamazaki He blinks. "I thought you meant in-game…"
Shousei_Yamazaki "I don't really care about becoming popular enough
to compete over it."
Shousei_Yamazaki What did she think he meant?
Jaito "Well, I do. It's a matter of pride! You were so, so cool and
your aloof attitude is really pissing me off!" Where was the sweet,
embarrassed girl of a few minutes ago?
Jaito "If you're so cool, prove it! And I'll prove it! Whichever of
our…our CHARACTERS, then, are more popular by the time the other
yields has to do WHATEVER THE OTHER DEMANDS. One wish, no regrets!"
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei's eyes widen.
Shousei_Yamazaki On the one hand, he really doesn't care. On the
other hand, 'by the time the other yields' leaves him with quite a bit
of wiggle room. Unless she changes the rules again. Actually…
Shousei_Yamazaki "…Within two conditions: nothing illegal and
nothing you know to be impossible for the other person to perform."
Shousei_Yamazaki "I suppose I can take that wager, though." He smirks.
Jaito She beams and slides over to hug him. "You are the coolest! For
now! Po and I gonna surpass you, Murakam-"
Jaito "Honey, I thought I'd bring over some potst-" A man with
several knives across his apron belt and about three hundred pounds of
none-of-it-fat comes in.
Shousei_Yamazaki …Oh no.
Shousei_Yamazaki She brought him to /this/ place for a /reason/.
Jaito "This…is…unacceptable." The hand goes to a butcher's
cleaver, while Mei Mei bounces up and between them. "It's been really
fun, Shousei! I'll deliver the dinner, so message me an adress! Bye!"
then comes a long string of Chinese that sounds a lot like DONT KILL
Shousei_Yamazaki For a brief moment, Shousei takes a look at the man,
considering whether to attempt to dissuade him of his obvious
misapprehension. This consideration ends the second he realizes that
Mei might have inherited her crazy. He grabs his things and slips
deftly under the table and out away from them, heading for the door.
=-= AsheInvicta is now known as Will
Jaito (Note. This is the weekend after all the craziness.)
Jaito He practically bumps right into Anthony Wen, walking down the
street with half a hot dog coming out of his mouth.
Shousei_Yamazaki Shousei looks up from the homework papers he was
trying to sort through- thankfully, he's able to catch them easily
enough. It's about the only reason he didn't notice a giant
rooster-headed man in front of him.
Shousei_Yamazaki He looks up, blinks, then attempts to nod in
acknowledgement and head on his way. "Sorry."
Jaito Wen nods and starts to follow, still chewing his way down the meal.
Shousei keeps walking. After several steps, he turns his head, raising an eyebrow at Wen.
7:51 PM Plushiemancer is now known as Michael_Lin
7:52 PM Jaito
Wen swallows. "Hiya." He keeps walking.
7:53 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Good afternoon. Did you need something?"
7:54 PM Jaito
"Nah, I'm good. You?"
7:55 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei pauses, then shakes his head. Must be a coincidence. "No. Sorry."
7:56 PM Jaito
"No prob. Have a good one, Yamazaki." He stops, starts fiddling around on his phone.
7:57 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Sense of foreboding? Shousei is an expert at ignoring those.
8:01 PM
He crosses the street and continues heading home.
8:02 PM Jaito
A minute or so later, he sees Wen behind him and across the drink ,sipping a soda and walking in roughly the same direction. Odd coincidence.
8:07 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Shousei decides to keep an eye on him, but he isn't going to do anything yet.
8:11 PM Jaito
Which is fairly easy to do. Since wherever Wen is headed appears to be in almost exactly the same direction Shousei's going. Funny that.
8:24 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Hmm… he smirks slightly. He suspects the rooster-headed boy might be up to something; if he's not, then… something worse might be happening, but be that as it may, he feels like ignoring the matter might not be the best way to handle this.
8:25 PM
Singapore is a very crowded city. There are worse, but it's what you get when you have a city-state. Someone of Shousei's talents should find it more than easy enough to disappear into the bustle and become anonymous.
8:26 PM Jaito
8:27 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
8:27 PM Jaito
…You certainly seem to lose him.
8:28 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei continues heading on his way, noting what Wen does in response.
8:29 PM Jaito
After 10 whole seconds of looking nonchalant, you see him start peering and jogging around streets, swearing under his breath. "Slippery little primadona….grumblegrumble…" Yes, he is SAYING grumble.
8:33 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
/Primadonna/. Why do people keep saying things like that about me?!
8:34 PM
I don't look for attention! I don't think I'm better than other people! People just presume stupid things! …Okay, now Shousei is angry.
8:34 PM
This is dumb, but he is really, really tired of this. He's going to start following Rooster Boy.
8:37 PM Jaito
What ensues is a comedy of errors, as Wen appears to be trying rather hard to find and follow HIM.
8:40 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…This is priceless.
8:41 PM
Shousei is going to do something very silly. He's going to attempt to lead Wen someplace he's more familiar with- someplace a little more private.
8:42 PM
There's a very nice park somewhere around here…
9:00 PM Jaito
And like any other wicked cold wind, the whims of one Shousei Yamazaki are inescapable.
9:00 PM
"…a park? Like that twig ever works out…" Yes, because that's what parks are for, Wen.
9:03 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Do you have /any idea/ how much practice it actually takes to be able to bend like- I will end you.
9:04 PM
Now, Shousei knows what parks are /actually/ for: peace, quiet, and nature.
9:06 PM Jaito
"…ugh. Is even Misaki-chan worth this…" He huffs down onto a bench and flops back. "…yeah. It'd be nice to have a young bride." He starts laughing to himself. And laughing. And laughing. Not the crazy chuckle, but more of a doofus joy.
9:06 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
All of these things will be useful in Shousei's plan.
9:06 PM
…Night's fault. Really. Good to know.
9:08 PM Jaito
"…do you want dinner first, a bath…or maybe me….eheheheheee…."
9:10 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Peace: Wen is happy and unaware of his surroundings. Quiet: Shousei is very quiet. Nature: Shousei knows this place well. Like the fact that there is a reason why no one comes into this area of the park: that nest of ants under the park bench.
9:12 PM
Let's see how long it takes the gross little man to notice.
9:13 PM Jaito
"Oh, but our sons get your power, mother…and our daughters get my hands-uh-uh….AWGAWDWHAT!!!!!"
9:13 PM
He hops up and punches the bench in two. What follows is quite a bit of rolling around and swearing.
9:14 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
9:14 PM
Shousei is leaving now, before he gets any ideas.
9:14 PM Jaito
"Shousei, you cowaaaaaaaaard!" he shouts, still rolling about.
9:18 PM Night_Misaki
It is at about this point that Night wanders into the scene, having been hoping for a quiet hallucination today. Instead, she finds…whatever this is. "…You have got to be kidding me."
9:18 PM Jaito
"You dishonor your ancestors, OWWW!!!! Mother of - YOU LOOK LIKE A GIRL!!!"
9:20 PM Night_Misaki
"…Are you incompetent as well as an idiot? He's right there." Night points, with a look somewhere between disgust and confused amusement.
9:20 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei sees Night and kind of skids from a run into a much slower walk. She's going to s- yep she can see him.
9:21 PM Jaito
sits up. "Aha! My plan worked! If you curse someone's ancestors, they are revealed. His people want me to punish him! Shousei, c'mere so I can hit you!"
9:21 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Bite me, you bizarre little child," he snaps. "Why the hell were you following me?"
9:22 PM Night_Misaki
"…" Night pinches the bridge of her nose and considers just leaving the two of them.
9:24 PM Jaito
"I wasn't following you. I was following my convictions…
9:24 PM
He stands up, dusting himself off. "You're lucky I'm not allergic…oww…."
9:25 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Then why do your convictions involve my being a 'slippery little primadonna' that you insist on following around?"
9:26 PM Jaito
He nods, matter of factly. "Because my convictions led me in the direction of your heart. Obviously."
9:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He glances to Night. "I'm sorry. Did you want this thing or is this another coincidence?" Referring to Wen.
9:26 PM Jaito
"Hey! I'm not a thing!"
9:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
… …Shousei does not make the statement he's thinking.
9:27 PM Night_Misaki
"I was hoping for some quiet, but if I fail to get it, I may settle for breaking faces. And you two are looking like prime candidates." …So yes, she is still mad about the theatre club, in case you were wondering, Shousei.
9:28 PM Jaito
"Perfect! Shousei needs more battle training. He can dodge like a greased piglet, but he's got no oomph!"
9:29 PM Night_Misaki
9:29 PM
"I will break every single one of your fingers and stuff them down your throat."
9:30 PM Jaito
He blinks. "What's wrong, Misaki-oujosama. Did things go poorly with Kisses?"
9:31 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I'm perfectly happy to simply leave you be to seek quiet, if you want." Like you would even know.
9:31 PM Night_Misaki
Night shoots Wen a Look. It is an /extremely/ nasty look. It is a look that promises death and pain in creative and extremely malicious ways if Wen doesn't shut up right that second.
9:32 PM
(intimidation 5!)
9:33 PM Jaito
Wen raises an eyebrow. "If you lose composure, you lose the world, Oujosama." He bows his head, then turns to Shousei. "Murakami. Duel my new character."
9:36 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei looks at him for a moment, then looks at Night, making sure this isn't going to cause another fight or get into her business. She… can be scary, and he wasn't intending to poke her.
9:37 PM Night_Misaki
Night seems about ready to say something, but chokes it down. Frustrating dream. Frustrating game. Lose the world, will she? She already did. So now she'll just…watch. "…Go ahead and accept the challenge, Shousei. You don't need to ask me for permission."

9:39 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He shrugs one shoulder, turning back to Wen. "Whatever. If you mean in-game… er, I didn't bring my AR with me, but sometime is fine."
He opens his school jacket - there are six pockets in it ,each one with a basic set of wrap-around goggles and a stock model COMP. "When dueling an enemy, one must be prepared to accomodate his comforts!"
9:43 PM Shousei_Yamazaki

9:44 PM
"…Sure. Why not." What can you even say?
9:44 PM
Shousei didn't even know you could make new characters, but it's nice to know someone can.
He tosses one rubber-band wrapped set to Shousei, and then offers one to Night if she wishes to observe.
9:46 PM
"It'll take just a bit for you to access your profile and download your character data."
9:46 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei sighs and puts the glasses on.
9:46 PM Night_Misaki
Night taps holds up her own wireframe glasses. Funny how she always remembers those but never her damn contacts.
9:48 PM Jaito
9:49 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Seven hours, twenty-three minutes…" Shousei says wonderingly. He moves to the right just in case he's somehow standing in the one spot in the whole city the game's satellites can't grab.
9:50 PM
"…I'm not standing here for seven hours."
9:50 PM Jaito
"…that's gotta be a mistake. Even basic COMPs can clock 300 Mbps on GnOSis enabled networks…that'd be…."
9:51 PM
He frowns. "Something like 20 terabytes."
9:52 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Oh. Damnit." He takes the glasses off. "No, it's probably because I'm experiencing that glitch. That pixie was multiple terabytes, or something."
9:53 PM
"How large is a normal character profile?"
9:53 PM Jaito
"Couple gigs at the very most, and that's including all the ARc
9:53 PM
"Hell, the game software itself isn't THAT huge."

9:53 PM
"Maybe…50 gigs on a COMP."
…Iinnnnteresting. Night keeps her head tilted, quietly pulling on her own glasses. Hey, Jack, you there for real?
9:55 PM Jaito
That depends, boss. Is your CHEST? How rude…
9:56 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei makes an irritated noise. "I'm sorry. I wonder if I could just make another character?" He pokes the glasses. "It won't let me do things without a profile, will it?"
9:56 PM
"If I can just have my sword- or /a/ sword- I can do without a Persona or anything."
9:56 PM Jaito
I would like to point out that Wen made me say that. He threatened me. Clearly-hee-hoo."
9:58 PM
"You can always load a pre-gen, but you wouldn't have your cute little Persona." He snickers under his breath. "You'll need it to beat even my pre-gen."
9:58 PM Night_Misaki
Don't give me that. I keep getting automated responses, It's getting annoying.// Night tilts her head, thinking, before pulling the sword out of her inventory. "Hey, Shousei. Try this but be careful, it's actually sharp."
9:58 PM Jaito
"I'll let things slide for now. But I can at least teach you a thing or two. Do you have any questions on fighting or Personas? I'm not a user myself, but a lot of the 1500s prefer them."
9:58 PM
"….actually sharp? You don't mean-!"
9:58 PM Night_Misaki
And for the record, yes, they're real.
9:59 PM
"You've got a better idea? He's not going to actually try to kill someone with it."
9:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" Shousei smiles slightly. "No, no, I think we can play with the pregen. After all, if you're just teaching me, I don't have to beat you, right?" Though I totally will.
10:00 PM
Shousei takes the sword. He has no idea what it is, but hey, free sword.
10:00 PM Jaito
10:01 PM
10:01 PM
…funny. It was 3 a minute ago.
10:01 PM Night_Misaki
"Anything more than first blood and I'm breaking your arm, and that goes for both of you. We clear?"
10:01 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Absolutely. Thank you, Naito-san." He has a very odd expression on his face.
10:02 PM Night_Misaki
…Oh, my. Night takes a step back out of the way and watches, a curious, measuring expression on her face. So it wasn't just Michael who had more to him.
10:02 PM Jaito
Wen cracks his neck and grins. "My arm belongs to you, anyway. All right…my new character…Zouchouten!" Very little changes over AR, except that Eastern-style armor reimagined in kevlar and ablative plating overlaps his clothing.
10:03 PM
"Now…before I come at you, Murakami, I must ask you one question. WHY DO YOU FIGH?"
10:03 PM
10:03 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Just a moment-" Shousei replaces the glasses and picks a pregen that looks nice enough.
10:05 PM Jaito
Pregens don't look much more complicated than costume changes over his baseline stats.
10:06 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Why does he fight… why is he fighting? Well… there we go. That one is relatively pretty, doesn't look too stupid. He holds the sword in both hands, taking a stance. But there was a question. What was it? Right.
10:07 PM
"I fight for a very good reason, Anthony Wen. Now you've gotten me very curious what it is." He smirks at the other boy.
10:08 PM
"Why don't you see if you can find out before I do?"
10:08 PM Night_Misaki
Jack, got any bets?
10:09 PM Jaito
Wen grins broad. "Guys like you turn me on, Murakami. It's a shame you let an idiot wear your colors." He falls into an low martial arts stance.
10:09 PM
….My money's on the ugly one.
10:10 PM Night_Misaki
Zouchou? Probably, but I'm betting Murakami gives him more trouble than he counted on.
10:11 PM Jaito
No, I said the UGLY one.
10:11 PM
INITIAITVE: What is your alertness, Murakami?
10:11 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei's eyes widen. "Idiot… you're the only /idiot/ here. Tell me that any other time…"
10:11 PM
10:12 PM Night_Misaki
I think we have different standards here, neither of them's my type. Which ugly one?
10:13 PM Jaito
"Nope. I'm the only here that's not an idiot. Because I'm the only one here with nothing to HIDE!" He launches himself at Shousei, moving a lot faster than his frame would suggest. (His Alertness is 2)
10:13 PM
ATTACK: 4 vs. ….
10:14 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I'll eat you alive." It begins to occur to Shousei exactly what Wen said. It should bother him, but- no, it just distracts him long enough to let that thing get one over him, apparently.
10:15 PM
He crouches down and leaps forward, attempting to somersault over Wen's head entirely.
10:16 PM Jaito
10:18 PM
10:18 PM
POWER: 5 vs. ARMOR: 1 - 4 stress!
10:18 PM
Murakami: [ ] [ ] [ ] [X]
10:19 PM
The blow passes by him, but as Wen brushes past, it's all Shousei can do to land on his feet. His clothing looks DENTED for a moment….and Wen just grins.
10:19 PM
"Don't underestimate me…"
10:20 PM
Still, it was a narrow thing. No full damage.
10:21 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Dented… He looks down in awe for a moment, then his fists clench in fury. Shousei… no, he doesn't hate him. He doesn't hate him, but he's certainly feeling /something/.
10:23 PM
"Idiot… you may be a big, tough idiot, but that's /exactly/ what you are." He swings the sword in an arcing blow, hoping to catch Wen's flank before he manages to turn. "I'm not hiding anything! You just can't see worth a damn! None of you!"
10:25 PM
10:28 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 2 vs. DEFENSE: 3 - Miss!…
10:29 PM
…as Zouchouten slides his leg aside and turns to look Murakami face-to-face from an inch away. "Then SHOW us, you coward. Do you think we have time to strain our ears with your miserable life?" Then he rears back and tries a HEADBUTT.
10:29 PM Night_Misaki
Night's eyes narrow slightly. That…sounds a little familiar. Wasn't that what she'd told him?
10:29 PM Jaito
10:30 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I don't care what you do," he hisses, attempting to strafe out of the way.
10:31 PM
10:32 PM Jaito
"Then don't complain when we don't care who you ARE!"
10:34 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"If you don't care, stop fucking demanding I answer your questions! Stop presuming shit! If you can't tell the difference between the good little boy and the man who'll slit your throat, how do you think your idiot eyes can see me?" As if punctuating his thought, Shousei aims another broad blow in an attempt to knock Wen's legs out from under him.
10:34 PM
10:35 PM Jaito
10:35 PM
POWER: 4 vs. ARMOR: 2 -
10:35 PM
Zouchouten: [ ] [X] [ ] [ ]
10:36 PM
He has to hop back onto his palms to avoid more than a lost chunk of armor…which he does and then launches BOTH BOOTS towards Murakami's head. While shouting.
10:36 PM
10:36 PM
10:42 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
This is ridiculous. This is utterly and without question ridiculous, it should not be happening in a sane universe, and for God's sake, Shousei barely understands what's coming out of his own mouth. But this is a game, and for once in his life, Shousei finds that he actually wants to win.
10:43 PM
He ducks under the flying double-kick with blinding speed, perfectly happy to allow Zouchouten to fly past him into a tree.
10:43 PM Jaito
He kicks a young-to-middling tree in HALF.
10:43 PM
10:44 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
10:46 PM Jaito
Wen remains at a kneel, at the other side of the smashed tree. "…there it is. Your fighting spirit. REMEMBER that feeling, Shousei…it's what makes Murakami a man, and you a boy…"
10:46 PM
He rises, turning. "What are you waiting for?!"
10:49 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Veils stops, staring at him, not even quite panting yet. Wen is an idiot. He is a goddamned idiot. Why won't he shut up for five minutes? Why won't he just- just…
10:49 PM
"Have you really been provoking me all this fucking time in the hopes I would /make/ you shut up?"
10:50 PM Jaito
Wen smirks. "Course not. I've been provoking you all this time to see just what you had to say when you stopped making excuses."
10:51 PM Night_Misaki
"This is getting a little boring, boys, are you going to do something worth watching?" Come on, just a little farther.
10:53 PM Jaito
"Hard woman to please." He extends one hand…and then gives the "Come get me" gesture. "Then again, who have you made happy, Murakami? Yourself?"
10:53 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Veils looks over to Night with an evil little grin, then back at Wen. He advances slowly, his sword held in a low position, as if ready to gut Zouchouten at any moment. "You want to see what I do when I stop making excuses? You want to see the real me? Something I hide?"
10:54 PM Jaito
"Yeah…before I keel over dead from boredom."
10:58 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I was happy. I was so verrry happy. Ignorance is bliss. You should know that, you empty-headed little rooster." He advances smoothly until he hops over the tree, then buries the sword in a branch for the time being, smiling at Wen. "You want to provoke me. Really. You have no idea what sort of monster you want to wake up." And then- without warning, Shousei takes another long step forward,…
10:58 PM
…grabs Wen by the chin, and kisses him. The sparks that occur afterwards, as the horned head of Oberon superimposes itself over Veils, are quite disturbingly non-metaphorical.
10:59 PM
10:59 PM Night_Misaki
…Alright, that counts as interesting. Night blinks, and…considers. Well, it could work out, but it'd never be stabl—why is she even thinking about that?
11:00 PM Jaito
Wen's eyes go wide…and he doesn't even manage to didge the coming bolt.
11:00 PM
11:01 PM
POWER: 4 vs. DEFENSE: 0 - 8 stress.
11:01 PM
11:01 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei laughs… wait. …What just happened?
11:01 PM Jaito
He falls to his knees.
11:01 PM Shousei_Yamazaki

11:01 PM Jaito
Eyes still dully open, he coughs up a mouthful of blood. "…pretty…impres-" He collapses.
11:02 PM Night_Misaki
…Oh, shit. "…Fuck!"
11:02 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He blinks for a moment. Wait. Okay. 1) What did I just do, 2) What did I just do /in front of Night/, 3) So my character profile /did/ download?
11:02 PM Night_Misaki
11:02 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
4) … … Please tell me oh god please tell me that's in-game.
11:02 PM Jaito
At this point, the COMP on Shousei's hip explodes.
11:02 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
11:02 PM Jaito
Harmlessly, but it's a hunk of smoking plastic.
11:02 PM Night_Misaki
"…Shousei. Call 911. Now."
11:05 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"GAH!" He steps back, tossing the glasses at the ground, utterly terrified. The- the thought that that should not have happened, there is no way, races through his brain, but as usual Shousei's body is much smarter than his brain and he's already gotten to his phone and there are numbers being dialed.
11:05 PM Night_Misaki
Night…has no idea how to administer CPR so she'll settle for making sure Wen still has a pulse.
11:06 PM Jaito
His heart, in fact, is not beating.
11:06 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Oh god…" He can't even manage an apology, really, as he steps away from Wen. The only parts of his brain that aren't being devoted to freaking out are being devoted to making sure this phone call does not consist entirely of screaming that he may have murdered someone.
11:07 PM Jaito
(Both of you, Discipline.)
11:08 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
11:08 PM Jaito
The ambulance arrives while Shousei's still on the phone, describing his location.
11:09 PM
A team of three run out with gurney and equipment and gather Wen up. A man in a lab coat over a business suit is among them and spends the entire time swearing at Wen like he did something wrong. Soon, he's in the back of the truck.
11:10 PM
(difficulty of 6)
11:10 PM Night_Misaki
11:13 PM Jaito
As the ambulance fades into the distance, Shousei and Night are left with the sword…and each other.
11:13 PM
Even so…Wen never stopped smiling.
11:19 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei stands and stares at the place where the ambulance was for a while.
11:23 PM Night_Misaki
….Night…looks a little pale, and scrubs at her face, suddenly exhausted. "…That motherfucking idiot."
11:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Slowly, he realizes he's digging his fingers into his arms hard enough to hurt, and he lets up a bit. He feels… scared, mostly. "…What did I /do/?"
11:26 PM Night_Misaki
"You didn't." Night shakes her head. "That wasn't electricity damage. He was expecting it to happen."
11:27 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"How was…" He blinks. The blood. Yes, that's true. You don't usually cough up blood when shocked. "…Then what the hell happened?"
11:27 PM
Didn't he? Oh- Shousei facepalms. "Oh, god. No, I'm sorry. I'm an idiot… how did I think…."
11:29 PM Night_Misaki
"It's understandable you'd think it was your fault. I don't think that's his intention, he's an idiot but not a malicious one." She turns, and for lack of anything else to hit, kicks a broken tree rather violently. "He was big in the game, way back when, Shousei. I couldn't find any reasons why he stopped but now I have a theory."
11:30 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He sighs. "Would you mind telling me what it is?"
11:30 PM
"I need to see… if he's actually okay. But…" Not right now.
11:30 PM Night_Misaki
"That looked…like he had a heart attack."
11:41 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" He chews his lip. "But a heart attack…" Well, that could happen if he overexerted himself. That could also happen if except that no, Shousei /didn't/ shock him, that's stupid, because the heart attack happened /in real life/. It just seemed like it did and freaked Shousei out…
11:41 PM Night_Misaki
11:41 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Of course there's also the possibility that he killed him by /kissing/ him then and that train of thought is stopping right now.
11:41 PM
11:43 PM Night_Misaki
"Electric shock damage looks very different, knock it off." Seriously, focus. "If he has something wrong with his heart, that's something he knew going into a fight with you. It was stupid and reckless, but it's Wen."
11:44 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Great. Now "I might have killed someone" is warring with "I kissed a boy, and in public". (And a tiny little bit of "I actually kissed someone and then they coughed up blood and died".) Shousei nods slowly.
11:45 PM
"I… don't think this is going to make any sense at the moment. Sorry. …What do we do?"
11:47 PM Night_Misaki
"Right now? Nothing. They got here quickly enough that he'll likely pull through, but I'm sure they'll keep him in the hospital for a while." The idiot's not dead, he's too…himself for that. Night shrugs, before running a hand through her hair. "Also, for reference, you may want to keep the public boykissing to a minimum, that's still illegal here."
11:48 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei buries his head in his hands. "Is there /any/ way I can ask you to pretend that didn't happen?"
11:49 PM Night_Misaki
"Unfortunately for either of us, no. What's the big deal, it's not like you're actually into him, right? It happened. Move on."
11:50 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He sighs heavily, not quite irritated. "…I don't know, Night, have /you/ ever been in that situation?"
11:51 PM Night_Misaki
"Kissing someone as a distraction? It's not really my style." She arches an eyebrow at him. "What, was that your first kiss?"
11:53 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He shakes his head, but then pauses- he wasn't actually shaking his head to the question. "With… genuine respect, I- no. Nevermind." He glances at the sword, then at the hospital; it seems his head's cleared a little. Sort of. "I should go… and then I need to go home."
11:54 PM
Wait. That reminds him. "If you see my brother, tell him my father's away this week on business? Mom and I… we'd really like to see him."
11:54 PM Night_Misaki
"…" Night sort of…gives Shousei an incredulous look. "You're asking me. To get your brother to visit you."

11:55 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"You might have a better hold on him than we do."
"For all I know." There's a little bitterness. Just a bit.
11:58 PM Night_Misaki
"That's…" …A really sad state of affairs, really. Well, she can't be having that kind of sad story in her dream. "…If I see him, I'll pass it on, but I can't make any promises. Having a hold on him is like grasping smoke."
11:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I don't expect certainties. Thank you."
11:59 PM
"…" He looks Night over. "You're… you're not a bad person. At all." He might say that in a slightly incredulous tone, but he's trying not to.

11:59 PM Night_Misaki
"…You know, Shousei. If you want people to see you, you have to look for them, too." She just looks a little tired when he says that.
He shakes his head again. No… he's pretty sure he doesn't want that. But the way she phrased it…
12:02 AM
"Heh. You and Michael said the same thing, you know? I mean… it's none of my business."
12:08 AM Night_Misaki
"It's not about whether it's any of your business. But that's how people are made to connect."
12:14 AM Night_Misaki
shrugs, picking up the sword and putting it away again. "If you want to be seen, see others. If you want to be heard, hear others. You can't get something for nothing…it's the same way with people."
12:17 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I don't want to be seen. That would… not be good. I just don't want to be seen as something I'm /not/. …But thank you for the advice."
12:18 AM
"I'm sorry I've been paranoid and… kind of a jerk to you? And a lot of people…" Who he is starting to be under the impression are /weird/.
12:23 AM Night_Misaki
"Shousei, I get the impression you're paranoid and kind of a jerk to everybody." She shrugs. "You won't be the last who's seen me as something I'm not."
12:23 AM
"But if you don't want to be seen, why did you join the game?"
12:27 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" He rubs the back of his neck. He really needs to do something with his hair.
12:28 AM Night_Misaki
She pulls a hair clip out of her pocket and offers it. It's…something, at least. Even if it's a very…sparkly something.
12:28 AM
…Why does Night have girly hairclips?
12:29 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Well. My father wanted me to make friends. And I sort of… do want to see what all the fuss is about," he says quietly. "And I guess I do want…" Shousei smirks as he sees Night pull out the hair clip.
12:30 AM
He'll take it, sparkles and all. "I guess I'd like it if I didn't have to be worried all the time."

12:33 AM Night_Misaki
"Worrying all the time isn't healthy, anyway."
"But I can't say his advice was bad. Maybe you'll find a better alternative to worrying."