East Coast Park


  • Description
    • Within walking distance of Victoria Junior College, a little oceanfront park with trees, walking paths, benches, gazebos, skate rentals…
  • The Idea
    • A serene place to get in touch with nature, for introspection or small gatherings. When nature is behaving, anyway.
  • Aspects
    • Getting Away From It All
  • The Face
    • Name : Mamat
    • Concept : A weird, upbeat hippie guy who almost seems like he lives in the park, usually sporting a bushy beard, sunglasses, wicked skates, and AR gear. He's gotta be pretty rich to afford what he has, somehow…

Notable Details

  • Sometimes afterschool clubs have meetings in the park.

Past Events

  • A while ago, a really bad storm blew down a bunch of trees in one area of the park, and they haven't gotten around to replanting them yet. There's still ticky-tape warnings up around it.