Emily Lin


Beautiful, intelligent, unstable (to put it mildly, though she has gotten somewhat better), resentful and perhaps even regretful, a woman of frustrated ambitions and passions and perhaps only now realizing she's done everything wrong and that she might truly love her son after all and maybe even all along, but years too late. Lashes out at others and has blamed Michael and his existence for the wreck of her life and made no bones about saying so.

Sharp-tongued, selfish, often emotionally abusive and distant. Very good at tearing others down with words and shifting the blame.


Emily looks very much like an older version of her son, with long black hair and violet eyes, slender and lithe (if not as androgynous as she was before she had a child) and most likely mistaken for his older sister rather than his mother. While she is still beautiful, her illness has left her frail and far too thin, and rather obviously dying by inches.