Exposition Fairy

So, there they are. With two halves of a scrapped car, a roasted…devil prince. Michael, glowing faintly in the evening breeze. And then two young sons outside their castle - impressively fortified at that.
7:16 PM Night_MIsaki
Night is…whatever she is. Tired. Incredibly tired. And here she'd thought the day starting in the hospital meant it could only go up for there. But that…was less important.
7:18 PM
There's an apocalypse to explain, or something.
7:18 PM Jaito
For what it's worth, Cam's not having a great one either. He lies out on the grass and groan-sighs about two lungfuls worth of air before setting down.
7:19 PM
Night receives a brief text message: "I made a recording. It's playing on 1500 and general game news channels now. I have something to take care of. Be safe. - Shiro."
7:20 PM Night_MIsaki
She'll…look at that later. Focus. Focus. "Shousei."
7:20 PM Greenling is now known as Shousei_Yamazaki
7:21 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"What?" Shousei's still running on full, for now.
7:23 PM Night_MIsaki
"A bomb shelter won't…help. Not that kind of apocalypse." Deep breaths. None of this is real, why is she bothering, why does she care-oh, to hell with that right now. She can have a crisis of philosophy later. "…If this goes to way I think, it's not that things will explode and everyone dies in a giant fireball of pain. Although there will probably be some of that…" …that wasn't helping, was it?
7:23 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Game coming to life or not, there has to be /something/…"
7:24 PM
"…You said- nevermind."
7:24 PM Night_MIsaki
"There is, it involves killing someone. And that will only delay it. What's happening is…the worlds are merging. Demons, humans, asura…all very real and in the mix together. It's the same as the storyline posited in the game's premise…" She scrubs at her face, tiredly. "…What's important now isn't stopping it."
7:24 PM
"You want to survive. You have people you want to survive, right?"
7:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Can you stop talking down to me for five minutes? Yes! Yes, you obviously know what you're doing. If you know how to help people, just skip the preambles, stop trying to explain and tell me what to do!" He throws his hands up, then takes a step back and looks away like he's not entirely talking to Night.
7:26 PM Michael_Lin
In the meantime, while Night is busy telling Shousei about what is going on, Michael drifts over by Cam. He has questions to ask, and behind glass, there is that whisper in his own voice, a promise of thorns, and a threat: the Asura can probably see white boots stop by his head.
7:27 PM Jaito
Cam slowly chuckles. "He isn't ready to hack it, Naito. He wants to play dollies and homework forever."
7:27 PM
A semi-scorched eyebrow raises at Michael's approach. "Hmm…?"
7:27 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…I will stab you again, Cameron. I will stab you in the /face/," he spits.
7:27 PM Jaito
Said eyebrow furrows. "Do…not…call…me…Cameron."
7:28 PM Night_MIsaki
"I don't know. I can't decide that for you-Cam shut up or I feed your tongue to a demon." Night reaches out, grabbing Shousei by the ear. "If you think I know what I am doing you are one hell of an idiot."
7:28 PM Michael_Lin
Glass breaking inside his head, as he pulls the veil of his other self over him.
7:28 PM Michael_Lin is now known as Misha_Nikaia
7:28 PM Night_MIsaki
…That's. Not good. Let's move farther away from that.
7:28 PM Misha_Nikaia
That change in posture is probably immediately obvious: no fluttering, just serene.
7:28 PM Night_MIsaki
Without letting go.
7:29 PM Misha_Nikaia
"I have questions for you," serene, soft.
7:30 PM
"Please tell me everything that you know about what is going on now."
7:31 PM Jaito
Both eyebrows go up. "…why would I do that? Night is clearly picking up fast enough. I'd hate to steal her thunder."
7:31 PM
"My tongue. Demon. Et cetera, et cetera."
7:32 PM Night_MIsaki
"Oh no, answer those questions, by all means."
7:32 PM Misha_Nikaia
"You know things that she does not."
7:32 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei grimaces and tries to pull out of her grip. "I have /no idea/ what you have been doing or how you know anything, all right? Look, can we just- if I'm an idiot, /fine/- but what do you want from me? Or should I just begin doing things and wait for you to tell me your opinion on them?"
7:35 PM Night_MIsaki
"…" Night gives Shousei the most flat look she can manage. "Alright. Look. I woke up today in the hospital and that has been the fucking high point of my day. I have watched people die, today. I am tired, and I am missing several pieces of this puzzle and if you could put your inferiority complex in the goddamn closet for ten minutes, I can get all my information on the table, then you can decide what the hell to do."
7:35 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He sounds exasperated more than anything.
7:35 PM
"Then just /talk/."
7:36 PM
"I don't have an inferiority complex! I'm just tired of this."
7:38 PM Misha_Nikaia
And quieter, so that only Cam can hear, "And while we are at it…some boundaries need to be drawn. Or redrawn."
7:38 PM Jaito
"…tired. There's no such thing as tired. Only losing. You're losing, Yamazaki…" He glances up at…yes, Misha. "…that's a different conversation. For later. Now…what exactly are you people trying to find out?"
7:39 PM Night_MIsaki
…Note to self, kill Cam later.
7:39 PM Misha_Nikaia
"What has Mother told you? About everything."
7:41 PM Jaito
"About /what/?" He sighs, exasperated himself. "About Yamazaki and his brats? About the game? About you? There's a lot a ground, and I don't have the whole map."
7:42 PM Night_MIsaki
"…I don't know. The GnOsis is…a ritual. A summoning-no. I don't know why. I can't explain that. I can only tell you what-your father was part of this. He wanted this, same as mine, same as his mother. …Or something, I don't know what any of them gain by this besides being bad villains in children's cartoons." She wobbles on her feet-when she said tired, she hadn't been kidding. There's so much going on, so many variables. "…I can make them real. The demons. The GnOsis is the same as the language they speak. A language that changes reality. I think there's some of it in your profile."
7:42 PM
"I need to see it."
7:42 PM
"If I can make the demons real, maybe I can do the same with persona."
7:42 PM Misha_Nikaia
"About the game. And about the Other: I have been told about myself."
7:43 PM Jaito
"…Other? Whoa, you mean the Hito-Shura?" A wince turns slowly into a chuckle. "All you need to know is 'Run'. Kid's some kinda famous."
7:43 PM Night_MIsaki
"Where the hell can we even run, this is a tiny country."
7:44 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Right. So my father /is/ in on whatever this is…" Shousei tries to stay calmer. "I can guess what he wants, but that doesn't explain why they decided to… break reality, if that's the right way of putting it? And the GnOSis… that's the coding language, right?"
7:44 PM
"Okay. Do you know how I show you my profile? Do you want to see my AR glasses?"
7:45 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Running will do entirely no good in the end, when it comes down to it. Nor will it sooner if he keeps breaking into my apartment."
7:45 PM Jaito
He chuckles at Shousei's suggestion, but keeps his thoughts to himself. "…he broke into your apartment? Man, I shoulda thought of that…hooo, the look that musta been on your face. Well, /his/ face. Your face doesn't do it for me."
7:46 PM Misha_Nikaia
"That goes into the boundary conversation, princeling."
7:46 PM Night_MIsaki
"I have mine. I can…I think I can look myself. But you should keep yours on you. You…had things you wanted to—…" …What was Cam even. What.
7:46 PM Jaito
He sits up. "ANYWAY…the whole 'blow up the world' thing wasn't even Yamazaki or Lin's idea."
7:46 PM
He gives Night a pointed look.
7:46 PM
"…well, not MY Lin anyway."
7:46 PM Night_MIsaki
"Don't even start."
7:46 PM
"Donnnn't even."
7:47 PM Jaito
"Momma Lin used to laugh about that a lot, you know? 'Who are the demons indeed?' and all that."
7:48 PM Night_MIsaki
"…Shousei. Things. You said you were going to call me. Explain now before I go and murder him."
7:48 PM
7:49 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Is there anything else?"
7:50 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" It takes him a second to remember. "I wanted to call you because I thought you might know more. You're… you're the one who reads a lot. Father came here, he… said a lot of things about something coming."
7:51 PM Night_MIsaki
"…I. Am going to need more to go on than that."
7:52 PM Jaito
"Kill me, don't kill me…geez, woudlja make up your minds? I'm /trying/ to help. One of the 'gadiers ends up in the hospital, where he runs into Momma Lin - she likes to read to kids or somethin'. Kid finds out…well, there's a lot goin' on. She goes on about some wish…and sure enough, brings it to the 'gade."
7:52 PM
"We sign up…we get first taste, right? Heck, we even all make it, because I made sure we were all tough enough. Peak. To survive, you gotta have a /fire/. You gotta hate life."
7:53 PM Night_MIsaki
"…What a sad view of survival."
7:53 PM Jaito
"We're just the first survivors. The NPCs get wiped. The Demis shape the world. Only the worthy make it to Paradise."
7:53 PM
He shrugs. "No sadder than the 'real world'."
7:55 PM Night_MIsaki
Night snorts, shaking her head, a thin, weary smile on her lips. "I'm not about to bother debating the meaning of strength, not with anyone."
7:55 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"He was acting more mysterious than he normally does, and that's… saying something, sometimes. He called us in to…" He winces and speaks a little more softly. This is really personal business, but if any of it's relevant, she might be able to put the pieces together. "Something about coronation. By which he seems to have meant disowning us. He told us to stay away from you, and that he…
7:55 PM
…had what you had, and what you were looking for. He said to stay away from /Michael/, because he was… uhm, not human and going to try to kill us both." He glances apologetically at Michael.
7:56 PM Jaito
"See? That's because you /know/. Do ANY of you actually like your lives? Hell, even like your/selves/ in the world that was?"
7:56 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Yes." He glares at Cam.
7:56 PM Misha_Nikaia
"He was half-right, it seems." the not-human part.

7:57 PM Night_MIsaki
"…I'm fine with who I am, Black Prince." Night…sighs. "…He's…not talking about me. Same as the rest of them, he's worried I'm my father's daughter, whatever the hell that means."
"I don't give a fuck who your daddy is, Night. Kill me if you like, but don't insult me to my face. You…are interesting. But whenever the word 'father' comes out of your mouth, it just tastes like stupid on my tongue."
7:58 PM
He cracks his neck. "Man…you're all crazy." He flops. "This was supposed to be simple."
7:58 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I'm sort of getting that impression. Xiao said something similar… I'm not going to ask." Shousei quirks an eyebrow.
7:58 PM Night_MIsaki
"…" Night snorts. "Why does everyone assume I dislike myself because of that? You don't really know anything about me."
7:58 PM
"It's not as though I expect you to, but you could at least realize that."
7:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"You're an idiot who signed up with god only knows what for false promises. Nothing is ever simple."
7:59 PM Jaito
"Oh, I got everything that I was promised. Included a beating for not fixing twinkle-toes over there…lost my 'gade, because I was soft."
8:00 PM
He jerks a thumb at Michael.
8:01 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"And were you promised this would be what you wanted, or that you would be anything more than the miserable lump you are?" He hrumphs. "Anyhow…" Back to Night. "I think with all his metaphors about conviction and coronation and "you know what's coming, or you think you do", that he was trying to hint something deeper. And probably taunt us, but that's sort of a given."
8:01 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Clearly you should have pushed harder then." very serenely.
8:01 PM Night_MIsaki
"There's nothing simple about a world ending…" Maybe Cam just didn't even know the truth. It didn't really matter. Night wobbles. Profile. Profile. She had to look at this, there was something she needed to do. "So you're throwing in with them, now? Funny."
8:02 PM
"…" She bites her lip, considering. Somewhere in all she'd been left, was the answer really there? …Or was this metaphor? Oh, hell, she was bad at this. "I can't decipher your father, Shousei."
8:02 PM
"In case you hadn't noticed, I don't exactly play well with others."
8:03 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He shrugs. "I… mostly wanted to know if I was going crazy."
8:03 PM Jaito
(Lore, Night?)
8:03 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Thinking that there was something more to this game. Some reason why strange things were happening to me. But I already got that answer."
8:03 PM Jaito
Cam gives Misha a long, hard look. "I could have. You know I could have. And you would have buckled, not bounced. See what I get for being a nice guy?"
8:04 PM Misha_Nikaia
"But then again, even if you had…there would be no fixing us the way she wanted. Not from the beginning."
8:04 PM Night_MIsaki
(5, six if ritual magic counts in here)
8:04 PM Jaito
"Yeah, I see that now. Which is why I'm throwing in with you, Devi. I don't care who wins. I just want Momma Lin to /lose/. She set me up with you."
8:06 PM
(…Shousei's profile isn't in gnOSis at all. I mean, it translates, but it's…it's like the difference between kanji and hiragana. Different ways, different implications to arrive at the same conclusion. It all can be READ as gnOSis, but…ugh. Ow. Headache.)
8:06 PM Misha_Nikaia
"In that, at least, we want the same." acknowledging that with a graceful tilt of his head. There's almost something of Michael in it, that birdlike tilt, but it's filtered through a different lens, witch instead of sweet hesitant princess.
8:06 PM
"Then the last - what do you know about Yamazaki?"
8:06 PM Jaito
(She's pretty sure she can scrabble together something to awaken a Persona user's profile, however…but not without subjecting their mind TO the language.)
8:06 PM Night_MIsaki
…Ow. Ow, goddammit. "…son of a fuck this is going to hurt."
8:07 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Are you sure you don't want to come inside, maybe have a bite to eat while you work?"
8:07 PM Jaito
(There is something WRONG with Shousei's profile. In the sense that is not a profile at all. It's just…him.)
8:07 PM Night_MIsaki
Could she…did she have a choice? There was still the sword.
8:07 PM Jaito
(Oh, and it totally works. Already. Now, Masaru's…not yet.)
8:07 PM Night_MIsaki
"…Uh." Food? Food. She'd eaten pizza how long ago was that-oh god their family was in there.
8:08 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I wouldn't mind hearing what you've learned, even if I might not be able to understand it." He smiles a bit. "Mother and my little sister already know who you are, if that, uhm, helps."
8:08 PM
"…Though I don't think they know that the girl who gave me a hairband is also the girl my brother seems to be dating."
8:09 PM Night_MIsaki
"I…maybe. I'm going to. Need to sit down with both of you." She was so tired where was Will this was going to take ages she needed. Coffee. "Do you have espresso? Or pure caffeine or something to take intravenously also I should probably see if I can ward your house against demons or something outside this is really not the best first impression there's blood on me isn't there."
8:09 PM
"Oh, god, why."
8:09 PM Jaito
"Yamazaki….." Cam's voice breaks down into a growl. "Momma Lin gave us options…and admittedly, tried to get me killed. Yamazaki gave us gear. Money. Jobs to do. He had us give momma Lin a satellite thingie to use 'for the show'. A parting gift or some crap…god, he's more unknown than russian roulette with HIV."
8:10 PM Night_MIsaki
"I think that's an insult to HIV."
8:10 PM Misha_Nikaia
Somehow, this was not at all a surprise.
8:10 PM Jaito
"…and his little /bitch/ took over my crew!"
8:10 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I'm sure we can find coffee, and I would appreciate wards." Wow. That is almost friendly.
8:10 PM Night_MIsaki
"What, Inoue?" Night suddenly looks up.
8:10 PM
"Okay, now I want to help you."
8:10 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is actually /managing/ feelings.
8:10 PM Night_MIsaki
"But only if I get to break her face."
8:10 PM Jaito
"I..am going…to rip out her collarbones and suck them /clean/. Just…noisy and slurps…" He gets a rather nasty grin.
8:11 PM Night_MIsaki
"That is disgusting have you no table manners."
8:11 PM Jaito
"That IS manners in some countries. You Japanese…"
8:11 PM Night_MIsaki
"You only slurp soup!"
8:11 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" Shousei shudders. Mostly at the idea that his father's lawyer is around.
8:11 PM Night_MIsaki
"It's not good manners here, either."
8:12 PM Jaito
He waves it off. "New world, new rules. Soup, skin. It's all the same."
8:12 PM Night_MIsaki
Night rocks on her heals again, thinking. The sword might…Gnosis tends to be infectious, she'd like to do this as painlessly as possible, she needed something more permanent than wards although "Shousei how is your house still standing, by the way?"
8:12 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I would really love to know. Good construction?"
8:13 PM Jaito
Cam grimaces. "Yeah. That was a hell of a throw." He looks miffed.
8:13 PM Night_MIsaki
"…I'll. Figure that out later I. We should."
8:13 PM
She looks down at herself. Why she looks more uneasy about meeting a presumably normal family than the world ending is…probably a sign of her priorities.
8:14 PM
"…This day."
8:14 PM Misha_Nikaia
straightens up a little bit. Has no intention of going inside that house.
8:14 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Don't feel insulted, Cam. If you'd managed to harm any of my family members I would need to find a way to kill you and then resurrect you as some kind of puppet."l
8:14 PM Jaito
8:14 PM
Cam's eyes go wide. "…what? What did you say?"
8:14 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I'm sure that's possible if the world is turning into a demon apocalypse"
8:15 PM Night_MIsaki
"Necromancy is nasty and messy, Shousei."
8:15 PM
"Bad idea."
8:15 PM
"The dead get really pissy when you do shit like that."
8:15 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…I said if you'd managed to harm- what is that weird about that, in context?"
8:16 PM
"…Getting him pissy is the point. Death doesn't seem to faze him." He frowns.
8:16 PM Jaito
"…you aren't talking about your shit-for-breath dad, are you?"
8:16 PM Night_MIsaki
"No, not him."
8:16 PM
"The dead."
8:17 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" Shousei thinks for a moment. "…I haven't decided yet. Why, have you tried to hurt him?"
8:17 PM
"Ah. Other, unrelated dead. Good to… know, I guess."
8:18 PM Jaito
"Oh, the reason I /CAME/ here was to chew your dad's fucking head off and spit the pieces down his stupid-ass Armani suit. But…they never said anything about others. And you two are out HERE."
8:18 PM Night_MIsaki
"…That is so mind-numbingly stupid I don't even know what to say."
8:19 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"He's /gone/. We were about to be gone as well."
8:19 PM Jaito
"…motherfucker. Well, I don't mind killing either of you two. Much." He shrugs. "…but I don't…" His expression softens. "No innocents. That's more your dad and Lin's game."
8:21 PM Night_MIsaki
"Cam." Night smiles, and it's like a crescent-moon blade. "I don't think I need to say this, but for posterity-attack either of them again, and you're going to find out exactly what happens when a prince crosses a witch."
8:21 PM Jaito
"If that makes me the beast, then who's my beauty?" He glances between Shousei and Misha.
8:21 PM Night_MIsaki
"You are so barking up the wrong tree there."
8:21 PM Misha_Nikaia
8:23 PM Jaito
"Ugh…what's the phrase. 'yare yare yare'? You guys are so uptight…But little Yamazaki - ….sorry. I didn't mean to bring your family into it. I got a sister myself, and…well, I hope she makes it. No, I know she will." He waves them off. "Now I need to talk to Tron over here."
8:23 PM Night_MIsaki
"…" Did he just…does he even…oh my god how much bad anime does he watch?
8:23 PM Misha_Nikaia
8:24 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" Shousei smirks. "The monster has a heart? Well, I can promise we'll do whatever we need to to make sure your little sister is all right, even if we /do/ end up killing you."
8:25 PM Misha_Nikaia
And that is reaching up- and up, and up-and up- grabbing his collar. At the precise way to choke him with it.
8:25 PM Jaito
"…never said she was little. You watch your ass."
8:25 PM Night_MIsaki
…Yes, let's just. Stand back and watch this.
8:25 PM Jaito
"…um. Hi."
8:25 PM Night_MIsaki
"Shousei, shut up and bask in what's about to happen to him."
8:25 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Shousei is about to respond, but yes.
8:25 PM
8:26 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Let us have that boundary talk now." very cool.
8:26 PM Shousei_Yamazaki

8:26 PM
My god.
8:27 PM Night_MIsaki
We need popcorn.
8:27 PM Jaito
"Have I mentioned that I don't like you…?" There's a bit of weakness in his voice.
8:28 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Yes, you have."
8:29 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Popcorn? We need sculptors. This is a thing of art.
8:30 PM Night_MIsaki
Photos. Papparrazzi. Anything to immortalize this.
8:32 PM Misha_Nikaia
drags him a little bit away. Just far enough so that Shousei and Night can't overhear very easily.
8:32 PM Misha_Nikaia
It's probably hysterically funny because even with three-inch heeled boots on, he's still a good ten inches shorter than Cam.
8:34 PM
And then going to let his collar go.
8:35 PM Jaito
He falls back with a head-rattling thump. "…only today, Nikaia…you try this crap tomorrow…I dare you."
8:36 PM Misha_Nikaia
"We will see what happens." serenely. "/Boundaries./ now."
8:37 PM Jaito
"…hey. It got you into a dress, didn't it?"
8:37 PM Misha_Nikaia
"That was Michael. I would have worn one on my own."
8:37 PM Jaito
"What good does that do anyone?"
8:38 PM Misha_Nikaia
"What good did that do /you/, other than having something pretty to look at?"
8:39 PM Jaito
Night gets another text: "My sword works. The hospital doors were sealed. Stay out; it's dangero-" the rest of the message is garbled gnOSis. THE KING THE KING WHISPERING LIES
8:39 PM
From Shiro
8:40 PM Night_MIsaki
"…Well, fuck."
8:40 PM
Let's see what he'd had on that channel.
8:41 PM Jaito
A single video file, sent top priority. Not many views on the game nets aside from "lol, is this a teaser? What a stupid plot" stuff.
8:43 PM
"Fellow players. You know who I am. Or at least who I pretend to be. I'm an actor. A performer, not truly your emperor or anyone's. However, something's been brought to my attention that is a real, definite danger. My warnings to the staff and to the authorities have gone…unheeded."
8:44 PM
"I've attached examples and details to the end of this video, but the important point is this - honorless people have come together to make the world of our game a reality. This may sound wonderful, but consider - how bleak a world do we play in? Demons. Destruction. Power, yes, but at the price of safety."
8:45 PM Night_MIsaki
"…" Let's just send that on over to the rest of them. No one's going to believe him, not unless…
8:45 PM Jaito
"I am not an emperor. I'm an actor…but I am going to do everything I can to prevent what's to come. If that is unavoidable, then I will play my role. I will be the Blood of Amaterasu. I will be the light. Your light. And I will not stand alone. Thank you…and good luck."
8:45 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Not unless we find ways to show them.
8:46 PM Night_MIsaki
Take video in the hospital, whatever happens. They need to see it with their own eyes before they'll believe you. Survive long enough to show them.
8:46 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Is… the Emperor still in town?"
8:46 PM Night_MIsaki
Hopefully he'll get that text,s he can't get there now.
8:46 PM
"He's trapped in the hospital.
8:46 PM
"I don't know what's happening there but it's…bad. And as I am I won't be able to be much good even if I got there in time."
8:46 PM Jaito
What follows are video clips from the hospital dive, information about the sword…everything he's been given, put into a presentable view.
8:47 PM Night_MIsaki
And they're still not listening? …She's going to have to do something stupid isn't she.
8:47 PM Jaito
The last scene is him, sword drawn (long. Sharp. Perfect)…as he cuts the doors apart in a few lighting-fast strokes…and the faint glow of corpses moving before the video cuts out into gibberish.
8:47 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei winces. "…The /hospital/. Damnit…" He takes a step back. "If /you/ would volunteer- let me go?"
8:48 PM Night_MIsaki
"I need you here first. If I can replicate your power in others, then they can defend themselves."
8:48 PM Jaito
Cam looks back to Misha. "I happen to like Michael. He reminds me of an old enemy."
8:48 PM
"…and he's prettier than you."
8:48 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Yes, well, after you take a look at my profile, then. Or Masaru can go, if you can give him a magic sword or something similar. And he can drive."
8:49 PM Night_MIsaki
She smiles, bitter and faintly angry. "You can't count on being protected. Even with the best of intentions, heroes fail."
8:49 PM Misha_Nikaia
Slender shoulders shrug at that. "Princesses are always prettier than witches."
8:49 PM Night_MIsaki
"…How about we both sit inside and figure this out before anyone runs off to zombies."
8:49 PM Misha_Nikaia
What, did you expect him to react like his mother to that?
8:50 PM Jaito
Cam does look surprised. "You're just another bit of Momma Lin's work. You're gonna talk to /me/ about boundaries. Only one of us has been inside him."
8:51 PM Night_MIsaki
"Have a little faith in the Emperor…he's been doing this longer. We need to think about what's going to come next."
8:52 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Wrong. I am of /his/ making." and one slim finger raises. "But the one boundary…you try to touch him again, and I will castrate you with the heel of my boot. If you are lucky, then I will acquire stilettos."
8:53 PM Jaito
He takes a long swallow. Then, with a bit of a forced grin. "Only if he asks nicely…all right, witch?"
8:53 PM
Still, his eyes aren't meeting Misha's by far.
8:54 PM Misha_Nikaia
"Very well."
8:56 PM
And going to let the veil of his other self go, dissolving again behind glass, serenity giving way to normal birdlike fluttering.
8:57 PM Jaito
Cam's expression softens again. "Like I said…no innocents. So go ahead and get rough, why don't ya? I owe you an ass-kicking."
8:57 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"If it's just him, and it's a hospital…"
8:57 PM
"It isn't really a matter of faith." Shousei frowns. "I'm sure he's doing very well, but there's still cause for alarm."
8:57 PM Jaito
He shouts out, "Little Yamazaki! That goes for you, too! I want a rematch, once I get my 'gade back. And…my skin. Cuticles….sideburns. All of that."
8:57 PM Michael_Lin
And going to shake his head a little to clear it. And going to check what Night sent him.
8:58 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"If I don't get to call you /Cameron/, you will at least call me Shousei."
8:58 PM Night_MIsaki
"Well, it's also a matter of not getting yourself killed with ill-thought-out heroics."
8:58 PM Jaito
"Besides, it's not the zombies he has to worry about. It's Momma Lin. She can whisper the truth into people…and she can put it BACK, which…it means something." He looks…uncomfortable. Ashamed? HIM?
8:58 PM Night_MIsaki
"Because that doesn't actually help anything."
8:58 PM Jaito
"…and I think her 'friend' is gonna be there."
8:58 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I don't plan on making them ill-thought-out."
8:59 PM Night_MIsaki
8:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
8:59 PM Jaito
"Yeah. Your friend's dead. Sorry."
8:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
8:59 PM Night_MIsaki
8:59 PM Jaito
"ANYONE who goes up to that guy is dead."
8:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"What the hell are you talking about?" Shousei seethes.
8:59 PM Night_MIsaki
Shiro would be smart enough to run but.
8:59 PM
8:59 PM
Wen isn't.
8:59 PM
Oh fucking hell.
8:59 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He grits his teeth.
8:59 PM Michael_Lin
"T-then I-I'll g-go."
9:00 PM Jaito
"The Hito-Shura. The Brazilian…"
9:00 PM Night_MIsaki
"…I don't know who h-what."
9:00 PM Jaito
His eyes go wide. "Like /hell/ you are. You aren't ready!"
9:00 PM Night_MIsaki
"Michael, what."
9:00 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Damnit… if there's some kind of /monster/ in the hospital…"
9:00 PM Night_MIsaki
If anyone can…Even just buy them time, but that's a terrible thought. Why does she feel bad.
9:01 PM Michael_Lin
"H-he's l-like m-me, Shousei." gestures to the tattoos. "O-only s-stronger."
9:01 PM Night_MIsaki
"…You'd just be dying. I don't think that thing was ever human."
9:01 PM Michael_Lin
9:01 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He shakes his head. "Then the place needs to be /evacuated/. Heroics be damned."
9:01 PM Night_MIsaki
"I believe that's what's happening?"
9:01 PM
"I don't know. Let me do this thing."
9:02 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Then we should at least go see if they're /doing/ all right."
9:03 PM Night_MIsaki
"Let. Me. Do. This. Before I pass out. Please."
9:03 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
He crosses his arms, looking annoyed. "Guess I can't just presume I'll be any help…"
9:03 PM
"I already /said/ yes."
9:03 PM
"You /are/ ready to pass out, if you can forget conversations we had all of five minutes ago."
9:03 PM Jaito
"God, you guys fight like old wives…" Cam slumps again. "None of you happens to be a /doctor/?"
9:03 PM Michael_Lin
is probably just going to go while they're arguing.
9:04 PM Jaito
"Or have…shit, not even Dia's gonna fix this…time? …if I could just…change…" His eyes start to glow….
9:04 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Like hell he is.
9:04 PM
Not by himself.
9:04 PM Night_MIsaki
"…I can do it, but do you really want this."
9:04 PM Jaito
(Alertness, Shousei and Night)
9:05 PM Night_MIsaki
Need to grab Masaru. "Cam, go. Look for…Look for Annabelle Nolan."
9:05 PM
(I think that's 3.)
9:05 PM Jaito
"Hhngh!" He suddenly spasms, back arching. "H…hungry. Nononono, not yet…" He pulls himself to his feet.
9:06 PM
The glow starts to spread…not just to his arm this time, but all over his body. "…no…No….no, no, no…Momma Lin….Momma…" He sounds AFRAID as he hunches over.
9:06 PM
Night and Shousei are clearly distracted by arguments and by Cam on the verge of losing his /shit/.
9:07 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
That is pretty distracting. "…What the hell?"
9:08 PM Jaito
"nnnng….gah….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The lines across his skin SHATTER, leaving…
9:08 PM Night_MIsaki
"…Oh for fuck's sake."
9:10 PM Jaito
Seven feet of hulking, armored chitin. The legs gain an extra joint at the leg, splitting along the heel to form three-pronged talons. The sword-arm is even larger than before, with a three-pronged 'hilt' that expands and hisses with pink flesh. His face is completely enclosed in a chitinous blank mask like a shield.
9:11 PM
Another one enfolds his left arm entirely, split down the center with a ragged, toothy grin lengthwise.
9:11 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
9:11 PM
Shousei's eyelid twitches.
9:12 PM Night_MIsaki
"…" Night just. Sighs. "Shousei, will you two please go inside? I think I really need to break something, and I have a volunteer."
9:12 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…You do not get to call dibs."
9:12 PM Night_MIsaki
"I just did."
9:13 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Well- well- /bite me/." Shousei grabs the invisible sword. From. Somewhere.
9:13 PM Jaito
Slowly, the tower of demonic knight inches towards them. "…sorry….guys." The chars and tears on his flesh are…slowly disappearing and flaking off. "But I…need something you got…"
9:14 PM Night_MIsaki
"You sure you wouldn't rather Wen did the biting?" Night cracks her knuckles…and grins. "So it's like that? Then no hard feelings when I take you out. Jack, I think we're getting a real fight now, come on!"
9:15 PM Jaito
Jack bursts into light. "Wait, does this make Shousei over here a 'flamer'. EHEEHEEHEEHO!"
9:15 PM
…and…um…what exactly IS Night wearing?
9:15 PM Night_MIsaki
…What in the christ?
9:15 PM
9:15 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
9:15 PM Night_MIsaki
Why is she dressed like a witch from the 1920s.
9:15 PM
9:16 PM Jaito
The once-male wizard is…mostly wearing the same palate. Just…the gloves…and…um…now there's a golden halter and mini-skirt.
9:16 PM Night_MIsaki
"I'm going to kill everything."
9:16 PM
Does she still have her coat?
9:16 PM Jaito
Witchblade would feel a bit drafty.
9:16 PM Night_MIsaki
She better still have her coat.
9:16 PM Jaito
The coat is there, yes. But wide open.
9:16 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" He smirks. "I rescind any further jibes. I think that outfit is enough."
9:16 PM Night_MIsaki
It's at least warm.
9:17 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Of course you're warm, you're standing next to a Pyro Jack.
9:17 PM Night_MIsaki
"Your brother's going to be bad enough." Night snarls, damn near…vibrating with fury. "I am going to. Break a great number of things."
9:17 PM
"And then I'm going to fix this…napkin."
9:18 PM Jaito
"It took me HOURS to convert that…there's so little material."
9:18 PM Night_MIsaki
"…" Wait, who said that.
9:18 PM Jaito
"You want pants? Let's go to the hospit-" Jack blinks. "…The pixie did it."
9:18 PM Shousei_Yamazaki

9:18 PM Night_MIsaki
9:18 PM
9:19 PM Jaito
"Yeah, boss?"
9:19 PM Night_MIsaki
"Jack what did you do."
9:19 PM Jaito
9:19 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is just going to stand here and be amused unless Cam actually tries something.
9:19 PM Night_MIsaki
"-Actually let's have that conversation later."
9:19 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Which, granted
9:19 PM Jaito
(We don't actually need to roll this out. One good hit will literally knock his ass out.)
9:19 PM Night_MIsaki
She is going to kick—no she's not not in this. Fine, she'll just rip his fucking teeth out with her bare hands
9:20 PM
And she stomps right down the stairs to do exactly that.
9:20 PM
Maybe throw him on the ground some for good measure.
9:21 PM Jaito
Kicking honestly can't make it much worse.
9:21 PM Night_MIsaki
There's a principle involved.
9:21 PM
And that's not showing a cannibal any…any thing.
9:22 PM Jaito
"…that is …PERFECT for my appetite!" Cam - no, Mordred shouts, and from the shield no less - before he lunges for her.
9:24 PM Shousei_Yamazaki
Fine. If she's that adamant about it, she can get dibs.
9:25 PM
Shousei's just going to go inside, and the rest of them can sort out whatever they were out here for
9:25 PM Night_MIsaki
He can lunge all he wants, Night sidesteps, grabbing the nearest appendage and pulls. INTO THE GROUND FOR YOU.
9:27 PM Jaito
Night gets the impression that Cam's heart isn't entirely into it- fighting someone who's fighting themselves is just too easy to be satisfying.
9:28 PM Shousei_Yamazaki is now known as Greenling
9:29 PM Night_MIsaki
…How boring.
9:29 PM Night_MIsaki is now known as Kaji
9:29 PM Michael_Lin is now known as Plushiemancer
9:30 PM Jaito
By the time he turns back, his coat is somehow repaired and his wounds aren't quite as dire. But he winces anyway. "…dammit. It's harder in real life."
9:30 PM
He spits out blood, though. Still on his hands and knees. "…I never figured you for the cute type."
9:31 PM Kaji
"…Why do people keep getting turned on by me beating the shit out of things?"
9:31 PM
"Also, never gonna happen."

9:32 PM Jaito
"Don't flatter yourself. God, some girls can't take a compliment."
9:32 PM Kaji
"I am really not in the mood for it right now."
9:32 PM
She wants her real clothes back.
9:33 PM Jaito
"As opposed to…face it, Night. You're high-strung on a tight-wire."
9:33 PM Kaji
And to beat the shit out of whoever did this.
He pulls himself up. "I'm goin' to the hospital. I can eat there."
"…Annabelle Nolan. Michael will probably look for her first." She shrugs. "You promised to serve him. Keeping him alive counts."
"Think I don't know that? I'm the prince in this story - leave the princesses to me, Merlin."

9:34 PM Kaji
"…I don't think this is that kind of story."
9:35 PM
"Also, I don't know I can rock that beard, Morgan."