After a frustrating day or two at school, home can be a pleasant source of sanity. In theory.
12:54 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Having your own room and ready access to ice water and snacks does that.
12:56 AM JaitoWerkzIn
The Japanese style foyer opens up to a kitchen. It's a nice two-story, though it could easily have been considerably bigger if his father took the time to bother. When he was HERE, it never seemed to occur to him.
12:56 AM
In any case, his mother and sister were in the kitchen - mother cooking, sister humming to herself with the occasional breakup of rather strained Engrish.
12:57 AM
"Faycezzu…" she mutters. "Faces, honey. Try to end more sharply. Fay-sez." "Facezu…"
1:02 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei puts up his jacket and shoes and takes a little time to breathe before actually poking his head into the kitchen.
1:04 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Peoporu…have a hundured different fay-sez," she reads. "Better, honey. Pee-puuuull. Try to stop the air right at the ugly part - that's how I learned."
1:05 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
He smiles slightly. That's one way of putting it.
1:05 AM
Shousei slips into the kitchen to get a glass and a drink- and see what's for dinner.
1:06 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Steak and steak fries? …being handled rather dubiously. We're taking 9 oz. ribeyes by someone who is a strictly Japanese cook.
1:07 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…That is weird.
1:07 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Evely face is for every persona." "Person, honey." "Peerson. I have a face for my mother. A face for my father. A face for my…brothers. But they are all me."
1:08 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Even Shousei doesn't really like steak very much. "Good afternoon," he says softly, trying not to interrupt. Glass, ice, water. …Weird.
1:09 AM JaitoWerkzIn
In rapid-fire Japanese, Izumi (the sister) suddenly gains volumes in confidence. "Nii-san, can you help me with my English homework? I have to recite this in front of /people/ tomorrow…"
1:09 AM
Ms. Yamazaki just laughs to herself. A sizzle of smoke is rather darker than ideal. Her laugh dies down and she goes into triage mode.
1:11 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Heh. "If you want. What is it?"
1:12 AM
He was kind of hoping to have time for himself, but he's going to have to do it, so there's no sense in not just doing it.
1:14 AM Night_Misaki has joined the channel.
1:14 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"I have to do part of a reading on how people act and the proper tone of respect. English doesn't HAVE respect, but-" "Izumi…" "BUT…we have sound respectful or friendly in practice."
1:18 AM
"So…you know how to sound in front of people. So HELP me?"
1:18 AM
She sinks a little in her seat. The mother scowls at the fries, muttering under her breath.
1:19 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Do I? In theory I guess I do. I know how to sound formal, especially in papers. "I can certainly try. Respect in other languages is more a matter of word choice… and honestly, you could use a little help recognizing that part in Japanese, too…" he says mildly.
1:21 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"For /who/?" She honestly seems to have no idea what he might mean. "I'm very polite to mom and big brother."
1:21 AM
His mother smiles to herself, before diving for mitts and trying to save what she can. "I /will/ get this down.I /will/!"
1:25 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…We'll work on your assignment first, and then worry about that." He finds a seat and sits his bag and water down.
1:27 AM
What is this thing, anyway?
1:28 AM JaitoWerkzIn
The piece is a small passage, using different word choice to show how you might talk to a parent, to a friend, or to a policeman. There's a little scribble at the bottom of a page - a policeman being chased by a lion.
1:29 AM
The lion says, "Please, officer, I am very hungry!" in English.
1:31 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Cute, in that obnoxious schoolish way. "Ah. You should be able to do this… what parts are you having the most trouble with?"
1:34 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She bites down on her lip. "…the talking part. Why can't I just write an essay?"
1:35 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"You'll have to do more speaking in English than writing in your life. It'll be easier later if you learn more now."
1:38 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She slumps a little more. "I hate-" "Izumi!" "…I'll practice in my room." She snatches for the paper and runs off. "Izumi, no running in the-" The smoke alarm goes off.
1:38 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" Shousei winces.
1:39 AM
He gets up to grab a towel or something to wave at the smoke alarm.
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1:41 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"It's fine, Shousei! I've got this down! A little Western cooking isn't going to kill me." She tosses the pans into the sink and douses them, stifling a cough.
1:43 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Mm…" He's not sure whether to be sympathetic, mildly irritated, or what, and he still waves a bit of smoke away so the damned beeping goes away.
1:44 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"So…delivery tonight?" She beams once the smoke clears, then makes a fuss of dusting off his shoulders and fixing his hair.
1:44 AM
He has to be /presentable/, after all.
1:44 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I'm sure it doesn't matter… I mean…" He gestures, then grimaces when she starts with the brushing.
1:45 AM
"…Are we having company, mother, or am I misreading the situation?"
1:46 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She catches herself, "Hmm? Oh, no. Your father's out on business dinners all week in Malaysia." She laughs at her own force of habit. "Did you need anything? I can guess where you're going - such a good boy."
1:48 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Ah." He smiles politely. He hadn't heard about that, but it hardly matters. "Not… really. I'll just catch up with Izumi-chan after dinner and my own homework."
1:53 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She rests a hand on his shoulder. "You're making me proud, you know that? I mean…" She sighs. "You're…gifted. Izumi, she tries so hard. Make sure to help her?" There's a lot of love there, but frustration, too.
1:53 AM
Maybe even a little fear.
1:56 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei feels nervous. He has no idea why. It's certainly a compliment, and one he thinks he'd like to hear. "Of course I will. She's my sister…"
1:56 AM
"I'm sure she has something she's good at, anyway. I just study hard." Small smile.
1:57 AM JaitoWerkzIn
His mother smiles back. Like she WANTS to believe it. She gives him a hug. "Chinese, then. It'll be here in 20. Any favorites?"
2:00 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei hugs back. There is a part of his mind that recognizes that there's something going on, but there's something going on in this family every so often, and he's long ago learned to act like it's none of his business and everything is fine. "…Sweet and sour chicken? And dumpling soup?"
2:02 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Of course, Shousei. Go on, then. I'll call you down." She goes about cleaning the kitchen with rolled-up sleeves like she's going to battle. She's grinning, though. So she intends to WIN.
2:03 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Thank you, mother." He takes his bag and his water and heads up to his room. Maybe if he can get his homework done early enough, he can get in some gaming before helping Izumi.
2:04 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"…maaaaaaaziiiiing graaaaace, how sweeeeeeeet the soooooouuuuuund~," he overhears, muffled by Izumi's door. There's a picture of a cat on the door, saying "Enter at your ow-nyoro risk!"
2:04 AM
The voice is pitch-perfect and sweet, aside from the occasional sniffle.
2:05 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Ah. She has /that/ problem, does she.
2:05 AM
Shousei will consider very subtly finding ways to use that to help her with spoken English, but he'll leave her to her privacy.
2:11 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Almost exactly 20 minutes later, there's a light knock and Kazue comes in with the food already on plates. "Here you are! So…how is school?"
2:12 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"It's been all right." Ahh, pleasantries. And soup. Home is a bastion of civilization is how school is.
2:14 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She nods. "Your grades are fine, but are you making friends? Meeting girls? Er…or boys, I guess, these days?"
2:14 AM
She sounds almost hopeful.
2:15 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…I am really just not acknowledging that question's actual intent at all. "…Ah. Two… friends, yes."
2:15 AM
"…Three, possibly." He wants to make her happy, even if Rooster Boy is an idiot.
2:19 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"That's…good. Good. You're only young once, and I'm glad that…that everything's okay." She stands up. "I'm going to bring Izumi her food. She's not feeling well. I think she misses Masaru. He's been so busy."
2:20 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
He nods, looking back at his homework for a moment. "Perhaps we should invite him for dinner." While father's in Malaysia and all. He… just has this slight /inkling/ that that might make a more favorable impression.
2:21 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Yes…that would be nice." Since he'd never agree otherwise. Excuses are a family trait, apparently. "I love you, Shousei. Never forget that.
2:21 AM
2:24 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
He kind of misses Masaru himself. And, for that matter, is kind of curious how the hell Night knows him. He smiles slightly. "I won't forget."
2:25 AM JaitoWerkzIn
With that, she slips out of the room as if she were never even there.
2:26 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
He makes a note to get a little gift or something for her, and possibly ply his limited powers of persuasion and/or blackmail into getting Masaru to do the same.

2:41 AM JaitoWerkzIn


Shousei Yamazaki is dying. The how is not important, no more than the rising sun or the taste of the recycled school air. No…the driving question of our story is…WHY?
2:42 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
That is a damned good question.
2:42 AM JaitoWerkzIn
And the answer? Dumpling soup.
2:42 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
That is a terrible answer.
2:43 AM JaitoWerkzIn
His tortured abdomen might agree.
2:44 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…I do not need this today.
2:44 AM
It's a school day, isn't it?
2:44 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Of course! Mathematics have never been more fun.
2:53 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei doesn't dislike math. He has already spent time out due to being in the hospital and having to deal with various dramas. He's just going to soldier through it with his teeth gritted, possibly literally, and make it through the day on sheer spite.
2:54 AM JaitoWerkzIn
2:59 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
3:01 AM JaitoWerkzIn
GURGLE. A bit blue in the face, but he can struggle onward to lunch. There would be repercussions to this chinese restaurant! Repercussions!
3:02 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
The fantasies of burning the place to the ground help.
3:03 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Today's lunch menu: CHINESE
3:03 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…To be fair, this is Singapore.
3:04 AM
To be doubly fair, fuck this, Shousei bets there's a store within walking distance where he can find ginger ale and possibly sushi, or something else to keep down.
3:04 AM
If that doesn't work, there's the nurse's office. He is not going to be defeated by soup.
3:05 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Leaving campus is against the rules, but that's up to him! The nurse's office, of course, is always open to a child in need.
3:07 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Stupid, stupid rules.
3:07 AM
3:11 AM JaitoWerkzIn
He nearly runs into a girl with giant, Buddy Holly style early AR specs, chasing after imaginary things in the air as she leaves the infirmary. She shouts, "Po! Be careful!" about two inches from his ear.
3:12 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
I will kill you in your sleep- Shousei nearly falls over in an awkward heap, somehow catching himself a couple of inches from the floor.
3:12 AM
"What- don't wear those things in school!" he not-quite snaps.
3:15 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She blinks up, "Everybody does! And I'm gonna be the best. I'm gonna be the-" "Miss LI. Please finish your lunch and go to class." The nurse can sound downright…well, German, when she wants to.
3:18 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
And now you have the Pokemon theme stuck in my head. Thank you. That was completely necessary. He sighs.

3:19 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Po! Apologize to Nummy-er,ah, YAMAZAKI."
There is a pause. "Sorry, upperclassman!" And off she bolts.

3:21 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…" He hesitates, not having any idea what that was, before looking at the nurse.
"…" He hesitates, not having any idea what that was, before looking at the nurse.
3:23 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Standing there in her habit, she looks a little amused at the girl's exuberance. She was slight, only a little over five feet, but something in her presence loomed large. "Are you in need of healing in or out of character, Mister Yamazaki?"
3:25 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
The nurse's office… what?
3:27 AM
/Why/ would you offer in-game healing? Maybe she's not serious. "I was… really just wondering if I could have something for an upset stomach."
3:28 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She nods. "Odd morsels." Then she sighs, rubbing her nose. "You mean in real life. Please, come in, come in." She steps aside. "I've got antacids and some pepto-chewables. Do you want to lie down?"
3:29 AM
Inside, there's ominous liturgical chanting…then she mutters something in German and more soothing, classical music plays.
3:29 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei raises an eyebrow briefly. "No, but thank you."
3:30 AM
"…I really had no idea people were running around in Paradise while in school, much less that the staff was a part of it. It's really a little creepy- no offense."
3:32 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"None taken. For half a year, people avoided this place. They called me 'The Valkyrie'." She even pronounces it wul-kyr-ee. "Now, with this? People come. It's a way to connect with students." She smiles.

3:32 AM
"We have a school club for this game now. We have a lot of interest in students of all ages. I just want them to have fun. So I heal their little goblins and I listen to them talk.
He smiles slightly. "Ah… /that/ sounds useful."
3:35 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"You should see my chainmail bikini." She winks, offering him a pair of tablets and a water cu.
3:35 AM
3:35 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"I've begun to think people are putting far too much weight into this game, particularly while on school property- not that my opinion matters that much, as a student- I'm glad it has ben-" He hesitates a moment and attempts to flush his mind of that mental image before taking the medicine.
3:37 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She smiles. "You're much too serious for your age, if you don't mind me saying. What I see are young people putting their hearts and souls into expression and passion. Making friends. Sure, some of them…are not being kind."
3:37 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Sip. "Beneficial… effects." He's just going to trail off completely.
3:37 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She sighs. "But that's part of being in the real world, too."
3:37 AM
"There is no bikini, Mr. Yamazaki." She gestures down her form in the black habit. "You may calm yourself."
3:38 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Just finishing my sentence. Sorry." He looks embarrassed.
3:38 AM
Shousei sighs. "Thank you, ma'am."
3:40 AM
"I appreciate that they're passionate. They just need to stop… doing that thing where they drag their in-game personas into the real world and acting like if they pretend hard enough…" He shrugs. "Creepy. But I appreciate why you're humoring them."
3:40 AM
Maybe I should skip lunch and grab something on the way home.
3:40 AM JaitoWerkzIn
His stomach feels a little better already. "Please. Call me Sister Krauner, or just Sister if you prefer."
3:40 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Sister Krauner." He nods.
3:41 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She goes back to her desk, where a rather large sushi platter is sitting.
3:41 AM
"A gift from Miss Li. Her family owns a shop. I have some clear soda that may help, too?"
3:42 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Like little pieces of heaven. "I'll have to find her and thank her." If I can recognize who she is.

3:47 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She nods. "Oh, and Mr. Yamazaki?" She bows her head. "Remember - you never know who's looking. They say you must judge a man by how he behaves in the dark - games are the darkest place of all, sometimes. It's good to see what the students may otherwise hide."
He raises an eyebrow. There certainly have been a few too many eyes on him, lately.

3:48 AM
He might have to look in to that.