Ghost In The Machine

Aug 19 15:29:18 <Jaito> These endless nights weren't getting any shorter…and on that Sunday evening, staring at the half-completed gnOSis code…it can feel more than a little lonely. Like time is running out, but there's still nothing to be done.
Aug 19 15:29:22 <Jaito> It feels like waiting to die.
Aug 19 15:31:34 <Will> And Lord above knows there have been more than a couple of times since Freyja's disappearance that Will has come so close to giving up that she has found herself with a knife in her hand… but this is interminably worse.
Aug 19 15:32:11 <Will> The hacker pushes her rig away from her, rubbing strained eyes and reaching blindly for a drink.
Aug 19 15:32:20 * Kaji is now known as Night
Aug 19 15:32:42 <Jaito> She gets a sudden buzz from her COMP - a private text line from…Xiao's private account.
Aug 19 15:33:05 * Jaito is now known as FAITo
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Aug 19 15:34:08 * Will gives up trying to find her drink, instead pawing at her COMP to launch a text-to-speech app and going to the fridge.
Aug 19 15:35:11 <FAITo> Xiao's voice displays - a local app transferring on recognition. "This is Hershey's. Will…I'm worried about something."
Aug 19 15:38:26 <Will> "Translate an' reply," she says to her COMP, then switches to Swedish to lessen the impact of her accent on the program she's running. "Call me or hit me up. We can meet if you need to. I've made a little progress with GnOSis with Night's help, and I want to talk to you about that too." In English, "Send."
Aug 19 15:40:20 <FAITo> There's a brief delay. "I'm actually heading to my bike - there's something I have to investigate myself." The emotionally neutral tone is so odd, so unlike her. Software… "Have you ever felt like you had no strength at all? Like, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't protect anyone?"
Aug 19 15:40:32 <FAITo> "…I think that feeling is worse than death. Worse than lies. Worse than anything."
Aug 19 15:42:23 * Will nods, not thinking for a second. It's purely reaction, because she *has* felt like that lately.
Aug 19 15:42:25 <Will> A lot.
Aug 19 15:43:03 <FAITo> "How far would you go to fight that feeling? To protect someone…someone you feel you have to?"
Aug 19 15:44:30 <Will> Without hesitating, she says aloud, "As far's I need ta." Then she gets a ping for no matches from the app. When she repeats herself in Swedish, it captures her response, and she adds, "Why do you think I've been working myself to the bone trying to figure this thing out, luv?"
Aug 19 15:45:44 <FAITo> "…love. Heh. You British are so strange…and it doesn't look like I'll be alone. I've got my own scared little lamb to look after. Be safe, Will. You deserve to smile." Abruptly, the link dies.
Aug 19 15:47:52 <FAITo> ….and in its place…Will starts to hear a singing voice. A familiar one, though there are no words…and the sounds twists and turns in unexpected directions…like it's both soothing and agitating her mind.
Aug 19 15:48:09 <FAITo> Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. Beyond the world of flesh, there is only paradise…
Aug 19 15:52:18 <FAITo> …the voice. She'd never forget that voice.
Aug 19 15:52:25 <FAITo> Freyja.
Aug 19 15:54:10 * Will … blinks. At first, she feels an odd bit of peace stealing over her, and she leans against the kitchen counter to keep herself from sliding to the ground. When the voice leaves, though? Tears sting her eyes and she looks at her COMP. "Angel, izzat you? Ken ye 'ear me?"
Aug 19 15:59:01 <FAITo> Suddenly, the gnOSis model blazes with blue flame…and reconfigures, into the wire structure of a woman. Aside from the endless lines of hair, the body shape is undeniable. "You hear me. You see me. Can you find me?"
Aug 19 15:59:35 <FAITo> (Compelling Don't Stop Me Now. Either spend a fate point, or you must make a Discipline check.)
Aug 19 16:01:24 <Will> (4)
Aug 19 16:01:37 <FAITo> (One social stress.)
Aug 19 16:04:47 <FAITo> The song…it's in her head…it's hard to deny…that voice, /her/ voice…calling her. She knows enough…she's close enough…the code…the mirror…the abandonment of life…
Aug 19 16:05:36 <Will> (Oh boy.) "I been tryin', lass." Now she does sink to her knees. She feels like she's so close… "I been tryin' f'r so long ta bring ye back ta me." She finds herself reaching out to the image involuntarily, but can't bring herself to stop. Maybe all she would need to rejoin her love would be to follow her lead…?
Aug 19 16:07:13 <FAITo> As her fingers touch the wireframe, it hurts. It burns. It makes her fingers bleed, but with every moment, the resistance builds….the wires grow more concrete, more complex…darkening and taking on shades closer to purple. "Surrender the flesh…and you shall know everlasting life, free of desire. There is no heaven, but this is surely hell."
Aug 19 16:07:25 <FAITo> (Compelling I'm Going Slightly….same situation.)
Aug 19 16:07:47 <Will> (Seriously, Lady? 4.)
Aug 19 16:08:08 <FAITo> (Another social stress!)
Aug 19 16:12:26 <Will> A voice in the back of Will's head is screaming that no, this isn't the way, she needs to stop, but she can't make herself, so she pushes the annoying voice aside and silences it with the pain. With a nod, she replies, "I be doin' anyt'ing ta getcher back, me karlek." Tears are rolling down her cheeks unchecked now, and she tries to push herself up to her feet with the hand that isn't in the wireframe. Love is pain, and she doesn'
Aug 19 16:12:26 <Will> t want to let this love go.
Aug 19 16:12:28 <Will> Ever again.
Aug 19 16:13:17 <FAITo> (Take on a physical Consequence: BLEEDING)
Aug 19 16:17:49 <FAITo> "Will you abandon your life? Will you 'die' for me, to attain peace from the desire that consumes you? Shanti. Shanti. Shanti…will you let me be your guide away from hell?" (Compelling I Want To Break Free. Same story…)
Aug 19 16:19:05 <Will> (…2. Shiiiiiiit…)
Aug 19 16:19:43 <FAITo> (Let me double-check the stress box thing…)
Aug 19 16:19:52 <Will> (…Yeah, I am too.)
Aug 19 16:21:47 <FAITo> (You're good. Mark your third box…one more hit, and it's being taken out. Unless you want to take…a Moderate consequence to negate a three-stress hit?)
Aug 19 16:24:16 <Will> (We'll go with the Consequence. It fits; she'll take GUILT-RIDDEN because she feels like she's failed Freyja. Sound right?)
Aug 19 16:26:09 <FAITo> (Indeed.)
Aug 19 16:30:30 <FAITo> The pain of it is palpable…heavy. Ugly. But something is starting to feel…wrong. Like this wireframe goddess isn't looking at her, but through her. "…you know what to do. The mirror…" There's a full-length one that came with the apartment, set into the closet door. It should be easy enough to remove…
Aug 19 16:32:03 <Will> Slowly, and half-crouched still, she finally nods, considering her options. She's failed Freyja in every attempt to find her so far. She'd moved all the way to Singapore to get a smaller apartment and find some link from the headquarters of the Paradise servers, to no avail. She'd tried to use her daemons to find Freyja… nothing. She'd even tried to figure out the esoteric GnOSis code, but she can't even do that right; what she
Aug 19 16:32:03 <Will> has figured out was only with Night's help, and even that was still a failed attempt. Her eyes go slowly to the closet. Would it work? *Could* it work? Or would it be just another failure to chalk up?
Aug 19 16:33:00 <Will> And there's that little voice again. This is wrong, this is all wrong, that isn't your Fredericka, she would *never* want you to hurt yourself, she would never hurt you look at your HAND it's BLEEDING-
Aug 19 16:35:31 <FAITo> (Make a Conviction roll. You may spend fate points too boost it as needed/wished. Higher the roll, the more dramatic the effect.)
Aug 19 16:36:22 <Will> (*lol* I was about to post in Paradise about spending a FP to invoke Pain is So Close to Pleasure.)
Aug 19 16:37:37 <Will> (2 -_-)
Aug 19 16:39:20 <Will> (3 that time)
Aug 19 16:40:16 <FAITo> The wireframe goddess flickers with static, as if she's being disrupted. "…mi-mi-Mina?" It starts to coalesce in a more vibrant green, still tinged with violet "bloodstains".
Aug 19 16:47:42 <Will> The softening of the voice is the first thing that gets Will, and the second is the *other* shortening of her name that only Freyja had ever used. Her had has, by now, brushed the closet door, staining it red, and she looks up at the wireframe with bloodshot eyes empty of feeling. "Freyja…" Her resolve strengthened, Will forces her hand to move away from the door. Teeth gritted, she addresses the wireframe image. "Let her go. I
Aug 19 16:47:42 <Will> may ha' failed her so far, but I won't be stoppin'." She clenches her injured hand into a fist, addressing the real Freyja… if she was still there. "I *will* find you, my love. If it takes th' last breath outta me ta do so." And her tone hardens and shifts back to addressing whatever had the sheer balls to use Freyja's image and voice against her. "But not like 'is. I will be findin' 'er, and bringin' 'er back here. Not th' othe
Aug 19 16:47:42 <Will> r way 'round."
Aug 19 16:49:56 <FAITo> "…I want you to run, but there's nowhere to run. It's coming. It's coming…oh, god, Tokyo…Mina, I'm so sorry. I tried…I tr-Shanti. Shanti. Shanti." And it turns blue…and everything starts to fade…The voice that speaks next doesn't belong to Freyja at all, though it it sharply feminine. "You, who refuse Nirvana, shall be scourged of the curse of identity…"
Aug 19 16:50:11 <FAITo> Then, there is pain. And pain. And pain. And-
Aug 19 16:50:35 <FAITo> (Night sees an odd light flickering from under Will's door. And that scream, like a mix between a woman in torment and a modem's terrible whine.)
Aug 19 16:52:39 <Night> Of the things she expected to see tonight…well, perhaps this should have been on the list. Night winces at the sound, and sighs. "…sorry, Will." If the door isn't locked, this will just look silly, but otherwise, her only option is to slam into the door to open it.
Aug 19 16:53:24 <Will> The door's usually locked even when Will's at home, and tonight's no different.
Aug 19 16:53:50 <Night> She'll replace the door later, she doesn't have time to learn how to pick locks.
Aug 19 16:54:14 <FAITo> (Quick Fists. Basically, don't fail.)
Aug 19 16:54:52 <Night> (…that's a 2?)
Aug 19 16:55:04 <FAITo> (Good enough!)
Aug 19 16:55:08 <FAITo> (But the door is totalled.)
Aug 19 16:55:21 <Night> (it's for the greater good!)
Aug 19 16:58:58 <Night> She had forgotten how much wood splinters when she does that, but now's not the time. Night looks first for Will, then the source of the noise, calling out for…any response. "Will? What's happened here?"
Aug 19 17:01:35 <FAITo> Will is floating above the gnOSis construct, which is visible without any sort of AR assistance. Except it's all red…and the air stinks of blood. It's taking a form…a woman…but wings are growing….
Aug 19 17:04:48 <Night> What is even /with/ today? Night stares for a moment, before dashing forward, trying to reach Will and get her away from that…thing. "Drop her."
Aug 19 17:06:05 <FAITo> The figure turns with disdain. "The tainted child!!!!" And just like that, it vanishes….leaving Will to crash, fully conscious, into her rig.
Aug 19 17:09:28 <Will> And immediately after, even while she's still lying among the wreckage of the rig, Will is curled up in a little ball on the floor, crying.
Aug 19 17:10:23 <Night> Oh god this is awkward. Night…kneels, trying to look for any injuries that need immediate attention. "Will, Will. It's me, what happened?"
Aug 19 17:14:50 <Will> The most obvious one is one of her hands. It… looks like someone's burned the skin off the fingers, and it's raw and bleeding and tucked against her chest. The hacker blinks trying to push her tears away. There's a voice… "Freyja…?" No, that wasn't right. "No." With her uninjured hand, she pushes herself upright, then swipes at her face, for what little good it does her. Her eyes are red-rimmed and look lost, and she looks l
Aug 19 17:14:50 <Will> ike she hasn't slept in days. "Oh god, Night, 't were horrible. Somethin' took over me rig an' tried ta make me kill meself, an' it almost did it." A shudder runs through Will's body at the memory, and the words of the chant flit through her mind again.
Aug 19 17:16:03 <Night> "…That seems to be happening a lot today." Night feels…really, hideously intensely awkward. She heard Freyja? What was going on? "Come on, do you have a first aid kit somewhere? We need to do something about your hands."
Aug 19 17:18:23 <Will> "Yeh, in th' bathroom behind th' loo." She looks at the destroyed rig. How would she be able to go back to trying to figure out GnOSis now? More importantly, *could* she, after what just happened?
Aug 19 17:21:05 <FAITo> The kit is fine…however, the mirror in the bathroom is cracked and scored, like someone's face has been etched into the glass. A woman's face, familiar from Will's picture. Eerie as hell, that.
Aug 19 17:21:53 <Night> Night goes to find it, glancing at the rig as she goes, and calls out as she does. "…I think I know how to finish cracking gnOsis, Will, but I need your help." Behind the loo, behind the loo-oh god she's thinking in scottish now. Night takes…a long moment to stare at it. Mirrors. Hadn't they mentioned Freyja was a Diver? …Maybe she'd succeeded…
Aug 19 17:28:20 * Will shudders. "…I don't know if…" A shake of her head brings the picture on her wall into Will's line of sight, and she breaks off. Could she do it? Words echo in her head, a favourite phrase of Freyja's… "Ye only fail if ya give up. So I can't give up," she says aloud. "T'be frank, Night, I'm scared out me wit's end. But somethin's tryin' ta stop me, I t'ink. Afore I ken finish." With a shaky breath, Will forces herself to her feet and goes to the kitchen sink while Night gets the first aid kit, wondering just how badly her had had been hurt as the faucet turns on.
Aug 19 17:29:35 <Will> With a shaky breath, Will forces herself to her feet and goes to the kitchen sink while Night gets the first aid kit, wondering just how badly her had had been hurt as the faucet turns on.
Aug 19 17:32:11 <FAITo> Typing won't be fun for a while…but some bandages and it'll heal. The burns aren't so bad…but she feels weak. Anemic. Like her blood's been…well, one can suppose it has been drained.
Aug 19 17:33:37 <Night> She comes out with the first aid kit and sets it near the sink, wondering how to word this. For the first time, she wonders if maybe she should have socialized more as a child. Something that would help. "…It's not just you. There were five Divers as the hospital earlier today, and I was nearly dragged in with them. I heard my father, but you heard Freyja…tell me, would she have ever done something that might hurt you if it could also
Aug 19 17:33:37 <Night> you somewhere perfect?"
Aug 19 17:37:48 <Will> "Five…" Will closes her eyes, but shakes her head in response to Night's question. "She never believed in perfection, 'cept as was gen'rally unattainable by imperfect people. An' she…" Will stops. She keeps herself from crying again, but only by not finishing her thought.
Aug 19 17:41:15 <Night> "Then it's not her that did this to you. Something showed you what you wanted most in the world as a forbidden lure to try and drag you through." She's matter-of-fact, but only because she'd dearly love to believe that herself. She isn't sure of anything regarding her father anymore. "The divers tried to jump into mirrors-they were incomplete portals, I think, made out of gnOsis."
Aug 19 17:47:19 <Will> "…" Haunted eyes meet Night's, and light up just a little. " 'At makes some sense. If'n she an' I were in on th' ground level o' Paradise, somethin' 'ad t've got to 'er like…" Like it almost did Will herself, but she can't finish. "Which goes back t' me theory 'at she's still out 'ere, somewhere in Paradise." It's almost like Night can hear the resolve form in Will's voice. She gives Night her injured hand, but the other one c
Aug 19 17:47:19 <Will> lenches into a ball.
Aug 19 17:49:48 <Night> "Don't do that, you'll make it worse." Night takes her hand, carefully cleaning it out. She's not a delicate touch, but she is fast and accurate. "I think the ones who succeed are inside the game somehow. But…with the game becoming real, it's going to be interesting."
Aug 19 17:50:53 <Night> "…Listen, I was told once; the reason knowledge was forbidden from man is because knowledge can unmake gods and build worlds. Maybe it's not the same, but if gnOsis is doing this, maybe gnOsis is the same way to fix it…or at least make it surviveable."
Aug 19 17:55:42 <Will> "Thankin' you, Night." And there's more to the phrase than just a simple thanks for bandaging my hand. "An ye'll have me help, what of it I ken give. If we ken fix whate'er's happenin', or if we only 'ave a chance at it, I'm goin' all-in. I got nothin' t' lose and ever'thin' ta get."
Aug 19 17:56:24 <Night> "…" Night smiles, although it's not exactly pleasant. "None of us have anything to lose anymore. Do you think you can work tonight? I…think we can do this now."
Aug 19 17:57:44 <Will> "If'n I ken salvage some data from me offline PC, I ken work in verbal commands. It's slower, but I ken use me good hand ta 'elp a little."
Aug 19 17:58:51 <Night> "Verbal commands may be where we want to go. It's a language, right? So if we think of it as something that can be spoke…" She considers for a moment. "Hey, Jack, come out for a second." If he'd changed, maybe they can use that, too.
Aug 19 17:59:26 <FAITo> Jack manifests in blue flame and code….and Will can SEE him, without any AR assistance.
Aug 19 17:59:45 <FAITo> "I always knew you were /hot/, Welshie, but isn't that burn a little literal?"
Aug 19 18:01:49 <Will> She almost isn't surprised by being able to see Jack Frost without AR gear at this point. "Ent Welsh," she says half-heartedly. Then: "Hati. Bean Sidhe. I'm assumin' if ye're wot I'm startin' ta t'ink, that y'saw ever'thing just happened?" Neither had been manifested before whatever had happened happened, but at this point she has a distinct feeling that doesn't matter much.
"If'n I ken salvage some data from me offline PC, I ken work in verbal commands. It's slower, but I ken use me good hand ta 'elp a little."
6:58 PM Night
"Verbal commands may be where we want to go. It's a language, right? So if we think of it as something that can be spoke…" She considers for a moment. "Hey, Jack, come out for a second." If he'd changed, maybe they can use that, too.
6:59 PM FAITo
Jack manifests in blue flame and code….and Will can SEE him, without any AR assistance.
6:59 PM
"I always knew you were /hot/, Welshie, but isn't that burn a little literal?"
7:01 PM Will
She almost isn't surprised by being able to see Jack Frost without AR gear at this point. "Ent Welsh," she says half-heartedly. Then: "Hati. Bean Sidhe. I'm assumin' if ye're wot I'm startin' ta t'ink, that y'saw ever'thing just happened?" Neither had been manifested before whatever had happened happened, but at this point she has a distinct feeling that doesn't matter much.
7:04 PM FAITo
….Bean Sidhe: You were visited by a most horrible apparation. ….Hati: You're stronger than you look, alpha.
7:05 PM
The difference is slight, but palpable…like they're speaking in echoes where Jack is fully his own voice.
7:05 PM Night
Night grins faintly, looking to the rig herself. Think about the implications later, use the rush to work. There would be time for…everything else eventually. "Jack, play nice with th'other kids, I still have to decide what we're lighting on fire first." Yamazaki, Naito, Lin. Oh there were ever so many options.
7:05 PM FAITo
Night can see it now. She can bring them to life…with the code.
7:06 PM Night
"…Will, I'd like to try something, if you'd allow me to? It involves your demons, so it's up to you…and them, whether they'll continue to honor their contracts after."
7:07 PM Will
"…Yeh. If'n they don't wanta, then that'll be up to them. I got no right keepin' 'em beholden to me will if'n they're actual an' whole thinkin'… demons, bein's, whatever."
7:10 PM Night
"Very well, then…Watch what I do, it might be what we need to finish this." Night reaches for Will's COMP, searching for the words to wake them. Wake up, come out, we're ready.
7:11 PM FAITo
The COMP starts to crackle and buzz…and Will's rig suddenly comes to life…the gnOSis model comes into be, taking two separate and distinct shapes…almost complete.
7:12 PM
(Together, you can complete the construction. The total shifts you'd need to accumulate is 12, tagging off Lore rolls from Night and Scholarship from Will back and forth.)
7:12 PM Night
(does this mean roll, roll like the wind, then?)
7:12 PM Will
flinches a bit involuntarily at first when the rig comes to life, but then watches curiously. This is what she's been trying to do!
7:13 PM Night
"…Help me complete it."
7:14 PM FAITo
(Indeed. You may use aspects/consequences to whatever you like. You set your own difficulty, and if you meet it, those shifts go forward. Leftovers don't count, but missing your mark is wasted time. The longer you take…the more mental trauma that may be involved in the processs……)
7:14 PM Night
(invoking Knowledge is the Greatest Power, then)
7:15 PM Will
The hacker nods, then tries to focus her thoughts through the exhaustion, the pain her hand is still in, and the exhaustion from blood loss. "C'mon guys, if'n I needed yer 'elp at any time, 'is'd be th' one."
7:15 PM
7:15 PM Night
7:16 PM FAITo
The beings start to take shape and form…and it's odd, really…the once-elusive language is taking shape, form, structure, and meaning in their minds…soon…soon…soon-THE KING SHALL RISE. THE KING SHALL RISE-HE IS ARISEN. THE KING AND THE BEAST ARE ARISEN-
7:17 PM
(And now, both of you make Discipline rolls.)
7:17 PM Will
7:17 PM FAITo
(6 shift attack on mental.)
7:17 PM Night
(-2, I. think I need to take a consequence or I'm done)
7:17 PM
(I only /have/ 3 boxes!)
7:18 PM Will
7:19 PM FAITo
(Minor consequences heal after the NEXT scene, moderate ones last roughly in in-game arc. Severe will carry over a storyline. -2, -4, and -6 respectively. There's also Extreme Consequences, but you may not want to play with those.)
7:19 PM
(And you can take multiple consequences.)
7:19 PM Will
(As I already have.)
7:21 PM Night
(I'll take a moderate and a minor, then?)
7:21 PM
(for 500 alex)
7:22 PM FAITo
(So 5 shifts headed towards Will…and 8 towards Night…whee! And sure. Here are your recommended consequences SHAKEN and AFRAID OF MICHAEL.)
7:22 PM Night
(…man that's gonna be amazing)
7:22 PM Plushiemancer
7:23 PM Will
's failures begin to eat at her again, and she tries to push herself through, but SELF-DOUBT worms its way inside her thoughts makes her almost give up. (The Moderate version of that will take me to 2 boxes, right Jaito?)
7:23 PM FAITo
7:23 PM
They both see very different things in the void of expression.
7:24 PM
Will sees an open door - where there are no living, no death, only those trapped in torment, waiting for a heaven that does not exist…
7:24 PM
Night sees eyes in the darkness…and where those eyes look, the world is warped and turned horrible. One shines with beauty…the other reeks of familiar malice…but neither could ever sustain any sort of true humanity.
7:24 PM
…so close…they're so close…
7:25 PM
(Only one shift left! Don't fck it up.)
7:25 PM Will
(5) "Oh jesus fuck, come on! Somethin' 'as ta go right t'day! Jus' one bloody t'ing!!"
7:25 PM Night
…it's so late. So late. But she has to keep trying. Human power is what shapes the world, not gods nor demons nor angels. It belongs to them, not a false paradise…she has to try.
7:25 PM
7:26 PM FAITo
There's a bright flash.
7:27 PM
Will sees a smiling face. "Finish what I started. A paradise…" Freyja. A smiling woman with Michael's features. A beautiful, red-haired woman…but then each is swallowed in darkness.
7:28 PM
Night sees a warm, smiling face. "It is a weakness to embrace that which is already doomed. Instead, may we arm peasants with swords that can slay dragons." So much hope…and beneath that, a hidden pain. But all the conviction that Night wishes she had.
7:29 PM
And then they both wake up. Night is being poked in the cheek by a rather uncomfortably HOT lantern.
7:29 PM
Will is being licked.
7:29 PM Night
"…Hi, Jack."
7:29 PM FAITo
Across the face.
7:29 PM
7:29 PM Night
Ow. Ow.
7:29 PM FAITo
"Boss. Boss. Boss. Boss, hey, Boss. You never signed your will.
7:29 PM
"Me-hi and my bro-hos need money, too, y'know!"
7:30 PM Night
"I'm not dead yet."
7:30 PM Will
…What? Eventually Will opens her eyes.
7:30 PM Night
"But I'll get to that." Night…does her best to sit up. She…knows what she needs to do now. Oh god Shiro was never even going to believe this.
7:30 PM FAITo
Hati is sitting on her chest. Ow. But seems very…well, real.
7:30 PM Night
…She wasn't sure she could explain it coherently yet.
7:31 PM FAITo
Bean Sidhe, for her part, is lounging over the smoking remains of Will's rig with a casual disdain for this entire process. "Heartwarming…" she says, as if trying to be polite.
7:32 PM Night
"…Oh, it worked. Of course it worked." Night rolls to stand up and see if Will's-probably fine, alright. "…there has got to be an easier way to do that."
7:32 PM
7:32 PM Will
"Well 'en. I take it by th' fact ye're both still 'ere, 'at ye're willin' ta still stay with me?" She's half-tempted to reach out and scritch Hati behind the ears… but that might be weird.
7:32 PM
"Y' all right, Night?"
7:33 PM Night
"Yeah, I'm fine. I feel like I stuck my fingers in a battery and I have a fuckton more work to do but I'm fine. I was right, it works, this actually is…" She breathes out, almost childlike in wonder and elation. "We can do this."
7:34 PM FAITo
Hati gives her a disapproving look at the ear-scritching. "We are contracted. I am not a pet, alpha."
7:35 PM
Bean Sidhe hums in agreement, while Jack cackles.
7:35 PM Night
"…Wait, Jack, how many brothers do you have?"
7:35 PM FAITo
"Hmm….lemme count…"
7:36 PM
"…wait, kinds or numbers? Cause there's a billion've us."
7:36 PM Night
7:36 PM FAITo
"We ought have lotsa fun once we all arrive!"
7:36 PM Night
"Oh, I bet."
7:36 PM
7:36 PM
Honestly, that's not new information in light of everything.
7:36 PM FAITo
He ponders. "Well, there's my partner Frosty….there's the king…darkie…and the freak…."
7:36 PM Night
And it really does sound fun.
7:37 PM
"…The freak?"
7:37 PM Will
"So ye're a mind-reader too now, are ya?" Will chuckles. "Sorry, it's just… a little strange. It'll take me a minute ta get used ta 'is."
7:37 PM FAITo
He shakes his head. "Can you believe, guy wants to be a fussy human?"
7:37 PM Night
"…I'll decline to take offense at that."
7:38 PM
Night stands up, dusting herself off. "…It might take some, er, work. But I think gnOsis can do more than that. Do you think you've got a bead on it now, Will?"
7:39 PM Will
"I… t'ink so. Just got to remember t' keep me focus. Hati, y'mind if I get up, lad?"
7:40 PM FAITo
(Will! You may not opt to become a Contractor. This will allow you to maintain multiple active demons, but gives them full personalities to contend with. See the Devil Summoner Template if you wish to switch. And you can keep the storage power of the COMP for an additional -1.)
7:41 PM Night
"That's…good. I think I might have to go run laps around the entire city until my adrenaline wears off. Or climb skyscrapers. Something." Anything rather than go back to an empty apartment and be left alone with her thoughts. That way leads to feelings. Feelings are going to suck way too much right now. "We need to…warn. Teach as many people as we can. I don't know how that's going to work with the other classes but…"
7:41 PM FAITo
Hati shuffles off, yawning. "If you don't keep hurting yourself. Your enemies don't need to get out of bed, at this rate."
7:41 PM Night
"…Listen, Rapture and Eden are active, for real. I don't think we can stop it, but we can probably make sure as many people as possible have the tools to survive."
7:42 PM
…Shousei was full of gnOsis too. Persona user. There's a thought.
7:42 PM
And he still has her damn hairclips.
7:45 PM Will
(I'm going to take Contractor, I think. Spend 2 FP on that, +1 for the COMP, which brings me to… 1 Refresh.)
7:45 PM Night
7:46 PM FAITo
(I mean you can swap out COMP for that. And you'll need to take Marked by Power, sorry. I'm being unclear.)
7:47 PM Will
"I'ma try not‘‘-" She interrupts herself with a hiss of pain as she presses her bandaged hand against the floor to try to push herself up, then switches to the other hand. "Not ta hurt meself, lad. It's one a th' downfalls o' bein' human, though." (Ah. I was wondering.)
7:47 PM
(Still going to do it. :3)
7:55 PM Night
"We're fragile creatures." Night…shrugs. "Are you gonna be alright tonight, Will? I did what I could with that hand but I'm not exactly getting any medical degrees anytime soon."
7:56 PM Will
"Ye did well enough. I'll keep a eye on it, and if it don't look better in a bit I'll take meself t' th' hospital. See my friend Dr. Nolan."
7:57 PM Night
"…Oh, the one with the pixie…" Night considers that, her voice taking on an odd, faraway tone. "…Maybe check on her anyway. She could probably use a friendly face right now anyway."
7:58 PM Will
"Somethin' else 'appen t' her?"
7:58 PM Night
"…Well, she works at the hospital where five people just jumped off the roof? I dunno, I could use some friends right about then."
7:59 PM
Chances were, yes, something had, but Night's no good at this people thing, better to let Will take care of her friend.
8:03 PM Will
"Fair 'nough. Hmm…" She looks at Bean Sidhe and Hati. "So, me friends, what d'ye say? Will ye still 'ave me as yer… person? Summoner? T'ing?"
8:05 PM FAITo
"Summoner will suffice. I suspect, if you do not respect me, I'll simply kill you." Bean Sidhe. Always so calm…right.
8:05 PM
Hati simply nods.
8:05 PM
Jack laughs. "My master's got larger…presence."
8:05 PM Night
Night…checks her phone. Well, it's not too late, and she needs to go check on something-good god. Note to self, never contract a Bean Sidhe.
8:06 PM
"…No need to brag." Night…grins. "I'm sorry, Will, I'll, uh. Pay for your door. I need to go find someone tonight."
8:07 PM FAITo
Bean turns on the television with a gesture. "…thories are still questioning the suspect, a Hershey's Xiao, who may have used experimental software to confuse the hospital staff into stepping onto thin air. Details at this time are murky…"
8:07 PM Night
"…" Yep, need to punch a lawyerdemon in the face.
8:08 PM
She's sure Masaru won't mind her beating up that one. Not that it would stop her.
8:08 PM FAITo
The channel changes. A woman in a blue concert hall is singing a mesmerizing song. The channel changes again - sports. This seems to please her.
8:14 PM Will
"Wait. Ken ye go back t' that news bit about Xiao, B?"
8:14 PM Night
"…Jack, I want to introduce you to a couple people, and if we're lucky, we'll find dinner when we do." Time to go.'
8:14 PM
Her keys were—in the bible right she should get those.
8:15 PM FAITo
She snaps her fingers. "…group known as the Khakham may be under investigation as an interational terrorist group, as documents seized from the home of Hershey's Xiao, the alleged perpetrator of the Khoo Tek Hospital murders…"
8:16 PM Night
"…" Call Shiro on the way there, yes. "….Fuck."
8:17 PM Will
Wait, what? Will sends a quick text to Xiao. <Hey! You're on the news! I've been locked up working on my own shit. What's happened?> "Fuck indeed. I t'ink me hand may need ta be looked at a bit sooner'n I thought. At Khoo Tek. Wit' a bit o' time ta check inta some a th' staff 'ere…"
8:18 PM Night
"Y…yes. I can't go back, I'll be too suspicious. Y'have my number?"
8:21 PM
"Of course you do. Keep safe." And Night practically dashes down the hall for her keys. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.
8:22 PM Will
nods as Night rushes out the door.