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[1:31pm] Jaito: Sometimes, it's better just to be alone. Easier to think that way. Easier to focus. Or to not focus. It all depends on what one needs from being alone at the moment.
[1:34pm] Night_Misaki: Given the occupation of her apartment by a kitten, focus isn't generally easy to come by. That said, Misaki had come here with hopes of being able to sleep. It might be why she's currently looking through a stack of photo albums and her father's old books instead of doing just that.
[1:34pm] Night_Misaki: …She's never been very good at sleeping.
[1:36pm] Jaito: For what it's worth, the cat is doing its best to warm the top of her head.
[1:39pm] Night_Misaki: That is because Vassago is the best cat.
[1:41pm] Jaito: Old pictures…old pictures…memories and better times. Old books…truths, lies, and challenges, each. She's been left with a lot of memories. Hiroyuki Naito was a well-read and popular man, in certain circles.
[1:42pm] Night_Misaki: It didn't really matter if he was popular or not, not to her. She'd made a promise to believe in him, and even if she hadn't…Night pulls a picture out of one of the albums. That last summer, before he'd vanished. It was so strange, to look at these pictures, and not be able to connect this face to a memory.
[1:42pm] Night_Misaki: Another sign of this all being a dream, at best.
[1:46pm] Jaito: Hmm…one of the pictures catches her eyes. Her father, one man, one woman, looking over a diagram in a book. The woman is smiling, the man is smiling…her father isn't smiling.
[1:47pm] Night_Misaki: …What book? What diagram? For him to stop smiling…Misaki picks it up to look closer. She couldn't recall him ever not smiling, even when he was angry.
[1:47pm] Jaito: The image is vague…the language…hmmm… (Lore check?)
[1:49pm] Night_Misaki: (7!)
[1:49pm] Jaito: That…is not any historical or mystical language. While similar to ancient Greek…it honestly looks more a kind of code or cypher.
[1:50pm] Jaito: It looks a lot like gnostic code.
[1:50pm] Jaito: The computer code, mind you, not the religion.
[1:50pm] Jaito: …and the man and woman look oddly familiar
[1:51pm] Night_Misaki: What was it he'd said? Speak with the tongue of a god? She stares at it a while longer, before reaching for a notebook and a pen. Cyphers can be cracked, and this isn't about computers, not really.
[1:57pm] Jaito: This…might be a problem…while it's certainly using some form of ritual symbolism - the page demonstrates a perfect circle formed out of these sigils, not ending smoothly, but with one end devouring itself.
[1:57pm] Jaito: However, the symbols themselves look like half a dozen kinds that have passed along Indo-Aryan lines of culture.
[1:58pm] Night_Misaki: That is probably a very bad sign. But deconstructing the symbols that made this thing up would probably shed some light on it, wouldn't it? It'd be so much easier if she knew which book this was from.
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[2:09pm] Jaito: (Investigation, please?)
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[2:15pm] Night_Misaki: (1! /sobs)
[2:15pm] Night_Misaki: (wait no 0)
[2:15pm] Night_Misaki: (math)
[2:15pm] Jaito: …those faces look kind of familiar. In a way that makes her people-manipulators tingle.
[2:18pm] Night_Misaki: …Huhh. She holds the photo up, sort of squinting at the picture. Weird, who are they?
[2:18pm] Jaito: It'll come to her. Eventually.
[2:18pm] Jaito: But maybe not that night.
[2:19pm] Night_Misaki: Eh. Must not be that important yet, then.
[2:19pm] Jaito: He looks so young - she may not even have been born then.
[2:19pm] Night_Misaki: It might also explain the terrible, terrible fashion sense.
[2:20pm] Jaito: Lies! Classy and understated - timeless class, in fact, from everyone but Night's father himself.
[2:21pm] Night_Misaki: …Well, there's an off shot. She flips the photograph over, wondering if he, in fact, labeled this one.
[2:21pm] Jaito: "Well-Intentioned Fools Define the Future" in his careful, elegant script. Nothing more.
[2:23pm] Night_Misaki: That's…not ominous at all, really. Night stares at a while, before shrugging, and looking in her pile of books for appropriate areas of symbolism. If she knew a programmer, they might be able and willing to help…Not Xiao. No more information for Xiao.
[2:31pm] Jaito: There's stacks of books to serve as potential reference, but it doesn't look like the book in question was left behind. Which means…research, research, and research. Samples of the computer code may help as well.
[2:31pm] Jaito: Which, since she has the sword, she may be able to get access to with some work - or get finished product from Xiao or Will.
[2:33pm] Night_Misaki: Not Xiao, clearly…but Will. Will might be willing to go to the same lengths for any sort of answer. She's treating this as real, not some impossible delusion, which means…Night considers for a while, before looking for…where the hell did she put her laptop so she can look up Will.
[2:33pm] Night_Misaki: Can't contact someone without contact information.
[2:33pm] Night_Misaki: It's only a little illegal, right?
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[2:51pm] Jaito: Vassago gives a slightly reproachful look, but settles for a headbutt to Night's side.
[2:52pm] Night_Misaki: …Oh, is it petting time? It's petting time. And feeding. "Well, I don't know how else I'm going to find her, Vassago."
[2:52pm] Night_Misaki: "This'll take too long if I do it myself.
[2:53pm] Jaito: Petting, for now, has mollified Vassago's concerns. For now.
[2:54pm] Jaito: It's at this point that Night get a blip across her screen.
[2:54pm] Jaito: Someone wants to open a video chat.
[2:54pm] Jaito: Epimetheus, by handle
[2:56pm] Night_Misaki: …Epimetheus, Epimetheus…innnnteresting. Well, then. She'll accept the chat, let's see who's using that name.
[2:58pm] Jaito: "I have decided to ask, before taking. The sword - do you have it?"
[2:58pm] Jaito: The voice is digitally neutralized - the image is a woman's lips - the rest of the screen is a series of seven, green eye animations.
[2:59pm] Night_Misaki: How charming. Night snorts, quietly unimpressed. "And if I did, I'd be letting you take it…why, exactly?"
[3:01pm] Jaito: "You'll be rewarded, Misaki. I am the knower of names, after all. Names contain quite a lot of information."
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[3:11pm] Will: <Jaito> "You'll be rewarded, Misaki. I am the knower of names, after all. Names contain quite a lot of information."
[3:12pm] Night_Misaki: "And names get me…what? I'll be honest with you, I'm not really interested in parting with something I can use for the vague promise of information that might be useful." If nothing else, Night does learn quickly.
[3:14pm] Jaito: "We want the same thing. We want your father to come home. Alive."
[3:14pm] Jaito: "Give me the sword, and we can help each other in locating him."
[3:18pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night stares at her computer for a very, very long time. "…I think you're underestimating him more than somewhat. But that answers something…you're not with the Khakham. Not if you want him alive."
[3:20pm] Jaito: There's a long silence. "Not everyone feels the need to destroy an enemy. It is better to disarm them. And it is you who is underestimating the dangers you are approaching. I need the sword, and if you're anything like I think you are? You'll resent the direct approach."
[3:25pm] Night_Misaki: "I'm kind of finding this approach a little laughable. And I'm certain this sword is dangerous enough that not only are you willing to go to such lengths to retrieve it, but I've no guarantee handing it over to you don't put me in danger." She sighs, reaching over to move a stack of books so the cat doesn't knock them over. "And more than that, I've got no guarantee your information is of use to me, and if it is, that you'll actually deliver it."
[3:26pm] Night_Misaki: "So what I'm saying is, if it's a trade you want, make this convincing."
[3:28pm] Jaito: "You've seen what this game can really do to people, haven't you? That should be proof enough that matters have grown serious. There's nothing to gain from hurting you - you're a minor player, at best. Your father, however…"
[3:33pm] Night_Misaki: "…" 'Minor' player. She's getting a little sick of that. Always some reason not to take her seriously, however. "Not seeing how this is convincing me you'll keep your word."
[3:34pm] Jaito: There's another pause. "I suppose I've earned that. Children are slow to trust these days…" The lips form a faint smile. "What do you want?"
[3:37pm] Night_Misaki: "As a matter of courtesy, I'd like you to rein in the condescension with someone you're bargaining with," she notes dryly, before continuing. "For something like that? Given it'll make my own work harder to be lacking it…I want to know what he's done that you're all hunting for him. Why he's treated like some sort of big bad wolf, and why I'm necessarily a threat on the merit of only sharing his name." Not that she minded being treated as a threat for her own actions, but that was at least genuine.
[3:40pm] Jaito: "You mean, you haven't noticed? Did you think that this…problem was purely technological? How many people on Earth, do you think, would be capable of creating these sorts of results?" There's that sad smile again. "It's no condescension. I simply think kids should be allowed to be kids." The way she says it, there's a heavy importance. She seems to find these points relevant. Connected.
[3:43pm] Night_Misaki: …How tragic. "It's a little late for that, on my front. But the power to make a dream reality…Of course it was never technological. I doubt he created this problem, however; if it's bloomed, there was something already there to make it grow. You can't have a reaction with a single component." Night reaches up, idly toying with an earring. "But then, if you believe he planted this, that would follow." Why? GnOsis was the key to how, that was clear. "That much, I can work out on my own. That doesn't tell me much."
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[3:44pm] Jaito: (Cut off on GnOSis was the key to how, that was cl-)
[3:45pm] Night_Misaki: GnOsis was the key to how, that was clear. "That much, I can work out on my own. That doesn't tell me much."
[3:46pm] Jaito: "Then you're underestimating the scope of this. Are you familiar with the Diver cases? Occuring…well, worldwide." There's a faint static buzz. "…such complexity. These incidents may not remain isolated."
[3:51pm] Night_Misaki: "…You're not looking for a culprit, are you?" Night breathes out, almost laughing. "You're looking for the only person with any answers."
[3:52pm] Jaito: "I'm looking for ways to undo this. Guilt isn't relevant." (Empathy?)
[3:54pm] Night_Misaki: (2)
[3:54pm] Jaito: Say what you will, this Epimetheus means what she's saying. At least, her tone conveys as such through the filter
[3:55pm] Night_Misaki: "And the answers are key to that. But what happens if it can't be undone?"
[3:56pm] Jaito: "It can be. I simply have to isolate the vectors."
[3:59pm] Night_Misaki: "…" She pinches the bridge of her nose. It's never that simple. "Right. Okay. Have fun with that. But I need you to tell me specifically what his part in this was, not vague assurances this was his doing."
[4:02pm] Jaito: "I…" She hesitates. "I suppose there's no use hiding it. I think Naito wants this to happen. On a much larger scale."
[4:05pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night glances over at the photograph. Wait… "…Do you have any theories as to why, or does that not concern you?"
[4:11pm] Jaito: "There's too many whys at work here. This isn't a one-man job. I-" There is a loud CRASH in the distance. "-just ran out of time. I'll be in touch."
[4:13pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Well that sounds fantastic.
[4:14pm] Jaito: She hears, "Oh, no YOU-" and then the connection cuts out.
[4:16pm] Night_Misaki: And that sounds like she might not be getting that information any time soon. Night looks down at the photograph, before putting it in her bag, and looks at Vassago. "I think it might be time I went out for food and maybe a stiff drink or three, how about you?"
[4:26pm] Jaito: Vassago mews and bats at her. Clearly, not a fan of liquor.
[4:27pm] Night_Misaki: "I'll bring you back catnip, shush."
[4:29pm] Jaito: The look given in response is wary, but expectant.
[4:29pm] Night_Misaki: …Earscritches for the kitten. "I'll be careful, don't worry."
[4:31pm] Night_Misaki: Notebook in the bag…well, there was that one weird pizza parlor she'd been meaning to try, too.