Gnostic Attainment


Title Description
Gnostic Attaintment Unravel the origin and nature of the gnOSis operating system. There are clear indications of ritual, programming, and theoretical linguistic aspects to the language.
Difficulty 16 Actors Misaki Naito, Will Lawrenson
Key Skills Lore, Scholarship Preparation Needed 11
Successes 0 Prep Shifts 12 - Complete!

Aspects Invoked: Don't Stop Me Now, I'm Going Slighty Mad, I Want To Break Free (Will)
Declarations: The World Tree, The Name of the Thing, The Tongue of Babel


Both Misaki Naito and Will Lawrenceson have pieces, portions, and histories that relate back to the mysterious gnOSis operating system, whose complex base code is used for modern software and communications like the COMP. Mostly a black box technology, behind advanced encryption and highly advanced lawyers, no one is entirely sure how it works. Why, then, are portions of this code showing itself in the much simpler software for an ARORPG, Paradise?

Excellent question…