Summary Page

Name Helena "Metis" Faramond Player Sarah
High Concept Fiendish Artisan Trouble "Inappropriate" Expression
Aspects Drawn to Aspirations Safety In the Unsound
Blood On the Canvas Waiting For the Perfect Hammer
Sunshine In a Jar
Stress Refresh Rate 2 / 8
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] +1 M Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] +1 M Moderate
Other? N/A Severe


Skills Used/Cap of 30
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 2 Conviction, Craftsmanship
Great (+4) 2 Alertness, Stealth
Good (+3) 2 Burglary, Endurance
Fair (+2) 2 Contacts, Deceit
Average (+1) 2 Fists, Survival

Stunts and Powers

Cost Ability
-4 Animating Art - Helena can give animation and power to artworks she draws, either as prepared rituals or as quick "daubs".
-1 Person of Conviction (Conviction) Uses Conviction instead of Presence to determine Social Fortitude.
-1 Stay Close and Keep Quiet! Helena's Stealth can complement the Stealth rolls of allies, and more.
Left open for extra powers, stunts, refinement, etc.
Left open for extra powers, stunts, refinement, etc.


The Gallery

The Gallery is a warehouse building built into the Rimwall itself. The 'Wall has a lot of manufacturing, storage, utilities and other things that keep the Rimward community going and supply the Circle and the exclusive-of-exclusive Spire in all the things they've come to love. Of course, this massive structure - going up and down 5 stories each and thick enough for two warehouses back-to-back presents lots of opportunities for structures to get lost in the cracks, ignored, or quietly bribed away from its "proper purpose". The Gallery falls into the middle category - whatever used to be stored there fell out of need, leaving a great big open area for Helena's work…and for her various wards and students to set down cots and little homes of junk and lesser treasures.

Threshold Wards Workshop Rating Occupants of Note
2 (large crowd, but not yet tight-knit) ??? 2 for painting, 1 for other artworks - she lacks the funds, supplies, and space for great work at home. Her 'students', occasionally Pix. A rat named Terrence.
Name Power Control Effect Variations
Hitting A Brick Wall 6 Craftsmanship She paints a wall that acts as a 4-shift block on travel between one zone from another for 3 exchanges. Anyone attempting to break past it must use Might or another relevant ability to break it down. Helena might manage to use this as a shield from attacks on the fly. Of course, it doesn't have the area on its own to block pursuers that way. She may also make it stronger or last longer…or even block a wide area for 2 additional shifts.

Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
Static Left Her Out To Dry 1 M None yet.
??? Sides of a Coin None yet. None yet.
Pix Pressing At Arm's Length None yet. None yet.

Character History


Helena's gift was discovered early on when finger paintings on the wall began to move. Her parents pushed her to excel in art classes, trying to get her into a place where she had the means to pull them out of the outer edges of middle society. As she grew and realized she was being used, she abandoned their ideals. An angered walk led her to an alley with a half-painted wall and a can of spray paint. Her anger created a dark mural, attracting the attention of a nearby gang leader, whose spiked hair and promises of freedom lured her to the Outskirts.

Related Aspect Drawn to Aspirations

What Shaped You?

This leader, Static, led her into a spiral of bad habits and expressive freedom. An artist himself, he provided her with the means to do as she wished with any given canvas - at a price. Her heart attached to him, from his outward way of thinking to his calloused, experienced hands. But his untethered spirit made him cold and unresponsive to her advances. She left with the next cold wind, setting off to seek refuge within her painting.

Related Aspect Safety In the Unsound

First Contact

Discovering True Power, Guest Starring: ???

She lived with the cold wind, her dark portraits lining the dank brick walls of the Outskirts; the narrowed eyes and bared teeth of her pain glared at everyone who passed. One evening, she was caught. The officer bellowed in displeasure, startling her as she worked. Her vision wavered, blurring as a roaring sound filled her ears. Her hands grew wet, and as the darkness cleared, a new, vibrant paint coated the walls, staining her skin. Her heart froze, but the adrenaline kept pumping in her veins, pulsating in her skull. She felt ill; yet, more alive than ever. Her fingers shook as frenziedly streaked the walls, an attempt to expunge the life dripping from her hands as she fled.

Related Aspect Blood on the Canvas

Significant Experiences

The Gallery, Guest Starring: Pix

She brought her talent indoors, keeping the secret she had hidden. The warehouse district offered space for expression without the danger of harming those who didn't earn it. She began to understand what it was that brought her artwork to life, and slowly learned to keep it controlled. She sold small pieces to keep herself alive, but never fully pulled away from the things she had learned under Static. Her look stayed dirty, hiding her sharp wit and sly tongue. She stole if she felt like it, but only for her work. Through this practice, she met others who, once like her, longed to break free of their social barriers. She kept her students at a distance, fearing that she would become the new Static. But one continued to push at the wall. She was dubbed Pix, for her small stature and mischievous.

Related Aspects Waiting For the Perfect Hammer

Significant Experiences

Homecoming, Starring: the Faramond family

As time went on, she started setting some of her small earnings aside in a jar, hidden in a hole in the wall where she set up her "studio." She worked a little harder on more commercial items, and soon the jar was almost full. She painted the outside brightly, happier memories floating through her fingers. She wrapped it tightly in her coat, sneaking quietly away, past the group of slumbering students in the next room. She wove through the dark streets with grace; they had been her home for almost six years. She passed through the Outskirts, heading deeper in to the circle. The streets here were clean, and partially lit, just as they had been before. She silently reached the steps she had climbed so many times, peering at the nameplate. Though faded, it still shone with a simple pride. She unwrapped the jar and placed it on the top step, rapping her gritty knuckles on the door three times. She ducked around the corner as a light came on, and saw the worn face of her father appear at the door. He looked around before seeing the jar at his feet. His eyes widened, and he turned to say something inside, and her mother appeared beside him. Together, they stared at the jar as they saw the moving painting, reminding them of years gone by. Once they opened it, a letter was withdrawn. She only stayed long enough to see a tear roll down her father's cheek before disappearing into the night.

Related Aspects Sunshine in a Jar