Hershey's Xiao
Name Hershey's Xiao IG Character? Kisses~X.O.
IC Skillset Paradise Administrator IG Skillset Tech Specialist
Primary Impression Beleaguered Admin Risk Factor Oops, Wrong Question!
Known Aspects When It Rains…

Known Skills

Lore: Great Contacts: Good
Resources: Great Fists: Good

Known Abilities


Known Equipment

Name Type Rating Style? Special
ASP Tactical Baton Weapon (Weapons) 2 COLD AND FUNCTIONAL (1) +2 to tests to conceal when collapsed
Tactical Catsuit Armor 2 --


  • Feels responsible for keeping Night Misaki away from information related to her father
  • Expresses a perhaps unhealthy interest in Will Lawrenceson
  • Owns an IC copy of her IG costume.


Recent Activities

Common Locations