Hidden Babel


  • Description
    • A back longue in Babel has been setup for full on AR gaming and takes advantage of that. In the game mirrors reflect text in strange languages and things spoken too far away become foreign. Physically is comfortable, perhaps a bit too warm, but there is a minor charge to enter.
  • The Idea
    • Deeper into the rabbit hole.
  • Aspects
    • What Nonsense Is That?
  • The Face
    • Name : “Pythia”
    • Concept : NPC barista takes and 'mixes' order which the real staff actually make and send through a hatch. Occasionally hisses, or swears in random languages, when frustrated.

Notable Details

  • Pythia seems 'normal' enough, but there are a few lapses…

Past Events

  • Three weeks ago something was spotted by several regulars moving 'inside' the reflections in the mirrors, but left when spotted.