Hiroyuki Naito
Name Hiroyuki Naito IG Character? ???
IC Skillset REDACTED IG Skillset ???
Primary Impression Keeper of Secrets Risk Factor CLASSIFIED
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Known Skills

Lore: Fantastic (?)

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-Missing since an undisclosed accident in Osaka five years previous.


-Half-english occultist librarian. Recieved Misaki Naito on his doorstep shortly after her birth when her mother, an old flame, was too sick to care for her. Created a tiny adorable kung-fu occultist and then vanished, thus creating a broken solipsist not-at-all-tiny kung fu occultist. Oops.

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Calm and cool, with an edge like a knife. A man who is eloquent, but precise with his words, and unnervingly in the know about just about everything. With a polite let aloof, often irritatingly vague air, the man is cunning, frighteningly charming, and awkwardly, hideously overprotective and embarrassingly affectionate to those who have captured his genuine affection, such as his daughter. Or at least he was, until vanishing in an accident, of which the circumstances are likely classified, five years ago.


At 6'10, he is a giant, spindly tree of a man, with long hair a couple shades lighter than Misaki's. His nose is faintly crooked, but he otherwise looks far younger than he has any right to. Spectacles cover brilliant, gem-blue eyes, exactly the same as his daughters, and he wears on his left ear the matching large, dangling earring to Night's. He also tends to tie bells to his hair ties so he doesn't lose them.