Hospital Investigation 1

<@Jaito> Hersheys Xiao is doing better. Which isn't to say that she's at all doing well.
3:20 PM
<@Jaito> She looks very calm. "I saw those people die. Because they wanted to get inside of your woman. Inside the place she made. Or the place that made her. The only way in is through glass."
3:20 PM
<@Jaito> She clings to Will's hand, as if it's the only thing in the world. To her, maybe it is.
3:24 PM AsheInvicta
Will lets her cling, and pets her comfortingly. Well. That would explain the Divers, then. "And… What are you saying? That Freyja is… inside herself?" Xiao was making little sense.
3:25 PM Jaito
"…nonono, inside is inside her."
3:31 PM AsheInvicta
"Could… is that the way to find her, then? To… um, go through the glass?"
3:32 PM Jaito
Xiao tilts her head. "But you already found her. I'm not…not jealous, really. I mean, I am, but not really-really. It's right, isn't it? When someone finds someone, that's to be celebrated. It…it happens eventually. Nonono, wrong question. You're asking the wrong question."
3:32 PM
"The right question - is WHERE IS SHE?!!!" She shouts this last part.
3:32 PM
There appears to be some muttered argument outside. A door slams.
3:38 PM AsheInvicta
Will flinches back from the shout, then her head turns briefly to look to the door of their cell. "I… Okay, then. Where is she?"
3:42 PM Jaito
"…I…I dunno. I'm sorry. She's in a very difficult time in her life, and maybe she just needs her space." She pulls away, shrinking in on herself. At that point, the cell opens - Mr. Gray. "Lawrenson. Please come with me. No one can get IN to the hospital, and your talents may come in handy."
3:44 PM AsheInvicta
"…" Will looks at Xiao, then releases the other's hand. "You'll be safe here, Xiao." With a small smile for her, Will turns to Mr. Gray. "What's going on at the hospital?" she asks as she starts to follow him.
3:46 PM Jaito
"You tell me." He shuts the cell after her, sparing a brief look at Xiao. "…poor woman." The first sign of emotion he's given, and it's truly brief. "Do you have any weapons? We may need them." He leads her back to the carport.
3:51 PM AsheInvicta
"Weapons? Um… Kind of?" Will gestures to her COMP. "I gots me a coupla fighters I ken call up, an I t'ink I ken magick up somethin' if I need ta." This is said in a low tone, for Gray's ears only.
3:54 PM Jaito
He glances at her for a few moment, but then nods. "I'll cover you as needed." He even opens the passenger door for her - not the back. "We've lost contact with the hospital entirely, some sort of interference. We even tried cutting power, but the place is revolutionary. Wind and solar backups built in."
3:57 PM AsheInvicta
"That's… Shouldna that be a good t'ing? Well, I be guessin' normally it would be." Will checks her COMP to see if some of her hacking tools are loaded onto it. She's pretty sure they are, but…
3:59 PM Jaito
Hati and Bean Sidhe are both "awake", able to receive commands. Or come forth, as needed. The COMP appears operational, but nearly at capacity from the two of them.
4:03 PM
…/Alpha, there is likely danger there. Should we kill this human and take his car./
4:04 PM
…/ Honestly. We can /use/ the human and kill him later. Driving is so inconven…oh. Oh, my./
4:05 PM AsheInvicta
Will types on her COMP. <…Oh my? What's oh my? And no, Hati. He's done… well, he did what he thought were right.>
4:07 PM Jaito
…/The humans. My kin…Even I am impressed by such brutality. It seems our little war has taken on a new, horrific tone. Recruitment of the damned./
4:08 PM
As Mister Gray drives, he leaves her to her work…focused on the road and on the occasional call to his designer sunglasses/AR. "Right. No, maintain a media blackout. We have to - what? How did he get in there? All right."
4:08 PM
He turns on the cherries and hits about 80 miles an hour. On such tiny streets in a European luxury sedan? He's /good/.
4:10 PM AsheInvicta
<The damned? You…> "Oi, shite. This ent good a'tall… Methinks we need ta…" He's already picked up the speed. Good. Will thinks as quickly as she can. <Either of you have anything that can stand against the undead?>
4:11 PM Jaito
…/Tooth. Claw. Pride./
4:11 PM
…/I'd honestly rather not TOUCH the horrid things. The pixies tell me that they're rather unpleasant./
4:15 PM AsheInvicta
<Fair enough.> " 'Bout how far out're we, ye t'ink?" she asks Gray.
4:16 PM Jaito
"That depends. How good is your stomach?"
4:16 PM
(Endurance, plz.)
4:17 PM
He then makes a turn that puts him on two wheels. That…is the beginning. Night would be proud.
4:18 PM AsheInvicta
4:20 PM Jaito
Gain the temporary aspect DRIVEN TO ILLNESS.
4:20 PM
The Jag screeches to a halt just shy of hitting an ambulance. All of the hospital windows are frosted over and…steam? is rising from the roof like the place were a factory. Considering the clean energy design, this is…not normal.
4:21 PM
Outside, a few squad cars and some concerned paramedics try to look like there isn't a crisis going on. A few other people in plain suits and trenchcoats seem to be in charge.
4:21 PM
The front double doors are 1) covered in a tarp and police tape and 2) have the actual doors laying beside in neatly sliced triangles.
4:24 PM AsheInvicta
Will is looking a little green around the gills by the time the car stops. She had tried closing her eyes, but that made it worse, so she instead focused on something in the car. When the car screeches to a halt she gets out gladly and stumbles a bit upon standing, then her eyes go wide. "Annabell… Ken ye get me in 'ere, boyo?" she asks Gray.
4:25 PM Jaito
"That's the easy part. Apparently the door is one-way. We lost contact with someone who went in almost immediately."
4:27 PM
…almost immediately, Will gets a ping from Annabell.
4:29 PM AsheInvicta
"Ye might lose touch wit' me too, Mr. Gray. I'ma goin' in. Friend o' mine's in there, it seems." Will types out a message to Annabell: /What's it look like in there?/
4:30 PM Annabell has joined the channel.
4:30 PM Jaito
<AsheInvicta> "Ye might lose touch wit' me too, Mr. Gray. I'ma goin' in. Friend o' mine's in there, it seems." Will types out a message to Annabell: /What's it look like in there?/
4:31 PM
Gray…frowns. "Right now, you're my only source of contact. Can you hack me a line?"
4:31 PM AsheInvicta
"I ken try." THe hacker gets to work on doing just that.
4:33 PM
4:35 PM Jaito
She doesn't even fully remember what she did. A few typed keys and then a BLAST of static hits not only Gray, but every electronic device in sight.
4:35 PM
"… glasses. I…what in God's NAME…?" He looks up, staring at the sky.
4:36 PM
If Will's gaze should follow…there are two figures embracing in the "fog", digital outlines of a familiar woman…and a woman who looks a lot like Michael Lin. The latter is whispering into Freyja's ear, who is then muttering wordlessly.
4:36 PM
The words, without sound, hit the mind with impact.
4:36 PM
4:38 PM Annabell
replied after a few moments: "Canibal zombie (drops AGI). Children's ward sealed w/ nasty. Cause inside. Got 1 room of people safe. Need help with rest."
4:39 PM AsheInvicta
"No… No no no no 'is is wot I'm tryin'… Oh god… GET AWAY FR'M 'ER!" Will lunges at the couple. "She ent your'n!!"
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4:39 PM Jaito
Gray catches her arm. "Get a hold of yourself."
4:40 PM
(To clarify, this is an image in the fog coming off of the roof.)
4:41 PM
"If you're going in, you need to keep a cool head." As messages start flashing across his shades, he nods. "And keep in contact. You need me, I'll go in, but we need to establish a perimeter. I'm uniquely qualified to know what we're dealing with."
4:43 PM AsheInvicta
The hacker shakes herself. "Sorry, boyo. I jes…" She breathes. First last night, and now this. Her eyes drop to her COMP and scan over the message from Annabell. "We might…" She takes a shuddering breath, then seems to collect herself. "We might be needin' more'n jes' you an' me, if anyone else out 'ere ken handle weirdness we's like t' find inside." She flashes the message at Gray, then responds to Annabell. <Help's on t
4:43 PM
he way, luv. Just hold on as long as you can.>
4:53 PM Jaito
Gray shakes his head. "I'll see what I can do. As much as it galls me to say, we're not equipped for this. I can get local tactical response in…15 minutes."
4:56 PM AsheInvicta
"Boyo, ent nobody 'quipped f'r th' bloody zombie 'pocalypse." She's only half-kidding. /Hati, get yourself ready, dear. Bean Sidhe, stand by./
4:58 PM Jaito
With a flash of blue lines and sparks, Hati is suddenly standing beside her. A number of guns get trained on her, but Mister Gray raises a hand. "It's with us." The trenchcoats nod, only somewhat relucantly. The rest…stare.
4:58 PM
"Good luck, Will. And be safe."
5:03 PM AsheInvicta
"T'anks. Once more inta th' breach…" And in she goes.
5:04 PM Jaito
As she does, the fog seems to enshroud her. Blue sparks fly and Hati's eyes take on a matching glow. "Welcome home, alpha," he says, as her rumpled and wrinkled clothes from her apartment shift into something a bit more appropriately rough.
5:04 PM
Street Gear - Armor Rating: 1
5:08 PM AsheInvicta
"…'Is ent good. Paradise's taken over th' 'ospital." Mostly she's talking to herself. "Let's watch oursefs." With a few keystrokes to the COMP, she tries to call up a map of the hospital, hoping it'll still be relevant.
5:10 PM Jaito
What she gets is a labyrinth. The halls and stairways have totally changed, most areas marked unsafe. The entire basement area is a mystery, as is the roof. More immediately, she isn't alone in the lobby.
5:10 PM
She's surrounded by the dead. Who are actually still rather dead.
5:11 PM
A light and a dark blue stone each lay on the ground next to the diced pieces of half a dozen "zombies" - bodies nearly oozed through with elemental growths.
5:13 PM AsheInvicta
Will picks up one of the stones, examining it closely. "An' wot are you then, 'ey?"
5:14 PM Jaito
Across her vision, an item description flashes - ZIO STONE. Further out, smaller text identifies the other as a BUFU STONE.
5:14 PM
5:19 PM AsheInvicta
5:20 PM Jaito
She catches a couple of shadows flitting and skittering - one behind the lobby chairs…and another up in the postmodern ceiling structure.
5:20 PM
Will is /not/ alone.
5:27 PM AsheInvicta
Crap… "C-c'mon out from behind 'ere, would ye?" she directs at the chair, one hand clenching into a fist.
5:28 PM Jaito
A head slowly pops up - a girl, maybe 10 years old, all blonde curls and huge blue eyes. She's wearing a hospital gown and shivers a little. "…wh…whatcha doin' here?" she asks, timidly.
5:33 PM AsheInvicta
"I c'd be askin' ye th' same, li'l un." Will kneels down. "Y'okay, lass? C'mere."
5:34 PM Jaito
Hati's ears flatten and he growls, just as the girl starts to reach for Will's face. "…Momma said that nobody's supposed to come."
5:36 PM
Almost soundlessly, little feet drop to the ground behind her.
5:38 PM AsheInvicta
"Hati…" Will hears the thump, then stands up. She looks back at the little girl she'd addressed first. "Who's momma?" The hacker steps back so that (hopefully) she's not right between the girl and whoever just dropped behind her.
5:38 PM Jaito
Another boy - his hair strangely green and his hands covered in…yes, dried blood, stares at her, surprised.
5:39 PM
The girl says, "Miss Emma. She's gonna be everybody's Momma…not yours, though. You're fish sticks."

5:39 PM
Very slowly, she smiles…and her big, blue eyes start to glow.