Julianne Monroe

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Name Julianne Monroe Player QuicksilverFox85
Primary Impression Top-Notch Fashion Designer Risk Factor Hole In Her Heart
Flags Daughter of the Elite Play 'Em Like a Fiddle
Digital Maven TBD
TBD -—-
Stress Refresh Rate Current Rate / Max Rate
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate
Other? [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap of 35
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 1 Performance
Great (+4) 2 Resources, Presence
Good (+3) 3 Contacts, Deceit, Discipline
Fair (+2) 4 Alertness, Conviction, Craftsmanship, Endurance
Average (+1) 5 Athletics, Empathy, Intimidation, Rapport, Scholarship

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-1 Persona (Lovers) - Electra
-4 Demonic Arts
-2 Resistance (Fire)
+2 Weakness (Ice)
-1 Dreams in Digital (Use Performance rather than Scholarship for computer rolls involving art or graphic design)

Resources by Line Item

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Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
…Name. A shared Aspect for the relationship. Number of consequences. Any active consequences

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Julianne Monroe came from money on both sides of her family: her father was a skilled architect, while her mother's family had invested well over the decades in various businesses. They had met in Singapore over a summer in college and were married there two years later. Her childhood was as happy as one could ask for; she was far closer to her father than her mother, sitting at his drawing table and sketching alongside him. While his work focused on buildings, though, her eye was drawn early to clothing. She absorbed information on the fashion industry like a sponge, designing her own dresses and whatnot by the ripe old age of twelve. Her father encouraged the creativity, while her mother was more concerned that such 'dalliances' would lead to issues later on. This, among many other things, would drive a wedge between the two and lead to what occurred next.

Related Flags Daughter of the Elite

Psychological Profile

Her parents' marriage had, surprising to some, been one of love, at least at first. As time ticked on, however, her father strayed and left her mother for a woman twenty years her junior when she was fifteen. Being something of a daddy's girl, she blamed her mother for it completely. The perceived betrayal led her to carve out her heart and tuck it away somewhere it couldn't be hurt again. The previously cheerful girl became more ruthless, pursuing her own desires by playing her rivals off of each other. This worked like a charm…except against her mother, who knew the game far better than her daughter did. She founded her own design company at age 21, but her mother threw a wrench into what would have been an otherwise happy evening by introducing her new fiance, Michael - a man less than a year older than Julianne herself, and nearly thirty years her mother's junior. As her mother had taken away her happiness, so Julianne did in kind; by the end of the second year of their marriage, Julianne and Michael were deep into an elicit affair that continues on to this day.

Related Flags Hole in Her Heart, Play 'Em Like A Fiddle

First Contact

Julianne became aware of the game through, of all things, an interview at a fashion show asking if she had any plans on jumping to the digital front as a number of other designers had. After some thorough research both outside and in the game, she shifted part of her business towards the growing market for both in-game fashion and stylish accessories for the players who could properly appreciate (i.e., pay) for her work. Getting in on the bottom floor, as it were, has worked wonders, and both the real-life and digital lines have taken off like rockets.

Related Flags Digital Maven

Significant Experience

Data Currently Not Available. Assistance Welcomed.

Related Flags TBD, TBD