Kersan Eko

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Kersan Eko
Name Kersan Eko Player Nerrin
Primary Impression DigitalAlchemist Risk Factor Make a Better World
Flags I Know Something You Don't Know A Hand in the Game
"I Haven't Slept in Four Days" Aspect
Stress Refresh Rate 4 / max 8
Physical [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap 35 of 35
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 1 Craftsmanship
Great (+4) 2 Lore, Scholarship
Good (+3) 3 Rapport, Conviction, Discipline
Fair (+2) 4 Presence, Athletics, Empathy, Resources
Average (+1) 5 Investigation, Burglary, Deceit, Guns, Alertness

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-3 Integrated Worksmanship (generalist) - ability to craft both Arcane and Enchanted Tech, plus two Arcane Tech item slots
-1 Stunt: Windfall - Once per adventure, spend a fate point to roll Resources at +4
  • Due to the amount of time subject devotes to the Paradise game, he manages his finances very conservatively until such time as he needs to make a large expenditure. As a result, his financial behavior follows a roughly predictable pattern of low activity interrupted by periodic spikes.

Resources by Line Item

List any specific Arts, equipment, or relevant rules for easy reference.

  • Arcane Tech
Name N-Jector
Power Rating 6
Properties Rapid field healing; possible cosmetic side-effects over long-term use. Heal up to Moderate physical consequences.
Stress [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Consequences Mild, Mild, Moderate, Severe
Aspect? Aspects as a result of consequences
  • Enchanted Tech
Item Padded gray coveralls, Armor: 2
Power 5 shifts; (-4) increase Armor rating by 1, (-1) mass utility
Notes This heavy jumpsuit has had extra layers of padding sewn in with thread spun from angel hair, magically reinforcing it.
Item Scavenged hunting rifle, Weapon: 3
Power 5 shifts; (-4) increase Weapon rating by 1, (-1) mass utility
Notes Prayers and supplications to mighty demons of Chaos have been etched into the stock and body of this rifle with a demon's tooth.

Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
…Name. A shared Aspect for the relationship. Number of consequences. Any active consequences

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Records indicate Indonesia as subject's country of origin, current age (as of this report) 26 years. Taken from country by parents in infancy, grew up in several different nations across the world. In some nations his family was not present entirely legally. Entered a university in India to study Computer Science and related. Dropped out of a PhD program when Osmosis emerged on the market, reappeared several months later in the employ of Eden Software during the later phases of development of the Paradise game. Was released or sought release from permanent employment by Eden (details around his severance are murky), but rejoined later as a volunteer game moderator. Currently operates in Singapore.

Subject is fluent in multiple languages, including Malay (specifically, the Indonesian language which is a mutually intelligible dialect of Malay), English, and Hindi. He also demonstrates at least a conversational grasp of Mandarin Chinese and possibly others.

Related Flags A Hand in the Game

Psychological Profile

Subject shows strong signs of obsessive or addictive personality disorders. He has a tendency to fixate on some activity to the exclusion of all else, sometimes even basic health and hygienic practices. (His current agreement as a moderator, given his presence in public as a semi-official representative of Eden and Paradise, includes special riders explicitly requiring him to attend to basic cleanliness on a regular basis, no less often than once every three days barring exceptional circumstances.)

Subject has confessed in private communications that he sees the world as "broken" and in need of "fixing." These views may be a causal component in his obsessive tendencies, with the assumption of the Paradise game as a vector through which he may "make a difference," in his words. Subject views Paradise as a microcosm of the world by which it may be influenced for the better, whether by acting as an example and role model to follow, or through more direct action.

Related Flags "I Haven't Slept in Four Days," Make a Better World
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Aulus Geber (Paradise game avatar)

First Contact

Subject has been part of the game since before it was open to the public, and as such has a depth and breadth of knowledge about the system beyond most players. His tenure at Eden came after most of the most intensive development work on the code base and engine had been done, however, meaning his knowledge is still restricted to the more superficial aspects of the system.

Subject spends most of his time logged into the Paradise game servers and related social networks under his account handle, DigitalAlchemist. As a moderator he is required to be publicly available for a minimum number of hours each week, where he devotes roughly equal amounts of time between fielding technical questions on and reviewing submissions to the content-creation systems; responding to IG interpersonal problems; and also playing his character (an Occult Specialist named Aulus Geber). Much of the rest of his private time is also spent playing the game, making a living off of the Macca economy.

As a moderator, subject must also appear impartial and fair while playing the game. Mostly this means he declines to take part in PVP, competitive instances, and numerous special events, even when he is allowed to participate in under company policy as a volunteer. His character leans slightly in favor of the Law alignment, but in this as well he remains largely neutral.

Related Flags I Know Something You Don't Know, DigitalAlchemist

Significant Experience

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