Khoo Teck Puat Hospital


  • Description
    • 500-bed public hospital in Yishun, offering a wide range of medical services and healthcare options.
  • The Idea
    • General hospital.
  • Aspects
    • Bedside Manners
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  • The Face
    • Name : Ada Tan
    • Concept : A long-time nurse that everyone knows, would be the head nurse if she actually wanted the position and very hardworking. Comes off as cranky and a bit harsh, but there is no denying her expertise, skills, or her compassion. Has a soft spot for children.
    • Name : Theodore Chang
    • Concept : Director and financial head of the hospital, Chang is the sort of man that demands the kind of respect he's never felt the need to return. If he is mollified, his ego may serve to assist you…if he's offended? Look out and take cover.
    • Name: Emily Lin
    • Concept: Michael Lin's estranged, dying mother who has essentially abandoned her son: admitted to the hospital with terminal cancer, given six weeks to six months to live. Beautiful, intelligent, unstable (to put it mildly), resentful and perhaps even regretful, a woman of frustrated ambitions and passions and perhaps only now realizing she's done everything wrong.

Notable Details

  • Designed to be patient-friendly, also designed to be environment-friendly.

Past Events

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