Estriana's Fantasy Romance Leaderboard (And Diary)
Name Favor Points Status Strength Weakness
Tyrant of Nebron ?? Tyrant Of Estriana's Heart Massive tracts, mysterious, sad eyes, trusts Estriana, respects her decisions! BEARING!!!! In Nebron, has a tyranny to run
Cinaed 12 Fey Prince(ss!!!!) and Liege Eladrin Ideal, knowledge, kindness, effortless nobility! Eladrin modesty, classy! Sometimes Bland, Real Magic Is Still Boring, Zori, still bland as princess
Zori Ineluka 11 Devil Prince and Captain Best Friend, horns, tail, red, infernal presence, tender leadership!!! See? NOT JEALOUS! HAVE A POINT! Panflirtual, how much red is too much red? Cinaed, fatmerchant is stupid
Quinvaldear 10 Master of the Forbidden Arts Style, grace, beauty, decorum, hot blood! SWATHS OF DESTRUCTION, Unattainable. Calls Estry on her bullshit. Butt Magic, Real Magic Is Boring, kind of mean…snooty? Possibly prettier.
Seljae 8 Undinous Medic King, Damsel, Touched By Tragedy, Master of Erotic Secrets Anatomical complications, supporting cast
Szarkan 7 Devil Warlord and Paladin Power, horns, tail, red, terribly attractive resemblance - PALADIN Old
Beiro 5 Some Kind of Priest, And Surprisingly Not a Druid Mysterious, aloof, secretly handsome, utterly disinterested, fateful collision! Bow, lack of passion
Hand 4 Mysterious Trio Leader Mysterious, idiosyncratic speech, adorable Tiny
Nurse Camille 4 Quin's Nursemaid Kind, sweet, …pillows Dude! She's like Quin's almost mom!
Xeyson 3 Zori's Brother Tall, dark. Quick-witted Brother. Touched by butt sorcery. Brother. Also, Zori's Brother
Jorst 3 Spare Wizard Has Castle ….Ewwwwwwww.
Harley 1 The Very Soul of Dissapointment!!!! Horns, ab definition, raw sensual power, charm, innocence, poutylips…. Lacks Bearing, Takes Blame Over Responsibility
Torog 0 God of Torment Tortured Soul Maggots, argued with Zori
Salty Jack -1 Crewman Professional, Classic Look Paternal Aura, not sure how to respond
Chernannor -4 Lame, Crass, and Pathetic "Blood Letter". IF the letter is a big fat F Tiefling, Sews, Completely hideous, stupid, and in the way Nothing, why do you ask?
Dahl -57 Beans Beans Beans
Fat Pumpkin -58 Pumpkin of Harlotry Good for pies Abject universal evil

Earning and Losing Points


Doing something appropriately dramatic: +1 point
Freaking her out: -1 point
Dressing Dapper: +1-5 points, case by case
Clever Flirting: Varies!
Overt Flirting: -1
Confusing Her Sexuality: -1 per incident (consider Zori's score)


Gaining Control of a Nation: +5 points
Commanding an Army: +1 per major campaign
Giving Her Titles: +1 per title, but only if it's a cool one
Giving Her Cool Stuff (Weapons, outfits, etc.) : Varies
Being Rude to Commoners: -3
Calling Estriana a Commoner: -5
Beans: -48


Ludicrous Gibs: +1
Butchering Those Who Offend Her: +2
Butchering Those She Attempts to Butcher: -5
Wielding Multiple Weapons: +1 per additional weapon used at once
Hurting Adorable Animals: -2

Magical Wishlist

11 - Boots of Dancing
12 - Elven Cloak +3
13 - Performer's Blade +3

Secondary Power List


Flirtatious Engagement - +16 vs. Reflex, Weapon, Martial. Hit: The target is dazed until the start of Estriana's next turn. Level 21: The target is blinded instead.
Rose Petal Kiss - +14 vs. Will, Range 10, Arcane, Charm. Hit: 1d6 + 8 psychic damage, and allies gain concealment from the target until the end of Estriana's next turn.


Breath-Stealing Embrace - + 14 vs. Fort, Martial, Reliable: Hit: The target is restrained (escape ends). Once the target escapes, they suffer a penalty to attack rolls equal to Estriana's Charisma modifier (+4) until the end of their next turn.
Frustrating Innocence -+14 vs. Will, Range 10, Arcane, Charm. Hit: The target may not attack Estriana. If an ally would provoke an opportunity attack if the target counted as an enemy, the target must make an opportunity attack on the subject with a basic melee attack. (save ends)
That Thing With The Mouth (Multiclass: Quinvaldear) - +14 vs Fort, Melee touch, Arcane, Charm, Variable. Hit: The target is dazed until the end of Estriana's next turn. Special: This power may be used as part of an opportunity attack.