Lexicon Terms And Slang

IC (In Character)

Terms used within the 'real' world of the Paradise story. This is where you work, eat, sleep, and live…not where you play. Probably…you know what I mean.


Argon Underarmor

a.k.a TRONs, undergear, underwear, lightcloth

Clothing run through with Argon Hardwords' signature fibers. While more subdued models are available, the younger or more fashionable set might be downright glowing with fiber-optic thread on monochrome backing. Black, white, and grayscale are the most common cloth colors, to better emphasize the glow.

IG (In Game)

Terms used within the Paradise AR game world itself. These are terms you can likely find in guides, wikis, manuals, and forum chatter…or just have to filter out daily anyway.

Game Design/Development


a.k.a. ARc
ARchitects are the coders, programmers, and artists who work to create custom content for the game. ARchitecture is anything made specifically to integrate AR into the real world in a convincing way. Smart and delicate programs can alter rooms, doors, and environments to be playable in multiple areas, but most homebrews are localized to a particular building or play area.

Dark Council, The

A sobriquet for the Development Quality Assurance Board (sometimes also called the Dick-Abs), the Council oversees and approves the full release of AR content. Until approved and registered, only personal and private access can be granted to any image, program, scene, or ARchitecture.