Library Adventures 1

The library at Victoria Junior College had, for the last two years, been the sole kingdom of one (1) Misaki Naito, and today was no different. As such, the place was quiet as the grave, save for the few students that dared entered her near-tyrannical rule of the library, with Night herself sitting at the reception desk to intercept anyone attempting entry. This was a sacred place, as far as she was concerned, and it'd be treated as such.
11:54 PM Michael_Lin
Michael is trying to avoid her notice, tip-toeing into the library.
11:56 PM Night
"Michael Lin." Nice try.
11:56 PM Michael_Lin
tries not to jump, but peers at her mutely.
11:57 PM Night
gives him a bland look. "Walk in normally. You're here for extracurricular research as usual?"
11:58 PM Michael_Lin
just stops dead in his tracks, considers turning and walking out.
11:59 PM Night
"If it's research you need, there is nowhere else to go."
11:59 PM
How does she do that?
11:59 PM Michael_Lin
Good question ;_;
12:00 AM
"I don't really need it…"
12:01 AM Night
"Just go in. You already know my conditions for how to treat this place." She would, of course, be watching you. She always was.
12:03 AM Michael_Lin
"Y-yes." and going to scoot in quietly.
12:03 AM Night
Night, for her part, simply watched him. Like a hawk. A creepy, creepy hawk.
12:12 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Not long after, Shousei steels himself, opens the door, and walks in, a cool expression on his face and a notebook in hand. He's not sure if this is going to end in a confrontation or not.
12:12 AM Michael_Lin
And very carefully, even gingerly, making his way towards the books.
12:17 AM Night
Ah, and another visitor appears. Night doesn't even appear to look up before addressing him in that same eerie, even tone of voice. "Shousei Yamazaki."
12:19 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Night Misaki," he says softly in acknowledgement.
12:20 AM Night
"Night," she corrects. Shousei isn't someone she'll allow to use her first name so casually, after all. "Why are you here today?"
12:23 AM Michael_Lin
Michael is just looking at the spines of the books. Not even touching them.
12:25 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is probably under the impression that /is/ her first name. "I plan to look for a few extra sources for a paper." For a class. The history class that you are /also/ in. Creep.
12:26 AM Night
History is my chosen field of study, who's the creep? "So, as is everyone else, you're here for knowledge. You know it's dangerous, right?"
12:27 AM Michael_Lin
Maybe he should go to the public libraries instead for his research.
12:27 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Er… "…I have yet to be injured reading books."
12:27 AM
Was that a metaphor or is she being weird again?
12:28 AM Night
"Not your body, certainly. Physical harm isn't the only kind of danger in the world. Haven't you ever heard the phrase 'knowledge is power'?"
12:31 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Yes?" He glances to the stacks.
12:31 AM Michael_Lin
There's a flicker of birdlike movement back there.
12:32 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Hrm. "So… I'll be going, then."

12:32 AM Night
"Power is necessarily dangerous. Just take care in what you learn."
12:32 AM
"And don't damage the books, I can get your address from the school records."
12:33 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Uh-huh." He raises an eyebrow. "…I'm fairly sure you're not allowed to do that."
12:36 AM Night
"Your point?"
He folds his arms in front of him. "Hrm. Well, I don't plan on damaging any books…" Is the conversation over? Possibly?
12:39 AM
Let's try to leave… yes. History section.
12:39 AM
Is… somewhere.
12:39 AM Night
"Four shelves over, three down."
12:39 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Not looking her in the eye.
12:40 AM
…Four over, three down.
12:40 AM Night
"For your topic, I would recommend between sections 1750 and 1770. You do remember how to use the decimal system, correct?"
12:40 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
12:40 AM
"How do you even know what my topic is?" he hisses.
12:40 AM Night
"Because I listen when people are given them in class?"
12:41 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
I am getting books and leaving. I will not ask questions or get irritable.
12:42 AM Night
Too late for that last one.
12:42 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Bite me.
12:43 AM Night
Without a sound or any fanfare, Night quietly slips away from the reception desk, giving a piercing look to one of the accepted minions here that means they are to disallow further entrants…and slips into the stacks. History section occupied, but on the other side is psychology…acceptable.
12:44 AM
Also, she only bites when it's not requested.
12:46 AM Michael_Lin
Michael, in the history section, is too busy looking at books and about ready to decide to go to the public library instead, to notice anyone else.
12:52 AM Night
Both of them in one section…well, it makes observation more convenient. She'll just slide this book out of the shelf and watch through the gap…
12:52 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei walks over silently and begins shuffling through the 17-such section. Something about South America.
12:53 AM Michael_Lin
Michael glances over at the other boy. His half-brother.
12:58 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Rustle rustle huhm, this one looks interesting without being too lurid… He tries to take a step over and nearly steps on the quiet thing beside him.
12:58 AM
"-Eh?" Er. "…I'm sorry."
12:59 AM
12:59 AM Michael_Lin
"It's alright."
1:02 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"Eh." Oh. He's seen that guy before, he thinks. Still. He looks vaguely embarrassed and goes back to looking at books.
1:04 AM Michael_Lin
hesitantly slides one over to him.
1:05 AM Night
…Introverted, painfully shy, socially awkwards. She needs to start imagining people with social skills, clearly.
1:06 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"H-" Shousei blinks and looks at it.
1:07 AM
…Oh. Hm! "Thank you," he manages.
1:07 AM Michael_Lin
"You're welcome." barely audible. and stepping a bit away.
1:09 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Yes, let's just take these two and check out.
1:09 AM Night
Ah, then she aught to return to her post…quickly, quickly, before they realized she'd moved.
1:10 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei is definitely paying more attention to the books.
1:10 AM Michael_Lin
And quietly heading for the door. Without any books.
1:12 AM Night
"Lin." Right she was always here. "Try the national library, if it's research you want."
1:14 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Has she seriously memorized everyone or does he come here often? …He seems like the sort of person to come here often.
1:14 AM
Quiet. Nerdy. …Who am /I/ to talk?
1:14 AM Michael_Lin
"Thank you." he's not really looking in her direction. And not mentioning that he was already going to do that.
1:16 AM Night
"Stay safe on the streets." She's been in your classes for two years!
1:16 AM
"You're checking those out, Yamazaki?"
1:17 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…Yes well.
1:17 AM Night
So has he!
1:17 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
…/I/ don't pay attention to other people shut up- "Yes."
1:18 AM Michael_Lin
And slipping towards the door.
1:18 AM Night
"His name's Michael Lin, he's been in our class for two years." She'll just take those to begin the check out procedure. "I'll need your student ID."
1:18 AM
…Wait, since when could she do this?
1:18 AM
What happened to the actual librarian?
1:19 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…I'm aware I've seen him before." And yet he doesn't question that part. "And that his name was Lin something."
1:19 AM
"…Can you actually check me out or are you just going to take my ID?"
1:20 AM Night
"…" Night snorts, muffling something that sounds suspiciously like a laugh. " Do you see any other librarian? Hand it over, unless you have the number memorized."
1:20 AM
"Which I doubt."
1:20 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"00021357." He rolls his eyes.
1:21 AM Night
"Memorized. Thank you~" Scanning the books in yes. "You might want to try remembering his name next time you talk to him. It might help."
1:21 AM
"He might even say more than four words."
1:23 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Shousei blinks. He hadn't considered… right. Need to make friends.
1:23 AM
"Does he talk to /you/?"
1:23 AM Night
"When he has to use words to answer questions."
1:24 AM
"He doesn't talk to anyone. Seriously, do you notice anything at all…?"
1:24 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"If I hadn't noticed /that/, I wouldn't have asked. You still act like you know him rather well."
1:24 AM
"…I mean. More than most people would. But you probably don't. You know what I mean."
1:25 AM Night
"He's a regular." But from the way she smiles, that's not the reason she knows. "Isn't it normal to keep track of one's classmates?"
1:25 AM
She hands him his books with that same crescent-moon smile of hers.
1:26 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
"…Between the two of us, I don't think we could find normal with a map," he grumbles.

1:27 AM
He takes the books and gives Night a stiff nod as he heads to the door.
1:27 AM Night
"Oh, and Yamazaki?"
1:27 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
1:28 AM Night
"Tell Masaru it's his move."
His eyebrow quirks and he momentarily loses track of what the hell she could possibly be- oh. Kay. "If… I see him, I'll be sure to tell him the creepy girl at the library said hello."
1:30 AM
"Or something."
1:30 AM Night
Do you really want to know what your brother's been doing, Shousei? Do you? "I'm sure he can figure out your flailing by now. Do take care on your way, Yamazaki-kun."
1:30 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
No. Why the hell would I want to do that?
1:31 AM Night
Because if you want to observe how someone actually makes friends, what other examples do you have?
1:31 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
He leaves, not sure how exactly to respond.
1:31 AM
…That's what the game is for.
1:32 AM Night
The game is for a great many things, really.
1:32 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
You come up with a common hobby, and… people seem to like talking about it.
1:32 AM Michael_Lin
People want friends?

1:33 AM Shousei_Yamazaki
Apparently they're good for things?
1:33 AM Night
…Why is the solipsist the most normal one in here?