Lilia Lin


Ladylike, patient, calm, steel-minded, and intelligent. An aristocratic lady, elegant and poised. Very much of the silk hiding steel mold.

Inwardly, has her regrets, most especially concerning her children: she doesn't know where she went wrong in raising them, and whether there was anything she could have done differently.


Slim, violet-eyed and androgynously beautiful, it's obvious that her two daughters and grandson are cut very much in her mold as far as looks go, though of course she's aged: but like many Asian women, she has the younger-than-she-appears, ageless look. Her long black hair is beginning to turn white.

Other Notes

Michael Lin's estranged grandmother and mother of Emily and Iris: he has never spoken to her, though she also resides in Singapore. Her eldest daughter burned all her bridges sometime in the past, and the two of them had a major falling out but Lilia has never exactly disowned Emily: Michael wrote to her once, but never received anything back, for reasons unknown.

Is a widow: her husband died when her daughters were young, and has never remarried. Doesn't know wtf her children have been up to or anything about that, though she vaguely made an attempt to play Paradise to try to get closer to her younger daughter.