A Comfortable Bed

A session with Annabell and Will played on the OOC date of 8th July 2012.

«Scene Starts»

<Jaito> Everything is soft, gentle light and a bed that's never been so spectacularly com…wait. This isn't Annabell's bed. Not by a longshot. In fact…with the nice drapes, this might be more fully adorned than Annabell's own room.

<Jaito> She's really got to do something about that sometime…

<Annabell> On one level Annabell wasn't sure what to do. Yet on another her mind was taking in the details of the room she was in, adding together the blurred vision of drapes and walls with the scents peculiar to the place, and jumped to a logical conclusion…

<Annabell> "Did I fall asleep at my desk or something?" Annabell asked herself, blinking to try and clear her eyes.

<Jaito> From the doorway, she hears, "Do you really not remember…not anything?" The voice sounds…hurt and scared.

<Annabell> "…give me a moment to think and I might be able to." Annabell replied then added as she tried to go over the recent past in her head, "I sort of feel a little… floaty just now. And there was a problem for security? While I was talking to Director Chang?"

<Jaito> "Director Dickbag, more like it…" Quite a powerful pout in that voice. "…you like him, don't you?"

<Annabell> "I'm not sure if he likes me. And he's better than… what was his name? Mister Grabbyhands suspected cardio infraction?" Annabell tried to clear her thoughts as she realised that she wasn't making sense then looked around slowly and notes absently, "I'm not seeing things right."

<Jaito> The reception clerk eyes her suspiciously. "And your relationship to Dr. Nolan?"

<Will> "A… friend. I'm concerned about her."

<Jaito> Like forgetting how to fly.

<Will> Ever since her encounter with Misaki-san at the pizza place, Will has been trying to build on the breakthrough she made with the other girl. But frequent headaches when working with the GnOSis code, even with her attempt to go off of multiple languages meshed when reviewing it, means she hasn't gotten very far. So Will finds herself taking a break when a message comes through to her COMP about Annabell. The hacker approaches reception on arrival at the hospital. "Can you tell me where Dr. Annabell Nolan might be?"

<Jaito> In the room, there's a tiny snort. "That's nothing new." Even as Annabell looks around, it's almost like…glyphs or numbers or something are climbing up the walls. When she blinks, they're gone…and there's a sense of deep, deep loss.

Annabell closes her eyes, cutting off the blurred sight of the room which had been briefly overlain by those symbols, and tried to memorise them. She was still a little groggy, likely hindered by the 'good drugs' she had been treated with, but focusing on something like that should help. Right?

<Jaito> The reception nurse eyes her suspiciously. "…Second floor, room 2101. Be quiet up there."

<Jaito> THE KING SHALL RISE, THE KING SHALL RISE, THE KING SH- is here, Annabell sees.

Will nods to the receptionist with a whispered word of thanks, the sweetest innocent smile she can put on her face plastered on. Back before Freyja Dove, that would have been an expression that showed actual joy. Now? It was more a rictus of pleasantry than any expression of joy. She turns to head for the elevator to head up.

<Jaito> Then she hears "Shhhh! Someone's coming." An odd smell comes from the door.

<Jaito> (Annabell suffers from BLURRED VISION, and misses this lovely opportunity.)

<Jaito> Will: As you approach the door, something smells funny…and there's an odd buzzing in your ears.

<Will> The hacker stops for a moment, trying to identify the strange smell and see if the buzzing will pass. [Bean Sidhe, please come to me. Are you getting this?]

<Jaito> …Something smells like commoner. Be careful.

Annabell shook her head to try and get rid of the odd smell, which was obviously just her imagination, then opened her eyes to see if her vision had yet cleared. With no such luck she sighed and sat up slowly.

<Jaito> Bean Sidhe manifests beside her. The entire hospital glows with AR tags. Tribal graffiti, children's paintings and scraps…the occasional AR terminal. But no demons so far.

<Will> [Commoner?] Will thinks for a moment. [Stay by my side, dear. Hati, be ready if I need you.] She proceeds into Room 2101.

<Jaito> …Ri- Then everything gets a little rather uncomfortable.

<Jaito> From inside, Annabell hears, "Take THAT!!!!"

<Jaito> Defense: 1 - SPIN ACHIEVED! Target is SHOCKED (That's a negative aspect for the scene)

<Jaito> And inside falls a thoroughly-tazered Will Lawrenson, who finds an angry Pixie standing on her head.

<Jaito> (Since this is a stunning blow and not lethal, she'll just have some extra tags for that aspect.)

Annabell looked towards the door and where the voice, which sounded familiar, had spoken. She almost started to push herself from the bed but found that one arm was a little… restricted. Looking at that found that it was bound and plastered.

Will is stunned, and there isn't even a snarky comment she can give while she recovers for a second.

<Jaito> There is a rather loud THUD as a now-unconscious pixie strikes the opposite wall.

<Jaito> "Shall I dispatch her, mistress? That was my warning shot…" Bean Sidhe is unamused.

<Will> Slowly, Will shakes her head. "Hold, please. I… want to find out what that was. But stand ready." She gets up, then looks around.^

<Jaito> Will finds herself looking at Annabell in bed, with a cast and a quite confused expression…and just a faint flicker of LED-light in her eyes, or is that just the sparks everywhere? And Bean Sidhe holding up a Pixie by one wing.

Annabell sat in the bed with one arm obviously broken, a bandage at her neck, and scrapes on her face. She blinked a few more times while trying to focus on this… intruder's face.

<Jaito> At least Annabell can recognize Will by voice, now. No one else in Singapore sounds like that.

<Will> "D-danu? Why'd ye do 'at, lass?"

<Jaito> "…nnng. Gonna…gonna….nnng." Danu is not a speaking mood.

<Annabell> "Will? What did I do what to… Danu?" Annabell asked in confusion then turned as though to try getting out of the bed, "I've had a couple of bad incidents. A patient went psychotic and then there was someone who broke in."

<Jaito> Bean Sidhe shakes her and there's a sudden "OWWW!"

<Jaito> Then a thud as she's dropped. "Awake yet, little commoner?"

Annabell could hear that, even if things were still rather blury, and asked carefully but with a hint of worry, "Danu? Are you okay?"

<Jaito> Danu lets out a muffled whine. Then, more quietly. "…bitch…"

<Will> Will finally gets up, seeing Annabell's state. Then, "Bean Sidhe. If I'm right, she were jes' tryin' ta protect th' good doctor 'ere. If what she says be right. So hold. Please." She turns to Annabell. "Are ye okay? They takin' good care o' ye?"

<Will> "Bean. Sidhe." Will says it with the authoritative tone of someone who is speaking to a child… or a lover who's said or done something to hurt themselves.

<Jaito> Bean Sidhe's eyes narrow and the curtains start to flutter.

<Jaito> With a flash of blue light, the larger fairy's gone - back into Will's COMP for now.

<Jaito> "…Next time, I'm gonna…gonna cream her." Moving like a drunken firefly, she barely manages to get enough lift to fall onto Annabell's lap.

<Annabell> "I'm not sure." Annabeel admitted to Will then gently cradled the pixie (her pixie) as best she could with one arm, "Danu, what happened? I mean, whoever that was hit me then things sort of got fuzzy and now you're hurt. You were there though?"

Will addresses the pixie directly. "Y'attacked me first, lass. She were doin' f'r me what I 'spect ye were doin' f'r Annabell."

<Jaito> She groans. "Difference is, I'm prettier." There is a static crackle from Will's COMP. Then Danu turns to Annabell. "Mmhmm…I got demon-napped, but then I heard you shout…and I just got soooo angry…I think I blew up something."

<Annabell> "I didn't know where you'd gone and… I'm sorry?" Annabell offered then looked up in the direction of the blur which she was fairly sure was Will, "Can you tell me how to help Danu? I don't really know the game, but…"

Will reaches into her Paradise inventory, pulling out a small vial and offering it to Annabell. "Only th' owner o' a daemon c'n give 'em items, in me experience, lass. Take it an' give it t' 'er. It'll help."

<Annabell> "I should probably buy a few of these." Annabell said as she accepted the vial with a grateful nod then held it out for Danu, "Then I can pay you back and have some extra for emergencies. I should probably get some new AR glasses too though…"

<Jaito> "You mean these?" And Danu pulls out a pair of AR spectacles from…well…the glasses are nearly her…size. What?

<Jaito> She accepts the vial in exchange and drinks it down. "…much better!"

Will nods. "It'd help." Wait… This is getting confusing. And something special about Danu that she *still* hadn't quite pinpointed… and she'd almost forgotten that Danu could be seen without AR glasses. Which is definitely different.

<Annabell> "You're welcome. Pity that sort of medicine won't work on me." Annabell mused as she took the glasses, seemingly oblivious to the fact that an AR construct shouldn't be passing a physical item to her, then slipped them on.

Annabell jumped at the sudden cry, and the attack, then settled when nothing bad seemed to occur, "…I really have to find out what you can do. And what i can do for you."

<Jaito> Danu pouts. "Yeah, those lasting wounds are a mess. But…PATRA!" She points at Will, and suddenly that twitching, uncomfortable sensation passes.

<Jaito> In a flurry of colorful sparks.

Will blinks. "Thankin' ya." She smiles at the Pixie. " 'At's a good thought." [Bean Sidhe, do you feel up to behaving, and are ye willing to help Annabell?] "I ken teach ya a bit, if ye're willin' ta learn."

<Jaito> Danu shrugs. "I've only been in two fights and both of 'em got away. I've got to improve my record."

<Jaito> …As you command, milady. As long as the commoner behaves.

<Will> [Thanking you, lass. Please use your Dia spell on my friend, if you can.]

<Jaito> Bean Sidhe looks her over as she manifests. "…Hmm. The arm will have to take time. The concussion, too. For now, she's rested. That will have to do."

Will nods. "Thanks f'r at least takin' a look, dear heart."

<Will> "…That's certainly one way t' put it."

Annabell watches the Bean Sidhe cautiously then comments, "That was fast. How did you check things there?"

<Jaito> She shrugs. "I can see your health bar."

<Jaito> Danu giggles. "That's gotta be a handy trick, Doc. You should try it sometime."

<Annabell> "And here I was doing things the hard way." Annabell said dryly, but she was smiling faintly. That smile faded slowly and then she glanced at Will, "Um, thanks for coming to see me anyway."

<Will> "Got a message from Xiao. Made me worried somethin' bad'd happened. Did ye at least get a good look at who broke in?"

<Jaito> Annabell feels a sudden chill right down her spine. One violet eye on dark skin, looking through her from that crack in the door. Then everything is dark and painful and alone. Then she woke up here.

<Jaito> She remembers something glowing and smoking - like tiger stripes against a silhouette, but that's it.

<Annabell> "Not a good look, it was mostly through a crack in the door and I was trying to keep them busy talking." Annabell said as she did her best not to clutch at Danu for reassurance, "I saw an eye, violet and slitted, but not much else."

Will quirks an eyebrow. "Not 'eard o' anythin' like 'at afore." The girl places a comforting hand on Annabell's shoulder gently, trying to convey a sense of comfort through the touch.

<Annabell> "She… He… It? had already taken down someone by the time I ran into things." Annabell seemed… unsure as how to react to the contact but soldiered on, "Then a single smack, through a door, sent me flying."

<Will> "Yikes! Sounds like ye're lucky t've got away with as little damage as ye did, lass." Will frowns.

<Jaito> Danu nods. "Chang's okay, too. But one of those guards had stuff leaking out of him. Do humans always leak when they get big holes?"

<Jaito> She sighs, turning away from everyone. "One day, you'll let me eat her. With a nice salad."

<Jaito> Bean Sidhe gives Will that "Pleaaaaase?" look.

Will quirks an eyebrow at Bean Sidhe.

<Annabell> "It's…" Annabell stopped before she gave what would be a technically correct explaination and, instead, gave Bean Sidhe a Look. "That had better be a euphemism."

Will rubs the bridge of her nose. "One day, maybe. An' I'd rather it not be Danu, 'kay? Tell ye what, B. We'll go out huntin' t'night an' I'll find ye a goodly snack 'r somethin'."

<Jaito> Bean gives her a Look right back.

<Jaito> "You really know how to treat a girl, milady…" She settles against a window to preen.

<Annabell> "To change the subjects, someone tried to pixie-nap Danu." Annabell announced, rubbing her eyes with her free hand, "And I got a message from a Cathedral of Pain about getting a 'replacement' as about the first I knew of it."

<Will> "A replacement? When?" This better not coincide with when she got the message about dropping her research on the Pixie…

Annabell thought about that, "Right after I came back from helping with a Code. The time for that should be logged, but I can't remember off the top of my head."

<Jaito> Danu hmms for a moment. And then spouts off the time to the second.

<Annabell> "…that's handy. Thank you."

<Jaito> A couple of hours after Will's own recent case of theft.

<Annabell> "When I got back to my office it had been broken into and there was a message from someone saying that they had taken a gift from me and to pray that I wouldn't need 'it'." Annabell said then her hand crept up to her neck to check on her pendant.

<Jaito> Still there, for the moment.

<Will> "Ai yah, tienma." The Mandarin, with her accent, sounds very weird. "I 'ad someone break inta me flat jes a bit afore 'at, an' steal what data I 'ad on yer friend. 'At can't be a coinkidink. Fortunately I make backups o' me backups."

Annabell nodded then said, "As beaten up as I am, I'll probably have some time off. I can't exactly do surgery like this and I'm not seeing completely straight. Could you… I mean, do you know what I could do to help Danu against that sort of thing? I'm not exactly poor so I can afford to go -that- route if need be."

<Will> "Train 'er. Level 'er up. Let 'er show ye what she ken do. Get 'er some help. I got me two really good ones what help me 'n' each other out. Bean Sidhe 'ere, an' another I named Hati."

Annabell smiled then glanced down at her pixie, "Do you have any idea, Danu? I mean, you could have some children like your namesakes but in the shorter term…" She trailed off teasingly.

<Jaito> Danu blinks. "…are…you offering to father my children?"

<Annabell> "I meant more than you'd be able to find your own dad for children." Annabell said, turning a little red, "I could probably act as godmother if you wan't though."

Will tries to suppress a chuckle, fails.

<Jaito> "It's a deal. And likewise. I'd love to be a fairy godmoter!"

<Jaito> "But yeah. We could go do some fights or something. I think there's even free-range demons in the small humans' ward!"

<Annabell> That little revelation caused Annabell's smile to vanish and her tone to become decidedly… dangerous, "There are, are there?"

Will doesn't look surprised. "If they be low 'nough level, it'd be's good a place 's any t' start yer learnin'."

<Jaito> "Mmm-hmm. Some of the kids are summoners!"

<Annabell> "I think that, while I'm recovering, I'm going to be spending a little time helping cheer up the kids down there." Annabell announced, seemingly uncaring about her own current state, but then she blushed, "Well, once I know what I'm doing anyway. And what you can do, Danu."

<Jaito> "It's pretty easy, partner. Just give me orders. Have you looked up my command menu?"

Annabell nods then take a moment to call up the menu in question. While not used to playing the game she did use AR in her job to handle scans and similar details needed to be viewed in this way. Nodding absently she commented, "I thought that I'd ask you though. You'd know yourself better than any one else after all."

<Jaito> "What makes you say that? I can't read my own stats." She looks at Annabell like she must be tired. "You make no sense, partner. But…I know from experience that I have…ZIO, DIA, and PATRA skills…and I don't like big bags of wind."

<Jaito> Bean Sidhe gives Will that LOOK again.

<Annabell> "Well, if you move round then feel free to look at them now." Annabell said as she called it up, squinting at the images as the words blurred awkwardly, then glanced away to Will, "Ah, sorry for ignoring you there."

Will translates for Annabell, giving a slight shake of her head to Bean. "Means she ken zap people pretty good, 's well 's cure 'em of status effects, an' heal some HP."

<Annabell> "Like when she called the lightning and fried things when I was attacked?" Annabell checked even as she delved in to the menues and tries to pull out as much information as she could on the options available.

Will nods. "Like 'at indeed. An' a right powerful spell it ken be in its own right."

<Will> She should know. T_T

<Jaito> Especially when it works on real people, no?

<Will> Indeed.

<Jaito> Danu is a basic Pixie, part of the FAIRY clan. Her skills are…limited. She's still basically a starting demon, with none of her points allocated. She's earned a few, enough to level once. You might want to assign some of that. 5 skill points and one…well, larger point.

<Jaito> huh…you can also select a new Skill.

<Jaito> Rakunda, Pulinpa, or Mazio…that's odd. Most Pixies don't learn Mazio before their potential is maxed.

<Jaito> If anything,the spell might wear her out rather quickly.

Annabell frowned a little then inquired, "It may be asking a stupid question, but what is 'Mazio' when it's an option?"

Will quirks an eyebrow. "It's… a fairly high-level spell. What level's she at right now?"

Will blinks. "Uhm."

<Will> Then she quirks an eyebrow at Danu. "Huh."

Annabell murmurs quietly, "Two just now."

<Jaito> Danu sticks her tongue out at Will.

<Jaito> "We can't all be pushing thirty."

<Annabell> "Keep in mind when I started in on the game and haven't had a chance to -play- yet." Annabell said, sounding a little defensive on Danu's behalf, "I should work on that."

<Will> "I ent old, jes well-seasoned." And she returns the tongue-sticking, then turns back to Annabell. "Anyrow. It ent 'at, lass. It's… a Pixie shouldna 'ave access t' that level o' spell f'r a while longer."

Annabell nodded slowly then asked, "Is there a way I'm not seeing to check what skills will be available at later levels?"

<Will> "It shouldna show future-available stuff by default. Ye're jes lookin' at 'er available upgrades, an' not online at future options?"

<Annabell> "Normally I'm looking at patient records or current scans. They go back, not forwards." Annabell remarked as she tried to find the correct option without accidentally selecting something too early.

Annabell muttered, "Huh?"

<Jaito> …nope. Those are current options available for reaching level 2.

<Will> *"Hmm?"

<Jaito> Danu blinks. "Is it serious, doc? Give it to me straight!"

<Jaito> Bean…lets out a sigh that could cut glass.

<Jaito> "She's a defect." Matter-of-fact. "You should let me eat her."

<Jaito> ….//Bean is getting maaaaaaad~" Thanks, Hati.

<Will> [I can tell, Hati.] "Know anyt'ing about 'is, B?"

<Annabell> "I'm having problems reading the words." Annabell admitted, "Rakunda, Pulinpa, or Mazio are just the options for entering Level 2."

<Jaito> Will: She is…playing casual. Which is odd for two reasons 1) she's a box of pre-genned responses, and 2)…why the hell is a program trying to be coy about eating another program?

<Will> Why indeed? "D'ye ken somethin' I don't, B?"

<Jaito> "…she makes me hungry." She looks away. "It hardly matters, milady. I doubt she'll last."

<Annabell> "If you want to eat then there's anything in the children's ward which is messing with a kid." And from the tone that was definitely Doctor Nolan speaking.

<Jaito> Bean Sidhe sniffs the air. "…child blood smells a lot like demon. I would love a taste…I can still smell it on you, demon and child-blood mingling."

<Jaito> Danu splays her arms and wings. "Back off, boobsie!"

<Jaito> … ……. Hati sounds concerned.

<Will> "…Rakunda'll letcher soften up foes for a few rounds, an' Pulinpa inflicts Confuse — which makes th' target occasionally attack itself 'r allies, 'r use buffs on you 'r yer allies," Will says distractedly, stepping in front of Bean Sidhe. [Tell me, Hati.]

<Annabell> "And Maizo?" Annabell prompted, now watching Bean Sidhe as well as her eyes allowed her.

<Jaito> Danu beams. "I can shock EVERYONE!"

<Will> "Wot she said."

<Annabell> "Including allies?"

<Jaito> "Only if they mess with doors."

<Will> "Neh. Most useful 'gainst multiple enemies."

Annabell tried looking at the screen again and caught herself squinting, "I'm going to have to look at this when I can see straight. And I think that a doctor will be coming by soon now that I'm finally awake."

<Jaito> And just like that, there's a knock on the door. "Doctor Nolan? You should be resting…"

Annabell glanced at Will questioningly.

<Will> "Damn. Wot time's…" She glances at her COMP's clock. "Ye prolly should, Annabell. An' figger out wot you want ta do wit' yer Pixie-gal. B, let's 'ead downstairs an' see t' some o' those demons, hey?"

<Will> "Right." Will breathes. It's not often she does this… Annabell gets a ping on her AR with a message. It has an attachment, with Will's email and phone number.

<Annabell> "Thanks for everything, Will, and I'll contact you if anything else happens… although I'm not sure I've got any number for you."

Annabell accepts it then smiles faintly, "Thanks."

<Jaito> "So you're going to father HER children now. How dare you…" Danu flits up to poke Annabell's nose.

<Will> Fingers. Bridge of nose.

«Scene Ends»

Scene Notes: The interaction between Will and Annabelle might have gone more smoothly but that was my (Annabell's player) fault.