20:19:04: <Faito> It's good to be walking around again. But the cast iches, the painkillers make everything slightly warmer and brighter, and Danu is starting to get cold feed. "Mm-m-m-m-maybe we should just be…casual players? Take photos together at places? Maybe…crafting? Crafting! Have you ever made a Quantum Disintegrator? I hear they go for over 5 million Macca! That ain't lunch money…"
20:21:11: Annabell is in something of a happy place, despite knowing exactly whay she feels that way, and gives Danu a reassuring smile, "I'm sure it'll be fine. We just need to start off small and see how one thing goes… then we can come back later if you want instead of continuing."
20:22:28: <Faito> "….but…what if I hurt someone? I mean, I zapped the hell out of Will? What if someone likable gets in the way?" She gets mean when she's worried.
20:24:37: <Annabell> "Then I'll try to recall what I know about electroshock induced amnesia." Annabell replied despite that perhaps not being the best reasurance which she could give the pixie, "But you do need practice or, well, what happens if something nasty comes along again?"
20:30:40: <Faito> "We run like cowards?" She offers. DING. Then the elevator opens…and there's a bit of organized chaos.
20:31:33: <Faito> Danu….stares. "…'m gonna /die/."
20:31:25: <Faito> Pixies, plushies, lion-headed dogs, hovering Indo-Asian deities, and who knows what else are flitting about from room to room, mostly congregating around the pediatric cafeteria.
20:33:33: <Annabell> "So am I. Everyone does." She told Danu then stepped out of the elevator and into the room proper while trying to take in the somewhat controlled chaos.
20:38:24: <Faito> A little girl walks up to them, wearing a hospital gown like she owns it. "Do you want to play with me? Have you ever played Paradise?"
20:38:40: <Faito> Danu…blinks, then peers at her, then shrugs. "This one's weird. But so are you."
20:40:17: <Annabell> "Alongside?" Annabell asked, trying to make certain of the meaning before her befuddled mind caused further misunderstandings.
20:42:17: <Faito> "Oh. No, it wouldn't be fair for me to fight you. You've only got a Pixie. You're new, right?" She smiles so very wide. Danu…frowns. "H-hey! I'm older than I look!"
20:43:51: <Annabell> "How long have you been playing?" Annabell asked, vaguely curious about how dismissive the girl was.
20:45:43: <Faito> "Since the beginning!" She doesn't so much raise her voice as just add an octave of enthusiasm.
20:48:52: <Annabell> "And until the end?" Annabell asked, briefly wondering if the echo she heard was in her head or if something odd was happening, "So… Where would you suggest a 'noob' start?"
20:50:07: <Faito> "Probably punching Pretas. They're minor demons, not even worth worrying over. Ugly little devils. They'll give you some necessary practice in command…do you have your own weapon, miss, or will you have your Pixie fight for you?"
20:50:26: <Faito> "I'm her PARTNER!" Danu yells. "She's a doctor. She signed a hypocritical oath!"
20:53:14: Annabell nodded in agreement, "I did swear an oath. Although given that I'm a surgeon bits about knives had to be left out… so I'll have to work out how to support my partner."
20:55:36: <Faito> "We can get you knives." A soft, sweet smile. "I think I have one." She puts on large, blocky spectacles and taps around a little. "Ah. Here." She reaches out with a large, digitized scalpel. "Our most popular item."
20:58:26: <Faito> "Hey, let's due-" A red-headed boy starts running towards Annabell. The girl in front of her turns, raises a hand, and Annabell very briefly sees the back of a standing coffin before the boy starts jogging in the other direction.
20:58:40: <Faito> Then the coffin fades in blue light. "Boys are dumb," she offers, as her full and only explanation.
21:00:55: <Annabell> "And, sometimes, men are stupid." Annabell agreed before absently rubbing her cast with her free hand and studying the scalpel with the critical eye of a surgey. While it might be a symbol or graphic, part of her wanted to know just what the best use of it could be if used as a tool of medicine.
21:03:57: <Faito> It certainly looks more like it's been given the 'shiv' treatment. "SHall we?" the girl offers her hand, leading her towards a darker section. "They have some storage space we can use."
21:05:34: Annabell glanced towards Danu briefly, "For preparing or…? Sorry if I'm being a little slow, I got bounced off of a wall recently."
21:08:24: <Faito> "…oh, are you Doctor Nolan? You're famous down here. Some kid says you beat up a monster."
21:11:38: <Annabell> "I am Doctor Nolan." Annabell admitted then added, "Although the 'bounced off a wall' bit makes what happened rather fuzzy."
21:15:04: <Faito> "Take it from me. If you survive, that means you won." She smiles, very knowingly. There's age in those eyes. She stands at the door. "When you're ready to fight, head in. The Pixie should recognize your commands. She seems moderately intelligent."
21:15:06: <Faito> "MODERATELY?!"
21:16:37: Annabell started to nod then asked, "By the way, what is your name?" She refrained from calling the girl 'kid' or similar simply because she recalled loathing adults doing that when she was young.
21:19:19: <Faito> She grins. "I'll tell you if you win."
21:21:31: <Annabell> "Promise?" Annabell asked with a smile.
21:24:01: <Faito> "There just isn't time."
21:23:52: <Faito> "I never lie. Why bother?"
21:25:02: Annabell took the girl at her word then looked to Danu once more, "Are you ready though?"
21:29:05: <Faito> Danu was staring at the girl. "…y-yeah. You remember my powers, right?"