Played on the OOC date of June 16th, 2012.

<Jaito> There's nothing quite like slow bad news. Quick bad news? At least it's here and gone. It's the slow bad news that you have to live with. Wake up with, eat your meals with, go to bed with…it's the slow bad news that's never fun to give.
PM <Jaito> Even so, as Annabell goes over the cardiac display in front of her…the conclusion is getting more and more certain. Thanks to her glasses, she can see the mapped path of veins, capillaries, arteries. She can see the roots and rivers in a body, all coming to a large, central core.
PM <Jaito> Too large. Deformed and muscle-hardened. Failure was inevitable; it's just a matter of time.
PM <Jaito> Which…raises the question as to why Chang insisted she look it over personally. A student could deduce about the same.
PM Annabell took a deep breath and then tried to step back from the issue. To think of this, not as a case, but as an example given to her by a professor. There should be something there for her to find, something that she hadn't noticed.
PM <Annabell> Assuming that this wasn't his way of subtly getting back at her for something she had said when tired and leaving.
PM <Jaito> (Scholarship check?)
PM <Annabell> (7)
PM <Jaito> …there IS something odd here.
PM <Jaito> Something any student would have taken for granted - the dates.
PM <Jaito> According to the flow sheets of the patient measurements, this progression has gone on over the course of about 4 years - a pubescent onset of a congenital defect. However, this progressed to its lethal stage almost 6 months ago without so much as an incident.
PM Annabell frowned at this and tried to check more records, just to confirm things, in regards to health problems prior to it finally being noticed. She scribbled a note for herself then got to work again.
PM <Jaito> None. Most of the records are sealed on the patient, some sort of private consult to the hospital (or to her, specifically), but the subject's practically a peak athlete. If anything, it's a bit disturbing becaue the activity level shows no sign of slacking. He's been getting STRONGER.
PM Kaji joined the channel
PM <Annabell> That wasn't right at all. Muscle tissue might get stronger, and denser, after being strained and trained in general but that shouldn't be true of cariac muscle. There was no time for the heart to relax and heal and getting as dense as -that- wasn't a likely result.
PM <Annabell> Methodically Annabell began making notes on the current condition as compared to what would be expected of the patient, writing out a comparison so she knew exactly what differed and so that if need be she could show her 'working' to the director.
PM <Jaito> In fact…some of the muscle fibers here…they don't look analogous to cardiac exercise, anyway. More like…well, more like heavy steroid use. Which is the exact opposite of ideal for treatment….
PM <Jaito> After running a side-by-side flow of the anticipated progression and the current chart? Well, time of death was estimated between 3 and 5 months ago for a base case - and NONE of these extraneous fibers are in evidence.
PM <Jaito> There's no causal relationship, but it's almost like these fibers that should be choking his heart closed are the very thing keeping him al-
PM <Jaito> Then there's a code blue.
PM Annabell hit the 'boss key', locking the screen of the computer she had been using, then dropped the physical files in a drawer and slammed the lock closed even as she turned away from it. The door was there, where she was needed was -there-, and she was moving without really thinking about it.
PM <Jaito> Now, there are many kinds of bad. Annabell knows for a fact that she's not on rotation for any emergency treatment.
PM <Jaito> When her NAME is called - that is bad.
PM <Jaito> When it's called to PICU?
PM <Jaito> That's about maximum bad.
PM <Jaito> (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, fyi.)
PM <Annabell> Seeing a doctor running through the hallways was never a good thing for patient morale. Thus, in theory, a doctor shouldn't be running in the hospital. Equally theoretically, Annabell was simply 'walking expediously' towards the IC unit rather than doing her darnest to be there yesterday.
PM <Jaito> She arrives at a scene out of most doctor's nightmares. A young boy is lying on an operating table that's more red than antiseptic white. They work and struggle to stabilize him as a rather nasty belly wound continues to bleed. His heart rate is already off the charts - so much blood…
PM <Jaito> (Alertness?)
PM <Annabell> (6)
PM <Jaito> …too much blood. The child should be dead al-…no, this is still more blood than a 10-12 year old male child should HAVE.
PM <Jaito> Something is very, very wrong.
PM <Jaito> He writhes about the table while they work, forcing two large nurses to hold him down and fight to strap him to the bed.
PM <Jaito> "Doctor Nolan! We've got some nasty clotting that's progressing through his system. We have to go in NOW!" shouts the anesthesiologist. "He's…he's not responding to sedatives OR painkillers."
PM <Annabell> The first thing that sprang to Annabell's mind was to wonder how many units of blood they'd already put into the kid because, with a heart rate like that 'geyser' might be the right term, but when her name was called her attention snapped to the problem at hand and she scrubbed up even as she asked questions.
PM <Jaito> (Scholarship!)
PM <Annabell> "Is it free clots in the blood stream or progressive? Any idea if it is toxicological?" Theories formed and Annabell just thought of 'the patient' rather than there being a boy, a person, on the table.
PM <Annabell> (5)
PM <Annabell> (4, if it isn't cardio.)
PM <Jaito> (Give me a quick Discipline as well…)
PM <Jaito> It's hard to hear over the boy's screaming. "We never recovered the weapon, and we don't have time for a full tox-screen. The clots are…progressive. I mean…I haven't seen anything like it…"
PM <Annabell> (3)
PM <Jaito> The boy's shouting and yelling isn't…normal. It's more like someone having a severe drug reaction. It isn't so much the pain - though it should be. The boy is FIGHTING.
PM <Jaito> A detail to note - it's time to - the blood stops gushing and the heart rate levels out. The others take a short sigh of comfort, but…something feels wrong to Annabell. No time, anyway. There's still the clotting.
PM Annabell checked the vitals and other signs, glancing at the medications which had been given even as she spoke, "That is a far too sudden change, people. Heart rates don't suddenly change like that without a reason. We need to seal where is was bleeding before we can use any anti-cogulants for the clots… but get those prepped."
PM Annabell glanced at the face of the body on the table, "Is the patient conscious?"
PM <Jaito> "Working on it!" Overhead, a display of the wound can be seen in an oddly-calm AR blue. It all looks so clean and simple up there. The cut is well below the heart, but she can see…well, there's rather heavily musculature around the abdomen. The child was either heavily physically active, or….this looks familiar.
PM <Jaito> The boy is conscious…and is staring. At HER.
PM <Annabell> "Anyone make out how far that penetrated?" Annabell asked of nobody in particular, but then her gaze was drawn briefly to that of the boy and her training told her that if the patient was aware then they needed reassured so she reached up to needless brush his fringe aside, "Hang in there. You're here now."
PM <Jaito> (Alertness. You have a +1)
PM <Annabell> (3)
PM <Jaito> She sees one of the restraining straps break. How odd, she has time to think, before she can't quite find air anymore. A small hand clenches on her throat, wet and warm with its own blood. Tightening. "Down. Down and down…down and down!"
PM <Jaito> Things pretty much descend into panic at this point.
PM <Jaito> (Choose a reaction and I'll suggest a skill.)
PM <Annabell> Getting grabbed by the throat would cause almost anyone to panic and, without thinking, Annabell did her best to push the arm up even as she tried to step back. Hopefully that hand was still slippery enough with its own blood that she could get free before it secured a grip or, worse, tightened.
PM <Jaito> (Fists?)
PM Jaito changed the topic to Room aspect: SLICK WITH BLOOD
PM <Annabell> (2)
PM <Jaito> Thanks to the blood, she's able to slip from the boy's grasp, but not without earning rather nasty gashes on either side of her throat. For just a moment, she sees that the blood on his fingertips had HARDENED, before that falls away in drops of blood.
PM <Jaito> "Othersider…" he whispers, and then his heart rate crashes deeply and the real fight is on.
PM <Annabell> "Assume that the patient is psychotic and keep out of his reach unless secured by the heavy duty straps." Annabell croaked, her throat protesting her attempts to speak, "His blood seems to be clotting with a vengence, polymerising if I didn't know better… Now, move people!"
PM <Jaito> (One last Scholarship check to assist with the emergency care.)
PM <Annabell> (8 if cardio, 7 otherwise)
PM <Jaito> Sometimes…sometimes, though, bad news can be beaten. Several hours later, Annabell is a mess, but a lifesaving one. Over her shoulder, Danu appears. "…I don't know how you do that. Wouldn't it be easier just to find another one?"
PM Annabell gingerly touched the bandge on her throat which covered the scratches, cleaned then covered in order to reduce mutual contamination, then shrugged and commented, "That 'one' will matter to somebody and so he should matter to me. At least professionally as a patient."
PM <Jaito> Danu kneels on Annabell's head and then peers over to wrinkle her nose at her, upside-down. "Professionally? That's no reason to care about anything!"
PM Annabell looked around the small room which served as her office, at the medical books and the certificates on the wall, then reached for the mug of by now stone cold coffee on the desk, "I.. I didn't really have anyone to care for so if it was a cold sort of care 'while my responsibility' that had to be enough."
PM <Jaito> "…you're weird. This hospital's full of people. There's the bad lady, the lady who only acts bad, the lady who does baaaaaad things (she's not here, often, though)…the sad boy, the even SADDER boy…and then all the kids! And fat-head, but you have to pretend to like him!"
PM <Jaito> "In fact…you have boring stuff, I'm sure. I'm gonna go see if anyone's around!" With a buzz, she's /through/ the door.
PM <Annabell> "I'm weird?" Annabell said to herself then smothered a laugh, "Oh, I'd never have guessed."
PM Annabell got up and headed out of her room, checking her AR glasses just in case she encountered Danu again, and went to stretch her legs and maybe find whoever the pixie had referred to. Or, more officially, went to find coffee while calming from such an 'incident'.
PM <Jaito> As she walks, she overhears a voice from one of the rooms. "Just accept that you're not going to see the kind of man he'll grow to become. Not that you even deserve it…"
PM <Jaito> There's a bitter, rasping, and pained woman's laugh in response: "I've seen enough…and I'll outlive the both of you."
PM <Jaito> "Maybe so…spite has a habit of outliving its usefulness. Goodbye."
PM <Jaito> "See you soon!" is the mocking-sweet reply at the back of a tired-looking woman who steps out and shuts the door behind her. Slams, really.
PM <Jaito> She blanches a little at seeing Annabell. "Sorry, doctor. I know I should be quieter in a hospital." Tall, lean, and pretty in an almost-masculine way, the woman still manages to look worlds ahead of Annabell when it comes to style.
PM Annabell gave a cautious nod then replied, "I wasn't planning on chiding you, ma'am. I know how emotions can become fraught at times, especially here." She gave a tired smile, "At least you thought to apologise."
PM <Jaito> She smiles, a perfect model's smile. "I was lying. But now I wish I'd been more honest. However, I've got to go. I have quite a lot to take care of." She glances back at the door. "Arrangements to make." Without waiting, she quickly walks away.
PM Annabell let the woman go, not trying to call her back or impede her departure, but once she was out of sight she checked the room which had just been left and tapped politely at the door.
PM <Jaito> "…come in."
PM Annabell carefully opened the door and poked her head inside, "Is everything okay in here? I heard the… commotion and since none of the nurses are around I thought to check that you were alright."
PM <Jaito> The woman's mirror image sits in a bed - well, almost. The room's mostly barren, aside from a single vase with a sunflower. She looks out the window, paler and somehow gentler than the other. "So you heard. I…am very sorry, doctor. I should keep a better grip of my emotions."
PM <Annabell> "There was little shouting, no screaming, the furnishings are intact, and nobody is bleeding… Well, except for me." Annabell touched the bandages again as she stepped inside, "I'd count that as 'not much of a disturbance' and more 'almost acceptable'."
PM <Jaito> A faint, but entirely beautiful smile creases her lips. "You're too kind. There is such a thing as that, you know?" She turns to look at Annabell and gestures to a chair. "Please. Tell me how you managed to hurt yourself, doctor. It looks fresh."
PM <Annabell> "Let's just say that when a patient is having a fit, you should make sure that the straps are -really- secure before stepping close enough to treat them." Annabell replied as she accepted the wordless offer of the chair, "I should probably leave the incident at that because, as you say, it is still fresh."
PM <Jaito> She nods. "People will do despicable things to survive…" Her tone is soft and sad. "We're lucky for people like you - people that can save lives. Well…others are. No doctor can save me."
PM Annabell looked more closely at the woman, trying to notice details beyond simply 'pale', then replied, "It is the people who do stupid things, who give up on the world, who confuse me."
PM <Jaito> The smile that comes to her lips this time is honest, vibrant, and true. "I couldn't agree more. My sister…she spoils my nephew, while my own son languishes in despair. He has to take care of someone utterly unworthy of the task, you see. Have you ever been trapped with an unsightly burden?"
PM <Annabell> "Not really, but if I was stuck with one then I'd probably just have to carry it myself." Annabell replied, perhaps a little more honestly than was politic, "I don't exactly have anyone else to ask for help or to fob anything off onto."
PM <Jaito> "Then, you are truly blessed. People who need others will always struggle and suffer. Waiting to be saved is a coward's excuse…" She sighs. "But listen to me…this is hardly pleasant conversation. I'm sorry to have troubled you with my heavy thoughts. I just…fear for my son."
PM Annabell considered that statement, turning it over in her mind and not quite finding it entirely palatable, "If he was the boy I noticed sitting outside of here on at least one occasion then I can say that he seems loyal and studious."
PM <Jaito> She looks over to him, surprised. "…you must be confused. My son lives half a world away. Oh! My nephew also has quite the resemblance, but…loyalty is meaningless without faith. A baby is loyal, because it knows nothing else."
PM <Annabell> "I didn't ask his name when I did see him so I can only comment on what I observed in brief." Annabell admitted, not precisely yielding ground but not directly opposing the statement, "It isn't as though I have seen the two of them, to my knowledge, to compare."
PM <Jaito> "Just so…" She smiles. "I'm tired. Might I be excused…I should rest. Things are going to get exciting soon enough." She turns her eyes back to the window and there's an air of dismissal. "Thank you, Dr. Nolan."
PM Annabell stood and head to the door, commenting in passing as she did so, "I do hope that they don't get too exciting. Hospitals, and especially the ER, much prefer 'boring'. And good day to you, ma'am."
PM <Jaito> "Please…call me Emily."
PM Annabell turned back briefly before closing the door, "Good day to you then… Emily."
PM <Jaito> The last word she hears is a whispered, aching "Soon." Then, the do-not-disturb light goes into bright red on the display by the door.
PM <Annabell> That little… talk left a somewhat bitter taste in Annabell's mouth, the words bothering her, but there was an obvious solution to that and she seized upon it: dealing with the other problems which she had until there was time to consider the newest one.
PM <Jaito> There's the sudden flash of a text message across her vision.
PM <Jaito> PLAYER: You currently do not possess a demon. Please visit the Cathedral of Shadows to re-summon any fused or sacrificed demons. Otherwise, you may find yourself at a disadvantage.
PM Annabell swallowed a brief curse at the interruption, her feet taking her back to her office as she read the message and concidered the implications. She had Danu after all, so something screwy was happening there. At least… Unless she had…
PM Annabell hurried back to her office a little fast with the urge to check that Danu hadn't somehow become so offended that she wouldn't be coming back.
PM <Jaito> Danu's still missing and her office lock appears to have been forced.