A session with Annabell played on the OOC date of 7th June 2012.

«Scene Starts»

<Jaito> So…that little meeting didn't go too well. Well, Danu seemed to like the place at least. She seems to be the only one pleased by events.

<Annabell> Noticing the brighter mood of Danu though she couldn't help but ask, "You look pleased about something, Danu. Care to tell me about it? I could do with a little cheering up after how I messed that up somehow…"

Annabell tried not to look too disappointed about how things, nor think too much about how she had ended up more listening to Will's worries than getting explanations, yet she didn't exactly look happy.

<Jaito> "We went on our first adventure~" She flits over to peck Annabell on the cheek.

<Jaito> "What's got you so down? Nobody died!"

Annabell colors at even that small gesture of affection then shook her head, "I went, I saw, I had the person I was going to see head off without getting to talk to them. And one person broke down in tears" She paused, considering matters, then tried to find the bright side, "Nobody died."

<Jaito> "And Will's pretty when she cries!"

<Annabell> "That wouldn't be a good reason to make her cry." Annabell replied absently, her gaze on the pixie yet also somewhat distant, "Um, do you mind if I sent a message to Heshey? You said she'd sent me one so we should have her address…"

<Jaito> "Of course we do. Business or pleasure, boss?"

<Annabell> "It's for her, not her as an admin." Annabell admitted, one hand toying with her skirt briefly before she stilled it, "I was just wanting to apologise for turning up early and disturbing that other meeting she was having. I hadn't realised that she'd have been busy before so-"
Annabell broke off for a moment then shrugged, "I messed up."

<Jaito> Danu tilts her head, as if Annabell were talking in nervous gibberish. "I…right, Bella. One sec…" A spark crossesher wingspan. "Video, text, or voice?"

<Annabell> "Text is fine." Annabell assured her pixie, and wasn't that an odd thought, "You mentioned not having much room, having to move some pictures to fit, so I wouldn't want to eat up more space."

<Jaito> Danu blinks. "That's just in the COMP, Bella. Do I have to go back in there…?" She pouts something furious.

<Annabell> "I'm not going to make you." Annabell assured Danu then asked, sounding honestly curious, "At the risk of sounding stupid, but where is the COMP anyway? I thought it was a game item, but then I probably didn't read up on things was well as I should."

<Jaito> She blinks. "…er….I read the manual…but it doesn't look like you've assigned a skin to your COMP, so it's just in your Key Items Inventory. You should pick one, or select from a great selection of designer COMPs from Argon Hardworks!"

<Jaito> She poses like a mobile PC model, showing her wrist like it's got a tennis bracelet on it.

<Annabell> "I can only assume someone gets paid for that product placement." Annabell commented dryly, but she was doing her best not to laugh at the pose which Danu had assumed.

<Jaito> "You don't even know about COMPs? I thought every human had one these days. You're not running this on your phone, are you?" She starts digging and tucking herself into Anabell's pockets, mission totally forgotten.

<Annabell> "I've been on rotation, shifts, and consultancy appointments for long enough that I don't know what I'm doing any more unless it involves the insides of squishy people." Annabell replied then adjusted the AR glass she wore, "Honestly, I'm used to just using the hospital systems and looking at what they want to show me."

Jaito pulls the oddly-flickering device out of a pocket. "This isn't a phone, you know. It's your heart and soul!" She ponders. "Or your digital purse!…wait…nope, the storage space on this is all real data - no game data at all. I can't hide in here if I WANTED to…what kind of devil summoner ARE you?"

<Annabell> That got a self-deprecating laugh from Annabell as she took the device from Danu, "A bad one? I seem to be messing a fair few things up after all. From not knowing that I was supposed to give you a name to this."

<Jaito> "Oh, that's fine. Most people don't even think about what their name MEANS. How sad is that? So…what's the text message to kissyfaces?"

Annabell thought for a moment about the phrasing then replied, "'Sorry to have arrived early, interrupted your 'user group', and caused problems for you. If you don't want to meet me then I can understand, but otherwise if you have a little time…'."

<Jaito> "Message saved. Would you like to sound like more of a wuss before you send it, Bella?" She asks, in her sweetest secretary voice.

<Annabell> "It's that or dictate it like a formal memo?" Annabell offered then huffed and crossed her arms, "I know how to handle people when I'm acting as a doctor, but I've lost track of how to look at people as people. To be honest, I've probably talked to you more than I have to anyone this month outside of professional business."

<Jaito> "Well…how would you talk to a doctor who…I dunno…you lost their favorite scalpel?"

<Jaito> "Fine, fine…sending message. Beep boop beep~"

<Annabell> "Apologetically." Annabell said immediately, "There are a lot of surgeons, especially the more established ones, who are prima donnas at times. Best not to bruise their egos when it could cause problems."

<Jaito> "You have an incoming video chat!"

<Annabell> "…okay?" Annabell acknowledged, trying to compose herself as she hit more familiar ground. After all when you had to consult people in different places around the world about perhaps obscure things face to face was often perfered.

<Jaito> A moment later, Hershey's wireframe appears, replaced with her in a white leather bodysuit with gray kelvar vest. "Oh, hey. What are you talking about?"

<Annabell> "About walking in too early, somehow managing to set off Will into tears, and then you having headed off by the time I got back from trying to sort out that." Annabell tried not to be too defensive, but it seemed that she honestly thought that something in there was her fault.

<Jaito> "Ohh…That sounds pretty bad. When did that happen?"

<Annabell> "…at the meeting with you?"

<Jaito> She yawns, looking a bit exhausted.

<Jaito> "Oh. Right. Forgiven." She shrugs. "I wanted to ask you some questions and show you around an instance sometime. You game?"

<Annabell> "That would be good, if you're sure." Annabell's smile seemed quite genuine as it seemed that Hershey wasn't upset about things, "I'm not sure what I did wrong with the tutorial, but something seemed to have skipped… but a personal explanation about things would be better."

<Jaito> "Well, obviously! She's my human!" Danu hangs up on her.

<Jaito> She nods. "As an admin, it's my job to make sure you're getting what you need out of the game. Any time, you just ping me, and I've got your back. And…uh…Danu?"

<Jaito> The pixie blinks, surprised. "Yeah, weirdo?"

<Jaito> "Look after- hey!"

Annabell smothers a laugh until she finally gets out, "Well, that didn't go too badly? And maybe she can work out what happened about the space. But thanks for that, Danu."

<Jaito> Danu grins. "I mean it, Bella. You belong to me…and I won't let anything happen to you. The world's dangerous, but so am I."

<Annabell> "Then we'll just have to make sure that you're more dangerous than it," Annabell assured 'her pixie', "Now, if I remember right, I had said that I'd tell you something about cooking without setting off fire alarms…"

«Scene Ends»

Scene Notes: And, just think, it only took me a bit less than four weeks to post this…