Day Off

A session with Annabell played on the OOC date of 26th May 2012.

«Scene Starts»

<Faito> At roughly 6:42 AM local singapore time, Annabell smells some rather amazing coffee she's been saving up…burning merrily.

<Annabell> Blinking she was already standing up, almost stumbling when she stepped on a stray shoe, even as she tried to figure out what was going on…

<Faito> Note - she'd gone to bed at roughly 4:32 AM the night before. Yay that shift

Annabell jerked upright as the scent hit, having had a few previous occasions where a pot had been left to 'brew' overnight and gone dry to the resulting need for a new pot, and somehow managed to not get tangled in the sheets for once.

<Faito> Her apartment is on fire.

<Faito> There is humming. And…is that…yep, that's smoke coming in from the kitchen.

<Annabell> In theory a doctor should hold herself to higher moral, ethical, and behavioural standards than the the norm. However, in this case, Annabell swore loudly as the fact that her apartment was on fire hit her and she looked around, desperately trying to recall where she put that extinguisher… she had bought one, right?

<Faito> "Oh, you're up! The eggs are ready! Humans like them black, right?!" There's the sound of the fan activating…funny, the smoke detector never went off. As she approaches the kitchen, there is the flitting image of something in a blue leotard flitting about the chaos.

<Annabell> Hit the fan controls to full power, open the window, try and figure out what was burning… Oh, and notice that diminutive figure which was moving about.

<Annabell> On as little sleep as Annabell had gotten, the presence of something like that actually cooking was a mere side note and she responded automatically, "Well, it prevents food poisoning most by making sure they don't get eaten."

<Faito> There is a buzzing roar and then there's a pixie in Annabell's face. "Good morning, partner~"

<Annabell> Pixe, smoke, kitchen… The three facts put themselves together in Annabell's sleep addled mind and a response was forumulated. Immediately her body began to move over to the grab the kettle, grab some instant granuals, and make coffee, "Morning. I think. I'm not sure how long I slept for…"

<Faito> "Two whole HOURS. You must've been exhausted. You look much better now." Flit-flit-flit along beside. "Soooooooooo…what're we doing today? Oh, and you have a message!"

<Annabell> "'The human body typically requires six to eight hours of sleep within a given twenty four hour period while some authorities claim that seven is the optimum.'" Annabell replied as though quoting, the situation having taken her back to her time in medical school when precise answers were demanded even when exhausted.

<Annabell> As she filled the kettle from the tap something else of what the pixie had said hit her, "A message?"

<Faito> "Yep, from Kisses….do…do you need to turn off the parental control settings? They default to G for some reason for you."

Annabell thought about that for a moment then said after bludgeoning her memory for possible references, "I think that is something about Hershey Kisses? They're a type of chocolate."

<Faito> "You have an admin Hersheys and a player KISSES_X.O in your database. This one is from Kisses."

Annabell set down the kettle to heat then leant back against the counter and frowned faintly as she looked at the pixie, "I'd be interested in the message but, despite being a little out of it, I think I promised you something?"

<Faito> "oh…d-did you?" Who knew a pixie could have such a terrible poker face. "I don't remember anything special, Annie…"

Annabell grimaced at the shortening of her name, "Names are important, you know, and if I'm supposed to give you one… Aren't I?"

<Faito> "Yes…Bella?" She tries, working on bonding through nicknames.

Annabell smiled then rubbed her head, trying to massage away a little of the fatigue as the water heated, "Given what that means, I'll take it as a compliment. Calling me 'Annie' made me think of 'Little Orphan Annie' and the muscial. But we're talking about a name for you, right?"

<Faito> The pixie pauses for a moment. "The sun'll come up…tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that…tomorrow…the sun's gonna shine." She moves to sit on Annabell's shoulder. "But yeah. A name."

<Annabell> "If I could then I'd name you for a goddess," Annabell muttered, trying to verbalise the weird ideas which had surfaced in her fitful and all too short dreams.

<Annabell> "A goddess whose children were in myths and not just fairy tales. If it was right for me to then I would name you Danu, of the goddess whose children did marvels in Ireland, before it was Ireland at all.

<Annabell> Whose namesake birthed Asura in far off India before those children challenged. Whose name should mean something so if Danu then name is yours to take."

<Faito> "…." She just…stares, absolutely stiff. Even her wings stop buzzing.

<Faito> "Yes!" She hugs Annabell's cheek. For a moment, the key glows with a warm, blue light and then calms. "YesyesyesyesyesyesYES! I am Danu! Danu the Pixie! Annabell's partner!"

Annabell nervously touched the key on a thong at her neck before murmuring, "Would you be Danu? Who children burnt bright as they fought the Fir Bolg. Or the other whose children fought the gods. Good names should mean something."

Annabell smiled, despite the bags beneath her eyes and the drawn look from going too long on coffee rather than rest, "Good to hear that, Danu." She hesitated then relcuantly broke the moment to ask, "Um, you mentioned a message?"

<Faito> "Oh, from Kisses. I told her you were sleeping, so there's no rush to answer. Do you want me to play it? I talked to your COMP, and I figure I can handle things better than an impersonal computer."

<Faito> "Well, it's not rated for demon storage. I tried. It's so TIGHT in there…."

<Annabell> "I have a COMP?" Annabell asked, a little bemused by that little titbit, then corrected herself, "Ah, nevermind. It'd be good to hear it and thanks for answering for me like that."

<Faito> "I had to delete some pictures. Even, still."

Annabell went through the motions of making her coffee while listening, adding sufficent milk to the cup in advance to make it possibly less coffee than 'flavored milk', "Oh?"

<Faito> "It's okay. I just posted them to your social profile." She shrugs. "Playing message~"

<Faito> "Hey, Annabell. It's…Kisses. This is my player profile, but you met me as an admin. I'd like to talk sometime, in person and in private. I've got a lunch meeting today that could get ugly, but maybe afterwards? Call me then…and try to sleep. You've been online for days straight."

<Annabell> "Sleep is a good thing." Annabell murmured, as though reminding herself of that, but she added an extra spoon of instant granules to her coffee anyway before (trying) to stir it. A few sips later she glanced, as best she could, to Danu then said, "Could you let her know that I can probably meet, but this is my first day off for a whiel and I need to rest up?"

<Faito> "Sure, will do! Go to bed again, Bella. I remember now - humans need a lot of sleep. I'll do more research in the meantime."

Annabell watered her coffee with a little more milk before taking another sip, "I will after I've finished this. You should take care of yourself too, you know. And I'm going to have to look up things on the 'care and attention for pixies'…"

<Faito> "Lip gloss!"

<Faito> "Oh, we're easy. A little entertainment, lots of exercise, and just a little l-….l….lip glass."

<Faito> "Gloss."

Annabell thinks about the pixie, her size, and the relative size of the average tube of lip gloss then carefully pours the rest of her 'coffee' down the drain, "… think I'll go sleep now. Thanks for trying with the food, Danu, but I'll have to show you how rather than you doing it at random. Cooking, I mean."

Annabell blushed, washed out the cup, then left it to drain on the side as she headed out of the kitchen before she said anything -more- wrong.

«Scene Ends»

Scene Notes: That went surprisingly smoothly. And, apparently, Annabell thinks in weird ways when sufficiently fatigued.