Insufficient Caffeine

A session with Annabell played on the OOC date of 12th May 2012.

«Scene Starts»

Annabell grimanced then muttered before taking a second pull, "A little weak…"

Annabell yawned and eyed the… substance in her coffee mug before trying to swirl it around. The mixture in there (four sugars and about as much instant coffee plus whatever was brewing the in pot to make it technically fluid) was hardly healthy and might even be a risk in and of itself but she drank it anyway.

<Jaito> A fresh cup of actually fresh coffee taps onto the table by her seat. "You're needed in Room 2. And you're setting a terrible example - no wonder the teeth are rotting out of the kids in the Children's Ward…" Nurse Ada Tan smiles at her - just a little older than young, a little plainer than beautiful, and a little sterner than exactly nice. Then again, she has fresh coffee.

<Annabell> "I brush them when I wake up, before I go on shift, when I come off, and before I go to sleep." Annabell stated as she took the cup with a grateful smile, "Usually that means I've brushed them twice a day, but there's no promises there… Please tell me that this isn't another 'mysterious chest pains in the night' in Room 2?"

<Jaito> Ada nudges a touchpad to life and scans. "Hmm…resting rate of 180 for the last hour straight. I figured someone should check on that." She sighs. "Such a busy night, it's a good thing you're on call."

Annabell let out a sigh but obviously couldn't justify to herself lingering when there could be a problem. Taking another sip of the hot coffee she muttered, "I'll head over there and take a look. It can't all be like that guy who, while on a cardio-monitor, tried to do his morning exercises… Anything that I should know which isn't in the patient records?"

<Jaito> Ada raises an eyebrow. "You've got more common sense than the others." She leans in, whispering. "Mr. Wen can get a little grabby. I think his heart rate just makes it worse. Tiger's blood, rhino horn, you know the rumors."

<Annabell> "If I can get his heart racing just by walking in to check on him then he probably needs to have someone from Psyche come over." Annabell replied with a small self-depreciating smile. Admittedly though the scrubs she wore didn't exactly flatter her never that generous figure and made her face look a little too stern. "Thank you for the advice though, Ada."

<Jaito> "Just get him settled." She sighs. "I've got to look after the kids. I still can't believe they let them play that silly game…" Off she trudges, looking rather unpleased.

<Jaito> Mr. Wen is all right, after an induced restart of his heart rhythms. His wandering hands might require long-term treatment.

Annabell does her best to be polite, professional, and (unlike marines) have a plan on how to not kill everyone she meets. Although in this case there is a little private satisfaction in regards to listing what is inadvisable to do when having heart troubles and being sure to mention that -those- forms of exercise were definitely not allowed for now.

<Annabell> When Annabell finally finished with Mr Wen though her coffee was definitely dead, sitting at room temperature once more, but appreciated simply for the chance of a little push towards proper alertness.

<Jaito> As soon as she gets the chance to flop down, she hears a faint giggle at her ear…and then a code blue in their pediatric ward. A young girl going into tachycardia.

Annabell wasn't a large woman. She wasn't bulky nor particularly tall. Yet even as her cup hit the table she was barging through the doors out of the room and headed towards Pediatrics at a steady hurried pace which would brook not interruptions nor impediments and seemed fit to shove straight through any such which dared.

<Annabell> A distant corner of her mind noted that, once again, adrenalin proved a far superior wakeup call to caffine.

<Jaito> It was the strangest thing…through the whole time, the girl was SINGING in a desperate rasp. She was stabilzed into unconsciousness, but before then? "Ring around the rosey….pocket full of posies…"

<Jaito> And the whole time, Annabell could swear she heard someone laughing. And another voice praying.

Annabell let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding when finally the girl stabilised, when her heart was steady once more albeit likely weak, and the strangeness of it hit her. Singing was sort of a good sign, in terms of proving consciousness and brain function, but it was just so… inappropriate given the last line of that particular line.

<Annabell> Praying though… Well, praying wasn't an unusual thing to hear when someone was fighting for their life.

<Annabell> "I think that is all we can do for her just now." Annabell said to any others present then stretched slowly and looked around for a seat, "I'm going to stay here for a little longer just in case anything flares up."

<Jaito> The laughing voice answers with a cackle. "There is more in hell than in the heaven of your philosophy. Fight on, little girl - your soul is too big to die!"

<Jaito> The other staffers nod, moving on to the next bit of work, rest, or emergency…leaving her next to the girl. She's about thirteen, pretty with bleach-blonde hair falling over her dark, bushy eyebrows. A COMP and visor lay on the table next to her, the light still blinking low-power mode.

<Jaito> "Sshhhhhh…now she doesn't get to go to heaven. What a bother." The praying voice.

<Annabell> "Not her time yet." Annabell commented, perhaps to herself or to whoever was talking. As tired as she was either was a viable option as she carefully pushed strands of that blonde hair away from the unconscious girl's face.

<Jaito> The girl's eyes shoot open. "You left something at home."

<Jaito> "Something very…important." Her voice sounds oddly slurred. Almost accented for how rough it sounds.

<Annabell> "No need to try to talk." Annabell said, trying to be soothing even if that wasn't exactly her speciality. Lies to children were never something she excelled at so she didn't try to assure the girl that everything would be alright. "If I left something then it is a little late to be circling back to it just now."

<Jaito> "But someone's going through your things…." She looks away. "Someone who doesn't listen…" She looks up, brushing Annabell's cheek. "You don't speak my language…but you will." And slowly, the girl flutters back down to sleep.

Annabell watched as the girl fell back into the uneasy slumber, which was still better than the unmoving unconsciously, then quoted softly, "'I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space—were it not that I have bad dreams.'"

<Annabell> Standing up she straighten how the VR visor lay next to the COMP then walked away from the girl to the nurse on duty. A few quite words needed to be said on her treatment but Annabell considered herself to be far too tired if the likely nonsense words were effecting her.

<Jaito> THe giggling voice counters, "Truly, and I hold ambition of so airy and light a quality that it is but a shadow's shadow…"

<Jaito> The praying voice answers, "Which dreams indeed are ambition, for the very substance of the ambituous is merely the shadow of a dream…"

<Annabell> "I should head off now, if I can." The doctor mentioned to the duty nurse even as she held back a yawn, "I'm three hours over my shift and 'For, by my fay, I cannot reason.'…"

<Jaito> Nurse Tan nods. "Go home. You look worse than I feel."

Annabell managed a smile and joked, "Thanks for the compliment."

<Jaito> She is shoved by the shoulders towards the elevator. "The day I compliment you, remember it. It'll be the best day of your life."

<Annabell> "Oh, bribery now?" Annabell replied with a laugh, but let herself be pushed into the elevator. Mostly because she didn't have that much energy in her to resist. As the doors closed she leant against the wall, just to rest for the moment, and stared at the dull metal wall across from her.

<Jaito> She can see various graffiti done in…well, food. Little messages and warnings. gang signs done by children. PROPERTY OF THE VANGUARD. EMBRYEON TERRITORY!

<Annabell> There was a pen in her pocket and, in the thrall of sugar, caffine, and the let down from adrenaline, Annabell was horribly tempted to correct what people had written about 'her' hospital'. She resisted though and just gave the words a stern look and a muttered, "Wrong!"

<Jaito> Just as the elevator opens and the hospital director is staring at her. "ExCUSE me, Dr. Nolan?"

<Jaito> Director Chang is not a man of great humor, patient, or kindness. In fact, he doesn't have any of these things. In fact, he probably hates them. As much as he hates Annabell.

Annabell blinked once as she looked at the man before her then shifted her gaze to actually look at _him_ rather than past him into infinity, "…no, it's Wen not Wong in Room 2. Sorry, it is three hours past my shift and someone else should be having a talk with Mr Wen. I don't think he took my warnings seriously."

<Jaito> He sighs. "Of course he didn't." Chang looks down at her. "If you weren't so gentle with people, they might consider your opinions to have value, merit, or intelligence. Go home, Dr. Nolan. I'm certain we'll be fine."

<Annabell> She gave him a somewhat shaky smile and took a moment or two to push herself up off of the supporting (nice and cool and firm) wall, "Director, I think in that case it might be he takes me less seriously because he'd like any lady to 'help his heart rate'."

<Annabell> "But I'm not going to say any more until I've got some sleep… There was a problem in pediatrics and after the efforts in dealing with that I really can't stay." Annabell paused then slipped out of the doors, "Thanks though."

<Jaito> Chang levels an ice-cold gaze on her. "Are you a woman or a doctor? Only one is relevant."

Annabell blinked again then replied as she let the doors slide shut, "I'm glad we agree that is how it should be?"

<Jaito> Chang presses a button and the elevator doors re-open. "It is I who am pleased that we are in agreement. Good NIGHT, Dr. Nolan." And the doors close behind him, leaving the whole lobby a little tense at his passing.

<Annabell> "Good night." Came a belated response to the closed doors from Annabell and she turned away from them to head out. At this time of night things were quieter but, like any hospital, it wasn't simply a matter of degree.

<Jaito> Huh, that's funny. Her door isn't locked.

<Annabell> Given Annabell's state it wasn't too odd that the trip back from the hospital to her apartment hadn't really registered on her, but she did find it a bit odd that she was stopped into front of an unlocked door. Normally she ended up fumbling for her key or had gotten inside. Yawning she shook her head to wake up a fraction more then, cautiously, pushed it ope

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