Masaru Yamazaki

Summary Page

Name Masaru Yamazaki Player 159
Primary Impression The Prodigal Son Risk Factor A Rising Threat
Flags Ambition Can Be A Virtue
The Proud Do Not Endure Already In Your Head
Polite, But Fucking Terrifying My Brothers' Keeper
Stress Refresh Rate 3 / 10
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate
Other? —- Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap 43 of 44
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 2 Discipline, Presence
Great (+4) 3 Deceit, Endurance, Intimidation
Good (+3) 3 Contacts, Resources, Scholarship
Fair (+2) 4 Awareness, Conviction, Rapport, Might
Average (+1) 5 Drive, Empathy, Lore, Stealth, Weapons

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-1 Persona: Chi You, of the Emperor Arcana.
-4 Demonic Arts: 4 skill slots. Scope: Curse, Darkness, Slash.
-1 Demonic Parley: Have you ever been such a smooth motherfucker even demons want to be friends?
-2 Resistance: Chi You, as a result of nature as a tyrant, has a resistance to Slash.
+2 Weakness: Chi You's downfall came from the Winds of the Yellow Emperor's demons.
-1 Stunt - Read the Surface: Masaru exceeds at reading people at a glance.

Resources by Line Item

Name Arcana
Chi You Emperor
Specialties Resist Block Absorb Reflect Weak
Slash Wind
Art Type Action Cost Power Strength Effects
Eiha Magical/Darkness Attack 1 3 3 Inflicts a small amount of Darkness damage to one enemy.
Terror Eyes Magical/Curse Maneuver 1 4 - Chance of inflicting a FEAR Aspect on one enemy for one tag, four exchanges.

Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
…Name. A shared Aspect for the relationship. Number of consequences. Any active consequences

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