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12:23 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Someone has defiled the most sacred place of all - the place of learning.
12:24 AM Night_Misaki
Someone's going to die today.
12:24 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Exhibit A - A shelf, sturdy but well-loved. Currently penetrated by Exhibit B.
12:25 AM
Exhibit B - A Mont Blanc fountain pen of once-exquisite quality, now currently lodged into both Exhibits A and C
12:26 AM
…Exhibit C - A copy of Tolstoy's War and Peace, once exquisitely leather-bound- now hanging by the last few pages and the back cover, perforated by Exhibit B, with Exhibit D taped to a page.
12:27 AM
Exhibit D - A paper on the themes and imagery of War and Peace, with a score of 98%. In fine ink (presumbably from Exhibit B) reads: THE POWER OF DEVOTION. THE BAR TO ALL CHALLENGERS.
12:30 AM Night_Misaki
Night stares at all of this, for a very, very long time. There is a sort of calmness to her, the sort of calm just before, say, a catstrophic typhoon, as she carefully pulls out the remains of the pen and examines the damage to the book itself. She's no fan of Tolstoy, but this is important, after all.
12:32 AM JaitoWerkzIn
If it weren't for the ink…the last couple of chapters are almost entirely bled through.
12:32 AM
The pen, however, only has a slight dent in the nub. Probably still servicable. Quite a bit of power went into the thrust. Good aim, too.
12:33 AM Night_Misaki
It wouldn't be that big a loss if not for principle. She sets it down where it can't contaminate other book, and then glances through the paper, almost boredly.
12:36 AM JaitoWerkzIn
The paper itself is a somewhat scathing criticism of all players involved, noting the inherent vanity of war predicated on the egos and phantom obligations of the powers involved, while regarding the "god-like" perspective of Tolstoy to be dishonest.
12:36 AM
"Nothing is ever vast. It's all small, ugly, short, and just maybe beautiful. The big picture is nothing more than background before the story of the heart. There's no heart in this, or in the motivators of events."
12:37 AM
He, in fact, only lost points for drifting from his own thesis to criticize a few key characters.
12:39 AM Night_Misaki
Night takes a minute to chew idly on the end of a pen, before grabbing a spare piece of clean paper from the library desk. On it, she writes, almost entirely in old, obscure kanji, that war is vanity and that there is no other kind, despite any stated reasons, and to miss that is to misunderstand the true meaning of war. That written, she searches the library. Where the hell are those minitoolassistants when she needs them?
12:41 AM JaitoWerkzIn
One of the library assistants can be found snoozing at the reference desk over a large text of biology.
12:44 AM Night_Misaki
Night walks over, and smoothly removes the book from under the assistant. Then waits.
12:46 AM JaitoWerkzIn
THUD. "…yes, mistress?" His sincerity is doubtful.
12:49 AM Night_Misaki
She folds the note very neatly, sticks it back in the copy of war and peace, and hands it to the assistant with a smile that absolutely promises broken bones. "Find Anthony Wen. Return this to him. Inform him that the library does not take donations of damaged books." There is no asking going on here.
12:51 AM JaitoWerkzIn
He blinks himself properly awake. "I…sure, mistress." He stares at the book for a second. "…huh. This book's an older printing, too. Probably cost a couple hundred. Savages!" Then, remembering himself, "Off I go…" Yaawn, stand.
12:51 AM
About two seconds after the library doors close behind them, there's an "AAAAAAAHHH!"
12:52 AM Night_Misaki
…Oh dear. Night eyes the door, but he's outside, so she doesn't have to scold him for quietness.
12:52 AM JaitoWerkzIn
A second later, the assistant returns, book in hand, looking outright spooked. "…m-m-m-mstress, where did you find this? I was…instructed to put it back."
12:54 AM Night_Misaki
"Pinned to a shelf with a pen." So it was going to be like that, was it? She shakes her head, and takes the book. "I see I am going to have to…reprimand Wen."
12:54 AM
The last time Night 'reprimanded' someone, their arm was broken in places he had not realized he had bones.
12:55 AM JaitoWerkzIn
His eyes go wide. "I….I-I-I-I-I have a thing in a place with theoretically people. And police. Not here." He bolts.
12:56 AM Night_Misaki
"If you call the cops here, I'm going to be displeased." She's been feeling the need to break something recently. Wen's face would do just fine. To the door, take a breath, and open it to see just how close to it he was waiting.
12:58 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Leaning on the wall between the second and third story stairs is Wen, his uniform cleanly pressed and sharp. His hair recently waxed into perfect, outlandish spikes. Stern and proud. Patient.
12:58 AM Night_Misaki
Getting a book chucked right at his head.
12:59 AM
Normally she wouldn't, but he's already damaged it beyond repair.
1:00 AM JaitoWerkzIn
He takes no steps to evade. (If trying to do some significant damage, give me a Weapons roll.)
1:02 AM Night_Misaki
1:02 AM
1:03 AM JaitoWerkzIn
The book slams into the wall above him. He catches it and nods. "I'll have the fat boy put it back later. Impressed?"
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1:06 AM Night_Misaki
"…You really think scoring high on Tolstoy is going to work? And you've irreparably damaged that book, the shelf, and anything that ink spread to, I'm not seeing much to earn you points here." She doesn't cross her arms, instead waiting for Wen to get closer. Come on, you arrogant, moronic rooster. Come within striking distance. "Just doing things for the sake of impressing other people is nothing more than a pretty form of lying."
1:08 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Ah. You don't see much. Yesterday? You didn't see anything." He grins!
1:14 AM Night_Misaki
"I really don't have to listen to that from you, Zouchouten." Her eyes narrow sharply. Oh, don't even start with her today.
1:16 AM JaitoWerkzIn
His smile softens and he glances to the side. "So you looked me up. I expect no less from the great dragon of Victoria. Doesn't matter. Time doesn't, either. What are you doing that's so important?"
1:25 AM Night_Misaki
"Rebuilding the fallen Tower." She isn't going to even bother explaining which tower she means by that. "Do you intend to get in my way? Because I'll tell you now, I'm not in the habit of being nice enough to simply erase someone." Lessons don't stick if they're dead. Even if they're ghosts in her dreams, principle matters.
1:27 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"How could I be in your way? I'm your own hands." He clenches his fists with a grin. "I'll always be by your-" The intercom cracks on. "Anthony Wen, please report to the principal's office. I repeat…."
1:27 AM
He growls under his breath. "Side. What's love without a little rebellion?"
1:29 AM Night_Misaki
"Don't make the mistake of thinking you can change my truth." She eyes the intercom rather…dispassionately. "I don't need anyone else to create a world."
1:31 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"But you need at least two to fill it," he quips. "Besides - what makes your truth any better than mine? Mine has this." He flicks a photograph to her - a young couple in tux and bridal gown…sparring in a dojo.
1:31 AM
He tucks his hands into his pockets. "ANTHONY WEN, please report-" "Yare yare…I'M COMING!"
1:32 AM Night_Misaki
She eyes it, before snorting. "You don't see anything at all."
1:34 AM JaitoWerkzIn
He starts to stomp down the stairs. "Yeah, well…I see you. Don't disappoint me!" And off he heads.
1:35 AM Night_Misaki
"No, you really don't." She lets the picture fall down the stairs, before turning. There are other exits, and she needs to get to work seeing if she can find some answers.
1:36 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She finds herself face-to-face with a Kabuki mask, about three inches from her face.
1:36 AM
(Quick Discipline check?)
1:37 AM Night_Misaki
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1:39 AM JaitoWerkzIn
It is a student. A quiet little bastard of a student.
1:40 AM
Not a demon. All punches may be voluntary.
1:41 AM Night_Misaki
"…" Night, very calmly, pushes the mask back with a finger. Get thee gone from her bubble. "…May I help you?"
1:42 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Can I borrow your soul?"
1:42 AM Night_Misaki
"Rumor has it I don't have one. Why would you need mine?"
1:43 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Shrug. "You asked if you could help. Message."
1:44 AM Night_Misaki
"Message to whom, pray tell?"
1:46 AM JaitoWerkzIn
A finger points at Night's chest.
1:46 AM
Black nail polish. Original.
1:48 AM Night_Misaki
"…I'm going to ask for you to explain in full."
1:49 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"The Order requests an audience with your person. As a boy or something. Weirdos."
1:50 AM Night_Misaki
In the game, then. "And where would this audience be?"
1:50 AM
This is a trap. Of course it's a trap. It's always a trap. But goddammit, it's her dream and they are going to have to do better than some kid pretending to be a tengu.
1:51 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Modern Culture." Shrug. "I could hex them for you?"
1:53 AM Night_Misaki
"No need, I prefer to take care of things personally." Modern Culture…on the third floor. Well, then. "Very well then."
1:53 AM JaitoWerkzIn
A hand is held out. "Tip?"
1:58 AM Night_Misaki
"Don't bother going to Professer Ling's classes today, he's hungover and at a 89% probability of abusing the students any way he can get away with," Not what he meant, but she deals in information, not cash.
2:01 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Good tip. I won't curse you." Step, step, step towards the third floor. "I like you, witch. You should join the Occult club. We do terrible things to people who deserve it - what in life is better than that?"
2:04 AM Night_Misaki
She smiles, almost genuine, and shrugs as she goes for the stairs. "I'm not much of an advocate for any sort of justice, but I do appreciate the offer, thank you." Even she can be polite, after all. Now then, off to this…organization. AR glasses, AR glasses, where in her bag did she put you?
2:12 AM JaitoWerkzIn
The door to the Modern Culture room is, depending on one's point of view, either a simple wooden slide door…or a rather ominous portal of oak with a password slot.
2:12 AM
This slot opens as she approaches. "Declare yourself," is the muffled call.
2:14 AM Night_Misaki
"You called for Night and I've come." She stretches, settling into the reminder that IG, she's about a foot and a half taller and, well, male as she waits. Good morning, Jack.
2:15 AM JaitoWerkzIn
There's a sniggering. Let's just kill 'em all, NIGHT. is the somewhat canned response. The door slides open, revealing a dark chamber with…well…a Round Table.
2:18 AM Night_Misaki
…Oh you have got to be kidding. Night smiles cheerfully, almost too cheerfully, adopting a loose, almost whimsical sort of gate. Fwippy, as one might say. Alright, and now *really* wake up.
2:20 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Flanked on either side by men and women in silver armor over their uniforms…is the Captain of the Prisma Dei. "Night. The Witch herself. Have a seat?" She smiles as her spectacles glint pure white.
2:20 AM
Jack's response is, Up and at 'em, NIGHT!!!
2:23 AM Night_Misaki
"…" This. Again? And she's got no time for Jack's canned bullshit, he'll wake up when she needs him to. 'He' flumps into a chair, very deliberately leaning back and putting feet on the table. Let them think it'll slow NIGHT's reaction time down, the more fool them. "Persistent, aren't we?"
One of them reaches for a sword, but the knight beside him grabs his hand.
2:24 AM
The Captain cracks her neck. "Have you been active around East Coast Park?"
2:24 AM Night_Misaki
Night's grin widens. Oh, she saw that.
2:25 AM
"Me?" East Coast Park, East Coast Park…"Not to my knowledge, no."
2:27 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She leans forward, her face obscured by threaded fingers. The torchlight makes her spectacles GLEAM. "Do not /lie/ to me, Night. My armsmen recognize your handiwork. A player claiming a real injury from the game? Does that sound /familiar/?"
2:31 AM Night_Misaki
"…Take off your glasses, please, I will address the second part of that complaint first, if you will." She pulls a glove off her wrist, to hold up-clearly displaying the fresh scar of a bite from…something much too big to be a dog.
2:32 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She taps the side of her expensive glasses and the light fades. Then she taps then on. Then off. Then on again. "Playing with traps? That's a crime, you know. Tell me what you know and I'll consider not informing the police."
2:33 AM Night_Misaki
"I'm not claiming anything. However, to the first point, I believe it's traditional to tell me what I'm being accused of." She has not, in any way, stopped smiling…but it's gone calm. Cold. Icy. "I didn't play with anything. You saw the logs. If there was a trap, I was the victim, not the creator."
2:35 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Hmm." She nods. "No formal charges or accusations have been brought before the Order. We…restrict ourselves to open complaints, out of respect to differing play styles. HOWEVER…we have a polite favor to request of you."
2:36 AM Night_Misaki
"…I want to hear exactly what is said to be my 'handiwork' in East Coast Park before I consider any 'favors'." She has no interest in them or their 'no-tolerance'.
2:39 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"A little girl suffered a nasty cut along her arm. She won't talk and her parents are understandably upset. She /claims/ that a Cait Sith stabbed her. The police, of course, are looking for a homeless person or other criminal."
2:39 AM
"She's 12," she adds. "And records of the incident are too dark to make out a silhouette of a strange player OR any real attacker."
2:41 AM Night_Misaki
"…" Night drops her feet off the table and leans forward. "Then your armsmen are idiots. I don't use weapons, and I don't/ harm children. In fact, my lack of weaponry is //common knowledge, I'm sure."
2:43 AM
It's happening more. Was Michael there? Of course he wasn't. Then it's breaking down. Oh, dear.
2:44 AM JaitoWerkzIn
The one from before stands up, "Now listen here, you mon-" "Gareth, NO." The boy beside him yanks him down.
2:44 AM
The Captain doesn't even blink. "Of course. Demons prefer their bare hands. Our polite favor…is for your help. So I will ignore my…discomfort with your attitude."
2:48 AM Night_Misaki
"…You call me in here, call me a monster to my face, your determination of it being 'my' handiwork seems to be based entirely on your preconceptions of me instead of any solid evidence, and you want to ask me for help? You have determination, I'll give you that much." Her smile is edged now. It's always the same. People are always like this. Throwing away everything that doesn't suit them without ever really looking. It was sad, so sad, so tr
2:48 AM
"Then what is it you need my help with, and why is it, after all of that, I should be even considering doing so?"
2:50 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Because it's interesting. What else would you care about? I could lie to you, be nice to you, and play games like I /like/ you…but honestly? You're very, very smart and you'll find out the truth. I trust you, because you're a single-minded creature."
2:50 AM
"If you WEREN'T interested, I'd probably be bleeding."
2:50 AM
She smiles.
2:51 AM Night_Misaki
"I'm interested enough to hear you out. That doesn't mean I won't later leave you bleeding for zealotry and blind assumptions of my character."
2:51 AM
"So please stop wasting the time I'm actually willing."
2:53 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"If you actually wanted anyone to understand you, you might consider offering something of yourself. Right now? You're just spoiled." She stands up. "Shall we?"
2:54 AM
This time, all six knights stand up. "Captain!"
2:54 AM
The brash one shouts, "You can't go anywhere with her!"
2:54 AM
She raises an eyebrow. "Oh?"
2:56 AM Night_Misaki
"Spoiled?" Night snorts. "And you're a zealot. I'm not expecting understanding, I'm expecting you to know better than to assume you know anything about me." But she stands, and turns, flashing a sunny smile at the mouthy one.
2:57 AM JaitoWerkzIn
He takes a step for her and the Captain raises a hand to stop him. "If you have a problem with Night, then say so openly. If he accepts a duel, then surely you can seek satisfaction?"
2:57 AM
He wavers, turning his attention to Night with a look of raw distaste.
2:58 AM
The Captain adds, "I'll point out she's been downright regal in comparison to you so far."
2:58 AM
"Ahem, HE."
2:58 AM Night_Misaki
And she shifts her stance, almost imperceptibly, into one that very much means business. Quick, brutal, bone-breaking business. "I do make a habit of accepting challenges."
2:58 AM
"I believe the tae-kwon-do team's captain's arm has finished healing."
2:58 AM JaitoWerkzIn
2:59 AM Night_Misaki
"He was much more polite than you."
2:59 AM JaitoWerkzIn
Caught between a Captain and a Night place, he slumps into a seat.
3:00 AM
The Captain shrugs with arms wide. "I figured you'd appreciate a more direct approach. If you want me to be friendly, you need only ask. As I said - you've never really bothered to explain what you like."
3:02 AM Night_Misaki
"You've never given me any reason to be anything but hostile. I have not, to date, ever accused you of harming children, acted as though you were disgusting, called you anything but a zealot and believe me, the forums would have me use much, much worse names for you, or implied you were any sort of insane or simple-minded. You have done all of this, and you're lecturing me on being friendly?" Night sounds, for once, not vague or condesc
3:02 AM
but openly incredulous.
3:04 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"The difference is that I'm playing a character." She takes off her spectacles. "Miss Night. You act like this all the time…I really don't know how to deal with that."
3:04 AM
She frowns. "Should we start over?"
3:07 AM Night_Misaki
Night shrugs. "Do as you like. I am as I am." She isn't about to change to suit anyone. "But this is also not why you went through the trouble of convincing an occult club member to find me."
3:09 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She shrugs, walking past. "I figured you might be lonely. And I really do think something is…weird. Something you're connected to." She snaps her spectacles back on. "This is my world, not yours, but I'll work with anyone to keep it safe."
3:12 AM Night_Misaki
"It's not yours," Night corrects lazily, shrugging. "It's not anyone's. Or you could call it everyone's, but communism doesn't tend to work out in practice with more tangible things, I don't think it'll work out here." 'He' rolls his shoulders, popping out cricks and joints. "And the truth of this matter is, that girl may not be lying. Of course, there then lies the problem of 'how', and more importantly 'why', which I'm afraid I don't have
3:12 AM
answer to yet. I was looking for those before you called me."
3:14 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"…no. It is my world. It was given to me to protect. Just because it's my responsibility, though, that doesn't make it my property. Maybe you're not the only one judged by reputation, hmm?"
3:18 AM Night_Misaki
"No, no, you misunderstand-" Night holds up 'his' hands, creating a space between them. "A world can only ever be said to belong to the ones who made it, and even then, only barely. Dreams are people's. Worlds are not. Not for gods, not for demons, not even for us. They cannot be given, nor taken. They simply exist. If you choose to protect it, that is an ideal I believe the majority would praise, but the phrasing is important."
3:21 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Hmm…" She stops, thinking for a while. "Maybe you're not so crazy after all. Well, I /choose/ to protect this dream we all share. Because this world, this Paradise is a shared dream - a common hallucination. It belongs to us all."
3:21 AM
"No one's dreams should be taken away by bullies. So I turn THEIR dreams into nightmares. Is that so wrong?"
3:24 AM Night_Misaki
She shrugs again. "Not in theory. In practice, you are skirting the line before coming the bully yourself. It doesn't matter to me either way—people will choose what the want to choose, and take those consequences." She pauses, and gives the Captain a flat look. "Forming what amounts to a lynch mob to go after the most timid person in school crosses that line rather more than somewhat, I'll point out."
3:25 AM JaitoWerkzIn
She shakes her head. "I trust Lin less than I trust you. Something…something is profoundly /wrong/ with that boy, can't you feel it?"
3:25 AM
"..the others think I'm crazy."
3:27 AM Night_Misaki
"That doesn't make my point less valid. He's a boy who always runs instead of fighting. Creating a situation where he's cornered was really the worst possible thing you could do." She'll just avoid answering that question, thank you.
3:39 AM JaitoWerkzIn
"Maybe when he's cornered, he'll find the strength to stand up for himself…" She trails off, not really believing it herself. But then she stands up straight. "…seven players, most of them devil summoners. Two…no, three active demons."
3:39 AM
"…They're fighting. Come on!" She starts to run.
3:39 AM
Raising the excellent question of how she might actually KNOW that.
3:39 AM
I could watch that skirt swish ALL DAY, boss. Dat armor!

3:41 AM Night_Misaki
"…" She'll have to have a look at that later. Night follows after and—ah. Huh. …Nice to see that's what wakes you up. Let's go, sounds like the fun kind of trouble. And with that, she's taking off after the captain, sans any swishy skirts.