Michael Lin

Summary Page

Name Michael Lin Player Mischa
Primary Impression Still Waters Run Deep Risk Factor Doesn't Even Matter To Himself
Flags The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Sparrow's Hidden Song
But Heaven Isn't Free Quantum Entanglement
Pandora's Eyes
Stress Refresh Rate 2 , Max 12
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] Moderate
Other?// -—— Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap 44 of 50
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 2 Scholarship, Conviction
Great (+4) 2 Investigation, Stealth
Good (+3) 4 Alertness, Lore, Discipline, Athletics, Performance
Fair (+2) 4 Endurance, Bows, Rapport
Average (+1) 4 Intimidation, Deceit, Burglary, Empathy, Fists

Languages: Mandarin Chinese (Native), English, Malay, Hindi, Greek, Classical Greek, Japanese

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-2 Magatama: Rahab, Bath Shebha
-1 Demonic Parley
-4 Demonic Arts: ????, ????, ????, ????
-1 Marked By Power
-1 Knowledge Is Key - stunt, substitutes Scholarship for Burglary in hacking attempts.
-1 Song of Sera

Resources by Line Item

Demonic Arts
Art Name Type Action Final Cost Strength Effect
Tornado Force Magic Attack 1 3(Random) Randomly target each enemy in a zone for a Force attack.
War Cry Curse Magic Maneuver 1 3 Creates an ATTACK DOWN aspect on all enemies in a zone with three free tags.
Taunt Curse Magic Maneuver (+1) 5 All enemies in a zone are affected by Tarukaja/Rakunda (+2 damage/-2 armor), clear one mental stress box.
Absalom's Arrow Curse Magic Attack 1 6 Fire a bolt of spiritual agony. Side effect: Subject is CHARMED on spin with a free tag.
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
  • Max Refinement: 2 - +2 Slots
Magatama: Rahab

Named after the spy who revealed the defenses of Jericho to the biblical figure Joshua. Protected her family by placing a red scarf as a signal.

  • Resist: Force, Weak: Expel
  • Skill Shuffle: None, first Magatama
  • Refinement (-2, pending player approval) : Force Power +2, Curse Power +2, Force Control +1, Curse Control +1
  • Demonic Arts Learned: Tornado, War Cry
Magatama: Bath Shebha

Meaning "Daughter of Oath", this magatama is named after the mother of Solomon, whose beauty drive King David from the righteous path.

  • Resist: Fire, Weak: Curse
  • Skill Shuffle: Presence +4, Investigation +0
  • Refinement (-2): Curse Power +2, Curse Control +1, Fire Power 2, Fire Control +1
  • Demonic Arts Learned: Taunt, Absalom's Arrow

Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
Shousei Yamazaki Quantum Entanglement 0 —-

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Michael Lin, aged seventeen, was born out of wedlock in Singapore, the result of an extramarital affair between his Chinese mother, Emily Lin, and a Japanese businessman, Yamazaki Makoto, born the same day as one of the man's legitimate sons, Shousei Yamazaki. He was raised by his single mother, though supported financially by his father, and his childhood was not a happy one: alternately neglected and emotionally abused by his unstable and resentful mother, he buried himself in schoolwork and books both as an escape and as something to do, at the top of his class (if not top of the school) but not from any kind of ambition of his own.

Related Flags The Flower That Blooms in Adversity, Doesn't Even Matter To Himself

Psychological Profile

Soft-spoken and shy, Michael comes off as timid and withdrawn, very much like a little brown sparrow that only twitters, never sings. He doesn't have much ambition of his own: depressed and with the belief that he neither has a place in the world or really deserves one, he drifts, not really reaching out for anything that he wants. He's used to not wanting anything and actively trying to avoid attention, putting up a demure, obedient facade with the serene, blank stillness of deep water, reflecting nothing back.

As Misha Nikaia, his character in the game, hyper-androgynous and mysterious, Michael plays the parts of his personality that he doesn't actually show, in the one place that he feels is safe to do so: still soft-spoken and polite, he is, however, witty and with a deadpan sense of humor, a bit more lively and indulging the things he likes that he can't actually have, like fashion, the part of him that wants to have a place in the world, wants to be loved and be more than the little brown sparrow. If Michael normally acts like still water, Misha would be the ocean, a thousand times more dangerous.

Related Flags Still Waters Run Deep, Sparrow's Hidden Song

First Contact

Michael received the game from his cousin Iris Lin, a programmer working on the game, as a gift shortly after her aunt and his mother was admitted to the hospital with terminal cancer. Her intentions in giving him the gift were both in an effort to try to get him to come out of his shell a little more and as a way to distract him, give him something else to do besides schoolwork and sitting outside in the hallway at the hospital since his mother refuses to see him, but comes to the hospital anyway.

Of course, when he actually made his character, things did not go entirely as planned.

Related Flags But Heaven Isn't Free

Significant Experience

Determine ties with other PCs and shared adventures. Rivalries, ships crossing the dark, shared tragedies - all are valid connections or sources of Aspects.

Related Flags Quantum Entanglement, Pandora's Eyes


AR glasses:
They're thin, sleek, and functionally matching to a normal pair of fashionable thin glasses. You can't even see the 'classic' Argon lines unless the unit's in high-power mode - a pale blue.
You could walk around with no one the wiser, except maybe the occasional glint.
ASPECT: Compelling Sight.

Other Notes

Age: 18
Birthday: June 22nd
Height: 149.9 cm/4'11"
Weight: 40.91 kg/90 lbs.
Gender: (very closeted) genderqueer (bigendered)
Blood Type: AB

Image Unavailable
let the wind erase me like a memory of a kiss/(let these waters take me away from all of this)