Misaki Naito

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Hey, what is it you're living for…?
Name Misaki Naito; 'Night' Player Kaji
Primary Impression Too Smart For Her Own Good Risk Factor Nothing In this World Is Real
Flags Every Tool Must Be Used (Especially People) Knowledge is the Greatest Power
Can't get something for nothing Raise High the Tower
Paradichlorobenzene -—-
Stress Refresh Rate 2/11
Physical [ ] [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ x ] [ ] Moderate Afraid of Michael
Other? [ ] [ ] Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap 46 of 47
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) Lore
Great (+4) Scholarship, Fists
Good (+3) Presence, Athletics, Investigation, Intimidation
Fair (+2) Alertness, Driving, Stealth, Conviction, Performance, Endurance
Average (+1) Weapons, Survival, Deceit, Empathy, Discipline, Rapport, Buglary, Craftmanship, Contacts

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
-2 Contractor Power for Power; a mutually beneficial arrangement.
-1 Demonic Parley To make friends with demons, you've got to think like a demon. Turns out, that may be easier than people.
-1 Marked for Power When you break all the rules, someone's bound to take notice.
-1 Ethereal Sensor Listen, do you smell something?
-1 COMP storage So you wanna be the very best demon summoner around? You're gonna need some pokeballs storage.
-1 Creepy Stalker (Pin the Tail) Every breath you take, every move you make, every goddamn secret you're hiding from her…
-1 Occultist (Ritual Magic) Even if you can use technology in lieu of magic these days, isn't it better to know all sorts of things?
-1 Martial Artist Being as swift as a coursing river won't help you at all if you don't know what you're doing.

Pokemon Team Contracted Demons

-Pyro Jack

Resources by Line Item

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Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
Hiroyuki Naito A shared Aspect for the relationship. Number of consequences. Any active consequences

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Misaki Naito has been through the foster care system for the last five years, since the disappearance of her real father in a strange accident she herself has no recollection of. Since then, she has been nothing but detached and distant, shuffled through various families due to her uncanny tendency-and willingness-to dig skeletons out of the closet and right into open air. Her latest family arranged for her to study abroad in Signapore, where she has been for the last two years, staying at the top of her class, living alone and mostly separate from her classmates and neighbors. And possibly an entire library's worth of books.

Related Flags Knowledge is the Greatest Power, Too Smart for Her Own Good

Psychological Profile

Misaki was a left on the steps of her father's house, and that's the most normal she's ever been. Due to her father's own particulars, she was raised to keep in mind that knowing things was the key to controlling them, and being in control of yourself was the greatest form of power. To her, her father was the center of the universe, the pinnacle of humanity and source of all the world's vast knowledge. And then he vanished, leaving Misaki in a hospital in Tokyo with no memories of what had happened to him. They said it was an accident, and her father declared dead, and to Misaki, it all seemed like a dream. Her first foster family made things worse-they were a temporary, emergency measure, but even at 13, Misaki saw them—saw the mother talk down to her son about his love of sewing, saw them casually throw away things that were beautiful like they didn't matter. If nothing mattered, she told herself, perhaps none of it was real.

And if this world without her father was just a dream, then there was no reason for her not to use whatever tools she had to take total control of it. To that end, she began dressing as a boy; her appearance was a tool to be used to. And she kept looking for those beautiful things humanity kept throwing away, even after moving to Signapore. It was the same everywhere…because humanity itself seemed a beautiful contradiction.

If that was so, she would become the Center of this world without her father, of this fleeting illusion, and watch these twisted people continue to dance for her to study.

Related Flags Nothing in This World is Real

First Contact

A note left in inside a copy of "Grimoire of Shadows":


Take this and start the road to Paradise. It's almost time…stay in good health.


A copy of the game and the glasses were also left with the subject.

Related Flags Can't Get Something For Nothing

Significant Experience

Subject is a student at Victoria Junior College, sharing classes with subjects Michael Lin and Shousei Yamazaki. Has been reported to avoid close contact with her peers-probably due to disassociation, close personal ties would naturally crack her view of the world. She maintains cordial relationships with students based only on 'mutual need', and while polite, is very clear in her detachment.

Has also been spotted in the company of Masaru Yamazaki, although the nature of their debates makes it difficult to determine if the contact is friendly or not.

Related Flags Paradichlorobenzene, Every Tool Must Be Used (Especially People)

Misc Facts

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I sing without knowing the meaning/ (I end up losing everything)