Modern Culture Club


  • Description
    • On the second floor of the school lies a somewhat-avoided club room, where only the Alternative Religion (ahem, Occult) and Literature (ahem, otaku and nerds) clubs dare to visit. Not because those inside are particularly large, troublesome, or criminal - quite the opposite. Justice, order, community, and compassion find its most stalwart defenders in the Modern Culture Club…at least, when they're walking in fantasy. In real life, shining armor can be a bit of a pain.
  • The Idea
    • The Roleplay of Justice League
  • Aspects
    • Every Kind of Fun But Yours
  • The Face
    • Name : The Captain, Marissa Lereaux
    • Concept : Half Vietnamese, half French and all-the-way imperious, the Captain has a reputation for the iron gauntlet and the hot brass. She may have taken being the very mask of Justice a little too seriously…

Notable Details

  • The ARchitecture of the room isn't great, but it was hewn by hand (carefully and crudely coded) by the members of the club - its first generation.

Past Events

  • There was an execution hosted at Hall, but it was interrupted when the school's heating system failed spectacularly and was taken as a sign of going too far.