Park 1

Captain Lereaux is already running, a Colt Peacemaker flickering into digital view in her grip as she runs. Say what you will, her stance is as real and solid as a police officer's. In the distance, the sound of children's voices are clear and sharp - shouting, not playing.
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5:42 PM Night_Misaki
Night isn't that far behind, although as always, 'he' doesn't bother with weapons. Equipping those fighting gloves, however, does seem like a good plan, and off they go. Children shouting…the Captain may cross the line again. Innocent cruelty should have different consequences from intentional malice, after all. It's almost more interesting to see how /that/ will pan out than what's happening.
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5:45 PM Jaito
"Softie! Softie! Softie!" is the chant, as they round past the playground area into… well, what looks like the aftermath of a bad storm. Fallen and uprooted trees form a maze of rotted branched, logs, and caution tape.
5:45 PM
Lereaux growls, starting to circle. "Find a way in!"
5:47 PM
(Investigation or Survival would be ideal, but I'll take suggestions on ways to get through/over/around the obstacle)
5:52 PM Night_Misaki
5:52 PM Jaito
(With that threshold, you can easily guide Lereaux through with your desired method.)
5:55 PM Night_Misaki
Night rolls her eyes, before looking through. "Come on, didn't you ever play in brambles as a kid?" There's a path, there's always a path…And she finds it easily, hopping up and over a means of branches and logs that will hold her weight as if she was born to do it. "Keep up, Lereaux."
5:58 PM Jaito
She grunts, "I went to real tea parties as a kid." She mimics well enough, keeping pace. (Alertness!)
5:59 PM Night_Misaki
6:01 PM Jaito
There's a flash of shadow in the brambles and Lereaux trips over herself, striking her arms into a sharp broken branch and taking a mean gash right through her very imaginary armor.
6:01 PM
"…we're not alone! Just…try to ignore it!"
6:01 PM
"Softie! Softie! Softie!" comes the chanting, passing through the brambles as if out of everywhere at once.
6:02 PM Night_Misaki
"Mhmm…" Night keeps moving, but hits something on the COMP. "Get ready to rock and roll, Jack, we're close." She keeps moving-the Captain doesn't need protection, and so Night won't offer it.

6:09 PM Night_Misaki
6:09 PM Jaito
(Enough to pull ahead, but Lereaux's on her own…)
6:10 PM Night_Misaki
(…stupid law captains)
6:12 PM
She can see the way out clearly now, but…she glances back, looking for where exactly that captain is. No good losing a perfectly good tool before she even sees her work. Although if she's being defeated by bramble, Night has her doubts about how useful she'd even be.
6:15 PM Jaito
Lereaux scans over her sights. "Get moving, Night. I'll catch up…" She ignores the fact that she's bleeding.
6:16 PM Night_Misaki
"…Mhmm. Jack, let's go." If she's certain, Night's not debating her choice. Off she goes…now what exactly is happening here that got the Captain so worked up, anyway?
6:17 PM Jaito
She breaks free to a clearing. At least half a dozen kids are hanging or sitting in the branches of few strong, old trees. At the heart of it, one young boy, maybe 8 or 9, stands up to them with a rather large cartoon cat in boots with a sword.
6:18 PM
"Softie…softie….softie…" they mutter. One of them throws a branch, and the kid bats it aside with angry eyes. He's got half a dozen bruises already, but he stands his ground.
6:18 PM Night_Misaki
(4 on lore to identify ze demon)
6:18 PM Jaito
Cait Sith, in fact….but wait, wasn't that supposed to be the THREAT?
6:19 PM
The kid shouts, "Come down here and say that, you buncha…buncha…stupid CANNIBALS!"
6:21 PM Night_Misaki
…Atma Corrupted, interesting. Perhaps a contract's been made. Now, what exactly is going on here…"Jack, keep an eye out for surprises…" Night murmurs, watching the boy and the Cait.
6:21 PM Jaito
The biggest of the kids hops down, stalking forward with an oddly serene grin on his face. "You're the one who wants to play with cute little dollies. Why don't you GROW UP or get out of our place?"
6:22 PM
The kid wipes away tears, but shakes his head. "I'm gonna get the treasure! I'll show you guys! I'm gonna be KNIGHT!"
6:22 PM
Lereaux pulls in beside Night, whispering. "…a tribe of them. Six in all…and they're more experienced than he is."
6:23 PM Night_Misaki
"…" So it's like that. Night grins slowly, before stepping out into the clearing…in clear view of all the Atma corrupted. "And what's the problem with dolls?"
6:25 PM Jaito
The tribe of kids go silent. "…it's a noob. Forget her," their boss says. "The rest of you…get this idiot off our land." The others hop down, moving in to circle.
6:26 PM Night_Misaki
Let's see…hitting them with full force is unneccessary. Night…smiles, a ghastly expression. "A noob? Brave words, from a kid who can't fight anyone one on one."
6:29 PM Jaito
6:29 PM Night_Misaki
6:30 PM Jaito
Druagr: [ ] [X] [ ]
6:30 PM
He takes a step back, uneasy…
6:31 PM
(Night, Alertness!)
6:32 PM Night_Misaki
6:33 PM Jaito
"Look out-" "Cait, SLASH!"
6:33 PM
Lereaux dives.
6:33 PM
But not fast enough.
6:33 PM
6:34 PM
6:34 PM
POWER: 4 - 9 stress.
6:35 PM
Druagr: [ ] [ ] [ ] [X] GUT WOUND!
6:36 PM
Blood blossoms on the the lead boy's shirt…slowly flowing out like a flower opening up.
6:36 PM
He falls to his knees. Night can SMELL it.
6:36 PM Night_Misaki
…Bad, that's bad. "…Captain, take the boy and call 911. Do it now."
6:37 PM Jaito
"Stay…out of…my fight," the other boy shouts. The other Corrupted scatter.
6:38 PM
Lereaux…stares at her gun like it might snap out and bite her face. "I…I…I-I-I…."
6:38 PM
"Wh-what if…!"
6:38 PM Night_Misaki
"So you're the one." Night turns on him, almost deadly calm. "Leraeux, NOW."
6:38 PM
"I'll deal with this."
6:39 PM Jaito
6:39 PM
(This is your Alertness, without a roll.)
6:40 PM Night_Misaki
6:41 PM Jaito has set topic: INITIATIVE: Druagr, Cait Sith, Lereux/Night - ROOM ASPECT: DARK AND TWISTED
6:43 PM Jaito
The boy on the ground just…stares at his wound. Utterly and totally amazed. "You…you…you….ugh!"
6:44 PM
He doubled over, groaning out in pain.
6:45 PM
Cait Sith flecks blood off of his sword. "HeRoEs Of JuStIcE cAn Do No WrOnG!!!!"
6:45 PM
The boy blinks, "Th-that's enough!"
6:45 PM
Cait Sith snorts, "You have no honor, boy. Your courage fails at the sticking point! NO DEAL!"
6:45 PM
…well, shit. It's still free.
6:45 PM
It goes for the boy again.
6:55 PM
In one moment, the boy looks on the verge of impalement. In the NEXT, he's standing behind the Cait Sith, holding his belly and breathing deeply through a bloody mouth. Lereaux…blinks, peeling her visor away. "…okay, it's just an illusion. He's not that fast." She pushes them back on and runs for the boy, putting her body between them.
6:55 PM
6:58 PM Night_Misaki
Then this just got simpler. No need to deal with the children, just the Cait. Night smiles in an utterly /ghastly/ way. "Then get them both out of here. CAIT SITH." She steps forward, making a come on motion. "What justice murders children? You're nothing but a sham. Let us prove it to you."
6:58 PM
"Jack, roast him." Hopefully she's got it's attention, now.
6:59 PM Jaito
ATTACK: 4 vs.
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
POWER: 3 vs. RESIST: 0 - 4 stress
7:00 PM
CAIT SITH: [ ] [X] [ ], TOASTY
7:00 PM
"ArGh! My FuR!!!!"
7:03 PM
(You still have your own action. I just forgot to put Jack on the roster.)
7:04 PM Night_Misaki
Night lunges forward after Jack's agi, aiming a fierce kick to Cait's head. Too much shorter than her for a decent punch, anyway.
7:04 PM
(and that's a 4 to attack!)
7:05 PM Jaito
7:05 PM
7:06 PM
NET: 3 - POWER: 2. vs RESIST: 0 - 5 stress!
7:06 PM
7:06 PM
This is a serious condition!
7:10 PM
The wounded boy cries out in pain!
7:10 PM
He starts to stumble, but Lereaux scoops him up and runs.
7:11 PM
She snaps right through a low branch, but keeps running. It's just you, the boy, and 'his' Cait Sith
7:12 PM
"This isn't just! Step down and honor our agreement! You said you'd help me find the treasure!"
7:12 PM
"tHe TrEaSuRe, BoY, iS cOnViCtIoN! cOnViCtIoN iS a SwOrD!"
7:13 PM
The boy…blinks. Horrified. "…you were gonna kill them all…."
7:13 PM
The Cait Sith grins in cartoon bliss.
7:15 PM
It raises the sword…and turns on the boy.
7:16 PM
ATTACK: 4 vs…..
7:16 PM
7:16 PM
POWER: 4 vs. ARMOR: 2 - 3 stress!
7:17 PM
7:17 PM
The boy CATCHES the sword. "You…are BAD!"
7:19 PM Night_Misaki
That…was unexpected. Night almost pauses, considering letting the kid take it…but no, one slip-up would prove disastrous. So she moves forward in the moment Cait's blade is caught, grabbing it by the scruff and lifting. "A very bad kitty, I'd say."
7:19 PM
"Know what happens to bad kitties?"
7:21 PM Jaito
It blinks. "Wh-Wh-WhAt?!!!"
7:23 PM Night_Misaki
She grins, fanged and bloody, before looking at the boy. "Do you know what happens to bad kitties?" It's his choice now. If he can't come up with one, she's got options, but…
7:23 PM Jaito
"There's a lot of ways to skin a cat?" he offers, wincing but smiling.
7:24 PM Night_Misaki
"A lot of ways to roast one, too…ain't there, Jack?"
7:24 PM Jaito
"Ehehehehehehe, just say the word!"
7:25 PM Night_Misaki
She takes the sword from Cait's hand, and shakes him a little, before turning towards the bramble. "Up to you…KNIGHT, wasn't it?"
7:25 PM
"He's wronged you, so decide his fate."
7:26 PM Jaito
"Jack! Agi his butt off!"
7:26 PM Night_Misaki
"You heard the kid, Jack."
7:26 PM Jaito
7:26 PM
7:27 PM
7:27 PM
The sword falls to the ground, digging into the earth by the point.
7:28 PM Night_Misaki
And done. Now then…Night picks up the sword, before sticking it, point down, into the ground, and turns to the kid. "Let me see your hand."
7:29 PM Jaito
He clutches it close for a moment. "…wh-who-who are you, Mister?"
7:32 PM Night_Misaki
"My name's NIGHT. Some call me a wi—wizard." 'He' smiles, crouching down to be at eye level. "Some even call me a demon, but I'm no danger to the pure of heart."
7:33 PM Jaito
He offers his hand. "I'm Peter. SIR PETER." It's not too deep, but it's still a nasty cut.
7:35 PM Night_Misaki
Hmm. She pulls out a handkerchief and wraps it, tight enough to help stem the bleeding. "I see…a brave knight, then. Well, for your valiance, I'll tell you a secret, but you have to promise you'll go straight to a doctor afterwards."
7:37 PM Jaito
He nods. "Y-yeah, Mr. Wizard. I'll go." His eye is watching the sword, though. Morbidly curious and more than a little afraid.
7:39 PM Night_Misaki
"A brave knight doesn't need a sword, or any wea8]uuuuuubvf7gl;kkg
7:41 PM
"A brave knight doesn't need a sword, or any weapon besides his own courage." 'He' pokes Peter's chest. "Your power is in your heart, fed by your dreams. After all, courage is the magic that makes dreams into reality."
7:44 PM Jaito
"…your voice sounds like a girl." He smiles. "But…yeah. You're still pretty cool. Can you walk me to the doctor? My mom's still at work…"
7:49 PM Night_Misaki
"Yeah." Her voice is low, but she guesses he can tell anyway. "Come on, it shouldn't be far." Off to the hospital she goes, Peter in tow. Might as well take the sword…she'll have to come up with something for the police anyway.
7:49 PM Jaito
THe sword fades into 'his' inventory once retrieved.

Night is met at the hospital by a pair of nurses and a police officer. Lereaux is sitting off to the side, cuffed to a chair in her bloody uniform with two more cops. That seems to be the same way the officer wants Night to go.
7:59 PM
Peter, before being whisked away, calls out, "Thank you, Night! You're a real hero of justice!"
8:09 PM Night_Misaki
…Oh, joy. Night sighs, and waves him off, before holding up her hands and taking a seat herself. Here we go.
8:12 PM Jaito
There's the usual going-over of identification and then they get to the meat of it. "Do you want to explain what happened out there? This girl only wants to tell crazy stories."
8:12 PM
Lereaux stares ahead. Her eyes are red, but her chin's locked tight in resolve.
8:16 PM Night_Misaki
"…" Night thinks it over for a moment, before sighing. "…I'm not sure what really happened, only what it looked like."
8:16 PM Jaito
"And?" The cop looks about two migraines short of patience.
8:19 PM Night_Misaki
"And what it looked like happened is someone hacked the AR to create a weapon that caused physical damage. Contact an admin, if you want to know if that's even possible or what else it could be. I'm not a programmer."
8:21 PM Jaito
He rubs his eyes. "…so you ALSO think that imaginary weapons hurt a minor. You two in this together?" Lereaux flinches.
8:25 PM Night_Misaki
"No. I think real weapon hurt a minor, and the AR covered over it."
8:26 PM Jaito
He takes a deep breath. "Did you see any assailant?"
8:27 PM Night_Misaki
"No. I saw a huge patch of fallen branches and bramble that is frankly a public safety hazard regardless."
8:28 PM Jaito
"Tch…attitude. Whatever. If we have further questions, you better believe we'll be in touch." He uncuffs Lereaux and the three cops follow after Peter.
8:34 PM
Lereaux….just sits there. "You're…I was wrong about you."
8:38 PM Night_Misaki
"A lot of people are." She shrugs, as if she doesn't really care. "I live by my own rules, and no one else's, and everyone has the right to do that. It just happens that my rules aren't really what people think."
8:41 PM Jaito
"Huh…so you do." She stands up with a bit of a wobble. "Lectured by a witch…it just goes to show." She starts to walk away, exhausted and more than a little overwhelmed.
8:45 PM Night_Misaki
"Get some sleep, captain. The world isn't as simple as you think.
8:45 PM Jaito
She doesn't answer, just walks even faster. By the door, she's running.
8:48 PM Night_Misaki
Not that Night cares. She debates waiting a little longer, but gets up, looking for the mail function on her COMP. She's overdue a talk with a miss Hershey's Xiao.
8:48 PM Jaito
Her admin account is out, but her personal player profile is open and available.
8:49 PM Night_Misaki
Then that's what she'll have to do. "Xiao. There's been another situation. You're going to want to see this."
8:52 PM Jaito
A live vid request beeps across Night's vision.
8:58 PM
Just as Anthony Wen walks into the door and stares wide.