Park 2

Jaito: Wen's jaw works open and closed a couple of times, then he just crosses his arms. "…There's blood."
[2:32pm] Jaito: BEEP BEEP - You have incoming live call coming across your specs, NIGHT.
[2:33pm] Night_Misaki: "…It's a hospital, of course there's blood." …Fine, she'll take the call, this won't be confusing at cross-purposes or anything.
[2:34pm] Jaito: "Don't be stupid. This isn't normal." He glares at her, even as a wireframe of blue appears two feet to his left.
[2:35pm] Jaito: Kisses is just the profile of a helmet, a leather bodysuit, and a rather sleekly loaded back harness and belt. "Talk to me."
[2:38pm] Night_Misaki: "It's not my blood, Wen, I'll explain later-" She looks towards the wireframe, and sighs. "A Cait Sith in East Coast Park severely injured an Asura player and cut the hand of the summoner trying to contract him. Neither one was more than ten years old."
[2:38pm] Night_Misaki: "He dropped a sword with stains still on it. I have it, but I want information in exchange."
[2:40pm] Jaito: Wen gapes. Kisses…nods. "I'd heard rumors, but I think my suspension of disbelief is starting to kick in. What do you w-" Wen finally finds his voice. "Kids are getting HURT?! That's just not acceptable!"
[2:40pm] Jaito: A nurse snaps a clipboard on a counter and hisses at him to be quiet.
[2:42pm] Night_Misaki: "Wen." Night shoots him a look that might have withered lesser men on the spot. "You know something about my father, or at least his involvement in this game. I want to hear what might be."
[2:43pm] Jaito: "…are you on a CALL? I oughta jack you across the-" The volume increases, overrudling whatever he's saying. "So you want me to risk something MORE dangerous, to learn about something that's already happened. Why shouldn't I just pull the logs?"
[2:55pm] Night_Misaki: "Because if you were going to go around me, you wouldn't have even answer this call. I also don't think you really feel like information about my father's whereabouts is something that necessarily must be kept from me specifically. Furthermore, you could pull the logs, but if the sword is what you need, it's easier to tell me than fight me for it. " Night winces slightly as the volume rises, but she locks eyes with Kisses' avatar, completely cold.
[2:56pm] Jaito: "I don't know…keeping dangerous people from what they want is usually my job." She glances to the side. "The hospital. Meet me outside in 10 minutes?"
[2:57pm] Night_Misaki: "Understood." Ten minutes to deal with Wen, then? That could work.
[3:02pm] Jaito: "What. The hell. Is going on?!"
[3:02pm] Jaito: Wen has a vein throbbing red on his forehead.
[3:04pm] Night_Misaki: "That is an extraordinarily good question, to which the answer is "I don't have a fucking clue", Wen, sit your ass down and count to ten. I'm not going to have you popping a vessel while I'm explaining anything, I have to deal with the police enough today."
[3:05pm] Jaito: He blinks. "I thought you knew everything weird…" He sits down and starts counting under his breath. He seems a little more panicked now than even before, like she'd gut-punched him.
[3:10pm] Night_Misaki: "I wouldn't need to rebuild the Tower if I knew everything. You'd have needed my father for that, anyway." She shrugs, and waits for him to at least calm down enough to not be hyperventilating. "Looking at the toll this is taking on you, I'm going to add a second price to me telling you what I know-whatever you do this knowledge, swear to me you understand those choices and those consequences are yours and yours alone."
[3:11pm] Jaito: He snorts. "You really do think I'm an idiot. Everything's my choice, my consequence. Otherwise, I'm powerless. So…gimme all you got."
[3:15pm] Night_Misaki: "Of course I think you're an idiot, I'm pretty sure I've made that clear." She shrugs, before gesturing for him to follow her outside. "I'm meeting Xiao outside the hospital, and I think it'll probably be for the best we don't talk about this here with nurses glaring at us."
[3:16pm] Jaito: He shrugs. "Birds sing, fish crap where they eat, and nurses glare at people. But…yeah." He follows, lowering his voice. "Okay, so something weird's happening with the game. Why kids, though?"
[3:17pm] Night_Misaki: "It's not just kids." She holds up her wrist, where the faint marks of the Cerberus' bite still exist. "Something went wrong with our tutorial that night. When I was bitten, it actually happened. There was the news report recently about a girl being injured by what she claimed was a Cait, and then the incident in the park. I don't think it'll stop there, either."
[3:22pm] Jaito: He reaches for her wrist, gingerly. "…the game…becoming real…" His voice is low, dark, and less concerned than a little…eager.
[3:25pm] Night_Misaki: "Looks like. Maybe the crossover was always possible; I don't know nearly enough to come up with a theory. I just know it can't be stopped." She shrugs, almost uncaring. "I suppose even a dream can become real if people believe in it strongly enough."
[3:32pm] Jaito: A broad smile comes to his limbs as he runs a thumb against her wrist. "Then we'll just have to dream it properly. How can I help?"
[3:34pm] Night_Misaki: …Nope. Taking her hand back now. "You can not do that, for one. Two, keep an eye on Shousei and Michael. …Especially Michael, now that I think about it. Shousei's an idiot, but an idiot who's willing to defend himself."
[3:39pm] Jaito: He nods. "Don't understimate Michael. He's just confused. Been there." He shrugs. "You're surprisingly delicate, you know that?"
[3:42pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night smiles in such a way that's reminiscent of the edge of a knife. Subject's closed, if Wen has any sort of survival instinct. "It's not that I underestimate him. I know what he'd be capable of if he allowed himself to be. But that change…well. On the day Michael Lin finally gets angry, I don't think anyone's going to like it."
[3:43pm] Jaito: "I know I will…I half-hope it's because of me. A guy could fall for a guy like that." He crosses his arms over his chest. "But I'll look after both of them. While I guess you go chasing secrets? Gonna share 'em when you catch them and peel them open?"
[3:47pm] Night_Misaki: "Depends on what you can pay for them. Can't get something for nothing, Wen." She smirks, spreading her hands out non-commitally. "I don't intend to wield that knowledge like a blade against all and sundry."
[3:52pm] Jaito: "I'm jealous of whatever you're really after." There's the roar of an incoming motorcycle in the distance. "That's my cue…I'm outta here." He stuffs his hands into his pockets. "Stay out of trouble, Misaki-oujosama. It'll take more than Jack to protect you if you go into the dragon's den."
[3:55pm] Night_Misaki: "You forget…Witches can tame dragons." Now then, on to the next event…oh, this was going to be a fun evening.
[3:57pm] Jaito: A pearl-white motorcycle pulls into view, driven by a white-leather clad admin with helmet hair and a rather fine pair of glasses that might be mistaken for just glasses for anyone who didn't know better. Apparently, she has a REAL version of her character's costume
[3:58pm] Jaito: "Little Night. Shall we talk here or elsewhere?"
[4:05pm] Night_Misaki: Night arches an eyebrow. "I don't think you get to call me little, shorty." There were advantages to being ridiculously tall for Singapore, really. "It doesn't matter to me if you want to talk on the moon, just tell me where."
[4:07pm] Jaito: "Tea, I'm thinking." She frowns a little. "And you're only Little Night in comparison. I have to keep reminding myself of that, otherwise I might make the mistake of trusting you." She pats the back of her bike. "Get on. And be careful."
[4:11pm] Night_Misaki: "…" Night rolls her eyes, and gets on. No help for it. She'd bussed to school this morning, and like hell she was letting Xiao near her apartment just to get her damn bike.
[4:24pm] Jaito: A couple of most-definitely-illegal but talented minutes later, they're at Babel's Brew at the private table. A stack of papers are already there, on top of three different touchpads.
[4:25pm] Night_Misaki: "…I think you might be putting in too much overtime." Night eyes the stack of papers but doesn't touch, taking a seat with a long, weary sigh. She's half expecting something else to crop up after this.
[4:26pm] Jaito: She sits down with a thud of late nights and over-caffeination. "I'm the only admin left in all of Singapore. Comes with the salary. I could just do a BAD job, but what would that say?"
[4:26pm] Jaito: "Now…the sword."
[4:28pm] Night_Misaki: "That would say you're someone who needs to sleep and they need to hire some extra help." Night flips up her inventory to pull the thing out and lay it, carefully, on the table. "Sword of Conviction, apparently. The Cait was mentioning something about conviction and justice, as well."
[4:30pm] Jaito: "They would. God, I hate those little things. Like puss in boots, but psychopathic." She reaches for and lift the sword…and frowns. "It doesn't seem all that special…did it say anything specific?"
[4:31pm] Jaito: She taps one of the touchpads and a blue light goes over the sword. Data starts to stream onto the pad.
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[4:33pm] Night_Misaki: "It was …apparently in negotiation with a young boy who was being bullied by a gang of Atma Corrupted. Apparently, it had promised to help him find treasure, but later mentioned the 'treasure' was conviction. Either way, that sword gutted the leader of the corrupted before it could be stopped, and cut the summoner too. The Cait's dead, but it dropped the sword, so." She watches, almost disinterestedly, drumming her fingers on the table. Jack, did you find anything about that Cait odd?
[4:35pm] Jaito: The text reply: The CAIT SITH didn't seem to have any special traits, hee-hoo. Did you mean another question?
[4:35pm] Jaito: "Conviction…huh." She picks it up…and then thrusts it just shy of Night's face. This time, Night feels a wind and quite a LOT of data appears to flash over the screen in blue and red. "…fascinating."
[4:37pm] Night_Misaki: She glances down the edge of the blade…she's getting tired of this false, canned image of Jack. The real thing is in there, she prefers that so much more, anyway. Come on out and talk. "…I don't find being held at sword point particularly illuminationg, Xiao."
[4:37pm] Night_Misaki: *illuminating
[4:39pm] Jaito: "Oh. It…does something, if you actually want to use it." She sets the blade back on the table. "It seems to respond to…I dunno, eye focus. Body movements? Killing intent? Like…you have to BELIEVE it's real…it even got heavy."
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[4:41pm] Night_Misaki: "So it's real if you believe in it. Conviction." Night closes her eyes, considering the implications…"And of course, the demons interact with everything as though they were real."
[4:45pm] Jaito: "Because they are. Our world is real to them, even if ours isn't real to them. They have to avoid cars, even if we can walk right through them if we're "outside" the game." She frowns. "…except none of this makes any sense. This is just…code! Lights and numbers!" She grasps at her hair. "…we should shut down the main servers until we figure this out…
[4:49pm] Night_Misaki: "It won't help." Night says it matter-of-factly, as if it were simply something from a text book. "Even if those in charge of the main servers believed it, I think Lin's case is proving it's not so simple as turning it off and walking away anymore."
[4:51pm] Jaito: "Just have to find a big enough plug. Everything stops with the right motivation…" She stares down at the pad, frowning. "…this is…ugh. It's in Gnostic."
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[4:55pm] Night_Misaki: "Gnostic?"
[4:57pm] Jaito: She rolls her eyes. "It's kind of an in-joke. It's a type of code we've run across before, usually around GnOSis R&D, hence the name. It's supposed to be a more complex way of carrying data. Binary, trinary - whatever. It's supposed to function on conceptual recognition or some sort of…look, I'm more of a setting than technicals person."
[4:58pm] Night_Misaki: "I've noticed. To each their own. But wasn't the other one who you went and casually mentioned a missing girlfriend in front of a programmer?" The one who spoke in tongues of Welsh.
[4:59pm] Jaito: "The cute one?" She looks up. "I mean, it would be totally rude to say anything. I mean, she broke down about her missing wife in FRONT of us. I'm socially awkward, not insane. I mean, that'd just be MEAN to- oh. Wrong question."
[5:00pm] Jaito: She sighs, shaking her head. "Yes, Scotty's a programmer, but…I'd rather not burden a civilian on this. I'm going to consult with the Khakham, then report to the main office and the authorities. By the book."
[5:02pm] Night_Misaki: "I''m saying it may be…a little late for by the book. But that's not really any of my concern." She tilts her head at Xiao with a sort of calm zen that might be worse than her normal open…Night-ness. "This is all I have. I believe it's your turn.?
[5:04pm] Jaito: "Was it?" She yawns.
[5:04pm] Jaito: "Thanks for your help. You're nicer than I thought."
[5:04pm] Night_Misaki: "Xiao."
[5:04pm] Night_Misaki: "My father."
[5:05pm] Night_Misaki: "Nice try."
[5:05pm] Jaito: "I still don't trust you. This is a good first step, though. Next time?" She smiles, maybe enjoying this just a little.
[5:06pm] Jaito: She glances off to the side, tapping the right rim of her glasses. "Will, let me call you right back. I'm just finishing up some business."
[5:07pm] Night_Misaki: "I'm not asking you to trust me. I'm asking you to keep your end of a deal…and telling you to stop keeping information about my only family from me."
[5:09pm] Jaito: She winces a little. "I know you won't believe me, but this is for your own good. Whatever you may think, you're still a child. I'd hate myself I let you get involved in something really dangerous. Let us adults handle this…please? Once the dust settles…then we can talk about this more carefully."
[5:10pm] Jaito: "…and I have bigger problems. I need to talk to Will. Are we done here for now?"
[5:11pm] Michael_Lin: And of course, Michael, at home and not knowing what's going on or what hilarious timing there is, sends her an email from his laptop.
[5:12pm] Night_Misaki: "I'm no longer a child, and I'm already involved." Night's eyes narrow a little sharply. "I don't really care what you think of father, I'll make that clear. But the real world vanished with him and if you get in my way finding that again I will not tolerate it. This isn't about a character, or this game. Have I made myself clear?"
[5:13pm] Jaito: She glances off to the side again, before sighing and calmly taking off her glasses. "For all your talk, you're really starting to sound like a little girl chasing after her daddy. The real worl doesn't VANISH. It just gets ugly. That's what growing up IS."
[5:13pm] Jaito: *world
[5:19pm] Night_Misaki: Night doesn't say anything, just smiles and quietly stands up…and lashes out with a fast punch, straight for Xiao's nose. "I'm bored with you acting like you know the first thing about me."
[5:19pm] Night_Misaki: (5!)
[5:19pm] Jaito: (2)
[5:20pm] Night_Misaki: (8D)
[5:21pm] Jaito: Xiao raises a guard, but not fast enough. She's able to take the blow across the cheek instead, but just barely. Then she's on her feet and an ASP collapsible baton snaps out in glossy, modernist white. "I don't NEED to know. you are a SMALL problem. Now, if you want to be a big problem, I'll put you down like one."
[5:22pm] Jaito: (3) on Intimidate. Discipline?
[5:23pm] Night_Misaki: (1)
[5:24pm] Jaito: (2 social stress! She is starting to feel uncomfortably real…)
[5:29pm] Night_Misaki: Night…smiles, ghastly and edged, as she eyes that baton. No, no, no. What sort of loveless, degraded world is this? She can't accept that. "Your self-righteousness is amusing, but I'm growing tired of that, too. You won't tell me anything because you don't trust me, or because I'm a 'child' and can't handle it? I'm a 'small' problem but you act as though my knowing is a bigger threat than the game's odd behavior? You can't put a so-called child in danger, but you'll cheat them out of information and deals as you like? Be consistent, Xiao. You're playing with people's lives now, not just your game. Maybe you're not the good person you ever thought you were." She whirls on her heel, turning to stalk out of the building. "If you persist in your inconsistent notion that you're somehow in the right, I'm going to see you as an enemy."
[5:33pm] Night_Misaki: (3)
[5:36pm] Jaito: Her eyes narrow. "You can't just keep snapping at the world until you work the way it wants. Grown-ups lie to protect children. Get used to it….we do the best we can." She slips back into her seat, applies the side of an iced-coffee cup to her cheek, and sets her glasses back on to read an email.
[5:37pm] Night_Misaki: "Lying does more damage than knowing." Out the door she goes. Idiots, idiots the lot of them. Fools and ghosts.