Random Facts About Michael

1. He can cook pretty decently: he had to learn, given that his mother hated cooking and he had to fend for himself a lot of the time. He is actually a decent baker, too, though he doesn't actually eat anything he bakes.
2. He has never been formally diagnosed, since he's never gone to a psychiatrist, but Michael is schizophrenic (undifferentiated type). The hallmarks of his schizophrenia are hallucinations (bound up in Nikaia, at least before he became something more than a hallucination) and affective flattening (avolition and blunted affect).
3. While he is fluent in several languages, including English (obviously, as it is the lingua franca of Singapore), Michael is more comfortable speaking Mandarin Chinese and tries to do so as much as possible.
4. He speaks very formally and respectfully, even with people his own age.
5. His Chinese name is Lin Jun: he doesn't actually use it (nor does anyone who knows him and knows that name: not even his mother uses it), though it is one of the names on his birth certificate and on his identity card.
6. Michael is very tidy normally and was generally the one keeping his apartment clean: when he is particularly stressed, he will clean more.
7. He's never actually had a curfew, since he's lived on his own since his mother was admitted to the hospital and even before that, he wasn't accountable to her for his comings and goings: she only would have maybe cared if he'd turned up dead or gotten badly hurt, and he didn't do either.