A series of scrolls flash up, carrying quite a bit of legal boilerplate and what-have-you. End user agreements…at least they were only half as vast as the content creator agreements.
3:18 PM
Julianne can at least start this little game up in the comfort of her home. There's that to be said.
3:18 PM QuicksilverFox85 is now known as Julianne_Monroe
3:19 PM Julianne_Monroe
Thank God for small favors…
3:20 PM Jaito
(You can review the agreement for odd bits with Scholarship or just click-click-click ACCEPT)
3:22 PM
Huh…she has total ownership of her character's related intellectual property, just not any items already owned by someone else's content creator's license. Her "story" belongs to her. Isn't THAT nice?
3:22 PM
3:28 PM
Next comes up a rather exhaustic personal profile - the ownership factor makes sense. She has to establish, name…and, perhaps to her interest, DRESS an initial character which can either scan off of her original shape or diverge drastically.
3:28 PM
Living in the silhouette of an outward appearance. It's almost poetic.
3:32 PM Julianne_Monroe
Indeed, indeed…thankfully, she can choose one of her own designs. No better advertising than yourself, no?
3:33 PM Jaito
(Any other changes? Getting a view for Julianne's "look" will help me react appropriately.)
3:36 PM Julianne_Monroe
(Figure that her av doesn't look much different than herself - long curly brown hair, pale skinned, dark blue eyes, tallish - since she's in as a 'casual' player at the moment. Plus, why mess with perfection? )
3:38 PM Annabell has joined the channel.
3:40 PM Jaito
Once she finishes her initial setup, the "screen" itself fades away like crumbling, glittering dust. Then, suddenly sitting in her lap, is what appears very much to be some kind of demon. White mini-skirt, white leather boots and gloves, and a little white halter. Everything else, down to the horns and wings, are the color of flawless flesh.
3:40 PM
Depending on if Julianne has or bothers with Argon's under-armor? She's even rather warmer than one would expect from a body.
3:41 PM
"Welcome, lost soul, to Paradise…do you seek your fortune among the wastes of rebirth, or is it something else you seek? Hmm, I wonder…"
3:43 PM Julianne_Monroe
She blinks in surprise as the demon manifests, then smirks. "Fortune favors the bold, they say."
3:45 PM Jaito
"Ahh….I like your smell, mortal. So…what shall it be? What manner of weapons will you take into the wastes? Will you look within yourself and be unafraid?" It smirks, as if not believing it were possible. "Or will you study us and seek to steal our gifts? With artifice? By drinking our blood?"
3:45 PM
An illusory finger threatens to caress her cheek. "By….agreement?"
3:45 PM
"Or art thou fool enough to walk alone?"
3:48 PM Julianne_Monroe
She thinks a moment, looking the demon over. "I prefer to look within for my advancement."
3:51 PM Jaito
The demon tuts and levitates off of her. "Such is the folly of men…and women, it would seem. True power is always at one's fingertips and no further. On which SIDE of those fingers…hm." She gestures and a deck of large, blue cards shimmers into view. "Your heart must be measured. Don't worry - we don't have to take it out."
3:52 PM
"First things first…describe yourself - your vision in your mind's mirror?"
3:56 PM Julianne_Monroe
"Ah, but unless one knows themselves they do not know what they need to progress." She smirks, looking over the cards. "Confidant, willing to learn, good sense of character, organized…"
3:58 PM Jaito
"Lonely?" it offers.
3:59 PM Julianne_Monroe
Julianne pauses, almost as to check if anyone else was there. "…at times."
4:00 PM Jaito
There's a slight delay. Processing - it's easy to forget this isn't real if she lets herself. "What do you think is the best approach to a problem?"
4:07 PM Julianne_Monroe
"Manipulate the sides of the issue until something favorable comes to fruition. If that doesn't work, adapt as needed."
4:08 PM Jaito
"What do you NEED to be happy?"
4:10 PM Julianne_Monroe
"To be wanted." The words came out before she thought about it, causing her to pause. She never talked with anyone like this, let alone a computer program. What in the world…
4:13 PM Jaito
A very slow smile came to its lips. "And what would you do to be wanted?"
4:15 PM Julianne_Monroe
"Make myself important, so they can't throw me away."
4:18 PM Jaito
"How's that been working out for you?" There's that smirk again. Demons…
4:19 PM Julianne_Monroe
"Well enough." She gives the demon a look. Cheeky thing for a program…
4:23 PM Jaito
The demon shrugs. "What do you fear? Don't worry - all records are deleted after final selection."
4:33 PM Julianne_Monroe
"Good to know." She smirks, thinking. "Drowning, the idea of freezing to death…most things involving water, to be honest."
4:36 PM Jaito
"Hmm. Good. If you said something silly like insanity or spiders, I'd have lost respect for you, mortal." She tosses her hair. "And now…for the most important question…"
4:36 PM
She hovers at eye-level, as if she were resting on her belly.
4:47 PM
It just hovers there…waiting.
4:48 PM Julianne_Monroe
"…and that would be?"
4:49 PM Jaito
"You mean, you don't KNOW?" It looks utterly shocked.
4:52 PM Julianne_Monroe
"Apparently not." She frowns a little, watching the demon.
4:54 PM Jaito
"Oh, you mortals…." She sighs, whirling onto her back and kicking one foot onto the other knee. She looks over at Julianne. "Tell me, pretty morsel - Why should he CARE that you exist?"
4:56 PM Julianne_Monroe
"He?" One in particular came to mind. "He who?"
4:56 PM Jaito
She blinks, then shrugs. "He? I never said he. Why should anyone care about you?"
5:02 PM Julianne_Monroe
"I'm rather sure you did." She frowns slightly, thinking. "Because I have something to offer."
5:03 PM Jaito
"And just what is that, mortal?" If it realized what she said, it shows no sign of it.
5:05 PM Julianne_Monroe
"A view on the world that no one else has."
5:06 PM Jaito
"…a surprising answer. Now…one last question, before we get down to the boring parts…would you rather have the truth or happiness….?" Its tail curls into a heart. It seems to like her.
5:07 PM Julianne_Monroe
"…the truth. Happiness is fleeting at best."
5:08 PM Jaito
"So is life - so I shall ask again. A life of happiness….or the absolute truth?"
5:09 PM Julianne_Monroe
"My answer stands."

5:12 PM Jaito
"May you live to regret it - otherwise, it's a meaningless question." She shuffles the cards and then bridges the deck into Julianne's lap. "There - the rest of the questionnaire." What follows are a hundred or more multiple choice or true-false personality questions.
Which she will answer as best she can, glad that the first part is over.
5:18 PM Jaito
After a long, brain-straining series of rather personally impersonal questions, it's finally over. The demon has stretched out across whatever furniture will let her stretch her spine - probably the back of a couch. "The last card…of course…is yours." She reaches from her 'pocket' and there's two cards: one red and one blue. She tosses the blue card, which floats in front of Julianne's hands, face down.
5:18 PM
The red card…she digs VERY impressive-looking fangs into and eats.
5:20 PM Julianne_Monroe
Julianne takes the card in 'hand' and flips it over.
5:22 PM Jaito
What she sees is artful, elegant, powerful and with just a hint of casual sensuality. With her own voice doubled-over and deepened, she hears, "From the sea of souls, you may call upon me. I am you…and you are me. Together…well, I suppose we'll see, then…" The card fades into a streamer of glimmers that sink into her chest. Maybe it's a trick of the game, but it feels…warm.
5:22 PM
And Julianne feels suddenly very tired.

5:28 PM Julianne_Monroe
"…interesting." She stifles a yawn, glancing at the demon. "Very interesting."
The demon shrugs. "Until next we meet, mortal…pray I don't find you as fascinating." There go those fangs again, and then she fades in red light.
leans back in the chair she had been sitting in, eyes closed as a hand drifts to the warm spot on her chest. A small smile sneaks onto her face as she drifts off to sleep.