Rooftop Madness

…Night's heart still won't stop racing. She isn't sure when it went from retreat to a blind run, but…she only stopped when her chest ached too hard for her to go on. And she finds herself face-to-face with an unexpected person. Xiao, in her full game-on ivory bodysuit.
2:24 PM
"…So THAT'S how you keep up that demon strength."
2:25 PM Night_Misaki
"…Exercise is the key to all kinds of things, " It's the best, driest response she can come up with just yet. Xiao…not her first choice for people to run into, but at least Night is fairly sure this will be a harmless, if infuriating, encounter.
2:27 PM Jaito
She smiles. "You know, you're actually kind of cute when you get angry." She folds her arms over her chest. "I get the impression you haven't given up?"
2:28 PM Night_Misaki
Night rolls her eyes. "Wow, what could give you the impression I haven't given up on finding my only living family?"
2:29 PM
…Alright, maybe that was saying too much, but she's not in the mood to beat around the bush. Besides, Xiao could use more guilt in her life.
2:30 PM Jaito
She…sighs. "Then…I guess there's no choice." She reaches on her utility belt and takes out a solid block of hard, white plastic, about the size and shape of a stun gun. (Empathy?)
2:30 PM Night_Misaki
2:30 PM Jaito
(NOT a weapon.)
2:31 PM Night_Misaki
"…You should be a little more careful with that, someone could mistake that for an attack, Xiao."
2:32 PM Jaito
She presses a side button…and arcing, blue electricity covers the top. A moment later, a map of glowing lines appears in front of her. "Made it myself…and…it's…." Her eyes widen. "…but..there was only ONE spike earlier…" Her hand is shaking.
2:34 PM Night_Misaki
"…" Well, given Xiao's tendency to panic…this could be anything. "Are you going to share with the class?"
2:35 PM Jaito
"…I think I found the next Diver."
2:36 PM Night_Misaki
"…Well, fuck."
2:36 PM Jaito
She blinks. "Now is hardly the ti-…right. Wrong question. Wanna ride?"
2:38 PM Night_Misaki
"I'm not really into girls, either." Night shrugs. "I don't have my keys, so the only real answer is yes."
2:41 PM Jaito
She nods, heading over to her bike. "…it's funny, though…how…how are you feeling?" (Empathy again.)
2:41 PM Night_Misaki
2:43 PM Jaito
…Xiao's poker face isn't well-calibrated around her. She's worried. And not about what's ahead of them.
2:44 PM Night_Misaki
"…" Night tilts her head, considering. "Not like jumping off a building or anything to that effect?"
2:46 PM Jaito
"I…I didn't mean it like that! Just get on. And try not to squeeze too hard with your demon arms." She kicks her bike into gear - it's been modified, and one rides low in it. Someone's been watching Tron…
2:47 PM Night_Misaki
Way too much Tron. Night sighs, and holds on-although she kind of doubts Xiao rides in any way that's more crazy than she does.
2:48 PM Jaito
(Night! Roll Discipline!)
2:49 PM Night_Misaki
2:51 PM Jaito
Careful what you wish for. Night idly wonders why there's scuffs on Xiao's kneepads - which are reinforced - and then she makes a 90 degree turn at AT LEAST 60kph.
2:51 PM
This is the beginning of an adventure that has Night's legs flapping like a flag at least once.
2:52 PM Night_Misaki
…Alright, this is a vastly different experience when one isn't driving.
2:52 PM
And a possibly ingenious method of murder.
2:53 PM Jaito
(One social stress!)
3:00 PM Night_Misaki
If she survived this, she was never ever letting someone else drive a motorcycle with her on it ever again.
3:00 PM Jaito
They pull up a block away from the hospital. "…here's the heart of the readings…and…it's not good. Two stable fluctuations (….stable fluctuations? Really?) but…a LOT more static than before…"
3:02 PM Night_Misaki
"…" Night doesn't like where any of this is going. "…Out of curiosity, who is it we're after, or don't you know?"
3:05 PM Jaito
She shakes her head. "I've got a hunch, but this new data blows it out of the water. I just…I don't want any more of my friends to die. Not like Freyja…" There's a hurt look on her face, and maybe something else.
3:10 PM Night_Misaki
Ah…damn. Night is silent for a while, before standing up, popping out the kinks in her…everything. "I think I'm supposed to say something smug and cryptic here, but that can wait. You can be afraid later, after we find them." Jack, wake up. I'm betting this isn't going to be simple.
(/pokes a xiao)
3:18 PM Jaito
In a flash of blue data, Jack manifests. "You look kinda' flustered, boss. Need a hug?"
3:19 PM Night_Misaki
"…N-no." Maybe.
3:19 PM Jaito
"…cute is even scarier…" Jack retreats closer to Xiao, who rolls her eyes. "Let's go."
3:19 PM
She snaps out her baton to check it, nods, and then strikes it closed on the concrete.
3:22 PM Night_Misaki
"Yes, let's get this started. Lead on, Kisses, you have the map." Night takes a couple of deep breaths, before that familiar chesire grin spreads across her face. It's been too long since she's had a decent fight…she should really work on that, or she'll get rusty.
3:24 PM Jaito
Xiao nods, gaining confidenc with each step until she's practically strutting into the hospital doors. (Alertness!!!!)
3:25 PM Night_Misaki
3:30 PM Jaito
…is that someone on the roof?
3:30 PM Night_Misaki
"…Xiao!" That seems like a bad sign.
3:31 PM Jaito
She turns and is almost crushed by a falling mattress…strapped to the top of it is a mirror.
3:31 PM
3:31 PM
….five in all…and five silhouettes above.
3:35 PM Night_Misaki
"…" This. Doesn't look good. "…If you have any tricks up your sleeve for getting up there right now, do it."
3:36 PM Jaito
Xiao growls. "Grappling hooks are a lot heavier than they sound." She starts running for the stairs.
3:37 PM Night_Misaki
Night looks up, wondering if catching them would even help…or if it'd just break her arms. There had to be something…
3:38 PM Jaito
…that's when she starts to hear it. Static, a voice - a song. "Come…come…come…come into the new reality…abandon this fallen world…escape the day of judgment…" (Discipline!)
3:38 PM
Also - have a Fate Point - I'm invoking NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS REAL.
3:40 PM Night_Misaki
3:42 PM Jaito
(Mark your second social stress box.) The voice HITS something deep inside of Night…and she understands. The linguistic cadence, the rhythm, the conviction…THIS is the language. And she understands…she can hear…but…but…something's missing.
3:42 PM
Maybe…maybe she needs to go deeper…her feet head for the stairs, before she can really think…but…what?
3:45 PM Night_Misaki
…But what's the price? What's the price for deeper, to open a door?
3:45 PM Jaito
Have another FP - Invoking Can't Get Something For Nothing. (Discipline roll!)
3:45 PM Night_Misaki
3:46 PM Jaito
(A single Mental stress.)
3:47 PM
(Social, sorrY)
3:48 PM
(Nevermind, bought off!)
3:50 PM Night_Misaki
No…no. She shakes her head, trying to clear it. Not now, not here. She can't wake up until he comes back, until he's here again, it's not time yet.
3:54 PM Jaito
Her vision clears a little, and down in the mirrors….she can see reflections. Five people in hospital clothing….two male doctors, three nurses…one of the nurses is even holding a stuffed blue bear.
3:56 PM Jaito
She can see their lips clearly, despite the distance and angle. They're each…speaking. Whispering. Saying something…in a tongue she can't begin to describe or understand.
3:57 PM Night_Misaki
…That's not good.
4:00 PM
"…She won't get there in time…" They need a distraction. Time. Even with a mattress, from that height…although the mattress are useless with mirrors on them. Night stares at them for a little longer, before gritting her teeth. Think, think, think.
4:00 PM Jaito
4:01 PM Night_Misaki
4:02 PM Jaito
….Babel. They're forming a construct…but there's no code, no ritual structure…it's like they're trying to speak form into life…but the base is here. It's like it's trying to speak to her…if she could just hear more…but…just like a sword became a stone…interferenc should disrupt it. It might even break the spell. Some sort of strong, in-game event…breaking the mirrors with a power?
4:02 PM
INVOKING ASPECT: Every Tool Must Be Used. (Discipline or Buy-off)
4:06 PM Night_Misaki
4:08 PM Jaito
(That'll be a 2-stress hit. So mark your next leftmost box, it would seem, unless you want to take Consequences already.)
4:10 PM Night_Misaki
(…I'm in trouble either way, ain't I?)
4:10 PM Jaito
(IF you're taken out in this scene, Night will attempt to dive.)
4:11 PM Night_Misaki
(…consequence it is!)
4:12 PM Michael_Lin
And as of yet oblivious to what he's walking into.
4:12 PM Jaito
The DESIRE TO KNOW is an ache. Her father understood…he played a part on this…is she afraid to go as far as he did? Is she…is she incapable of understanding? Is she unwilling to take the /risk/?
4:12 PM
…and when did she slip to her knees. Unacceptable!
4:13 PM
Above, a door kicks open. "…what the hell? Okay…calm down. We can talk this out…" Xiao above, way out of her depth.
4:14 PM Michael_Lin
Michael nearly trips over Night. Nearly.
4:14 PM Night_Misaki
Something's…wrong, but she can't tell what. Is she afraid? Of what? (Do you really want this to all be a dream?) A sword and a stone and a cross and a kid tripping right over her—wait, what.
4:14 PM
…oh, he missed.
4:15 PM Jaito
(Both of you, for hilarity's sake, roll Empathy?)
4:16 PM Michael_Lin
4:16 PM Night_Misaki
4:17 PM Jaito
Michael: Night's eyes…they're so pale…and…and numbers are slipping across them…and yet, such a deep darkness, as if she could be swallowed at any moment by it.
4:17 PM
Night: …something reaches up through the struggle. Michael is on the verge of something…WHAT, she cannot say. But it's important.
4:18 PM
(Now…Lore from both?)
4:18 PM Night_Misaki
4:18 PM Michael_Lin

4:19 PM Jaito
Both of you can sense an unnatural pressure in the air. A pressure…and to Night? It's a familiar aura. Welcoming…distantly warm….but never so distant as this.
"…Father?" Will there be an answer this time? How long has she been waiting
4:23 PM Michael_Lin
Michael blinks at the pressure, breathing in slowly, and turns to look at Night. "…N-Night?" he asks, quietly, not even /sure/ what he's doing or why he's trying to reach out to her, but she'd tried to help him however futile it would be, so he might as well try.
4:24 PM Jaito
The pressure increases upon Night. Recognition. Awareness. Come and see. Come and see. Come and see. She hears…almost in words, but not quite-
4:24 PM
4:25 PM
(Compelling Paradichlorobenzene - Come dance with us, to find meaning…even if the words make no sense at all…)
4:25 PM
(And, because I'm mean. Tagging DESIRE to counteract the buy-off. Spend a second point?)
4:26 PM Night_Misaki
(Why yes)
4:26 PM
"…Then why did you leave me behind." It's been too long. It's been too long and she always knew that.
4:28 PM Jaito
Then, suddenly, everything goes quiet.
4:28 PM Night_Misaki
She'd known since she'd woken up alone in the hospital, but she'd made a promise…She snarls, lunging forward to try and break the nearest mirror with her own hands. He'd promised to keep her safe, but what good was safe now?
4:30 PM Jaito
"-w-wait!" she hears from above. The mirror cracks under Night's fist…even as the image in it grows closer and closer. BLue light and code flash over the mirrors….a construct of gnOSis, but incomplete. It fails. It fractures.
4:30 PM
….five mirrors shatter. Five mirrors shatter, even before the impacts.
4:31 PM Greenling has joined the channel.
4:32 PM Night_Misaki
…Well, fuck.
4:32 PM Michael_Lin
4:32 PM Jaito
Someone screams, and then everyone's running towards Michael and Night…..
4:34 PM Night_Misaki
…The only question now is why.

4:36 PM
Night just stares, almost unseeing, at the broken bodies. What happened that day? Why can't she remember? Why, why, why…We're sorry, the Night you have dialed is not here right now, please try your call again later.
4:37 PM Michael_Lin