Sample Character - Cecilia Warren

Summary Page

Name Cecelia Warren Player NPC
Primary Impression Sweet Girl, Corrupted Risk Factor My Secret Life As a Cannibal
Flags Beware the Cute Ones Organized to a Fault
Letting Her Hair Down Always Apologizing
Recovering Doormat SWF, Seeking Knight In Shining Armor
Stress Refresh Rate 2 , Max 8
Physical [ ] [ ] Consequences Aspect?
Mental [ ] [ ] [ ] Mild
Social [ ] [ ] [ ] Moderate
Other? [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Severe

Functional Utility Baseline Assessment Results

Skills Used/Cap of 35
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 2 Empathy, Discipline
Great (+4) 2 Deceit, Conviction
Good (+3) 2 Presence, Rapport
Fair (+2) 3 Alertness, Contacts, Scholarship
Average (+1) 5 Resources, Athletics, Endurance, Fists, Lore

Demon Form: Arachne

Skills Used/Cap of 35
Rating # Skills
Superb (+5) 2 Empathy, Discipline
Great (+4) 2 Deceit, Conviction
Good (+3) 2 Presence, Fists
Fair (+2) 3 Alertness, Athletics, Intimidate
Average (+1) 5 Might, Rapport, Endurance, Contacts, Lore

Demonstrated Resources

Cost Ability
+1 Human Form - Mousy brunette with freckles on her nose, pretty if she had the confidence.
+1 The Hunger - Human or demon flesh, affecting the following powers…
-1 Demon Form Arachne, the tempter of fate. Red skin with black chitin, three vertical mouths on a blank face. Her hair turns to hardened plate and her movements become more sinuous and graceful. A deadly embrace, indeed…
-4 Demonic Arts - Destruction Magic (Fire, Darkness), Curse Magic
-2 Resistance: Fire
+2 Weakness: Ice
-3 Claws: Weapon Rating 3 - Between each rib on each side is a tri-folded blade, before a hungry maw in her torso.

Resources by Line Item

Demonic Arts
Art Name Type Action Cost Effect
Agi Fire Magic Attack 1 You launch a bolt or blast of flame at the enemy.
Sukunda Curse Magic Manuever 1 You sap the agility of an enemy with a curse.
Marin Karin Curse Magic Maneuver 1 You charm the subject, turning them against their own.
Mudo Darkness Magic Attack* 2 You damn an enemy with profane energy.

Significant Relationships

Name Status Consequences Aspects
Aric Mysterious Strangers 1 minor …………

Supporting Documents

Historical File

Unremarkable upbringing in American Midwest, attended and graduated with Business Administration degree from a state college. Low confidence due to lack of parental positive reinforcement, led to general meekness with occasional outbursts.

Related Flags Organized to a Fault, Beware the Cute Ones

Psychological Profile

String of negligent or abusive relations, in which she was blamed by multiple partners of lacking spirit or spontaneity. Led to occasional alcohol abuse and general submission to more powerful personalities.

Related Flags Recovering Doormat, Always Apologizing

First Contact

Marked by Atma Corruption through an unknown meteoric incident, likely debris from Event Convergence. Since then, has used the Hunger as a source of growing personal confidence and expression, likely as a coping mechanism. Potential episode averted by Aric NAME REDACTED. Operative? Will research further.

Related Flags Letting Her Hair Down, Sweet Girl Corrupted

Significant Experience

First meal provided by Aric - shows a need for validation, recognition, or apology from victims. Potential psychological complex, "ritual behavior"?

Related Flags My Secret Life As a Cannibal, SWF Seeking Knight In Shining Armor